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Hello, I have taken a ups over and it has a 'Replace Fan' alarm does anyone know how to reset it? It is made by chloride. I also have a siemens masterguard with same problem. Many thanks Perry.
Has anyone come across PPViS 1.1 chloride software an knows where I could get it from? By the way, could I use the PPSet 2.0 software from this thread To reset the battery on the mentioned chloride ups, or should I use the PPViS 1.1. Thanks Robert please v
chloride and imv -victron-ge upss service manuals & POWERWARE Field Service Bulletins chloride ups models ------------------------ 90net C LINEAR 3-3 CROSS EDP 400 MK2 EDP 400 USA EDP 50 EDP 70 EDP 70 plus EDP 70 USA EDP 70L EDP 90 LINEAR MKI LINEAR MKII MULTIC
please email me the service manual for chloride ups MK11 20KVA three phase in single phase out
Dear all, please help with an chloride ups twin synthesis. I need user and / or service manual. Please mail me at kostas Thank you in advance...
Hi, I'm looking for service manuals or at least any info that can be provided to allow safe battery changes on the following models of ups units (I work in computer repair and the company have recently made 2 of my colleagues redundant - the only 2 who've worked on USP units and now they're trying to get me to work on them without manuals or tra
yup! its already rectified the problem i try to send e-mail to chloride team and they told as about this Static switch setting of sw2.1 = on sw2.2 = off for 230Vac sw2.1 = off sw2.2 = off for 220vac now there's no more alarm on the unit. anyway ups has an input isolation transformer 380/208vac thanks joe1314 for the reply. and keep in touch here i
Hi People I´m starting managing some ups that need batteries replacemente and I need to make report with power balance, temp, discharge time and son The ups I have are : APC, chloride,emerson ?Hinet, GXT2? what software can I use to work this out specially getting the alarm history from each ups and resetting the (...)
Just wondering if anyone out there has a digital copy of the edp-50 manual, hundreds of edp-70 resources out there, but the edp-50 is 3 phase to single phase so the termination is entirely different. Our unit is coming up with a zero reserve input voltage, and there are no marked terminals for the reserve input so we can't even give it a supply yet
Hi Guys! anyone can help me on my 20KVA chloride there is an alarm that i cant rectify.. the problem is Static Switch Locked on Inverter i already try to switch on/off the Q1 and Q2 but the fault still exist static switch and reserve supply indicator is flashing but there is no buzzer. beside shuting down the ups what are
I have the above ups and gives me error mesage "no dc bus voltage".Any idea or schematic diagram of the power board is wellcome. Thanks
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the service manual and or any service software for a chloride edp 90 ups. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sam
Hi, I need to set-up my chloride 80-net ups.. I downloaded and tried to use ppvis 1.8.. which is around.. but there is no chloride 80-net on the list and it's not communicating properly using the serial cable. I've made a request on emerson.. but I am not sure how long is going to take for them to reply. Thanks in advance!
Dear I need service manual, software and service code for ups GE Lan Pro 33, Site Pro, SG series, Eaton Power 9390 60kVA, chloride 70-NET 15kVA. Please help me! Best regard's Oleg
I have an Old ups and I want to connect it to my computer with a DB9 cable or another like it but the manufacturer of the ups is Japanese and I cant understand that language , anybody have an SENDON ups (1000 VA) or Know the pinouts of the connector (db9 to serial) :?:
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Can someone help me with a simple circuit of an ups? It should have a 5 minutes backup and all parts should be available in the market. JUST A SIMPLE CIRCUIT. Is there anyone? Please write me at for any assisstance. regards upol :cry: :D
Hi, does anyone have schematics or other info like protocol used and so on, for a ups called "Safeline ups 400BPS" The ups is made in taiwan but branded in sweden I think. The model no is: 2023 E. Froggy
Have anybody scheme for smart ups on PIC16F84
Has anybody tried this for implementing ups? It looks to be a complete solutrion! Are all the required softwares free? kindly contribute your experiences and views. Thanks in advance. bimbla.
Hi. I'm looking for the schematics (or service manual) for this ups (Powercom KOF-500S) that has some components fused and with the sigle unreadable. If anyone has something... Thanks all
Has anyone tried dsPIC30F Motor Control Series to implement ups? bimbla.
Hi all, I would like to design a PIC microcontroller based ups ( 230V, 500VA, square wave output). Kindly suggest a microcontroller from PIC family for this design. If you have got any usefull links or any other information on this topic please share. Please note that I am new to ups and a beginner of PIC, so watever
Hi to all elektrodians, can any body help me with user or service manual for Victron ups, modell: D5-11? Thanks in advance. Best regards
Hi I would like to do project ups that be built in power supply for PC? please tell me how can I get ups ,power supply circuit or any data. :o thanks
Hi All, I need service/user manual for IMV victron ups D3-11. Can anyone help me? Thanks and Regards Balaji
I need schematic listed in subject. Many thanks. GOOD & HAPPY YEAR 2K4. :P
HI I'm looking for ups desing and any information about ac to ac converter with control it's output voltage domain please help me! thank
Hay you guyes i need a high voltage ups circuit diagram. Plz acan any one help me. I will be very thnkful to you. 8O
Have someone use the sliding control method in the ups system?
Hello :) Everybody! I m a new member. My name is Aamir and I m 28. I have my own service centre where i repair computers and other electronic items. I also manufacture ups, STABILIZERS, UNDER/OVERVOLTAGE AND OVERLOAD protectors on demand. I have made various types of ups from simple to complicated having power upto 2
please provide a link or schematic to the ups described in subject line. thx! Mr.Cool
Good day, All! Does anyone know where to get design details and schematics for building a small Uninterruptible Power Supply (ups) system? It needs to operate for about an hour at most and needs to drive something small, like a radio. I am experimenting with microcontrollers at the moment (Atmel Atmega16 in particular) so if anyone knows of
Greetings, All! I'm looking for any information about building a ups (Uninterruptible Power Supply) that is controlled by Atmel ATmega16 microcontroller. Any ideas? Many thanks CMFO
Hey all Can anybody send a circuit diagram for a ups with 1 KVA power plz thx 8O
Hai, I have seen a lot of discussions on PIC based ups and interested in doing one.But Iwas not able to locate a Downloadable package which contains the schematics and sourse code for a controller (any 16F device).Kindly give link. My purpose is to do all the controls in PIC. Microchip Application note is a complex one . Any simple desi
Please help me! I need shematic diagram of Guard ups
hi there I am working on my Masters project and the topic is Microprocessor based Uninterruptible power supply (ups) there is one application using TMS 320c240 from Texas Instrument , but I couldnt find helpfull informations. If someone has any suggestions or has done such project ,I will appreciate any contact.. ( thansk i
need Elteco EM250A ups Schematic Thanks
hi i need powersonic ups model:art2000 schematic. (card no : ts025-4) thanks...
Hi I want to know whether it is absolutely necessary to use external resistor pull-ups on I2C bus as it is shown in philips documents? I want to interface only a single I2C chip on Port-3 of 8051 which already has internal pull-ups. I don't think for only one chip it will be required but just want to confirm.
I want to use ferric chloriode as an etchent for a home made PCB Can some one plz tell me what should be the concentration of the solution i mean weight of ferric chloride in grams and the volume of water in liters I have ferric chloride in powder form
Hi, Ferric chloride can be reused - it will gradually turn darker and etch more slowly as it gathers copper. Throw it away when it's too slow. Ferric chloride solution can be stored for at least several months, if you keep it air-tight and dark. Don't make up more solution than you need though. It keeps longer as the crystals/concentrate.
if someone needs a really huge ups: I think the original poster simply wants to give away that fat thing, instead of throwing it away ...
Hi, Does anyone have a schematic or service manual for the Powerware 5115 ups? Thanks in advance. UrsusA
HI ! I have an ups from TRUST model (TRUST 600 ups) It has an internal battery 12v 7 Ah and it last under full load 360w only 45 minutes. I'm wondering whether i can connect to it a 80 Ah 12v battery or not. Can the charger of the ups handle it without beeing damaged? I want to extend the autonomy to about 5-6 hours. What (...)
Need schematic of Powerware 9390 ups Thank.
Hai I am doing a ups using pic 16F72 (Squire wave only) I have a problem. When ups changes ubruptly from AC to inverter I cannot avoid a blink in output. I use the pic's adc to monitor AC input and when the ADC value goes below a limit it switches to Inverter mode in my case. This method is working ok when po