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Why not go to the homepage of circad???
hi I checked with what altium imports? it seems to be importing libraries, schematics, pcb designs from different E-CAD packages like circuitmaker, p-cad, orcad etc. But, i want to get a component footprint from circad to altium. I never tried of moving the footprint alone between any packages.... regards skr
Hello, I´m learning to use circad but I don´t find a function that finds a component (by the name, description, etc...) in a PCB layout. I have been searching in the help files but I can´t find anything. Anybody knows something? Thanks for all!!
Hi to All! I have a poor experience with circad, but some year ago I made a simple PCB (one layer only) using it. File extension is .PCB A producer of PCB prototypes (or small series) requires Gerber files to do the job. In circad there is an option that apparently allows to save in Gerber format, but... the name of file remains the same (.PC
Hi, Does circad 4.2 version support windows command prompts? can we automate some tasks using windows commands along with macros of circad. Regards
Hi, a long time ago, I used a small cad called circad to reverse engineering a Multicard programmer First, i took a photo for the pcb in Bmp format, then i loaded this image from circad. Then i redraw all tracks then convert it to pcb format for circad or export to any format i want. You can downl
I'm can't find Schematic from circad. :(
you can Know what is the sw required. Just open your .sch with a Bin editor (Ultraedit or similar) read the header ,you will find out what kind of editor were used for it. youa may use shift-right with sch is used by ,PCBexpress,circad,eagle and others ,but they are different one of each other..
You can use circad and BMP files.
I do not use Morse Code reader - I read CW myself. I think that reading by microcontroller is not so reliable. But if you need circuit you can find it in QST August 1999 "A PIC16F84-Based CW Decoder" . Updated software for programming the PIC16F84 and the PC-board layout diagram in circad. :
Which is better 1.pcb123 2.traxmaker 3.orcad 4.circad
circad Euro CB
Hi , i also have the same need. There is the Sprint-Layout 6.0 which can covert a photo to PCB. But not create netlist!! Does anyone know the ScanFAB? - - - Updated - - - i also found other software like circad, DeltaSoft CBR 6.0 , Easy-PC. Does anyone knows this software?