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Because in the real life at high frequencies there are no ideal transmission lines, the microstrip TL that feeds the antenna SHOULD be part of the antenna impedance match. I mean, you design the circuit pcb layout, draw the microstrip line that feeds the antenna (with whatever length), and AFTER that (...)
Hi, The circuit in the datasheet surely works. But YOUR circuit fails. Therefore - if you need help - give us YOUR schematic and YOUR pcb layout. And all technical informations... 2) what can I do to prevent next fault (now, with present layout and later, at the next layout)? Follow the (...)
Hello, I am an experienced pcb layout designer. All of you can contact for pcb designing. Extensive knowledge of pcb manufacturing principles, standards, and circuit boards; Comprehensive knowledge of the design concepts and safety standards of (...)
Hello, I am an experienced pcb layout designer. All of you can contact for pcb designing. Extensive knowledge of pcb manufacturing principles, standards, and circuit boards; Comprehensive knowledge of the design concepts and safety standards of (...)
Thermal pcb design is always an interesting problem. These days there are many solutions dependant on the circuit complexity and how many layers required to get the routes in. I recently did a 12 layer (all 2 ounce) flexi-rigid layout with numerous D pack and similar devices, lots of copper pours and thermal vias. The best (...)
Hi! I need to save pcb layout files as functional blocks for reuse in later design. For example suppose, I have a small circuit that has been routed and optimized. If need that same circuit in another design then instead of having to route it again, I should be able to use my previously (...)
Hi there, I?ve been given a lcd volt / amp meter to repair. See attached photos. The circuit board has burnt the track beyond repair. I have etched a new board and would like some help / advice. There is a small (8.5mm * 12.5mm) component which I cannot identify. It originally had 6 legs although 1 was removed at time of fitting. The original su
I have been working on a project for a customer the last year or so. I am doing the embedded code and system design. There was another engineer doing the schematic design and pcb layout. The other engineer has been too busy with their day job to get things done so I am looking for somebody else to help with this project. (...)
We are a professional design house engaged in schematic and pcb layout , with a number of years of hardware engineers who have wealth of high-speed multilayer circuit board pcb design experience. We services Enterprise pcb outsourcing, individual developers, students (...)
Then clearly start at ADS circuit simulation level (model based simulation of layout pieces with MLIN etc.) and build things step by step. Ok, Thanks for Advises
Hi, I would like to join the analog and digital grounds at only one place in the pcb using a 0E resistor in order to reduce the noise level in the design. But i stuck up with the SMPS Negative connection with the circuit. I don't know whether i need to connect the SMPS(0V) with analog section or digital section. I give the (...)
Hi, I would like to put a thyristor with (Ipp=500A 2/10 us) for longitudinal protection( Telcordia G1089-CORE standard) in E1 circuit. I want to know the number of vias in pcb layout design required to be put for the thyristor pad connecting to the ground for this high current. Is one via enough or multiple vias (...)
Hi, I build Simple ECG circuit it works well. my problem is that when I disconnect cables from body output display 50Hz Noise with full scale peak to peak voltge 0-5volt. when I touch Metal part of circuit like USB output Noise reduce. so how I can solved my problem that when cable are disconnect output goes to 0volt? any help would be greatly app
Where is the best place to post for a pcb designer to layout a simple pcb for an LED IR Illuminator? I have the circuit design but I don't know how to use, and don't have the time right now to figure out how to use, pcb design software. I imagine the (...)
You can draw circuits with any of a whole bunch of tools. Your choice probably depends on where you want to go from there. If you want to do circuit design and optimization with a SPICE simulator, LTSpice can't be beat (especially for the price of free). But you'll have to change horses, to go to pcb (...)
Hello everybody, Is there any possibilty to generate layout from output or fabrication output files in Altium? I had created a schematic and pcb layout of my circuit. After misunderstanding the requirements again I have changed my design. I still got output files from previous design. (...)
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ADS 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the pcb layout of the rectifier with ADS (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the different steps to (...)
Hello, How can i design a FR4 pcb and simulate the S parameters corresponding to the layout of my rectifier circuit were incoporated into the simulation in ads 2009. Thanks :)
You can use an RC filter to reduce the noise. Post a diagram of your circuit.
Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 Companies in the electronics industry are increasingly seeking outside support in printed circuit board design. 911EDA has expanded its engineering capabilities significantly over the past year with core services including pcb engineering in hardware, software, and firmware design by (...)
What is your question(s)? Are you asking for a complete course on pcb design? I have no idea what "check both combined circuit dig & layout" means. Are you asking how to check your schematic against your layout? There is no single answer; all software is different.
Hi there! We are a pcb manufacturer in China. Our company is specialized in providing professional Electronics Manufacturing Service, including pcb layout design, pcb assembly and test. we make all kinds of circuit boards for worldwide customers, from low-count quick-turn prototype boards (...)
Probably your decoupling caps aren't preventing a feedback path thru the bias circuit.
Can anyone tell me how to get the Intel reference designs for Intel NUC, I am not able to get the design details like circuit diagram, pcb layout, etc. I have heard people saying the design details are given to OEM, I am starting a company that deals with Intel NUC like CPU. How do I meet (...)
Dear All, We offer comprehensive electronic circuit design service pcb, from creating schematic, layout up to generating final gerbers and produce pcb and assembly prototypes. Step by step from specification to final documentation. We have great knowledge in circuit (...)
First I would suggest you put the circuit on a uniform pcb. Try : Cheap and quick. Do the layout in Momentum. Get the right er for the pcb for the simulation. Remember that when you put rigid coax cables as Stubs you will have to play around with them because you can not simulate their effects in ADS, and using HFSS
I'm circuit designer and know well about pcb design concepts but the actual pcb routing was done by others. Now I want to create pcb my self (no fabrication just layout till get the Gerber file). many tolls are there OrCad, PADS, Protel ...etc. I need your advice what is the (...)
In GSM, the 217Hz is a sensitive issue and happened due to the 4.6 msec TDMA operation of the RF power amplifier. The most important thing to avoid this problem is the layout design of the audio circuits of the mobile, mainly following the old rules of the audio amplifiers pcb design (a lot of (...)
Image in design is a picture to 2D line items with PADS layout Format. You can translate a jpeg, gif and bmp and add it in a printed circuit board. 69021 In the same case ou can add a QR Code in pcb or documentation. 69022 more at: :: LIBedit-In
What are DFT (design for test) circuits. Are these circuits assembled inside every IC. How does it test functioning of main IC in which it has been connected. Does it check functioning of IC everytime or once ?
On a second thought, 8-) there? s a need to use a fusible unit in the primary circuit and maybe it?s better to rotate the LM7905 integrated circuit as this may require some small heat sinks.
can anyone pls guide me how to add a copper coating to polyester(PET) film... ie., as like the above picture, me & my frnds wanna design a flexi pcb circuits for my project work using polyester film.. You can't. This kind of boards are done by quite few companies in the world. They are pretty damn expensive, and even more so in s
when your circuit getting more complicated, the schematic will help alot. you will rely on the scematics for connections, short circuits etc. when transfer to pcb, we usually depends on the schematic nets assign wil the software, so we can concentrate more on the pcb layout and forget about the short (...)
test a circuit that will be send in space, wired on a breadboard ...hopefully you are not sending the power supply either...
I have tried to built an amplifier with a AT-55143 transistor at 3GHz. I performed all the stability analysis and design the circuit accordingly with DC blocks and DC feedlines. The layout was fabricated and after measurements I found that it was oscillating at 8 GHz. But infact during the stability test I found that it was unconditionally (...)
I have to design the layout of an embedded device with bluetooth interface. I use an STM bluetooth module and an antenova Chip Antenna. In this contest, I have to design the Antenna Matching circuit to adapt the Impedance value between Antenna and Module. It is very important to calculate the Impedance value of the trace (...)
All guyes, I want to study designning the RF circuits,may be you can do as a guide for me?Thanks!
1) RTFM 2) Use Google 3) Use the search on here, browse through this forum. 4) Do not expect people on a forum to tell you all the steps required for pcb design - there are too many Unless all you want is: a) design circuit b) draw schematic c) layout pcb d) make gerbers e) (...)
hai i am a newbie for pcb designing ,please guide me to understand and enjoy this world
Dear Admin and All Members, i need circuit wizards software, i want to add circuit layout in this software and that software convert layout into pcb design with routing. thanks.
Hiiiiiiii Can any one give me a complete project on designing a Table Clock Using a PIC(16F84 or 16F84A) with the pcb layout and the circuit Diagram.....And also please include the Codes for the PIC and the Proteus design as well............ That will be a great help for me because I want to build that (...)
Is there anything else I need to pay special attention to about the width and depth of the wires in a RF IC design layout (Cadence)? When you route your signal lines, don't forget the ground return. Both are equally important. Sounds trivial, but when I see layouts of RF circuits for EM modelling, many people seem to
hey u all my seniors, in my country there is lot of problem of load shedding even 14 hrs a day no electricity....... so i wana make my own UPS rectifire+inverter plz give me complete layout of pcb also circuit diagram complete details of components and their specification i hope u Einstein pple will help me..... if u can (...)
hey u all my seniors, in my country there is lot of problem of load shedding even 14 hrs a day no electricity....... so i wana make my own UPS rectifire+inverter plz give me complete layout of pcb also circuit diagram complete details of components and their specification i hope u Einstein pple will help me..... if u can (...)
Hi. I have following problem: I desing circuit and layout in MWO 2006, but i must design pcb file. How to transfer layout to Altium 2004? Thx in advance, Dejan
Hi, Does anybody know the process to convert the PADS layout file in to Solidworks 3D assembly using circuit works Thanks in advance Regards, Atul
Please contact me for your circuit board design need: Schematic, layout, BOM. I can provide a complete solution from prototyping to production. I have experience in developing microcontroller-based circuits and custom firmware. I specialize in Robotics but can design for any applications. Please have a (...)
Hello, I'm hoping someone can suggest a better layout for the following circuit. My biggest problems are the two comparitors - I'm having trouble laying them out in a way that the lines don't become horribly mixed
For an FPGA design back annotation is taking the delays (some time the pin numbers, too) from the layout (after place&route phase) and entering them into the description (schematic or HDL-based), this way allowing to do more realistic simulation. For discrete components design back annotation is just updating the circuit (...)
Hello, Yes, This will be highly appriciable if you can send pcb layout along with the circuit diagrame as you have asked.You can also send this on my e-mail id kkmc007(at) Thanks. K.K Thanks for your appreciation. pcb layout and code is free but sending to your mail costs a little bit say (...)

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