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Hello, SpecForge provides a full cycle of development including Schematic design, pcb layout, FPGA design and programming. Moreover we offer hardware & firmware design of embedded systems and device driver developing. We possess strong experience in development of projects in network and multimedia (...)
Dear All, We offer comprehensive electronic circuit design service pcb, from creating schematic, layout up to generating final gerbers and produce pcb and assembly prototypes. Step by step from specification to final documentation. We have great knowledge in circuit (...)
Hi Please post or suggest any information of I/O cell design and layout books, papers and other sources for digital, analog and mixed signal ICs. Thanks in advance
Its better to specialize in analog circuit design as you'll have a stable foundation for modeling.
Need guidelines to design pcb layout Guidelines for High power supply boards Thanks in advance.
hi i design pcb layout (3D) in HFSS.Now i dont know how to assign port.anybody can guide me,..plz
Hello my name is Andrew i'm from the london uk i need your hellp. Im looking for a enginerr who can design pcb for a car audio ampilfier.This amp needs to be a class D LINKABLE ampilfier that can work on 12v/14v
Please help me to design pcb layout for these circuits... I don't know anything about pcb designing software. I have Eagle 5 and KiCAD but don't know how to use it....Please can u give me layouts for these circuits?? Thanks.... Here are (...)
Pls suggest the EDA combination that would be best to use for HEMT modeling and later import the model for MMIC circuit design and layout.
Which software do you use in pcb layout when you design RF circuit? Is there any inofrmation about how to draw pcb board in RF design? Thanks in advnace.
hi! you can find ebooks regarding pcb in ...and lots more. If you need circuit, why not try simple circuits such as power suply with bridge type configuration. hope this helps. :D blastronics
i have a circuit diagram consisting of microcontroller,RTC,Memory,some keys,and a gas sensor. when i try to mount these components on general purpose pcb, it gets very difficult so tell me another to mount these components i also want to know how to make pcb layout using the circuit diagram and what are (...)
Step 1) find all terms with "Auto" in front of them. Step 2) Forget about them, develop a mental block. Step 3) learn how to manually place the components with all the requirements for your design including: design rules, DFM, DFT, DFR, EMC, current flow & return and making the circuit work. Step 4) Learn how to manually route the (...)
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ADS 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the pcb layout of the rectifier with ADS (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the different steps to (...)
This article is from Printed circuit design magzine.
you can find the book (Signal Integrity Issues and Printed circuit Board design),it will help you understand pcb !!
I have made several layouts using ChipCons microcircuits. You should follow the layout artwork scheme in ChipCons application notes carefully. The circuit relies on the routing and component values. Failure to do so may result in low sensitivity and/or low output power. You may also experience spurious responses or (...)
hello friends, i have seen some job site which are mentioning such a post as 1)pcb design ENGINEER, 2)pcb layout ENGINEER 3)pcb design AND layout ENGINEER. SO CAN ANY ONE CLEAR MY CONFUSION ABOUT 1) AND 2) ABOVE. PLS TELL ME IT'S URGENT AND IMPORTANT (...)
If you want to do more pcb designs I would suggest download Eagle and get used to it, because Protel is really expensive and the trial version just lasts 30 days. Eagle has everything available in the free version except that the board size is limited to a certain size, but that is big enough for most circuits, and u can always make multiple (...)
How i can impliments the layout in ADS.
In ADS you can use momentum to simulated the pcb and then use it in the circuit simulation
Hi friends I have designed a circuit in ADS. How to make pcb layout of that circuit. I have used lot of components such as mline,t junction, GaAsFET transistor etc.
any company here ineterested with my expertise! I'm very willing to relocate!(europe, usa, singapore etc.) i'm a senior pcb layout design engineer from philippines just send pm
new using hfss.i dont know how to assign port and boundary in pcb layout.i upload my design.i hope anybody can help me.plz.i need ur help.plz
hi all, i have requested this in my last topic "problem with a colpitts vco in ADS" in tha 'analog circuit design' forum,but no body replied:cry: i really need to know how to generate the pcb layout in ads for my schematic on , i started with a tutorial on pcb in agilent ads, but i got lost since i do
Hello , After I search in this forum ,I found that problem of AD7730 interfacing is a pcb layout design . Anybody can share experiance of failure or success of AD7730 interfacing , pls help me to share them. There are some question about AD7730:- 1. Which power supply is suite for AD7730 , switching power supply or linear power (...)
It is a 10 band audio equalizer. JPS, are you wanting to just buy a pcb or create it yourself? How about joining & asking them if anyone has done a pcb for it? that would be simpler than someone redoing it.
how do i get the free solution manual for cmos -circuit design,layout,and simulation by baker,li,boyce
hi I would like to know how common is to reuse (routed/placed) parts of an earlier pcb layout in a new layout design? for example reusing the memory routing/matching part, copy+paste. earlier I always did new layout from scratch, but recently some people said that they reuse big parts always. I never (...)
hey u all my seniors, in my country there is lot of problem of load shedding even 14 hrs a day no electricity....... so i wana make my own UPS rectifire+inverter plz give me complete layout of pcb also circuit diagram complete details of components and their specification i hope u Einstein pple will help me..... if u can (...)
hey u all my seniors, in my country there is lot of problem of load shedding even 14 hrs a day no electricity....... so i wana make my own UPS rectifire+inverter plz give me complete layout of pcb also circuit diagram complete details of components and their specification i hope u Einstein pple will help me..... if u can (...)
Hello, This is my first post here and I'm an amateur with circuit design in general. I'm a neuroscience graduate student and I need to build a unity gain pre amplifier to continue on with one of my experiments. We successfully built a 4 channel board using Texas Instruments' TLC2274AIPW op amp IC. in the pcb design, we (...)
pcb Manufacture RayMing pcb - Raypcb .com Technology (HK) Co., Ltd is a professional High-tech pcb Manufacturer of single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards(up to 20L), and some high end boards, e.g. high-frequency circuit boards, HDI boards with Blind and buried (...)
Does anybody want to outsource the pcb layout design? we can undertake it for you with reasonable price,smooth co-operating and time-to-market tactic we have four layout engineers all with five years experience on pcb layout design for high speed signal upto 10GHz. (...) The Art of Analog layout (9780130870612): Alan Hastings, Roy Alan Hastings: Books CMOS IC layout: Concepts, Methodologies, and Tools (9780750671941): Dan Clei
Dear all I would like to get some help about pcb designing.. in our university we have to make a project for getting some credit point. out of some topics list I selected " Ultra-wideband IQ up-donw- converter", whose description is ? to concept ? to design ? to implement, and ? to test a direct up-down converter which (...)
Hi,everyone. Hampoo, a global one-stop pcb design and EMS platform, has been devoted to be a professional pcb total solution provider by high speed SI analysis and pcb design while supplemented by EMS. Hampoo design field includes telecom, industrial, energy, medical, high end (...)
I'm a freelance pcb layout designer. I have 8+ years experience in all kind of pcb layout designs like ATE,commercial boards,evaluation boards. Now i'm giving free schematic service for any type of pcb designs. If anyone interested pls contact
I have to design a sram circuit for my vlsi design course including layout. I am expected to have a layout consisting of atleast 100-150 transistors. How should i start my project and 1> How many bit sram should i design 2> To what application can i intend it for Thank you
Hi Everyone if you need Very Low Cost pcb layout and Schematic design using Allegro, Orcad Capture please contact us. email: rbalaquiao at skype: rbalaquiao at 24/7 Online Thank you. ;-)
Hi, I have 8+ years of experience in pcb layout design field.Now I'm doing freelance work. My expertise are - designing commercial boards,ATE boards,Bench boards,evaluation boards. - Library creation - Reverse engineering boards - Working upto 40 layer boards - Using PADS,Allegro,Orcad tools I'm (...)
In reality, you need to learn both to appreciate the subtle effects of hidden non-ideal equivalent circuit of your components and how layout will affect it so that you can specify where to locate EMI chokes, filters and how to minimize crosstalk in coupling fast edges to high impedance signals.
Is anybody here using this pcb layout design tool software? (CADVANCE by YDC) If so can you please help me out with the following questions: 1. Is it possible to attain the expected performance of the software for the following set-up: layout Editor server license and Concurrent server license is in another (...)
911EDA, Inc., the premier pcb layout & pcb design Firm in the United States has launched its brand new website. The new website is designed to make it easy to quickly gain an understanding of the services offered and to easily and quickly submit files for quoting. The website also goes into more detail for (...)
Hello, Out of interest, China now does much of the Electronics for the West now, certainly the more simple pcbs. Does any reader know what are the pcb layout Software packages commonly used in China? I mean, the Chinese are doing Electronics very well, everybody seems to be going there to get their electronics done, they must be doing (...)
Check the nRF24L01 datasheet, it has some sample pcb design and circuit with different type of antenna. range is not only depend on antenna. if you have to increase the range it requires some additional chip for power boosting . Search the net, you will get that also. LNA and supporting chip design also available.
What is your question(s)? Are you asking for a complete course on pcb design? I have no idea what "check both combined circuit dig & layout" means. Are you asking how to check your schematic against your layout? There is no single answer; all software is different.
Carlsbad, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 Companies in the electronics industry are increasingly seeking outside support in printed circuit board design. 911EDA has expanded its engineering capabilities significantly over the past year with core services including pcb engineering in hardware, software, and firmware design by (...)
Hi, feynman, Do you have the book? I mean e-book. I found that "Rf microelectronic" from UCLA is better than Lee's "RF IC" because the former one gives you a lot reason. Another one I like is the book RF circuit design with matlab program(try to find @

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