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Hello eng_mhussein2005, The EDA vedors Mentor & Cadence tools are not good for RF circuit design/simulations... They provide wide range of products for Digital design (ASIC & FPGA) and also the PCB solutions.... Mostly all are Spice variation simulators and not good for high frequency circuit (...)
Who could give me a ATF 46100 model for circuit design in ads? Thanks a lot.
hi, Can any body tell me from his experiance, whts the best CAD tool for RF/MW circuit design and simulation..... Karim
Hi, This might be a very easy question but I don't have an idea on where to start with CPW circuit design. I have been using ads to design a microstrip circuit since it has Tlines components where you can actually select for a BPF design the characteristics of it and it will give you all (...)
Dear all how can i get layout of cmos circuit in ads software. i have tsmc 0.18um.
cadence is better, others are no good for seamless design. as youknow, circuit design, layoutdesign and spice/rf-simulation are continuous ,each study will affect to next stage, some case result will be feedbacked previous design. so seamless design. i preffer cadence(better no best)
@DS is more batter, since it provide u a compelet design platform form system design to circuit design, device design.
Hi! mckinson. What do you find ? circuit design (LNa, oscillator, Pamp, Mixer, Passive design etc.) or system design(bluetooth, gms,wcdma, etc)
1 i am using MC7 for circuit design and ads negative registance etc determination 2 only for VCO design Tr parameter (SPICE and S-para) is needed. but one parts of total pll , VCO has many conditions ,phasenoise (including thermal and fricker aiso schotky) dependence to VCC change etc :(
Hi, attached are materials I copyed from a professor's lecture. Normally RF IC is just simple analog circuit. The difficulty in RF IC design is the parasitic effect in IC.
I don't think that HSPICE is not accurate enough for non-linear circuits. You could use Transient analysis. Or, choose the RF product.
Hi, I think what the rest meant is that you should first design in software using ads design guide. 1. enter the centre freq, lower and upper pass-bands, attenuation etc 2. the "passive circuit" design guide will synthesize the required component values (either width and length of MLs or the RLC (...)
I am a beginner in learnning analogy circuit design. I followed a course online to study. it requires to use Hspice to design. I have installed ads, but cannot find hspice. can ads do all the work that hspice can do? Thanks a lot!!!
If you cannot find in ads, use this software, which has in library all those circuits, and is very easy to use.
A lot of engineers don't have much confidence in ads's timedomain simulation. If you trust Agilent, and you think they provide good algorithms for both HB and transient, then you can use ads for your IF circuits. Though, ads's HB is very powerful, fast with acceptable accuracy if you are handy with it.
You have to deal with impedance matching in different frequency at the same time?? Sounds strange. For reference, I think Chris Bowick'S "RF circuit design" is good.
I constructed a charge-pump based AGC circuit with ads ,now the basic function is obtained.but I wanna know how to debug the loop bandwidth,what is its funtion?could someone with experience help me about this?
u can use @DS and MWO for filter design , they have a filter design wizard so u can do they job , and then simulate the filter usign EM simulator for accurate simulation in @DS use passive circuit design guide wish this help khouly
Hi all, I am doing an antenna simulation using IE3D and its rectifier circuit using ads at 2.4 GHz. For this I have to do impedance matching of the antenna and the rectifier. Can anytell me which of the following two approaches would be better and how to proceed: 1.) Simulate the antenna in IE3D and use the antenna impedance in the re
How can I find the capacity of a circuit using ads software Agielnt Merci de m'aider
use Transmission line models to build the delay line circuit in ads
Hi,I want to know how can I design microstrip filter circuits using ads 2005A any tutorials,notes, or website .Please offer it.
yeah ads price is very high but i think it is the defacto standard in RF system and circuit design , most of the companies out thier depend on it to make thier products but i can't say it is very hard , i can say it is easy ,i have used it and the help and documentation are great , it takes u step by step i have seen the MWO (...)
For RF IC design flow, you're almost right. The role of the system design and tools depend on skill of designers. Let me give you an example: -it is possible to use spreadsheet to give specification of each block, design ans sim. schematics , layout & post layout sim. then proto and measure. -or (...)
Hey Well it depends on what you are planning to do. ads and HSpice rock when it comes to Simulating electronic circuits. since you can specify the exact properties of your elements. ads is the most powerful simulation software I have seen. For power electronic designs, MATLAB (SIMULINK) and Orcad are useful (...)
ads designguide is very good for circuit design.
Hi, Could you be more accurate regarding its specifications:frequency, BW.... You should read some microwave books like Microwave Solid State circuit design or try google. BR.
what is the best electronic circuit simulation software
Hi friends I have designed a circuit in ads. How to make PCB layout of that circuit. I have used lot of components such as mline,t junction, GaAsFET transistor etc.
Hi friends I am new in CMOS RF circuit design field. I am using ads as a designing tool. I have got TSMC kit but I dont know how to use it, means I have installed it. But I dont have any examples demonstrating how to design using this kit, how to set parameters etc. Has Any of you worked on TSMC any (...)
hi all, i have requested this in my last topic "problem with a colpitts vco in ads" in tha 'analog circuit design' forum,but no body replied:cry: i really need to know how to generate the PCB layout in ads for my schematic on , i started with a tutorial on PCB in agilent ads, but i got lost since i do
yes it is possible with ads their are lot of kits from TSMC & IBM are available for analog circuit design
New version of ads 2008 isout. I will like to hv manuals & application note of the same.
I have SpectreRF, RFDE(ads) and GoldenGate. But if you are not rich enough to have two EDA tools, I recommend you to buy Spectre of Cadence. I don't recommend RFDE(ads) and GoldenGate of Agilent. SpectreRF's Multitone HB analysis(QPSS) performance is inferior than RFDE(ads) and GoldenGate of Agilent. But it is enough practical level (...)
Hello gvinu4u, For Branchline coupler it is always better to start with circuit design tools initial design & optimization & then simulating in Electromagnetic tools for accurate simulation... I recommend AWR Microwave Office (MWO) which has good Microstrip/Stripline models library & integrated layout editor...which also has integreted (...)
I am using ads for some circuit design. How can I convert this circuit into a block? (subcircuit)
dear frns...plzz help i have one problem regarding my design...iam designing a mixer in that after the transistor there will be an IF matching circuit followed by low pass filter...IF matching circuit is to match the transistor output impedance to 50 ohm of LPF input port. as (...)
Top 3 company in the industry around Boston area.Entry level(new graduate) and experienced people are welcome.Please send message if you are intersted. Position 1: Job Title: design Engineer IV - VI Category: Engineering Division: Handsets Job Description: RF/Microwave, GaAs IC and module design engineering - This entry lev
I don't know to replace Lumped circuit by Microtrip in ads. It is dificult because I don't know fomula to caculate. Example capacitor (C= 1.728 Pf) is replaced by MBSTUB W=40 mil anh angle 60 L=3.129 nf is replaced by Mlin W=115 mil and l =300 mil You show me to design it. (book or software or caculated) thanks!!!
ads is stronger in RF domain. It is one of the best tools of RF system and board designers. You can also use it to design chip level circuits and layout. As mentioned above, the layout tool is not so interface friendly. When dealing with large scale transistor level netlist, some time there is convergence issues. Cadence (...)
By clicking on Simulate in the schematic the software run a momentum simulation for imported components associated to a circuit simulation, don't worry about the simulation process. Just draw the layout in momentum with number of port correponding to number of connection you will need to put your components. Via hole? via hole is used to conne
Instead of designing your circuit in HFSS, you can directly use ads for your complete design. ads has integrated FEM based tool where you can simulated your structure along with bondwire then can use ads circuit simulator for complete simulation
Does ANSOFT designer has any feature like momentum (meshing and em analyisis) for circuit design at higher frequencies
I would say both ads and MWO is pretty much similar, but they migrate from two different directions. MWO has been more towards chip design and ads given its heritage from Touchstone, more towards circuit design. If I remember correctly Ansoft has it's roots in EM simulation. So choosing between these, I (...)
A new in-expensive microwave circuit design software (for educational, hobby, amateur, and even professional purposes), Pep, with similar format to Puff is available. Pep can run in any internet browsers installed with Java Virtual Machine independent of operating systems. The trial version and subscribed copy for 1-year license period of Pep can b
I have used the ads rectangular inductor smart component to design an inductor. after using the passive circuit design guide.. i have used the design in the layout with the rest of the circuit. now the problem is a spiral inducotr is usually designed with 2 metal layers in (...)
dear fren,need your help regarding my final year project.. i need to design low noise amplifier for radio over fiber technology.. really a bit confused about this title.. i need to design the circuit using Advance design System(ads) software or Microwave office software..But,i'm not familiar with both of (...)
1) I dont really understand the dsn file. How is it generated?It is generated from schematic. But there is one more file, "*.ael" generated from schematics. So one schematic need two files, "*.dsn" and "*.ael". I see it contains the variables I want to change, but to be able to create it[/color
You can access the passive circuit design guide from the top menu >designGuide>Passive circuit. After u click it opens the Passive circuit design Guide control window.From this window click the icon Component Palette MicroStrip circuits.When you click it the component (...)
Hi Draytek You can use either one, series or parallel resistor in input or output. The excellent explanation is given in Rowan Gilmore, Les Besser – Practical RF circuit design for Modern Wireless Systems Volume II - Active circuits and Systems, Artech House, 2003 More details on, so called "device modification", which also (...)