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Who could give me a ATF 46100 model for circuit design in ads? Thanks a lot.
Hello, How can i design a FR4 PCB and simulate the S parameters corresponding to the layout of my rectifier circuit were incoporated into the simulation in ads 2009. Thanks :)
Hello eng_mhussein2005, The EDA vedors Mentor & Cadence tools are not good for RF circuit design/simulations... They provide wide range of products for Digital design (ASIC & FPGA) and also the PCB solutions.... Mostly all are Spice variation simulators and not good for high frequency circuit (...)
hi, Can any body tell me from his experiance, whts the best CAD tool for RF/MW circuit design and simulation..... Karim
Hi, This might be a very easy question but I don't have an idea on where to start with CPW circuit design. I have been using ads to design a microstrip circuit since it has Tlines components where you can actually select for a BPF design the characteristics of it and it will give you all (...)
Dear all how can i get layout of cmos circuit in ads software. i have tsmc 0.18um.
Hello Everyone. Could someone give me file of Widlar Bandgap Voltage reference circuit design schematic in ads with graphs? I would highly appreciate it and I can help in any way I could. Thank you.
Hi, feynman, Do you have the book? I mean e-book. I found that "Rf microelectronic" from UCLA is better than Lee's "RF IC" because the former one gives you a lot reason. Another one I like is the book RF circuit design with matlab program(try to find @
Hi, guys: I am looking for high frequency Medical Ultrasonic Imaging system analog and RF circuit design, simulation and test stuff. For example: Receiver, transmitter, oscillator, Tx Pulser, Analog Beam Former, analog wall high pass filter, multiplexer, CW and PW Doppler System circuit, power supply. Would anyone share articles, (...)
Matlab Program in the book " RF circuit design Theory and Application " by R. Ludwig and P. Bretchko
I think it may be useful for someone who is interested in Analog circuit design.
Printed circuit design Magazine.
circuit design & Calculation program OS DOS Description: circuit design & Calculation program
ELECTRON OS DOS Description :circuit design & calculation progs
@ltera:Asynchronous vs Synchronous circuit design
when you design a analog circuit with the mos or bipolar device, can you tell me how to dicide the device area? and how to select the bias current? For bipolar, I think that their areas are seleted according to their current Ie, to make the currnt density keep close. And also according to your working point, select some diffent area. o
Anyone know how to put markers/nodes as Vin/Vout in a circuit in ads. Those in figure I am attaching are just labels. I want nodes. Documentation I have read there is an icon looks like a resistor with square or via "component > Add node" I dont have that either. I need it to do transient simulations Please help. thank you
Good note on the recautions to take when designing Analog circuit design. A must know for designers
I think what shengkaiyi wants is the solutions to the text book "analog integrated-circuit design" by Ken Martin.
Hi, Does anyone know any good book about PLL circuit design? I have ever read Egan's book, but it seems like they focus on system level and those equations make me headache... Thanks
CMOS circuit design, Layout, and Simulation and chapters 2-10 of the book are available here CMOS circuit design layout and
Hi I need a digital copy (i.e PDF) of: Microwave circuit design Using Linear and Nonlinear Techniques By Vendelin, George D. Can somebody help me with that? Greetz E-goe
Hello, I need the following book for a huge work in ASIC design. Please, can someone helps me. thanks! Book tittle:"Digital Integrated circuit design" Author: Ken Martin Ed: Oxford University press
Hello. Anyone have the book and solution for Asynchronous circuit design solution pls by Chris J. Myer ( ) ? Thx .
Hi all, I was wondering who might be able to help and tell me where I can find the solution manual for AnaloG Integrated circuit design by Johns and Martin. Thanks.... I remember there are answers (Not solutions) to all the problems on the web. I think it is the auther's homepage. just use google to search it. Good
Hi there, I'm a beginner in analog circuit design. I want multisim circuit files to learn working of basic elements like transistors (BJT, CMOS), Amplifiers, OP-AMPS, etc. I want some analog design projects simulated on multisim as well. Please, help me find those.
I am studying the Allen/holberg Cmos Analog circuit design textbook. I am doing the Chap4 homework p4.3-5,4.3-6,4.3-7,4.3-8. I am so confused about these homework. what exactly do they want us to do? i want to know if what i understood is correct. ex. p4.3-5. 1) first calculate the output resistance and minimum output voltage. using table 3.1-2
Who could tell me any references and study materials on latch based pair-clock synchronous circuit design THANKS
Hi,all I have some problems about SC circuit design.Please give me some advices. When i design a opamp used in a SC circuit,is it necessary to make sure its common mode input voltage equal common output volatge? I think it may not necessary but how can i decide the next input stage common mode voltage if i wish to use the same
Please share, notes papers, related links with feedback control theory applied to analog circuit design, for example: design of amplifiers design of regulators, analog and switched design of Power converters design of Plls design of AG amplifiers and any think you (...)
Can anybody give references for online depth study of analog circuit design. thanks
Hello all. This is a famous article in microstrip design. "Equations for Microstrip circuit design", Hammerstad, O. 5th European Microwave Conference, 09/1975 p. 268-272 Can anyone help me to find this article? Thank you very much. Bel.
I think you know the analog design knowledge. If you real want to practice one project you can find the datasheet which kind of circuit you like and reference to some papers or books or patents to do the practice you want.
i want to learn analog circuit design doing actual examples. where can i get circuit examples which can be simulated.
Hi does any one has interview questions for digital circuit design for digital audio. mainly audio signal processing, AGC, Digital filters. Thanks in advance
It is difficult to reduce process variation effect on analog cicuit. So we need evaluate which parameter dominate circuit performance.
i would like to know normally how people use the optimization method in circuit design, especially for the analog/rf circuit. recently i read some paper convex optimization and cone programming on the circuit design. is there anyone did such kind of optimization, and i would like to hear his/her opinion. (...)
Hi I new user of linux.I'm electronic engineer. I need software for circuit design actually use protel 99.
I think this book was already uploaded here. See the following post: S.
I gain the basic concept of BJT and MOS design from the book "analysis and design of analog integrated circuits".
in s parameter simulation pallet there is a meas called Zin , u can use it to calculate the input impedance of the circuit u want wish this can help khouly
Currently I am designinig a transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for my project... I would like to know, is there any difference in electrical design if I were to use a PIN photodiode designed for 1310nm OR 1550nm wavelength? Does wavelength matters in circuit design? My personal 'guess' would be NO, (...)
Hi, Can anyone tell me the source from where I can download the book----Microwave Solid State circuit design,by Inder Bahl and Prakash Bhartia? Regards.
hi anyone have a research idea in rf circuit design in M.S. level. i have a ms in communication system and i'm interested in rf circuit design. thanks
hi, all, pls recommend me some materials about BiCMOS analog integrated circuit design. Thanks in advance! kind regards,
It is a nice books for bicmos design. I find some bicmos only discuss cmos "or" bipolar. But in bicmos process,we need the cmos and bipolar device in one circuit (OPA.Comparator...)
hi.. Please give me some tutorial on Mixed logic design (or some downloadable book). (except two i found on google) that explains clearly how to implement mixed logic design in combinational digital circuit design. Thanks..
Hi, In RF circuit design, using microstrip, which gound methos is better? (1) Use Via to ground; (layer 2 is ground layer) (2) Use 1/4 of wavelength (open stub). Please give a short explaination. Thanks.
hi, links which cantains information on following topics 1) circuit design 2) cell library characterization