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You made shot connected the drain and the gate by stubs... Place DC blocking capacitors before matching circuits because short stubs make the gate and drain short circuit..
Do a EM simulation and see Input Impedance from S11 on the Smith Chart. Then design a matching circuit ( L-C or Microstrip ) to adapt this impedance to 50 Ohm..
I am doing my project regarding design of cmos power amplifier for wireless applications I do no how to find input and output impedance of the circuit in ads and also to perform impedance matching in agilent ads using inductors and capacitors for impedance matching.I am also in need of TSMC 130 nm cmos ads (...)
Calculating physical parameters can be tedious and erroneous by hand.Instead, you can use "Filter design Guide" or "Passive circuit design Guide" of ads.But if you would learn how to compute these variables , you should be adressed to textbooks.Because every filter structure has its own computation method and there isn't (...)
ads like other electronic layout design tool has a 3D circuit viewer. 112642
you should use the diode spice file, ads has some equivalent circuit, but need you input some parameters.
You need to learn how to design a circuit and how not to design a circuit. The best way to do that is design stuff, and find out the hard way that something doesn't work (expensive) or start looking at other designs, preferably ones that are done well (most of the stuff you'll find online (...)
Respected Members, I have designed a voltage multiplier/Doubler at 950 MHz (0.95 GHz)(Figure below). I am having some trouble in terms of its functionality and design. If you could clarify the following; 1. Is my circuit design appropriate/correct (i.e. simulators, lumped components, values, and rest parameters)? 2. (...)
please help me. how can I set w=? l=? between devices for 50 ohm in microsripe line or cpw line? pcb board is rogers ro4003c and th=.8mm
Hi All when i design a microstrip circuit in the software Agilent ads, i may insert multiple elements such as a number of parallel ms lines. in theory and simulation, as a true concept, these lines may have effects on each other, but when i make the circuit, i may have some walls between these lines, therefore they can't (...)
Assigned the port,where I require to measure amplifying signal, how we can get signal AC voltage at different points of circuit. What we need to use in ads to measure AC signal. Can someone clarify, how to measure amplifying signal in amplifier First, there is no AC signal source at all on your circuit
106330hello guys i am new to ads and i have this assignment of simulating this rectenna circuit along with matching network in ads i am using ads for the first time i tried it myself but i couldnt understand how to do it its kind of different from designing in multisim and proteus here is the figure
I want to design a bandpass filter using equivalent circuit of a two port MEMS resonator. My frequency is 400 MHz. I want to start with the schematic and then design the layout in momentum.
Hello everybody, I am simulating a rectifier circuit using discret components in ads 2009. I would like to know if it's possible to design the PCB layout of the rectifier with ads (or the layout in ads is only for microstrip simulation). If it's possible, would you please give me the different steps to (...)
Hi all, I have a project :"design LNA circuit at 2.5 GHz use transistor SPF-3043". I'm designing it in ads 2009 but i can't find S-parameter file (*.s2p) of transistor SPF-3043. So, can you help me to find it :razz:? Thanks in advance!!
Hi all, I have a project :"design LNA circuit at 2.5 GHz use transistor SPF 3043" . I'm simulating this circuit in ads 2009, but i can't find .s2p file of SPF-3043. Thus, can you help me to find .s2p file of SPF-3043. This is data sheet of it: Thanks in advance!
Hello, How can i design a FR4 PCB and simulate the S parameters corresponding to the layout of my rectifier circuit were incoporated into the simulation in ads 2009. Thanks :)
The first two figures show two 'π' resistive attenuators, with 1 dB and 4 dB attenuation respectively. What I want to do is to place these two attenuators in series and then to design a switch from MOS RF transistor which will control the circuit. The problem that I didn't manage to design the switch(the circuit (...)
Hello Everyone. Could someone give me file of Widlar Bandgap Voltage reference circuit design schematic in ads with graphs? I would highly appreciate it and I can help in any way I could. Thank you.
Salam, i need to develop evaluation board for an rf ampplifier IC (part # PMA-545G1+)..need to connect bias circuit with surface mount to start this task in me out
i need to simulate a circuit with special transistors in cst design i dont know how i can define special kind of transistor in cst design .:shock:
Hi everybody. I am using TSMC 0.18 in ads for simulate my design but I don't know How to connect spiral inductor ports in my circuit? In below picture two Inductor of TSMC 0.18 and my circuit Be seen. 96908 Please Help me : 1) If I want to use INDS2_STD ,Can I connect port 3 to VDD or should it connect to GND?
Cadence design examples are very few as you said but you can inspire by some examples of ads and MWOffice.. The better is to create your own circuit based on design principles of this way, you understand the design fundementals better.
I don't have much of an idea about High impedance surfaces, But if u can show me the structure that u wish to simulate, den i can give u the steps to follow.. ads is a 2.5D simulator and is good for planar circuit design. Unless u need a MOM solution for ur 3D structure, I suggest u try HFSS which gives better results for 3D structure..!!
Greetings, is it possible to use (simulate) digital component like Flip-Flop's etc in ads agilent?
Hi, I designed An inductorless LNA in TSMC0.18 RF using ads software. Now I want to know that TSMC 0.18 simulate circuits on Which version of BSIM3 or another spice or MOSFET models?? Can any one answer my question? I want to know that because my work is to find a relation between theory and simulation results, for example NF,S11,Av, ... ?
Hello everyone, These days I'm trying to find a way to simulate the transient performance of actual RF switches (owning rise/fall time) in ads, but I didn't figure out how to build such model. For an actual RF switch, it should contain several transistors and passive components right? I just want to find such a model or circuit containing these
What have you tried so far? What has or has not worked for you? Do you have a schematic of a voltage doubler which you wish to test in simulation? Are you interested in one that is supplied by AC? Or pulsed DC? Sine waves or square waves? I'm working on something along the lines of this schematic : w
I want to design a half-wave rectifier circuit and a voltage doubler circuit, both of which I need to get an equivalent impedance matching network. How can I go about, doing it in ads? Thanks in advance.
I have to design a 10GHz~16GHz amplifer bias circuits. The amplifer is a MMIC from Hittite. However, I have to design the bias circuit. I have disigned some high impedance microstrip line, in order to form some inductor. The DC voltage pad is the end of the high impedance microstrip line. How can I simulate in the HFSS (...)
I've used ads before for circuit simulation, but always from a schematic. I eventually need to be able to design a HEMT and eventually a circuit using layout, but as I have no experience with this in ads, I'd like to just learn how to use this function first. Can anybody give some pointers as to go about (...)
i am working on a rectifier circuit for a rectenna system , as a beginning i want to simulate the frequency response of schottky ( sms2820 ) diode using ads , what is the suitible type of simulation and if any one could help me with a suitable circuit design i'll be greatfull .
hi by using passive circuit DG microstrip circuit in ads, it is possible to simulate more than one smart components? i want to add two SIRs how it ll be? if i connect 2 SIRs with coupling device how to simulate all of these.. ads design guide take only one smart component at a time.. plz help me to do that..
Okay, that`s right... so, what frequency would you recommend? something like 50MHz? Would be the 9th... But the real problem is that I don`t really know how to design it with such a quartz in ads. I`ve never done something like that circuit with the programm. Yes, usually the maximum fundamental frequency you can
Why do you wnat to include a low frequency timer in a microwave circuit simulator?
All this software is somehow useful for planar filter design, if you know the filter design methodology. HFSS, Sonnet and CST can do EM simulation to analyze the layout when it is ready. ads and AWR can do both: fast circuit model simulation to develop the initial layout, and also EM simulation to analyze the layout when (...)
The above links show how to design an oscillator for a certain configuration, but I was unable to see an example of how this theory can apply to the design on a practical circuit such as a colptts or a hartley oscillator. Does anyone know where I
Hi friends, I begin to use the ads software to design some circuits. But the problem is that I don't know how to give the Transfer Function to the ads so that it will give me the circuit? thanks in advance
hii... is there any way i can upconvert the signal to a higher band without using mixers in advance design system?? when i place mixtures in the circuit i have made its parameters gets disabled and the circuit doest work..S parameters, parameters sweep doesnt work in the DSP scheme of can i upconvert my signal now??
You need Momentum. With schematic elements, it doesn't work because an antenna from schematic elements will not radiate. That's a limitation of the underlying circuit models.
Of course you will not get same result with Momentum; But if discrepancies are large, you may have e problem in your settings for Momentum. Check the substrate definition. Why don't you design your circuit in schematic using design guide?
i simulate my circuit by s-param in ads i want to see zin i need zy smith chart but ads has compress smith chart or only z-smith ot only y-smith not zy smith chart(such as smith chart of microwave transistor amplifiers design & analysis book-g.guanzales) i want to see my simulation on zy smith chart
Use "Load Pull design Guide" 2011. Change the circuit parameters such as freq. ZL and ZS etc.. But 60 GHz is pretty high to claim an ampifier working at Class-E and that's why you should take all parasitic effects into account.(Layout,bonding,package etc.) Good luck..
Hi good day everyone! Can anyone help me simulate the RF to DC converter circuit that I have created in Agilent ads? I want to know the output voltage given an input frequency (915 Mhz) and also the correct specs like the width and length for my microstrip design? THank you
The Villard circuit is a possibility. If you use low threshold diodes, you can attach a diode and capacitor. Similar to a half-wave Villard style tripler will produce 2 V DC. As shown by a screenshot of my animated
I'm using ads for designing a mixer in 3-4.8 Ghz. I have draw the circuit schematics. But I don't know how I should simulate it with ads. I'm new to ads. So, I need specific steps just for simulating a mixer. I need all the simulations required for typical mixer characteristics like Gain, NF, IP3, Power. (...)
hi dears i have installed ads .its the first time i work with it.when i select for example a mosfet and then i simulate my circuit it gives error:an instance of undefined model.i dont know what should i do .how can i define models? plz
hi, How do I run the simulation of a colpitts crystal oscillator using what simulation for freq and output voltage? I have design the circuit with all the components value but what xtal to use and what parameters if i want a 2Mhz freq? thx.
Hi, I was following a tutorial on Phase noise from I tried to simulate the attached circuit and got an error message saying " Cannot alter vout. It is a dependent variable" Can you please look into the circuit ( ads design file is attached in zip folder) and guide me
use 0.18m technology. LNA design design the above source-degeneration LNA circuit with: Center frequency 2.4GHz Voltage gain ~ 20dB NF~2dB S11<-12dB IP3~ -0dBm