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One of my old tricks was to use a delay loop to operate a pin to drive an RC servo. It is allways a bad idea, unless you're planning to do nothing else with your 40-pin 16F877 microcontroller than making this control. Even if you were working with a device without built-in PWM modules, you could do that without closed (...)
Trying to circumscribe the issue as a whole, it is something curious that the command for the first switching of the valves is done with a closed loop control by measuring the water level of the tank with a pressure sensor, but in order to revert the valves you're now making this in a ( locally ) open loop process just (...)
hello i am intersted in referrnce and books on building control systems ( closed loop PID , fuzzy , ....) for motors and such in industrial product , and i need some books to RE-UNDERSTAND the theory and practical implementation in "digital" microcontroller regards
Our Electronic control Unit (ECU) is based on Renesas RH850F1L Microcontroller. We basically have closed loop control system. Outputs of this ECU power DC Motors to move Third-Row Minivan Seats. ECU inputs are coming from DC Motor. This feedback signal is hall pulses indicating whether motor is (...)
You can also use it to drive existing HDL and get input driven from Matlab I havent used it for some years, but we used it in a closed loop control system. Having Matlab drive all the interfaces made the simulation hiddeously slow (it has probably improved in that time). To speed it up it was much easer to have matlab dump an entire array (...)
Select the proper control mode. VFD control mode choice greatly depends on the application. The three VFD control modes are volts-per-Hertz (V/Hz), sensorless vector (sometimes called open-loop vector), and closed-loop. closed loop has the best speed (...)
The cheap and dirty way for slew rate control is a series gate resistor on the final sink and source devices. That scheme has variabilities from Rg, Cdg and Vdd. If you want something super controlled you're probably talking a closed loop, quasi-integrator type feedback with a reference, and this is unlikely to support (...)
I tried ACS712 yesterday but it's performance is just too low for such an application in terms of noise and speed. Can't understand this statement. I know a lot of PWM inverters that are performing closed loop current control with Allegro current sensors and similar products from other vendors. Your question catalog seems to ask
Hello frnds..i am designing 1-phase PFC rectifier(a bridge rectifier+DC-DC converter)..I m doing closed loop control using SG3525...I am using 3 NTCs in series(60 ohm total,4A) for inrush current protection...I have given 5 v reference(pin-2,non-inverting input) in SG3525... Following are my specification Input voltage-100Vpeak Output (...)
Hi everyone , I am a post graduate student in power electronics.I am a newbie in simulink modelling. Will someone any type closed loop voltage or current control in smpc power electronics ( converters or inverters). Thanks and regards. Peter
Hi everyone :-), I am a post graduate student in power electronics.I am a newbie in simulink modelling. Will someone any type closed loop voltage or current control in smpc power electronics ( converters or inverters). Thanks and regards. Peter
Hi, I am designing an amplifier in inverting configuration with variable gain. But when switching the gain of by changing the value of the feedback resistor, the CL 3dB bandwidth also will change since the GBW is fixed. So how could I fixed the CL bandwidth?? acceptable variation will be +/- 20% over corners. Thank you in advance!
Hi, I'd like to build a 3-phase DC to AC inverter that can regulate its output around 230V and frequency 50Hz and can be connected to the grid. I'd like to hear from professional people what is the most powerful microcontroller that can be used ? I am using PIC micro and have been advised to use PIC18F2331 as it contains many PWM ch . What is your
If there is no need of a refined closed loop control such as PID for instance, but a simple On/Off, dead-time, shutdown, or even soft-start, although it is not my expertise area, I presume could even suffice, but recommend perform on simulator environment a validation test before select a device.
Well i have tested the above code in a buck converter.Below are my observations over approximately 10 trials observation-1 1) i am getting 15 v output as against 16 v which is desired but i am not getting any pulses from the mikro or the oscilloscope is nt showing. observation-2 1) when i am opening the loop i.e. the input voltage to the buck c
How to find a whether a given transfer funtion is open loop or closed loop transfer function.??
Open loop or close loop application? Is there a control IC used? If it's closed loop, there must have malfunction, and please firstly check the feedback point voltage.
Servo drive involves a closed loop position control, independent of motor type. Achievable precision is primarly a feature of the position sensor and feedback system. If long motor lifetime isn't an objective, brushed DC is the easiest way to achieve high torque and dynamic.
I have a 1.5Kw servo with its drive. The drive has RS232 port , but the Chinese maker says it is for config only. I need to vary the speed of this servo based on a feed back , closed loop control. As from the documentation the only way to vary the speed at run time is by changing the voltage applied to a pin. That pin can accept -10 to +10V (...)
Hi everyone, I've been trying to implement a compensated closed-loop current mode(CM) controlled boost converter using the SIMPLIS engine. However, I am having convergence issues with the simulator. Here are the converter specs I followed: Vi = 12V, Vo=18V, Io=1A, fs=100khz. To have a solid understanding of CM, I used primitive (...)
MissP - it is not easy to answer your question because it is not clear which parameters of the closed-loop sysytem are shown. Watching the first line I see something like a step response, correct? In this context, I am confused about the last line showing an input. Which input? As a general (and preliminary) answer: A complex pole pair caus
use PID to calculate error and change the PWM to the required one ( closed loop system )
hello guys i want to control the speed of brushed dc motor in a closed loop mode (12v 300W dc motor) . i am using H bridge for bidirectional operation . and i have implemented current sensors for protection. I CANNOT install encoders to the motors , very difficult mechanically . I Am trying to escape from back emf measurment , they (...)
Can anyone recommend a closed-loop motor controller/driver (preferably dual channel) that you have successfully used? I need PID control for 2 brushed DC motors in a controller that will handle continuous current of 15+amps. PWM or serial interface. Thanks.
sorry for not claryfying good o/p means result i.e to run bldc in closed loop with this code
Hi i am using stm32f103 microcroller provide by st microelectronics i want to run a bldc motor of NIDEC in which there is a o/p which tells at how much speed it is running in terms of frequency & having an i/p pwm & duty cylcle of pwm varies speed of motor . i tired but i am not getting a good o/p . code which i am writing is below here can anyone
Whats the need of studying control system in electronics? Feedback is one of the basic principles applied in electronics. Connected with the principle of feedback are the terms "feedback loop", "loop gain", "closed-loop gain", "stability", "stability margin". The theory behind all these parameters is (...)
There are now many useful MMICs mass produced for the mobile phone infrastructure that you would find useful. Log-amp and other detectors made for everything from closed-loop transmitter control to spectrum analyser instrumentation, including types that are blind to modulation, and some have very wide dynamic range and an output (...)
Yes, of course, Barry is right. And it is also true that solving 1+KG=0 you get the poles (no zero´s) of the closed-loop by variation of K.
could any one heip me out in simulating a closed loop control of buck boost converter using pid controller in simulink.plsssssssssssssssss
Operating the laser diode at a low current should be safe. For full power output, closed loop feedback is required. If you read the data sheet carefully, you'll notice that the monitor diode sensitivity can vary over a wide range (PD current at rated LD power is 0.03..0.5 mA). This means that a calibrated optical power meter is required to adjust t
I was thinking about a zenner diode arrangement on closed loop control circuit. However, it is hard to talk about solution without more details about topology used. +++
Hi All, I want to run the PMSM motor using micro-controller dsPIC33F. the motor should be run in such a way that initially it may operate in open loop, of course using Space Vector Modulation (SVM), and then it will go in a closed loop where it will read the value of feedback current by ADC, and should be operate on a co
how to control the rotation angle of servo motor? Of course, with a closed servo loop.
Dear Sir/Madam, I have problem in speed control of DC shunt motor chopper circuit. My motor is working fine when i connect it in open loop configuration by varying the armature voltage (armature voltage is varied by varying duty cycle) but when i connect the motor in closed loop system, the speed of motor suddenly (...)
I am trying to control a dc motor using closed loop.On using a P controller Here is your controller block diagram.... 71976 You should show your circuit implementation , so we can help you.
Dear All For modeling three phase motor closed loop speed control, can you please let me know if it is wise to model it as the following : G(s) = K / s Do you have a better representation for it? Thank you
i m pursuing final year in instrumentation and control engineering, please give any IDEA TO DO PLC BASED PROJECTS AND GIVE ME SOME PLC BASED PROJECT TITLE You may use a PLC and Drive to control a Motor using closed loop control with analog pressure and temperature sender to maintain certain pressure in (...)
Hi, i have a open loop transfer function b=; a=; i want to stabilize, how to do it and what are the methods of stabilizing please explain.
could anyone please give me information sources regarding the different closed loop control methods for a buck boost converter. I need to take a seminar on the same. So it would be a great help for me and also i require simulation results of the same if possible for guidance. Thanks in advance.Any help will be appreciated
i have to work on a 5th semester project in control systems using the 4th semester i have done a project on project was..."temperature controlled i know quite well about please suggest a suitable project in control which closed loop feedback must be used...!!!
hello, how PWM signals could be used within a vehicle break control system to deliver braking force to a wheel and how control system would convert the braking force into actual PWM control value and i would like improve by a ddition of closed-loop. thanks ..
hi sir,i'm NALINI ,doing Mtech in power electronics and drives ........ sir i have taken Improvement of the Electric Power Quality Using Series Active and Shunt Passive Filters" as a base paper for my project....i got struck in designing of LPF filter in closed loop control scheme of dual instantaneous power theory... i'm in need of (...)
Hi jerkymotion, Try LabVIEW it has cool features such as easy hardware interfacing, Image processing, closed loop control etc. Pretty easy to start as it uses graphical programming.
Hi, What is your application ? Open-loop system for position-controlling in DC motor is difficult. Because, to control position on a DC motor a sensor or at least back-EMF of winding should be used; then it will be closed-loop. Instead of that you can use Stepper-motors; they can be used for (...)
What tacho meter are you using.... how do you measure the speed of a dc motor and finding position of a dc motor is not possible...... ---------- Post added at 16:27 ---------- Previous post was at 16:12 ---------- It has to be a closed loop to control speed or use a PID for that purpose and measure the spee
Hi, Most industrially used CNCs are with DC servo motors. Hence control system for them is closed-loop. Servo motors have higher accuracy than steppers. DC-servo motor controllers are commercially available. You can use them only building a communication interface. (to command it and read data) Some of those (...)
Hi, I am interested to know, which plot(Ny, Bode, Nichols, RH, etc) of control systems will be more accurate and absolute in describing stability (Open loop and for closed loop if compensator is added) of a system and why .......? or else Provide me source of information ? Thanking you
Hi. If i use an ac-dc converter (thyristors bridge) to feed a dc motor and then i use closed loop control to change the firing angle when there is speed changes my question is what is the practical limits of the ac to dc converter to do this operation? I mean what factors i must consider when using this type of control (...)
please guys, can you tell me how to make voltage closed loop ( to control the out put voltage withwout giving attention what ever the value of resistave load) with MPPT control to be connected to relational operator (=?) , in matlab? thanks ,,,please help