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Can anyone help me with the hspice code for finding parameters like CMRR,GAIN,OFFSET VOLTAGE,SLEW RATE,FREQUENCY RESPONSE for cmos differential amplifier
please share the parameters for 90 nm cmos process drain current,small signal parameter and intrinsic gate capacitance parameters for 90 nm cmos process (T=300k)
Hi. I am trying to implement a cmos half-adder in ltspice but I am not sure what parameters shall I use for the pmos and nmos. Are their available mosfets in the market which have LTSPICE parameters? So that I could simulate the half adder using real mosfets. Please help. Thanks.
I have used the asu library, but I don`t know whitch of the models in should I use. I used bulk-cmos model generated by online tool in nano-cmos part of asu website. But I don`t know how to get technology specifications like Leff, Tox and Rdsw.
help i am doing analog ic design using 0.6um cmos Bulk process.tell me the process with calculation method... Threshold voltage? Transconductance parameters in saturation? Bulk threshold parameter? Channel length modulation? Surface potential at strong inversion?
I followed the AWR manual for importing the netlists to AWR. You have to add additional commands so that AWR can parse the model parameters. Try importing the TSMC 180nm model parameters with the .subckt command shown below. It worked for me. I have added flicker n
The phase noise plot obtained for a Ring VCO for TSMC 180nm technology is shown below. This was obtained after adding the following cmos parameters with noise parameters added; .MODEL cmosP PMOS ( LEVEL = 49 +VERSION = 3.23 TNOM = 27 TOX = 4.1E-9 +XJ = (...)
Which parameters do you need? Try PTM Nano-cmos.
The latency and rise /fall time of each gate affects these parameters. IF you design looks like this then it is typical for most
Hello; I want to know what are the area and the perimeter of the Drain or Source for TSMC cmos 0.18?m depending on λ ( parameter of design ).
Hi guys, In cmos Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation by R.Jacob Baker page 300, Table 9.2 shows the parameters for short channel MOSFET. These are the parameters given: Id = 10uA Vgs = 0.350V Vth = 0.280V Cox = 25f F/um^2 W = 2.5um L = 100nm I'm trying to calculate back using Id equation and the parameters (...)
Hi, I am working with cmos Image Sensor. I need to determine the parameters like dynamic range, signal to noise ratio etc of the image sensor. Is it possible to do with Cadence Virtuoso? Thank you.
I want to create a new cmos with my parameters in designWork, after that I use this cmos to draw circuit by DesignWork and simulate with Hspice. Please help me! How to create a new cmos!!!!
Hello sir/madam, can anyone helpme how to display the parameters display of finfet in cadence virtuoso. i know the procedure for cmos but for finfet?
Hi every one, I want to design an amplifier in cmos 0.18 tech with this parameters: gain: 20dB-30dB bandwidth: 8GHz-9GHz could you please suggest me a circuit? with warm regards Matin :)
In old cmos processes, where the square law was a good approximation, vdsat should indeed be equal to vgs-vth when the transistor is in strong inversion and channel modulation can be ignored (long L). In your case the transistor is in moderate inversion as vgs is almost equal to vth. Try to make vgs a little higher and then re-check vdsat. In moder
Hi, i have designed a LNA using cadence 0.13um cmos technology with bandwidth of 4-6 GHz. My dc and sp simulation run well but my pss simulation keep terminating and show me there is an error. Can anyone please help? I have attached the related images104761104762104763 here.
Hi, I want to simulate NMOS and PMOS noise behavior in 130nm technology with Mentor Graphics tool, parameters as below: Vds=0.7V Id=185uA W/L=100/0.4 um in order to get Id=185uA, Vgs has to be set around 0.36V. I put a AC voltage signal with offset 0.36V, magnitude default is 20mV. The problem is, when I simulate AC noise behavior, my n
Hi can anybody please send me TSMC 180nm cmos model file, which will work on HSPICE. Thanks
This Source degeneration Gm-cell with negative-impedance-compensation(NIC) technique is used to design loop-filter for 2nd order Sigma Delta ADC. I dont know what are the parameters/specifications needed for the design of the ADC. Also i need input parameter values like Vsin, Vref, Vss for this Source-degeneration Gm-cell. I am using Cadence 180nm
what are the parameters of cmos schmitt triggar?
what are the performance parameters of cmos schmitt trigger?
Today we use some complex model such as BSIM3 to describe the short-channel cmos behavior. In an actual design, we need some parameters to do handcalculations. I see some methods to extract simple large signal model from the computer model. I'm confused about this. Don't these short-channel models have the particular parameters for (...)
I don't know your process, but if it is a bulk cmos probably the devices ending with "3" are triple well fets with 6 terminals. Your pdk provide devices with 3 different threshold voltages. _lvt for lower, _hvt for higher Vth and standard ones. I don't know what _nat means but it could be the same as standard fet. To found your PDK location chec
what are the performance parameters of cmos schmitt trigger?
Hi, I am simulating RF self-biased cascode power amplifer in Cadence under the paper below: A 2.4GHz, 0.18?m cmos self-biased cascode power amplifier. (attached below) My problem is that the output voltage, Vout, is even smaller than input voltage, Vin. Meaning that it doesn't amply at all even attenuate input signal. Could anyone help? Here i
Dear sir its my begining in vlsi and i want to use 45nm technology bulk cmos model parameters by PTM. Can any body suggest me what can be the suitable values of channel length L and Width W for NMOS and same for the PMOS. Regards
Read this textbook: 96479 Tradeoffs and Optimization in Analog cmos Design
Hi everyone. I want to design a power amplifier and I need a ams cmos C-35(nmos MN1) for my design,but I can't find it in ADS library.what should I do?
Perhaps these Predictive Technology Models (PTM) may help you: click Nano-cmos, then change to your process size. Here - if need be - you can still adapt some parameters, then click Submit. Now you can download NMOS worst-case, typical, and/or best-case model parameters. Same procedure for
No display means, no post screen? If so may be tables are corrupted in cmos. So remove the battery and leave it out for a while and then insert it back, if it works than use default parameters, set date and time etc, save it and than boot it. If other problem than check power supply voltages etc. Hi, Im usually using Intel
Hi guys, I'm trying to design a neural recording amplifier with some crazy specs (in my opinion at least and unfortunately I'm pretty unexperienced). The task is to amplify amplitudes as low as 1 ?V (up to some mV) while having a bandwidth of 50 kHz. Furthermore the bandwidth, gain and noise should be tunable depending on the application. Oh and t
Look for MESFET designs in cmos, a charge pump can raise 2.5V Vdd to get enhanced performance eg
Good morning everybody, Please, I want to use the BSIMSOI (and BSIM4) for cmos simulation in ELDO (I use Mentor's tool ICstation for schematic), but the problem is when I try to use the .nmos / .pmos files (or .mod files), the simulation is failed, and a lot of parameters wich exist in the models has been ignored by ELDO.
Hi i am new at rf design. I am stuck in RF gm Measurement. I want to perform s parameters on the ota design. the ota is feed forward. the paper which i am using says to perform s parameters by syntactic resistor. but my my resistance is not working. can you help... thank you
Hi all, First of all I've never used orcad pspice before.I have cmos model parameters at following link 1-)I saved model parameter as a txt file. 2-)I changed its format from txt to .mod file. After that i dont know what i should do? I'm waiting your help. ps:sorry about
Hi friends, Can anyone help me to find the SOI cmos model parameters in 180nm technology because at present i am working in SOI concept if anyone send the SOI model parameters then it will help me lot to finish my
Can anyone tell me where can I find the parameters of umc 0.18 technology in order to simulate a mosfet spice model??
Hi everyone, Is there any way to use gm/id design methodology for switched cap circuits design ? I mean could it be used to design a cmos switch (in triode region) ? if so then what are the required curves to be generated ? if not then is there any other similar technique that can be used ? you know, hand calculations in submicron technologies ar
Hi, I woulgd know what is your operative method to design cmos circuit. For example Allen Holberg is a good book for opamp design, but in the "real world" we don't have kn or lambda or VTH0...So, what's your method? For example for a differential stage, you try with parametric simulation knowing that the current mirror and the current generator d
Model parameters are owned and distributed by the cmos manufacturers and are not freely distributed. A generic parameter set is made available by
Hello, I have an amplifier circuit in cmos technology and I am doing a DC operating point analysis in Cadence. I know the usage of calculator tool to see the operating point parameters of the mosfets. However, I would like to see the (Vgs - Vth) , (Vds - Vdsat), ids, gm and gds displayed in a table for all mosfets in the amplifier. Does
how threshold voltage depends on the charge carriers in cmos
hi can you give the steps to find the aspect ratio of the basic differential amplifier having pmos load pair and inputs given to the nmos pair
Hi members, I am using the 28nm cmos28LP technology coming from ST or IBM (or both). When I am trying to see the DC Operating Point for one transistor, parameters like (gm, id, vth, cgs...), they are not displayed. After I made sure that there is no installation problem, I looked into de transistors model files and I found out that are encod
I am designing an Iris capture system with a cmos sensor module. There are different lens mount available like with specifications like f3.6mm, F2.0 BW f4.9mm, F2.8 I do not have much info about optics. What do the terms fx.y , FX.Y & BW indicate? Can you please provide some links where this would be described in easy to understand terms.
Hello, I am using LTSPICE for cmos analog circuit design. I ran a DC operating point analysis. I would like to see the parameters displayed on the schematic beside each nmos and pmos device. I mean parameters like vgs, vth, vds, vdsat and Id Is there any utility that can do this in LTSPICE ?? This will be quite helpful. Thanks.
Hi everyone! I am reading a paper about a cmos LNA design. But I am not sure where the parameters' values of a cmos technology are from??? The process used in the paper is SMIC 0.18um RF cmos processes. The values cited are: (1) Gate oxide capacitance per unit area, Cox=9mF/(m^2); (2) Body effect parameter, r=3; (3) One (...)
Hello, My project is to design 60nm p-well cmos using Synopsys TCAD s/w. I have designed 180nm and 90nm successfully, bt since i dont have the exact parameters for the 60nm, m stuck. Can u pls help me??
hello. i am designing an IC using 0.25 um cmos technology. i have found a text file containing model parameters. it says that i can add this libraryin my SPICE file using .lib command but i am using orcad capture instead of orcad text editor. this text file contains parameters for PMOS and NMOS. how can i add this model library to my orcad (...)

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