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Hello, You should design the feed alone and put two ports, one each at either side. Simulate for wide frequency band and look for S - parameters. They should be within the specified limits. As for physical dimensions for coaxial feed, you may look on internet for common SMA connector layouts. Most common SMA use PTFE as dielectric to get 50 (...)
Hi.. I would like to design coaxial feed microstrip patch antenna. How should i define the port at the feed point.
Hi freinds I want to know how to design balun coaxial feed in cst MWS to feed two archimedean spiral antenna. I need some information about balun coaxial feed. Plz help me to design baluns coaxial feed in cst. thank you Regards kaanee
Hi.. I'm newbie here, :D I would like to re-design fractal microstrip patch antenna for my final year project from the attachment file. but i dont know how to design the coaxial feed for it antenna in cst. How should i define the port at the feed point. i'm using cst software to design. Thanks A Lot.. :) (...)
Hi guys, I am designing a monopole with two cables attached to it. The ground plane is on top of the substrate and i'm hoping to feed the monopole by a coaxial feed from the bottom of the substrate. I have tried 'picking the face' of the bottom of the monopole and creating a waveguide port, however it comes up with the following (...)
I am trying to feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coaxial probe feed. Till now I m getting nothing although I have read the circular patch antenna tutorial provided in the help manual. Could anyone please suggest the correct method. I am using cst MWS. I have attached the file as well... Awaiting replies, Regards
Hello: Can somebody tell me how to calculate the dia of inner and outer cylender of coaxial feed. More specifically if we need to simulate for broad range of frequency 2~15GHz. Best Regards
Does anyone experience coaxial cable feeding design in Feko? Let's say if I wanna design a coaxial cable undernearth the infinite ground plane and use the inner conductor for antena excitation! It is quite easy in MWS, but in FEKO...:cry: Please share me any example or any advice! Thanks in advance!
hi.. i need some help in solving this problem. i've design microstrip antenna with narrow slot. the problem is i don't know how to do the coaxial feed as feeding for the antenna. what size of radius that i should used? in the SCT example, it used 4.0mm for the outer radius while inner radius is 1.12mm.. the connector that being used is (...)
hellllllllllllllo: Dual-band coaxial feed system with ridged and T-septum sectoral waveguides Zhang, H.Z. Microwaves, Antennas and Propagation, IEE Proceedings - Volume 152, Issue 5, 7 Oct. 2005 Page(s): 305 - 310 Digital Object Identifier 10.1049/ip-map:20045130 Summary: A new OMJ using a junction of quad T-septum coaxial waveguide (...)
Dear Friends, I am studying the patch antennas . I am confused by the coaxial feed type, here is my questions and thank you very much for answering. 1, how can I locate the feed point? Is the distance from edge calculated as the same way as the inset feed? 2, can I treat the coaxial line as the (...)
help on hfss 11 coaxial feed and result Is there any body to help me in this...........
I found the document attached online on how to design a rectangular microstrip patch antenna using a coaxial feed. Just go through the design procedure and modify it for elliptical patch. And go through some books of microstrip antenna design, you might find exact design procedure on how to determine the location of the feed point for the (...)
can u plz help me out how to give the coaxial you have any document of explaing how to build the design....
Hello Vishnu Attached is the Circular patch antenna with coaxial feed.Find it appended.Should you need any further information.please feel free to ask Best Regards Chachito
hello Vishnu You want two patches on a single substrate,as in an array fed with a coaxial feed. what are your resonant frequencies? Regards Chachito
I want to know the coaxial feed dimensions of a Hfss Microstrip patch antenna design working at 4.64GHz, I want to go for the fabrication of the antenna i want to know the dimensions of the coaxial probe plz reply as soon as possible. If possible give the name of the standard available coaxial cable and also give the (...)
Hi, is there any example of coaxial feed for patch antenna in ADS2009? The microstrip line feed is general ,coaxial feed on the bottom ground layer is not very known. thanks.
Hello friends... I am working on micro strip patch antenna but m getting problem in coaxial feed... i don't know what's diameter of cable should be used. Is it different for different patch or there is some standered dia of coaxial? If it is standered then plz tell me what is it...and how to decide particular diameter cable for a (...)
No, you cannot have a coaxial / probe feed for an antenna array. Also probe feed / coaxial feed would yield very low BW in case of single element patch antenna. You better have a edge feed / inset feed / proximity coupled / aperture coupled feed patch (...)
how to design a coaxial feed technique in pifa for dual band??? reply asap.....
I am doing a project in hfss13. i want know the difference between coaxial feed and microstrip feed interms of performance of antenna, their advantages and disadvantages.
i am designing a circular patch microstrip antenna and i am providing coaxial feed. i want to know if there is any formula for calculation of feed points. the patch radius is 26.3mm and frequency is 2.45GHz. Thanks.
You can find a good details about coaxial feed simulation in HFSS by visiting this link good luck
Coax lines have a dominant mode with zero cut-off frequency and theoretically if the coaxial cable is good quality, and its impedance is the same as the source and load impedances at its ends, the cable do not affect the connected circuits and its length is meaningless. Only the insertion loss will change with the length. Sometime, if the source or
I really need help on designing a coaxial feeding using cst. I know that I have to create 3 cylinders (inner, outer and dieelectric) but I did it wrongly (especially in doing insertion of inner, outer and dielectric) . Can anybody help me to explain step by step how to feed the coax. Thx in advance.
Hello , I have create a dipole antenna using cst MWS but with a antenna wire template , i have put the port but i want to put a coaxial cable as feed transmissin line because i want to see the real result for the simulation. Anyone can help in creating the coaxial cable ? It's truly urgent !! Hope that this post (...)
I have few questions regarding coaxial connector and coaxial feed design. 1. What type coaxial connector should be used for Microstrip patch when it is fed by probe feed . Can we use normal SMA connector or any special SMA connector available. 2. When designing coaxial (...)
hello guys, im designning circular microstrip antenna for my final year project.can u guys help me how 2 design the coaxial feed for it and how to determine the position to place them on my circular using cst software. plezz...:smile:
please anyone tell me and give me some link how to get the location for feeding point for coaxial feed probe in circular microstrip using cst and 50 ohm coaxial probe....:-?
Dear Suraya, feeding of spirals through coaxial cables is very tricky, as you need baluns (check Balanis book for that). I would suggest you simulate first with a discrete port between the two arms of the spiral, in order to check the antenna behaviour and then study some proper way of feeding!
Hello, You can choose the coaxial feed.....and give the co-ordinates wher you want to fix the probe....
Hi everybody! i designed a patch antenna with coaxial feed by cst, but after simulation, i get a strange results for s-parameter, and gain is about -200 dB and more. can somebody tell me what is wrong with my cst design. f =1.9 GHz , L =22 mm, W=31 mm, dielectric constant 11.9 , h=1.5 mm.95048
Hi guys, I am trying to feed a microstrip patch antenna with a coaxial probe feed. Till now I m getting nothing although I have read the circular patch antenna tutorial provided in the help manual. Could anyone please suggest the correct method. I am using cst MWS.
Hi, I am trying to model a coaxial fed antenna using my own code but I don't know how the feed is modeled in HFSS or cst. Does any body have any idea how the feed is modeled in the case of waveport. Thanks in advance, BR Adel_48 Hi! First the eigenmodes of the transversal cut of the feedline (...)
Hi: why are you going to feed your antenna with coaxial cable ? if your antenna is a fixed loop antenna , I suggest you to utilize current feed or voltage feed . because : those are BALANC feeds . I think it is better . good luck.
I am simulating a mono antenna feed by coaxial line, and find that different length of coax line will lead to different S11 parameters. What length on earth should be? I have no idea to find the principle, Can anyone help me? Thanks very much!
Hello: usually the gound on lower side of the substrate is of thickness .03-.05mm. But if in the tutorial of cst "rectangular patcha antena", ground is about 3mm. It seem that thickness of ground plane has no effect on the result or i am missing somthing. Another quesiton: What should be the length of coaxial feed in (...)
after many hours studying the tutorial and getting started and saw many cst examples...i managed to simulate the waveguide port. My question now is: 1-what is the best template for patch 2.4ghz antennas with reflector distanced more than 6mm from the PCB? 2-to use the waveguide port in patch antennas, the coaxial feed start in the (...)
hi nadabro I also need the details about balun coaxial feed in cst MWS. My model is two arm archimean spiral antenna . I want to use baluns coaxial feed. I don't know how to design in cst? Did you get any idea about it. Plz can you share with me. thank you
Hi everybody, do someone have any patch antenna design in HFSS, with bottom feed with coaxial cable? thanks
Hi all, I am designing an antenna array, on cst Microwave Studio, consisted from 8 rectangular patches printed on a surface an a cylinder with coaxial feed. When i am trying to simulate the geometry i have an error : Waveguide ports must be aligned with Cartesian coordinate planes for the transient solver. I know that the ports must (...)
is coaxial or aperture coupled feeding of microstrip antenna possible using cst?
Hi there, I am learning RF antenna design. I want to design a circular patch antenna with coaxial feeding method. I have read a book Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design edited by Balanis. However, I could not find how to define the location of Coax feed point for circular patch. In chapter 14 Balanis only gives a sample for (...)
can any one say how the parameters like inner and outer radius of coaxial feed is calculated... i m working on cst ... what r the equations to followed ... tell me a text book which has direct equation for finding this parameters.. i working for 2.45 Ghz frequency.... plz help quick...
Hi all, I am trying to simulate a patch antenna using with a coaxial feed to the patch, the coaxial feed has a conductor, substrate and a shielding. When i place a port on it and run the simuation, i get the error that port 1 is completely filled with metal, I tried a suggestion on the forum to push back the electric (...)
Im a beginner in desperate need for help. I am designing a slotted bow tie patch antenna with a back coaxial feed which I have already created in cst. When a transient simulation is run, I get a practically non existant efficiency. When looking at the surface current, it appears that very little current is flowing on the patch surface. Where (...)
Here attached my example project at cst2011 with SMA connector. Enjoy Dear bututa77, thank you for your great answer, i have a question that can i use this sma port to simulate as a coaxial feed ?
I have modeled a microstrip rectangular patch antenna with coaxial feed, if that's what you're looking for I can upload it... Let me know
You're using some coaxial feed for your antenna?