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I am a beginner on PIC Programming and using PStart Programmer for programming (asm). Can anyone help to provide on a Static LCD display (1 line 16 digit) sample program source code, for displaying Temperature eg 12.5°C with range from 0°C to 30°C when the control input voltage varies from 0V - 10Vdc or 0V - 5Vdc using a PIC16F84A Chip? LCD Panel d
I did it before using Microcontroller, so I'll explain the idea and you can translat it into HDL. Suppose you have number equal 32 (in binary form and you want to covert to decimal 1- Divide 32 by 10 --> it will produce 3 and the renaider is 2 2- the remaider 2 is the least significat digit in decimal number you can use a table like to generat t
Hi, I need a simple circuit with VB code that can read a PIC data (numeric) like 16 digit serial numbers encoded in PIC (PIC12C508/509) via COM1 or COM2 Any idea or link will be appreciated TIA
I'd like use a msp430fg438 to drive a 8-digits 16-segments LCD panel, the use of a particular configuration ram-bank (that mean a particular bit represente a particular segment) depends just of the pin out ? I couldnt get information about why in the different aplication notes use so extrange distribution of the bank ram. I should do first th
Hi! Now, I'm having a project using ADC ICL7135. Could anyone help me any concern doccuments and sample code for it. I'm verry thanks! Regard your repply...! Good friend! Please help me!!! :!:
Try this, or browse code on same site. ;)
1- ENTITY toto IS END ENTITY toto; ARCHITECTURE tb OF toto IS END ARCHITECTURE tb; 2- "wait for 10ns", need space between value an unit 3- for vector with more than one bit, using "00" instead '0', '00' not allowed to have more clear code, a 16bits can be written like this a_in <= x"1234"; means one digit is 4bits. Take car
hi !!!! My project is to creat a digit code for 6 employer everyone has his own code the 6 code should be stored in EEPROM in the pic 16F877 on code is composed of 4 number taken from keypad so the system is to enter the code if it s not one of the codes which was (...)
Hi, Can anybody plz help me in displaying a number (3 digit number) stored in a variable(consider int val)??? The variable keeps getting decremented every second and i need to display it every second!!!
Thanks for the solutions guys but now I'm curious... is ther a possible way to divide a number like 117 into 3 digits (1, 1 & 7) and add them together (1+1+7) to get 9? in code that is. Maybe you didn't get it, but artem's code does what you ask. Perhaps you understand another approach (in my opinion not as pretty th
16 functions with PIC16F870 and 4 digit LED display with Source 1. Logic Probe 2. logic pulser 3. Frequency Counter 4. Event Counter 5. Voltmeter 6. Diode Junction Voltage 7. Capacitance Measurement 8. Signal Generator (500hz ) 9. Video Patern ntsc 10. Serial Ascii 11. Midi Note 12.
Hello, Who can help me with some link or source code for 32 bit division routine , written on C. I need to devide 32 bit digit on 16 bit digit number (the result is 16 bit digit). I found many routines, but on assembler.. can somebody help me with C routine? Regards Luben
hi I hv made my circuit which would generate 16 bit data/second using 82c55 port accessing IC. I want this data to be displayed on monitor using Visual Basic code. Please send me the code. Criteria: 1st 8 bits would be minutes and after 1/2second 2nd 8 bits would arrive on port, those would be seconds. In first 8 bits,
If u r using a 'C' compiler, you can directly use the following algorithm: 1) Value = ((High order byte) * 256 ) + (Low Order byte) 2) Create a 16 bytes buffer array in the uC RAM area 3) Use the sprintf() function to format the result and send it to your RAM buffer. 4) Send the buffer contents to your LCD service routine. This buffer will be
Hi elexhobby, Bear in mind that your display has 40 chars in one line (first 16 visible and others 24 hiden to the right) You start writing from address 10H (your 90H means : Set DD RAM address to 10H) The length of your string is 30 chars (Hello, How r u? I am fine here), which means that "n" from 'fine" is in fact the 40th , the last char on
10 digit of hex file should i send those to my controller where are those 10 digit ? as u can see in above hex file first some digit r only some information regarding hex file I can see only an unfinished list of a hex file with missing record type 01=End of File Here is your dissasembled code for partial h
Here is a solution assuming you have 32 bit integers. The result you want is called BCD (Binary coded Decimal) meaning each decimal digit is represented by a binary number, in this case a binary integer. int val = b2 * 65536 + b1 * 256 + b0; const int NUM_BCD = 8; // ffffff = 16,777,215 : 8 bcd digits max int aBCD = new int
hi,u can look for either ip cores or look for libraries which allow u to write code for ur operations by including them,two such are available under ieee_proposed libraries. fixed point and floating point packages. u will find these in this board. i hope this helped u.
hi, i'm trying to display result of a simple math calcultation on 5-digit 7-segment display. my display code is absouletly correct. but problem is in math equation. I'm using 89c52 controller and doing coding in Keil C51. here's the part of code which isn't working properly: unsigned long int result; result = 16.80*100; [/c
Hello all, I want to display Big Numbers on 2x16 lcd module with PIC microcontroller. I have code in basic for 4x16 line but i am not sure how it is working. Thanks Dani
I have to translate one 128-bit-long number (witch is stored in 16 separate bytes in an array) to a senary (base 6) 25-byte-long char (ascii) string. I am looking for code consuming the least memory space posible. In fact I wonder that maybe there is a way to do this translation without using at all long data types, extended divisions etc. Any
Ideally this is how I would break down the problem, First make a assembly routine that correctly displays a digit given the appropriate number - such as 5 produces a '5' on the LCD Convert the integer number to a hexadecimal value using assembly - search the net, there are several examples. By using integer division extract the digits in t
Hi, To move to the next instruction with the 16F series you can use $+1, but for the 18F which uses 2 byte addressing you must use $+2. That bcd example uses a lot of $ instructions you must correct - I usually replace them with goto / labels then the code is compatible with either series.
you have 16 bit ADC so your range is 0-FFFF (0-65535) so you need only 5 digit 7-segment display to display it 1> convert the hex code to decimal 2> break this in to individual fig (e.g. 12345 to 1,2,3,4,5) and save it in different reg. 3> write code to interface 5 digit 7-seg. display in MUX fashion 4> convert the (...)
There's a lot of confusion in your code. hex2dec doesn't work because you apply atoi() on numeric values, but it only works for null terminated ASCII strings. Furthermore, I don't see the purpose of applying atoi(). The digit array contains already the numeric values, that can be output to your display.
I have some project in school and I need some help. So project is make an asm code (asemmbly code)for 4 digit x 7-segment(4 digit multiplexed 7-seg) some thing like I have to control digits by PORTC (bits 0,1,2,3) and control segment's leds by PORTB (B0,...,B7), by using timer0 overflow interrup and (...)
please any one send me code(assembly or C) and schematic as well. i urgently need..please thnX.:sad:
Microcontroller: PIC16F877A IDE: MikroC Pro Oscillator: XT 20Mhz --------------------------- Hi everyone, I am not new to electronic forums but I just registered with recently with this forum hoping that there will be some who will enlighten me regarding my problems which cannot be solved on other forums. First, to explain my project, I
Hi Everyone I finally got my LCD working and now I can write anything to the LCD. For next step, I am trying to put the value of ADC0 to LCD I an able to get the ADC running and have verified it by putting the output to LED's on Port B. The LCD is connected on PORT D (data) and Port A (Control 1-3) Now problem is that I am not able to t
8 bit or 16 bit? here is an 8 bit routine: ;***************************************************** ;* "bin2BCD8" - 8-bit Binary to BCD conversion ;* This subroutine converts an 8-bit number (temp) to a 2-digit ;* i.e 0x15 becomes 0x21 ;* result in temp ;********************************************************** ;.def tBCD = r21 ;a
the time and date are in BCD format - check that you are decoding them correctly e.g. I use this for an MCP79410 RTC // convert a BCD value to decimal, e.g. 0x41 to 41 unsigned char BCDtoDec(unsigned char hex) { return (hex >> 4) *10 + (hex & 0x0f); }
Here is pic16F72 based volt meter with 16*2 digit hex=:020000009C2939 :0400060000000800EE :10000A00083083120313FC002330FD00FD0B0B287C :06001A00FC0B0B2808009E :10002000103083120313FD00FD0B1428000008009C :100030008312
I wrote the asm for a Timer some years ago. I did the counting in binary & when the timer was stopped, I then converted the binary to BCD using arithmetic. I can post the code if you wish. The TMR0 prescale can be set to 1:1 by assigning the prescaler to the WDT (even though you may not be using the WDT). However, I think (without reall
I have this list of projects but i am finding no way to implement any one of thes so any one can help me out to make any one of these projects.....i have to submit it in few must be of university student level.. 1. Data Storage Devices 2. Integrated Circuits (IC) Manufacturing Steps 3. Registers & its Types 4. digital Stop Watch 5
Ok I was working with a PC motherboard and found some of these radial PHT type electrolytic capacitor ,what I found weird is that the marking on them is with 3 digit code like SMD electrolytic capacitor ,for example "221 16V" i.e.. 220 micro farad 16 volt... Did you people came across these kind of marking on a radial PHT type electrolytic capac
Hi, A quick Google reveals this Maxim chip and Pic assembler code for 16 seven segment leds, if you are prepared to pay its price; not cheap, but perhaps a lot cheaper than other methods using multiple
My suggestions: .... for(l=0;l<66;l++) // 66 for appr 1 sec/count { PORTA = 0b111; // switch off all digits PORTB=bcdto7; // update segment values PORTA = 0b110; // switch on the rightmost digit Delay_ms(5); // time to see it
hi I have written the code to display the data register after converting the adc value but the lcd is displaying some garbage value (for example 0x1D4 in lcd) . i don't know how to convert the hex value into ascii . can any one please help me ? Thanks in advance
Dear all, I'm working on a circuit to control the water pump based on DTMF code and cellphone. But the DTMF section is not working properly. While sending the DTMF code, pin # 11 to 14 is on high and no change in state and pin # 16 is at low state. This is the case for all DTMF codes which we are sending. Kindly see the circuit and (...)
Hello All, I am making an IMU for 6DOF which has L3G4200D 3-Axis digital Gyroscope. I've checked so many Blogs, Forums, Application notes and have programmed accordingly to get the proper reading/information from my gyro. Though I am very near to solve it - a single problem has made me mad since last two nights! I've 16 bit digit - 1 sign
Hi, Its a good job some of us still do Assembler !:smile: A couple of sites for useful utilities is a sub routine to convert the 8 bits to ascii 2 digits. If you look at that site there is