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Yes, it can be simple xenos but I prefer using two digits for hexadecimal representation. It is a habit. I have used that code for debouncing the 4 inputs.
hi I need how design code vhdl for bcd adder 4 digit(16 bit) ?
Is there a way to simulate a digital to analog converter in ModelSim????? I have my Verilog code that produces the 16 bit input to a DAC . It would be really nice if I could somehow see the analog waveform in simulation...
hi !!!! My project is to creat a digit code for 6 employer everyone has his own code the 6 code should be stored in EEPROM in the pic 16F877 on code is composed of 4 number taken from keypad so the system is to enter the code if it s not one of the codes which was (...)
8 bit or 16 bit? here is an 8 bit routine: ;***************************************************** ;* "bin2BCD8" - 8-bit Binary to BCD conversion ;* This subroutine converts an 8-bit number (temp) to a 2-digit ;* i.e 0x15 becomes 0x21 ;* result in temp ;********************************************************** ;.def tBCD = r21 ;a
Hello! i'm new to digital design, especially VHDL. I've designed a 16-bit CLA code and a testbench for it but i'm having difficulty with the testbench part. It won't even compile and i can't find where i've gone wrong. It would be a great big help if you could lend me a hand. So, here's the code(testbench) library ieee; use (...)
Hi, I've got a 16 bit output from ADS 7825, which is 16 bit adc. I've 6-seven segment displays. Now I want this 2 byte adc output on 7-segment. So can anyone tell me how do i conversion of this hex bytes to decimal and then print them on seven segment??? The output is signed int. I am using ATMEGA 128 and codevision avr compiler.. NIKS
hi, i'm trying to display result of a simple math calcultation on 5-digit 7-segment display. my display code is absouletly correct. but problem is in math equation. I'm using 89c52 controller and doing coding in Keil C51. here's the part of code which isn't working properly: unsigned long int result; result = 16.80*100; [/c
Try this, or browse code on same site. ;)
Hi, I need a simple circuit with VB code that can read a PIC data (numeric) like 16 digit serial numbers encoded in PIC (PIC12C508/509) via COM1 or COM2 Any idea or link will be appreciated TIA
Hello, Who can help me with some link or source code for 32 bit division routine , written on C. I need to devide 32 bit digit on 16 bit digit number (the result is 16 bit digit). I found many routines, but on assembler.. can somebody help me with C routine? Regards Luben
16 functions with PIC16F870 and 4 digit LED display with Source 1. Logic Probe 2. logic pulser 3. Frequency Counter 4. Event Counter 5. Voltmeter 6. Diode Junction Voltage 7. Capacitance Measurement 8. Signal Generator (500hz ) 9. Video Patern ntsc 10. Serial Ascii 11. Midi Note 12.