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I am a beginner on PIC Programming and using PStart Programmer for programming (asm). Can anyone help to provide on a Static LCD display (1 line 16 digit) sample program source code, for displaying Temperature eg 12.5°C with range from 0°C to 30°C when the control input voltage varies from 0V - 10Vdc or 0V - 5Vdc using a PIC16F84A Chip? LCD Panel d
Hi, I need a simple circuit with VB code that can read a PIC data (numeric) like 16 digit serial numbers encoded in PIC (PIC12C508/509) via COM1 or COM2 Any idea or link will be appreciated TIA
hi :D i am trying create 3 digit counter 7 segment. Using pic and basic language my question why 7segment brightness can not same. my program i deploy from sample program. any one can help me? thx in advance original program Dim digit As Byte 'input variable for GETMASK subroutine Dim digit1 As Byte 'current high (...)
HI ALL, we worked on the verilog code and managed to write a code (which i have attached).. But did not yield the required result.. plz help Also we are interested in verilog code for syndrome calculation which detects the error and shows in which bit error have happened.. plz assist us we r writing something what we have done in the (...)
I used this technique to compare the password if there any better way please suggest. if(digit==pw_digit && digit==pw_digit && digit==pw_digit && digit==pw_digit For me that way if fine ant it will use very low resources. You can add the string library (...)
16 bit Sigma Delta ADC P24Fj128GC006 MPLAB 8.88 Hi, I am trying to measure DC Voltage using 16 bit ADC, 1. in p24fj128gc006 header file given by microchip I dont have VOSCAL defined in its SD1CON1bits structure so I get - error: 'SD1CON1BITS' has no member named 'VOSCAL' Had my file got corrupted or else its the same for all. If I
; This is a simple algorithm and its 8051 microcontroller implimentation ; to convert binary to BCD . ; Modifications to my code is highly welcomed. If you make changes to this code ; This alorithm I got from following forum ; ------- Date: 19970630 ; ------- From: Brian Trial ; ------- To: Mot-68HC
Compilers usually try to pack several bit fields into one word, but they usually don't try to pack several structs into one word. Try doing something like this: struct { unsigned val1:4, val2:4, val3:4, val4:4; } foo; 16-bit signed char in a Windows compiler? Perhaps your compiler is set to an international mode. My two Wind
hey guys, i have a small problem clearing the LCD in a "state machine" type of program. the microcontroller i am using is the pic24f and i am programming in C. i want to display the state of the machine on the lcd, and when it changes i want to clear the LCD and display the new state, and so on.. how would i go about this? i am using th
Hello Ramesh441, In which language ur writing ur program VHDl r Verilog , What is the program ur write , will u post ur code here, then i can easily help u Regards Kanimozhi.M
To add: ; EAX:EBX:ECX = EAX:EBX:ECX + EDX:ESI:EDI add ecx,edi adc ebx,esi adc eax,edx jc OverFlow .. To multiply: 16-bit multiplication: mov cx, 1234 mov ax, 123 mul cx ; Now DX:AX registers contain 32-bits of the result. 32-bit multiplication: mov ecx, 12345 mov eax, 1234 mul ecx ; Now EDX:EAX registers contain 64-b
Hello! How would you write 3/8 demux with the WITH signal SELECT statement? I've already done it with a CASE signal IS statement, like so (any tips for improving the code welcomed:wink:): -- "4" as the 4th way of writing the 3/8 demux (1st and 2nd are IF ver
Hi all, I interfaced the 24C512 EEPROM, with my controller. I want to store a 16 digit character string in the EEPROM(Single record). It is organized as 65536 words of 8 bits. How many records i can store it? Any efficient methods are there to store and retirve? Thanks in advance.
/*test.S*/ .equ STACK_TOP, 0x20000800 .equ BIT1, 0x00000002 .equ BIT2, 0x00000004 .equ BIT5, 0x00000020 .equ BIT6, 0x00000040 .equ BIT8, 0x00000100 .equ BIT9, 0x00000200 .equ LED1, BIT1 .equ LED2, BIT6 .equ LED3, BIT8 .equ GPIOA, 0X40010800 .equ GPIOA_CRL, 0X40010800 .equ GPIOA_CRH, 0X40010804 .equ GPIOA_IDR, 0
The easy way is to do a histogram of the output code with the bins being 0:255. The dnl is the number in the bin divided by how many should be in the bin, and then you subtract 1 from that. It is a probability calculation, but if you have a ramp input it is pretty easy. So, if you have 4096 points for your input, for an 8 bit dac e
Please can anyone help with how i can input a 2 by 2 16 digit complex matrices in matlab for multiplication with another one i.e matrices like 0.138451095405929-0.230421317393041i - 0.0451985986689165+0.157626245839348i 0.0353675449261375+0.115682026931012i -0.00194567217559662-0.0291212122613417i
Is it ok if I place SSD code with delays inside interrupt routine? Delays in interrupt routines are a no no. You'll want to advance the scan position one digit on each timer tick and don't linger around in the interrupt code. This is a really basic embedded programming concept, used in all microcontroller powered devices with m
I will make one button door entry code lock with password. Its simple circuit which have one button to enter code, each digit is represented with adequate button pressing (for example for number three, press button three times). code have 4 numbers, if successful circuit activate relay which shorts button to open gate. (...)
the TM4C123 is referenced in the timer-calculator program it gives a code like this for mikroC, which should not be far from the CCS C //Timer0 Prescaler :2; Preload = 48000; Actual Interrupt Time = 9 ms; Mode: 16bit //Place/Copy this part in declaration section void InitTimer0A(){ SYSCTL_RCGCTIMER_R0_bit = 1; EnableInterrupts(); TIME
i m getting error in in XC8 compiler in if condition. the error as mismatched comparison and the condition digit--; if(digit == 0-1) digit = 9; what is the error then.
I did it before using Microcontroller, so I'll explain the idea and you can translat it into HDL. Suppose you have number equal 32 (in binary form and you want to covert to decimal 1- Divide 32 by 10 --> it will produce 3 and the renaider is 2 2- the remaider 2 is the least significat digit in decimal number you can use a table like to generat t
1- ENTITY toto IS END ENTITY toto; ARCHITECTURE tb OF toto IS END ARCHITECTURE tb; 2- "wait for 10ns", need space between value an unit 3- for vector with more than one bit, using "00" instead '0', '00' not allowed to have more clear code, a 16bits can be written like this a_in <= x"1234"; means one digit is 4bits. Take car
hi I need how design code vhdl for bcd adder 4 digit(16 bit) ?
hello guys. Can anyone direct me to a link or upload some source code in assembly regarding the interface of an 16*2 lcd with a hc11 uC( or any other uC) in 4-bit long mode. thx
Hello all, I'm desperately looking for working code of 16F877 ADC . I want to display the analog value on 3 digit LED display. When i display it, it works fine but when the input analog value changes, the display becomes erratic. IF it is displaying 100 as the analog value, and when i increase it then the display shows the following values. 100
here is one example how you can do that! module cntrl(/*AUTOARG*/ // Outputs mux_sel, // Inputs clk, reset_n ); input clk, reset_n; output mux_sel; reg control; assign mux_sel = &control; always @(posedge clk or negedge reset_n) if (!reset_n) control <= 0; e
hi all, i want to write vhdl code defining a 2 dimensional matrix (16 * 16 matrix) but every element in this matrix is an array of 8 ... and how to write this code in entity...? thanx
I'd like use a msp430fg438 to drive a 8-digits 16-segments LCD panel, the use of a particular configuration ram-bank (that mean a particular bit represente a particular segment) depends just of the pin out ? I couldnt get information about why in the different aplication notes use so extrange distribution of the bank ram. I should do first th
Here it is ! library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; -- Full adder component used in the 4-bit by 4-bit adder entity adder is port ( a : in std_logic; b : in std_logic; cin : in std_logic; sum : out std_logic; cout : out std_logic); end adder; architecture dataflow of adder is begin --
Here is verilog code for 16 bit bcd up counter translate this to VHDL! Hope this helps! module bcd_count ( // Outputs count, // Inputs clk, reset_n ); input clk, reset_n; output count; reg count; always @(posedge clk or negedge reset_n) begin if (!reset_n) begin count <=
HAI, anyone have VHDL code for 16 QAM PLEASE HELP US....... THANKS venkatesh
Hi there, I need ASM code or some good algorithm for division. I need to divide 24-bit with 16-bit number. The numbers are integers, but result is not... I want to do that with PIC16f84... Thanx for any help....
Hi friends, I am wtiting VHDL code for one application. In that application, Two 8-bit Registers and one 16-bit Counter will be there. The Counter is a DOWN counter. The Register is loaded from external 8-bit Micro Processor(MP) and each Register is referenced with a separate address. When ENABLE pulse is given to a count
Hi friends, I am writing VHDL code for one application. In that application, Two 8-bit Registers and one 16-bit Counter will be there. The Counter is a DOWN counter. The Register is loaded from external 8-bit Micro Processor(MP) and each Register is referenced with a separate address. When ENABLE pulse is given to a count
can anyone plz forward me 16QAM Matlab code? Thanks
Hi! Now, I'm having a project using ADC ICL7135. Could anyone help me any concern doccuments and sample code for it. I'm verry thanks! Regard your repply...! Good friend! Please help me!!! :!:
Hi amalia, can you explain in detail for wat functionality u want code.
yes,nitin_ndg is right ,you only need add up_down signal,and write a sub counter in the code.
//want a vhdl code for 16 bit counter with uprange and low rangei.e input are reset,count enable,considering with up range and low range. // SAME DESIGN IS MODIFIED ------ with same inputs but one more input is added mode IF mode then ....increment order by 1 if mode.....increment by2 if mode......increment by3 if mode
Try this, or browse code on same site. ;)
hello friends, iam doing my project work.i got struck at 16 bit correlator(vhdl code).can anyone give me some ideas...
Dear all I need matlab source code for viterbi decoder of 16-QAM modulation. Matlab help has viterbi decoding function only for BPSK. How i can use this function to simulate 16-QAM? Best Regards Morteza Mardani
i need example code counter 2 digit switch up-down 0-99 by 16f877a file.pbp
Hello to all, I?m newbie in VHDL programming on FPGA. I need help from all of you out there. Right now I try to write a code for 2-digit BCD down Counter, LCD display message and synchronization between both of them. For 2-digit BCD down counter, here?s my code library IEEE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use (...)
Hello... I need the VHDL code for 16- qam mapping for ofdm block of wimax thanks
hi will you please give me a verilog code for display characters on 16*2 lcd display?? please send it as soon as possible....
pls help me code in c language using PIC16F877A reading a temperature upto 300 degrees celsius i dont know how to read the adc to be output into a 7 segment display a simple code will help. :(
Could your problem be related to the fact that you load Timer0 with 0xFFFF (TH=0xFF, TL=0xFF) in the overflow ISR, which, according to your own (?) comment should give 200Hz? I'd suggest creating a preprocessor macro / function that takes the desired frequency and loads the proper values in the registries, thus avoiding writing two different pie
If you write assembly code, everything is different, including the instruction set, so I’ll assume you plan to write code in a higher level programming language (such as C), to give some meaning to the question. Well, in C there’s virtually no difference, except when you optimized your code for a specific architecture or, (...)
Hi, I have attached the code for a six digit 7-segment display using a different PIC microcontroller. I am implementing a 999999-second counter and have explained the same below. Multiplexing implementation is very similar to driving Led Dot Matrix. I use Timer0 interrupt for switching through each digit. Timer0 or TMR0 is an 8-bit (...)