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please someone post the matlab code... i know the theory but i am weak in simulation.... please provide matlab code for higher order mimo system using MMSE mimo LRR... i will highly obliged.
please Someone provide the mmse-sic code for HIGHER order mimo system(8cross8 or 16cross16) or any order N cross N.... i will be highly thankful.
Hello, Am doing a project on "LOW COST mimo ENABLED RADIO OVER FIBER SYSTEM FOR MULTISERVICE DAS USING DOUBLE SIDEBAND FREQUENCY TRANSLATION" Kindly help me in generating LTE mimo signals for transmission across the optical fiber. Here am using OPTISYSTEM 7 software and trying to generate mimo signals using matlab. (...)
hai I am working in SM mimo , mimo OFDM etc for the first case SM mimo error detection code is not working properly , can any one suggest the matlab code for detection
I am looking to minimize the energy consumption per bit for in wireless sensor network with the help of incorporating cooperative mimo techniques. Please help me with source code (matlab/ns2) for simulating such scenarios.
Hello! Can anyone help me with a matlab code for mimo-OFDM system? I will very grateful!
Hi, I am looking for matlab code that show the difference between SISO and mimo with 16 QAM modulation and calculate BER. thanks a lot.
i want to study the effect of impulsive noise added to a random data to be transmitted over mimo OFDM wirless system. i want a matlab code to do this.
i have been working on mimo OFDM with index modulation. can u please help me with the matlab code for it...?
my project is about mimo OFDMA network using matlab. I have to design the matlab code that make selected users with nonzero allocated power. Can u give me a example of selected user set in ODFMA and idea on how i want to design it. waiting for your replies.tq
hai.there are script of power control in matlab. can someone correct the error of this script. i want to simulated the power algorithm in mimo. there like havng problem at fading. clear all; clc; format long; %------ Parameter-parameter ------ K=10; % jumlah pengguna c_light = 3E
who could help me by sending a matlab code for mimo OFDM (2*2) with alamouti STBC. Thanks in advance
Hi All, I am working on massive mimo. is anyone can help me regarding matlab code or new algorithm.
matlab code for "multiuser detection in cdma mimo systems"
hi, in my matlab code stream of data, I'll do it in program like this steps: N=??; % length of each frame L=??; % total number of frames for i=1:L y=H*s(:,(i-1)*N+1:i*N)+W; ------- ------- end In above steps I suppose the system deal with all data as one stream, now I want to divide the data in to 4 parts (4 sub-str
Hi, pls I'll ask about the system model, in many papers the author is use the real-valued equivalent of the complex-valued model to make the derivation ease. Like the equations in attachment, or in matlab code like this: Y=HX+W H_complex = (randn(Nr,Nt)+1j*randn(Nr,Nt))/sqrt(2); % Flat Rayleigh fading channel w_complex = sigma(index1)*(ran
Sample codes by matlab. You can find these from your matlab Help too.
i need to it too i need MMSE channel estimator for LTE downlink matlab code
can any one help in matlab code for LTE downlink channal estimation using MMSE estimator for mimo with transmit divesity?I have reached at OFDM reciever after that i need to estimate the channel and extract for the whole grid and i need a help to make channel estimation using MMSE estimator and extract data for the whole grid?
hi.... I'm desperate for help.....i need a simple mimo-OFDM simulik file or a matlab thesis is about applying a resource allocation algorithm for mimo-OFDM system and i have no time to build my own system......please help me
Referencing existing thread: Hi, Can anybody please provide me matlab code of turbo equalizer for mimo ofdm system. thanks Shameem Hi Shameem, Are you got the code for turbo equalizer? if so, please can I get it? Regards
sir Help me to understand the matlab code for beamforming design for mimo decode-and-forward relay channels
hi please anyone can give me code to implement zf equalizer in matlab with 2*2 mimo ofdm system please please it will be a big virtue
Hello, I'm working in project of MIM-OFDM wireless system, please can anyone give me a matlab code for mimo-OFDM system, i have need it urgently Thank you very much
please can someone giv me a matlab code for mimo ofdm wireless communication system
Heloo my friend I am a student in MSC of communication i need code for mimo channel modeling in harq system with 2 antenna in input and 2 antenna in output. plz helpe me
hi everybody please help me, I need matlab code that simulate a simple mimo-harq system or a simple mimo system thanks
can u pls send me some mat lab code for beamforming? matlab code for PAPR reduction by A-law companding?
hi i am doing project on "Uplink Interference Management for Coexisting mimo Femtocell and Macrocell Networks:An Interference Alignment Approach" but I'm lacking in the initial matlab codes for simulation, which stops me from going on. Could you provide me with some matlab codes.. or any material regarding (...)
Please does anyone one have matlab code for antenna selection in spatial modulation please send it to me here. Thank you
anyone have mimo ofdma matlab, i need to use this code urgently. anyone have, could you please share? i am already look in mathwork but doesnt help. i am appreciate for those help me
hi, I'm working with mimo MC-CDMA system , I want know this system clearly i need a matlab code for mimo MC-CDMA. Please help me ,as soon as possible. many thank!
i really need help with matlab code to create a basic 2x2 mimo system. I am a noob so please explain thoroughly. and i would also like to know how it can be changed to simulate a 4x4 etc. it doesnt need rayleigh fading or any noise as of yet. Just a basic mimo system. Thanks
Dear if you want to do Channel Estimation, than use LMS, RLS or kalman filter. These are adaptive filters and can be easily implemented in matlab Good Luck Dear, I want to design an mimo channel estimation by the use of LME and RLS. Could you help me the matlab code?
I need a matlab code to implement Rateless code(fountain code) applied on mimo (Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas) systems.
This picture is from book mimo-OFDM Wireless Communications with matlab by Cho Y.S. The matlab code is located in book directly below the figure. function y_CFO=add_CFO(y,CFO,Nfft) % add CFO (carrier frequency offset) % y : Received signal % CFO = IFO (integral CFO) + FFO (fractional CFO) % Nfft = FFT size nn=0:length(y)-1; (...)
Hi everyone, Could anyone help me getting a matlab code to simulate a massive mimo system? Especially to plot and get the power level of the signal received by each user. Thanks!
Can i get a c code for these algorithm. I tried to search,i got only matlab. Is there any open source to find. I want to implement in the Linux with gcc compiler. I will be thankful, if some one help .. - - - Updated - - - Can i get a c code for these algorithm. I tried to search,i
Hi, I Searched C code for mimo-ofdm. I found only matlab code. Can any body tell me where i will find C code.I will be thankful to you.
I need a basic massive mimo matlab code, if anyone have, plz share with me.. If anyone got know any professors or lecturer who willing to help or share, plz do let me know as well. Textbook that related to this can also let me know. Thanks. ;-)
I'm working to evaluate performance of dual-dual AF Relay mimo network I need matlab code for simulate this problem ( ergodic Capacity) I have attached two papers Anybody can share me matlab code for this problem in these papers?
Hi every one, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "pashasrp67 " and "kalaimathi " can you help me I am preparing a study on mimo techniques and I am new to the area and to understand I try to run a simple matlab code on a mimo system (2 * 2) (two antennas and two for emisson antennas for reception) ... it is urgent if you can help me I (...)
i need a matlab code for 4x4 alamouti if any one has any idea regarding to it than please share it. thanks. waiting for ur help.
please can anyone help me with matlab code for achieving spectral efficiency (upto2bit/s/)Hz of mimo-WCDMA using OSTBC?
i am doing project on visible light communication for mimo-OFDM using image transmission if any body having these matlab code please forward me . my email i need as early as possible please help me.
hi everybody. please, anyone can help me with matlab code for equalizing a rayleigh flat fading channel for 2X2 mimo-OFDM i need only the code for the equalization part. thanks.
plz tell me matlab simmulation code for mimo RADAR probability of false alarm plot
please, help me with matlab code for BER analysis of mimo-OFDM system .
hello anyone... please someone help me a matlab code foe resource allocation in mimo-ofdm and any examples that relate on it...tqvm... please send to my email
hello, I'm working in my Graduation Project on mimo-OFDM Implementation using matlab i made the following code but i m a little lost , can't figure out what to do next , i generated the data , modulated them , then branched the data into 2 branches to be sent , but i cant figure out how to multiply the channel matrix by the modulated data (...)