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Dear all I need sphere decoding algorithm in mimo matlab code. pls help me to get...
Hi, i'm looking for a mimo matlab or labview code simulation? I really need this! Anyone here pls help me
hi all........ Please I need a mimo code for matlab when zeroforcing decoding N=2 plz
I need a basic massive mimo matlab code, if anyone have, plz share with me.. If anyone got know any professors or lecturer who willing to help or share, plz do let me know as well. Textbook that related to this can also let me know. Thanks. ;-)
hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matlab :-) best: richy Added after 2 minutes: hi aze, do you know a.tafloves book 'computional electrodynamics' sec. ed. 2000? there you can find a cd with fdtd code in matla
Hi, I'm working on the scattering of EM field by 3D dielectric body using METHOD OF MOMENT. Does any one have a code on matlab?? THANKS, SAR5
read this it will help you :roll:
hi , iam working on jbig , plz can any one let me know the standard & open source code in matlab or c.
Any code in matlab for designing of motors?
hi you must use mex. see matlab help. you can not convert c++ code to matlab code but you can use this c++ code in matlab using mex. regards
A part of my final year project need a JPEG code in matlab to compress an image before transmission. If any one have it please help me. :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:
Hi All, Any one can give me for the code of matlab for PDETOOL using for microwave heating simulation. Thanks and regards, Orrathai
Hi i m doin my project regarding speech recognition.i need the speech recognition code in matlab. it stores some words and if any speaker speaks then recognizing the speech and performing some action through parallel port.Plz help me out. if some one can give me the code of Speech recognition using matlab, i will be (...)
hi, does anyone know how to generate "optical orthogonal code" in matlab? regards
do anyone have loaded dipole code of matlab? I need it to compare with my work.
data = ; encoded_data = repmat (data, 8, 1); encoded_data = encoded_data(:); -b
can any buddy give me ISDB-T or ATSC simulation code in matlab
please, iam looking for fingerprint recoginition code using matlab , using gabor filters,,,, please help me>>>>>>>>>>>>
It seems nobody has code they can/want to share. How about trying to write the code yourself and then ask questions whenever you hit difficult spots.
need help with the s bend waveguide code in matlab.....
plz, help me to find ADE FDTD Dispersive Materials code in matlab or C++
Hi all, Please help me know how to generate C-code using matlab/Simulink. Please i need it for my project..
hi, Yes, you can convert matlab functions to hdl components(modules) using the matlab tool HDL coder or accel chip for xilinx devices and DSP builder for Altera devices.
Using the fuzzytech professional edition and compiling to M-code into matlab, will it be possible to compile this M-code in matlab to C? To apply in a PIC 16F74 using CCS-C software. matlab generated C is different from the fuzzytech generated C i think and should work in CCS-C to compile to hex for the PIC.
hi friends can anyone help me in converting the c code to matlab code i actually have a part of the prg module in c code it would be of help if anyone has an idea thanks
hello every one! can anybody help me how to convert or run c code in matlab ?? regards ,
I need speech recognition code in matlab plz help me i want to design voice control robotic car which will simply go forward,backward,right and left it is interfaced with parallel port (i've done this part) but speech recognition code is needed plz hel me and provide me as soon as possible i've to submit my project on june 14 (...)
hi guyssssssssssssss Is it possible to convert C code to matlab. best regards jay
hi.. I need to generate a matlab code for bpsk modulation and demodulation It means I can't using the communication toolbox, please help me ---------- Post added at 13:39 ---------- Previous post was at 12:42 ---------- there is not having the code in matlab ---------- Post added
Hi, the code in matlab seems fine to me. But what is your question exactly? To implement it on the mciroctonroller you must implement all the built in functions of the FIR filter (as matlab does). and i think that to implement a 51 order on a microcontroller will be far alot of processing! regards
Does any one have DVBT source code in matlab? i want the part in mfile which it explains fading channel through ofdm..thanks
direct translation tool may not available but you can try to re code the logic/algorithm behind matlab code to vb Sometimes, you may have some advice how to translate if you can post your codes here
Did you look in matlab help? Why dont you like comm.Walshcode class?
Hi, i really need ur help guys in finding matlab code for that title "Cooperative Wireless Communication with Cognitive Radio Network code in matlab ". Any one can help me in that ? if there is any matlab code related to that topic or any matlab code (...)
Hi. i need DVB-T simulation code in matlab to finish my minithesis. could anyone help me please.
Do you need a code for using the matlab fft() function? Right? Then, type "doc fft" in the command window and the help window will explain how to use the fft function with examples. Or do you need a matlab code that performs FFT instead to use the built-in matlab function? Z
Hi jilly if you problem is about writing FDTD code in matlab there're many example in this forum that you can search I hope it'll be helpful
hi all i am lookink for matlab code on adaptive modulation and coding in ofdm or mimo or cdma can anyone help plz thanks
plz tell me matlab simmulation code for mimo radar velocity resolution?
I need a matlab code to implement Rateless code(fountain code) applied on mimo (Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas) systems.
dear all i need any matlab code or any useful resource on simulation of mimo system that includes DS_SS BPSK transmission over Rayleigh multipath fading channal plz help me
You can find out in internet to get this code, it is very easy, to understand about code of mimo channel. i suggest for you, you should find out BPSK, rayleigh fading, mimo to study.
Hi iam making matlab program to simulate mimo sytem the problem that the BER is constant and dont change i recheck the equation many time and cant find the problem if any1 can help me. this the program i wrote clc clear all close all %% % We start by defining some common simulation parameters frmLen = 128; % frame length numPackets =
i need a matlab code for 4x4 alamouti if any one has any idea regarding to it than please share it. thanks. waiting for ur help.
I'm in the process of writing some matlab functions and i will like later to recover its C code equivalent .Generated with mcc .. But i don't know what kind of code will i get if in my functions i use matlab toolkits ... Will i get the source for those functions tranlated or will i get call to libraries ,, to be linked (...)
If we convert a simulation code of matlab to c or c++ the dialogue boxes and the other guis still contain the matlab Logo. How can we remove the matlab logo from the c/c++ converted and compiled code. Any help Thanks
I have a following code written in matlab: 2*postint(fem,'Wm')/postint(fem,'nJ','dl',5,'edim',2)^2 L=2Wm/I^2 is the formula This is an expression for calculating inductance of square-shaped inductor and I need to do the same thing in FEMLAB, but do not know how. 'nJ' is Current density, but I do not know where to find 'dl' and what number
HELLO FRIENDS, I'm student From D. M. Sullivan (Electromagnetic simulation using FDTD) I have a 3D Fdtd a plane wave interact with a dielectric sphere in C++, I need the same code to be written in matlab , pls if any one have this code kindly pls send it to my e-mail address: Best regards,
Based on 30 seconds of looking, it seems that this matlab code is coming up with the right frequency axis for a spectrum plot, and changing the FFT output from a CX to a real display. Take a look at pwelch instead, it takes care of the gory detail's for you. Dave
hi all; I need an analytical code in matlab for band structure analysis in photonic crystals in 1D and 2D. may anyone please help me.