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Hi all I'm using codevision with studio 7. I have a new pcb design that is connected to my pc port via a Olimex AVR ISP MK2 device. I checked the cables and all looks good. The code is from avr448 3 phase HV motor controller The problem is when I build all program files with codevision and program the chip I get back an error (...)
Hi everyone, I have a problem with this line in my program in codevision eeprom bit L; The compiler reports an error: eeprom memory attribute not allowed in this context. please help
I would expect the register names to be already defined. You can try to compile your code, if any name if undefined you will get an error and then you can fix it. You can also check the content of the header that codevision attaches in the project (the specific mcu model defines).
I have a problem with this code the codevision have error with _lcd_ready() line .what should I do? #include // Alphanumeric LCD functions #include // Declare your global variables here void main(void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(2,0); lcd_putsf("LCD TEST"); lcd_gotoxy(5,1); lcd_puts
You are mixing avrgcc and codevision syntax. interrupt void timer1_capt_isr(void) That is not how you declare an interrupt in avrgcc, the correct syntax is ISR(TIM1_CAPT_vect) You should also include #include As for the F_CPU not defined error you should define the
hi i have a programmer board which i used to worked with it correctly. model : stk500 but now any chip i want to program it gives the error like:avrisp error leaving programing mode back then , when it worked if i didn't put any chips on the board a led would trun on before it warns me that there isn't any chips by the way this program has to
Hi again.:oops: Please help me guys. I found an error again. When i send AT+CSTT="telkomsel","wap","wap123" through hyperterminal, the response from modul GPRS is 'OK'. But when i send AT+CSTT="telkomsel","wap","wap123" through ATMega128A, 'error' response appeare in LCD 2x16 that i use. And the compiler is codevision avr 2.05 Here's (...)
hey im using codevision 2.04.4a,and trying to use #include in my codevision project, but i got the error below : "Library error: C:\cvavr2.05.3\lib\stdio.lib(9): #error directive: Standard C I/O library must be used with codevisionAVR V2.04.7 or later" So I wrote my (...)
hi friends my codevision is playing funny when compiling it works perfect but when i try to build coff file it prompts an error page and says: error(s) occurred during assembly ! and then forwards me to an assembly page where there is a problem with an mcur parameter in the following line .SET power_ctrl_reg=mcucr what does this mean (...)
i have an error when i want to convert unsigned char to long int or unsigned int in codevision altough i check in promote char to int . unsigned char data; unsigned int long_data; unsigned int address; address+=1; while(x<9) { data=EEprom_READ(address); long_data = (long_data << x)|data ; x+=8; address-=1; }
In The Name Of God The compassionate merciful Good day all , This is a code that has been compiled in codevision - windows -completely and with no error but it's required to continue this code in another free compiler because of codevision DEMO version limitations (the compiled code size is restricted to 1kb
Hi all... To interface a 16x2 LCD to ATmega8 and program d chip im using codevision AVR, i hav written d foll. code to initialise the lcd, however there's a declaration error in st.4 and 5... Please help me rectify it.. also wat is d need for st. 7 1 #include 2 #include 3 #include 4 void LCDbyte(uint8_t,uint8_t) 5
hi guys. I'm new in AVR and have a problem in codevision.whenever I click the "Make the project" button the following error occures!so if anybody could help me,I would really appreciate it.(I've already installed AVR Studio 4!!!!)
hi guys. I'm new in AVR and have a problem in codevision.whenever I click the "Make the project" button the following error occures!so if anybody could help me,I would really appreciate it.(I've already installed AVR Studio
Hi friends I wrote this simple code. the codevision compiles it without error but it can't make it: #include #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x18 #endasm #include void main (void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(0,0); lcd_putsf("Test"); while(1); } whe
Hi, I want to write something like this in IAR or codevision my code: #define A sizeof(long) #define B 100 - A #if (A < C) #error no #endif but when i compile it with IAR get this error: error: function call is not allowed in a constant expression and when compile it with (...)
I have coded a avr programme in avrstudio 1.24e.and download it in codevision.but it tell me that "chip signature mismatch read:byte0=7fh byte1=7fh,byte2=7fh.must be :byte0=1eh,byte1=93h,byte2=01h".but I can download the programme to at90s8515 just an hour ago.I will be grateful if you can tell me what is the matter