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hi guys. I'm new in AVR and have a problem in codevision.whenever I click the "Make the project" button the following error occures!so if anybody could help me,I would really appreciate it.(I've already installed AVR Studio
hi guys. I'm new in AVR and have a problem in codevision.whenever I click the "Make the project" button the following error occures!so if anybody could help me,I would really appreciate it.(I've already installed AVR Studio 4!!!!)
hey im using codevision 2.04.4a,and trying to use #include in my codevision project, but i got the error below : "Library error: C:\cvavr2.05.3\lib\stdio.lib(9): #error directive: Standard C I/O library must be used with codevisionAVR V2.04.7 or later" So I wrote my (...)
Dear All, Alsalam Alykom, I wrote this program and it didn't work, and i think it was written well so plz help me in. this the function decleration void PutString ( const char * Ptr); and I called it by PutLogString( "Ahmed Hassaan" ); or PutLogString( ( const char *) ("Ahmed Hassaan") ); and in the two times whe
Hi, I want to write something like this in IAR or codevision my code: #define A sizeof(long) #define B 100 - A #if (A < C) #error no #endif but when i compile it with IAR get this error: error: function call is not allowed in a constant expression and when compile it with (...)
Hi friends I wrote this simple code. the codevision compiles it without error but it can't make it: #include #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x18 #endasm #include void main (void) { lcd_init(16); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(0,0); lcd_putsf("Test"); while(1); } whe
Hi all... To interface a 16x2 LCD to ATmega8 and program d chip im using codevision AVR, i hav written d foll. code to initialise the lcd, however there's a declaration error in st.4 and 5... Please help me rectify it.. also wat is d need for st. 7 1 #include 2 #include 3 #include 4 void LCDbyte(uint8_t,uint8_t) 5
Hello all, New to this forum. I have a recent version of codevision AVR 2.0.36 and it had been working fine until yesterday. I was coding as usual and then all of a sudden, it happened. I pressed compile and I got an error message that said, "Can't Open File". I have tried to understand the problem, but this has never happened and I can't get an
hi friends my codevision is playing funny when compiling it works perfect but when i try to build coff file it prompts an error page and says: error(s) occurred during assembly ! and then forwards me to an assembly page where there is a problem with an mcur parameter in the following line .SET power_ctrl_reg=mcucr what does this mean (...)
Hi again.:oops: Please help me guys. I found an error again. When i send AT+CSTT="telkomsel","wap","wap123" through hyperterminal, the response from modul GPRS is 'OK'. But when i send AT+CSTT="telkomsel","wap","wap123" through ATMega128A, 'error' response appeare in LCD 2x16 that i use. And the compiler is codevision avr 2.05 Here's (...)
You are mixing avrgcc and codevision syntax. interrupt void timer1_capt_isr(void) That is not how you declare an interrupt in avrgcc, the correct syntax is ISR(TIM1_CAPT_vect) You should also include #include As for the F_CPU not defined error you should define the
However its giving an error in mentioned line that function argument #1 of type 'flash unsigned char' is incompatible with required parameter of type 'unsigned char'. What should be done for it. Did you quote the error message correctly? I would expect "required parameter of type 'unsigned char *'" It looks like the behaviour
I would expect the register names to be already defined. You can try to compile your code, if any name if undefined you will get an error and then you can fix it. You can also check the content of the header that codevision attaches in the project (the specific mcu model defines).
Section 6.6 in the user manual explains how you can setup and use UART in codevision - - - Updated - - - You can also take a look it the Two USARTs and LCD example that can be found www.hpinfo
I get an error message saying: cannot execute PM.exe I looked aat all settings, but just can't find any reason for the error message. Have I set up an option wrong somewhere?
I am getting an error message when trying to save an O*r*c*a*d9.2 dsn schematic to 7.2 version. The message is: DSM0006 unable to save ' ' file not found Any way to fix this?
Hello, I found the D_A(2oo1.o8) GUI working error on RH73. It seemed that the kernel of RH73 have many changes than RH72. I don't know if other people have such a trouble? Thanx.
Some projects written in C language(codevision AVR) can be found on this site : Hope this help. Fuji
i have install a*tro on red hat 7.1, but when i want to start it, the computer notes me seg error and core dump, who has the experience with installing & configing it?
Does anybody give me ECC source code as follows. - 256 Bytes - Fix One Bit - Detct Two Bit error
Hey Guys, After my verilog files are compiled at Sy/plify pro7.0, at the very beginning of synthesis step, I am getting "Internal error, please contact to Syn/plify support" message. Has anyone got the same error before? Thank you for your time.
I can't compile hitech c18. After compile it show error with I don't know what about it? Anyone tell me please. Thanks
Hi, when i try to configure my spartan II FPGA via JTAG Xilinx Impact gives me the following error. error:. +iMPACT:583 - '1': The idcode read from the device does not match the idcode in the bsdl File. INFO:iMPACT:629 - '1': Device IDCODE : 00001111111111111111111111111110 INFO:iMPACT:630 - '1': Expected IDCODE: 0000000001100001100000001
hi. i work whit modelsim 5.6b in win200 sp3. the license is ok alla chek is good but when i tri to simulate modelsim shoutdown whitout error. can anybody hel me? thanks. g.
i USE PIC18C452 ,define two array as blow; HIGH; LOW; when i bulid project , error as blow: error : Can't find 0x240 words for psect param in segment RAM
Hi all, I get the following error whenever I run psyn_gui psyn_gui = Fatal: Internal sytem error, cannot recover Funny thing is that it worked before. Its been a while since I powered it up. I dont know what happened. Has anybody seen this before? design_vision works fine. Thanks, Byte
Hi, When I start the tutorial in Design Capture folder, it says some stuff that it's preparing files for the tutorial after this I do into the Design Capture program and loacte the project the tutorial says to locate, fine I locate it and when it tries to load I get an error that says \..\top.sbk Class not Registered. After I click ok, I can
I try to compile an array of 80K. The micro one has 130k. The compiler is EWAVR 2.28A The option as set on V3 ( 1FFFF of code space) __farflash unsigned char Parl = { The compiler signals me the following error: ..\Parl.h (2049) : error: array is too large Does someone know the why, and as I can obviate? thanks 002
hello, i'm using I/s/e5.1 to synthesize my verilog code. but every time there is an error message: "can't include constants.v". This is an verilog file, that should be included in the file top.v. constants.v is already added to the project. I really dont know, where the problem is. Please help. Thanks in advance.
When I select these menu item: Print preview/page setup/print I got error message like this: Division by zero Exception Occurred In Print Any one got the same problem? who can help me? My system is WindowsXP+SP1
Hi everybody. I'm working on a project software written in Pascal. In fact i don't know pascal very well, but before me, this program has written in pascal long times ago. And we found a bug in software. So i have to correct this bug. I put all related ".tpu" files in working directory and tried to compile before searching the source of bug. Becaus
I have temp keys for version 2002.05,but i am not able to use version 2002.05-sp2 tools ,when i reading a verilog or vhdl file, or synthesizing a designware part ,i get a licensing error,what is happening?
I make a new schematic named e.g. test with Eagle in a new project but when i try to load it again i am receiving the message: Load error 293 on file 'C:/Program Files/EAGLE4.08R2/Projects/test/test.sch' Can you help me? :( :?: Thanks
8) Hi friends, It is give that "initial error for hfss.exe(0xc000142)" when I run hfss. How about that, and what can I do? Help me, thanks. jamez
The flexlm return error :system clock has been changed. How to fix it ?
can anyone plz send me any information, websites, tutorials, schematic, papers.... I need to design a software program to semulate this technique or Hardware.... hope to make it perfectly:) tnks a lot
I use WinXP & Office XP for run VB6 & add Microsoft Excel Object Library 10.0 to run this code. => Dim objExcel as Excel.Application Set objExcel = New Excel.Application objExcel.SheetsInNewWorkBook = 1 objExcel.WorkBooks.Add objExcel.Visible = True objExcel.Cells(1,1) = "Name" It can run properly because I can see in Excel, but when I
hi, Who can help me? Used Modelsim to create a library for post-Sim but occurred error,when I created a library to Compile apex20ke_components.vhd and apex20ke_atoms.vhd .error message: error:Failed to access library'apex20ke'at"apex20ke" error:apex20ke_Component.vhd:Library apex20ke not Found. but I Compiled (...)
8O in power pcb i found most of the time a database error even there are cases where we cannot retrive the data can any one suggest how to avoid this errors :cry: binu gerorge
When i install cocentric (ccs 2002.05)in linux,i find when i can't chose linux platform to install.I read the script of ,i find the script has a error,when input linux it don't set os to linux.Anyone can give a right ,thanks!
Why is the NIC error when i apply the free license of dspbuilder?
Hi, below message: :cry: :cry: # -- Loading package standard # ** error: (vcom-19) Failed to access library 'apex20ke' at "apex20ke". # No such file or directory. (errno = ENOENT) # ** error: C:/quartus/eda/sim_lib/apex20ke_components.vhd(34): Library apex20ke not found. # -- Loading package std_logic_1164 # -- Loading package vital_tim
Hi all, I am using IC50 with NCSU's design kit. When I atatched ami06 tech lib to my design, I ran into a DRC error. It said there is something wrong with the divaDRC.rul. info showed: error: no raw graphics layer exists in the tech file: dio_id 26 dioid = geomOr("dio_id") What does it mean? However, If I use HP06 tech lib, no such pr
Hlelp me. Run icfb of IC50, it give the error as follow: " icfb.exe : relocation error: file icfb.exe :symbol _1cDstdJbaclallocgvtbl_referencenal symbol not found " Have not window push out. Pls help me, how can I run it? Thx
Hi, I use GDSII file from Silicon Ensemble.. When I've imported this file to Calibre DRC ( with "rule file" - I've checked this file -- it's ok ) and run DRC, I've obtained error : "Cell DLY2D16 is referenced but not defined" Where is mistake ?? Any sugestion ? Regards Elektor
I am using X+HDL to convert a verilog module to vhdl. I get a syntax error on the keyword 'wire'. What should I do? Is there another syntax keyword I should use? Note: I am not very familiar with verilog. Disclaimer: I have seen a mention of this bug on Elektroda before, but I can't find it anymore. Thanks!
i use orcad to draw shematics and generate a netlist and import it in powerpcb 5.0, but when i edit my schematics and regenerate the netlist and import the netlist again in powerpcb 5, a segment error occured, and a dialogbox appeared, then powerpcb 5 closed itself. help me!!! 8O
Linking... error: Segment TINY_Z must be defined in a segment definition option (-Z, -b or -P) What means it is ? How I fix it? Plz help me.
This is verilog src: `celldefine module add1d1 (A, B, CI, SM, CO); input A, B, CI; output SM, CO; wire int_res_0, int_res_1, int_res_2; ///////////////////////////////////// // FUNCTIONALITY // ///////////////////////////////////// xor (SM, A, B, CI); and (int_res_0, A, B); and (int_res_1, A, CI); and (