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Hi, Did u got the coding for distributing keys in wsn using matlab? if so send me plz Thanks,
107553 figure above is my circuit simulation. i had problem with how to create the coding for my pic 16f877a, i don't how to start the c-rogramming. i hope you can help me.
My project doing a portable posture training. I use a PIC16F877A and Flexible sensor in my project. Now I having a problem in doing an assembly coding for PIC. for your information, overall system in my project is when individual having a bad posture then flex sensor will detect and PIC (...)
Hello all, What is the best way to go about while doing VHDL coding for FPGA and not knowing the target device (atmel, actel, altera etc). Currently I try not to use vendor specific libraries, macros, primitives and instantiations as I know that these won't work if in the end I target the design on something I didn't think of in the beginning.
Hi, to the best of my knowledge SAR achitecture seems to be a good potential for low power application because of the low number of components and hence a low power consumption. I could find several papers to support that argument in literature. However, I am curious as to whether a dual-slope integrating ADC serves a good candidate for low power c
Can I Use the same C coding for these ?c ............... "AT89C51,AT89C52,AT89C55,AT89C1051,AT89C2051,AT89C4051" If No then What?s the difference b/w there coding? Also tell me the header files for these controllers
I m using keil for my ?C AT89C51 , i Don't know where should i write the C coding for my ?c ?????????????????
hi all i want vhdl coding for interfacing fpga and dsp
can anyone plz upload matlab coding for adi fdtd-(2d&3d)
Hello We would be thankful if anyone can provide us MATLAB coding for wavelet based FDTD using Haar wavelets.We had developed codes for FDTD using MATLAB for coplanar waveguides.Please help us with your useful ideas and codes if you can.
hi, I need vhdl coding for DWT in 1-D.If any one have please send me.
I need verilog coding for DWT...
hi, i would like to ask for help for matlab codes for my project which is metal clad optical waveguide polarizer.I need the coding to plot the 2-D graph of log α(1/cm) vs ω(?m).The unit ω represents core layer thickness.i anyone has the coding or know where to get the related (...)
Can anyone give me some idea how i can find out a good problem for Multiple Input and Multiple output (MIMO) space time coding (STBC and STTC) for wireless communications. Right now i finished some journal paper and get some idea about MIMO and STC. see u then
Hi, I am currently working on Fast fourier transform in verilog coding for 8 points. How can i write a coding for imiginary number and decimal points in my verilog coding because fft involved complex number. Thanx in advance. Siva
Can i perform the coding for a circuit element that is not in the library of ORCAD?If yes then how?
please provide me a java(java applet)coding for the topic "TYPING PATTERN:A KEY TO USER IDENTIFICATION" the aim of this topic is to "identify the user using his typing speed"
Hi, I need to learn about watermarking using Matlab. Could anyone assist me and send me a simple coding for watermarking using Matlab? my email is . Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.
anyone can help me to do some coding on max1112 with 8051 based on keil c-compiler? // coding for MAX1112 (Serial ADC) #include sbit CS1 = P1^0; sbit SCLK1 = P1^1; sbit DIN1 = P1^2; sbit DOUT1 = P1^3; sbit LSBRA = ACC^0; sbit MSBRA = ACC^7; void Delay (unsigned int msec); void Sending (void); void Reading (...)
hi can any one have the VHDL coding for discrete convolution and discrete correlation please send this to me thanks
can some1 gimmi the coding for a simple while loop? tnx =X
Hi everybody Im a new doing my final year project I need the coding for generating an Ip packet in the network. Regards
I am using MSP430F449 to communicate RTC (PCF8563) by software I2C. Here I am giving the I2C coding for PIC picrocontroller. Pls any one convert me to use in my micro controller. Here I am attaching the circuits of mine and the given cord circuit. In my circuit no voltage source is connected at SDA, SCL lines. the code, This example show
have u started coding, let me know exactly what help do u need.. i did coding in matlab for rectangular planar array of 8X6 elemens...
can anyone help me in coding for integration of rf transmitter receiver to 8051(at89c51) theough uart like have we to follow a protocol etc my specifications are i have to transmit a string of characters from reciver to uart baud rate (prferably less) transmitter 433mhz do we require a buffer for this purpose in between plzz i am (...)
can anyone help me in coding for integration of rf transmitter receiver to 8051(at89c51) theough uart like have we to follow a protocol etc my specifications are i have to transmit a string of characters from reciver to uart baud rate (prferably less) transmitter 433mhz do we require a buffer for this purpose in between plzz i (...)
Hello sir... This is my coding for RF ID using LPC2129... am not getting output in Hyperterminal....but its error free only... please help me soon...... am in need of your help guys... Thank you... Waiting for the reply....:cry: #define CR 0x0D #include void init_serial (void); int putchar (int ch); (...)
hey can anyone help me with vhdl coding for LMS adaptive filters plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hi, i searched a lot for "error correction coding for digital communication "G.Clarck book . if anyone send i to me or give me site to download it free, i 'll be very grateful. thanks Hend
hi, where convoultion coding will be used for CDMA systems before spreading the data or after spreading & why?
hi friend, my name is irfan working in a project center... i am using spartan 3e kit in which lcd verilog code is not performing well.......... has any one have perfect verilog code with description of each line......... and at the same time i need verilog coding for displaying the number by incrementing itself for (...)
hye all...i'm new here.... i need help from anybody that have a matlab coding for radar backscattering for forest application... i really need this coding for my related study.... really hope i can find any coding...thankz..
hai I am doing my project in 8051 microcontroller i need the coding for 8051 RAM(128 bytes).kindly send me the coding thanks alot Gowry
Hi guys, Can anybody provide me the PRBS coding for 231-1 for my optical NRZ signal generation in Cadence. Thanks, Anachip
hello... i have three analog input which is current, voltage and the phase difference...i'm using the pic16f877a to take the measurement input and display it on the 16x2 lcd... i'm very new to pic...after doing some reading i'm still cannot understand it...can someone provide me the coding for the adc in the pic and also for the lcd (...)
Hello all, can anybody provide me the coding for fingerprint enhancement using phase representation.
i require matlab coding for a single phase computer load. plz help
hi i am doing my in the topic "adaptive subcarrier allocation algorithms for wireless ofdma systems". i did some of the coding part. i have to generate snr vs ber plot for ofdm-tdma...but i am not getting the ber values properly. i am using rayleigh fading channel...can any one send me the coding for this
i am in need of matlab coding for acqusition and tracking methods in gps receiver, please send me as soon as possible.
hi frnds... can anyone give me an idea of executing the above said project... i have the cpu coding for this project.... does anyone guide me to convert it to gpu coding...plz reply at an earliest if u know...
i want GA coding for material selection (or) code with any metaheuristic techniques
can any one give me the coding for space time block coding with map decoding
hi... can anyone help me with vhdl coding for intra prediction of video frames 4×4 luma...? i could understand the concept of intra prediction but donno how to implement it in vhdl...
hi all, I urgently need matlab coding for QAM modulation with RS encoding, showing BER plot. N FM modulaion with RS encoding aswell THANKS!
Hai all i am using IAR embedded workbench cross compiler... I need a coding for TCP-IP protocol stack.... please help me breifly about its logic also.. thanks in advance
hello how can we do coding for sending AT commands from the micro controller to the mobile attached serially with it. is it like we first send 'A' serially and then 'T' to it through the 'SBUF' register. please please help me. :|:|:???:
can anyone please share a link to download this book for free Turbo coding, Turbo Equalisation and Space-Time coding for Transmission over Fading Channels Turbo coding, Turbo Equalisation and Space-Time coding Free Downloads
is anyone having embedded c coding for blutooth ? hi , i m going to do a project through bluetooth communication,so pls guide me how to communicate the data using bluetooth and give me sample coding for bluetooth.
hi how can we declar the selection pins in PLDs CAD coding for 2:1 mux? thankz advance
hi everybody.. am doing a project on MIMO OFDM. for that i need MATLAB coding for semi-blind method sparse channel estimation for calculating SNR vs MSE. PLZ help me :-)