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My project doing a portable posture training. I use a PIC16F877A and Flexible sensor in my project. Now I having a problem in doing an assembly coding for PIC. for your information, overall system in my project is when individual having a bad posture then flex sensor will detect and PIC (...)
Hi, Did u got the coding for distributing keys in wsn using matlab? if so send me plz Thanks,
Hello! I am working on a project on wireless sensor networks I have to generate 10 random networks by choosing 10 different packet sequence number and run some routing algorithms for this network. The packet sequence number is used to generate the Random State matrix which is of the order 35X(Packet sequence number).The first state in this ran
i too doing proj on monitoring indoor air quality.can u help me how to find out ckt diag n coding for my proj.if possible,try to send those codings.i vil refer n use for my future work.
my project is about gas detection robot. three gas sensors are placed in a room with rfid. if there is any gas leakage information is sent to robotic unit. rfid in robot receives that signal and make robot to move to that sensor and sprays water preventing further diffusion of gas. please send coding for (...)
Which microcontroller are you using? By using microcontroller with small C coding you can read than analog voltage through internal ADC of microcontroller and then compare that analog value to your C program constant value to Turn ON or OFF the LED. Regards Chanchal
thanks for ur kindness. i wish u can help me in coding and modifying the algorithm of this system.
i am a beginner. pls send me the embedded-c coding for reading digital output of a IR sensor in 8051 microcontroller for its 30 I/o pins!( 30 ir sensors are connected to its 30 IO pins) I am using Keil compiler!
My final year project topic is underwater wireless sensor nodes. i want to presenting the topic in simulation but i cant get the programming coding. Anyone can suggest the programming coding for location identification of sensor nodes in underwater.
Hi friends, i have purchased a heart beat sensor with LDR and LED built in.. In their website they have not mentioned how to measure heart beat also... i have attached the link so please suggest me how to start the program in c. i am interfacing with 8051 and using Keil u vision 3... Thanks in
Hi sir, I am sowmya. I want to do project on IEEE paper which is on wireless sensor network. IEEE paper is ADAPTIVE FAULT TOLERANT QOS CONTROL ALGORITHMS for MAXIMIZING SYSTEM LIFETIME OF QUERY BASED WIRELESS sensor NETWORKS. can u help me how to start coding for this paper???
what sensor u using ? TC74 ? - - - Updated - - - use this link to learn I2C I'm using pulse oximeter sensor sp1006.Its a ear lobe sensor with rs232 cable. In ear lobe photo detector and me
Im using micro chip c18 compiler. im sensing the oxygen level of the person using pulse oxymeter sensor and tranmitting the sensed value as the input to the PIC18F4520. now i want to display the output in lcd with respective to sensed values of sensor..plzz send me the coding
im using voltage value of my sensor as input to microcontroller pic18f4520.max level-311V to min value-100V..voltage value varies according to the person.. im trying to convert the voltage value to percentage. this percentage is the oxygen level of the person. send me the coding
my maximum voltage range is 440mv and min will be 1 or 0 mv.i want to display 99% if my voltage range is 440mv else 1% for 1mv.i want to display it in lcd using pic18f4520 and i got my input from pulse oximetry sensor.please send me the coding
i want to measure the oxygen rate of person using pulse oximeter sensor and display it in LCD using pic giving input in the form of voltage to pic controller.According to the voltage level,i want to vary display in maximum voltage will be 440mv and min will be 1/0mv.i want to display 99% if my voltage is 440mv else 1% for
Hello Rajesh, What actually the problem 1) PIC coding 2) sensors calculations (I mean theory of them)? - - - Updated - - - you may got something from here : and for the detail calculations of Gyro + Accelero (for IMU) check Tutorial. (And can you post the link of your
I need an urgent help in the making of a digtal thermometer using 8088. The circuit uses LM35 as temp sensor and gives input through uses 2764 ROM.The circuit should give output in degree centigrade and fahrenheit on Seven Segment Display. It uses 8255 I/O module. Plz send me schematic diagram and coding for this project.
In the context of mobile communication, one of the hottest topics is video coding for mobile phones using H.264/AVC. Many papers and books on H.264 are available on the DSP forum at Edaboard.
Hi,everyone I'm runing a project about"distributed video coding in wireless sensor network". Is anyone have experience about it? please, give me a hand
I need a example about Abstract Data Types for logical Neighborhood wireless sensor network coding in java..
hi, Does anyone have an idea for an M.Sc. in the field of embedded systems and communications? may be in coding , diversity, wimax, ofdm, idma. what are the hot points for research? regards
I think MIMO-OFDM branch is good. you can focuse on synchronization, coding, channel estimation, peak to average, bit loading and ....
Hello all, I want finger print application is whenever finger print enter on finger print sensor at that time it's entry is take place on my is like time & attendence record.I have multiple entry for that. Can i interface biometric processor with my PC ?... What about coding ?... Thanking you...
Hi , Anyone tried writing codes for SHT11 with bascom 8051 , I am doing but there are some errors , all the time the Humidity and temperature O/P is: Humidity = 5 Temperature = -10 I dont know why this , is the sensor faulty , or there is some probs with the coding . Anyone has done this before using bascom8051 (...)
:?:hi.. am doing project in atmel89c51... My project concepts is.. temperature should mbe sensed when IR Txr and Rxr gets signal means... that temperature should be display using LCD.. so this is main concept i have in my project... please help me in coding... waiting for your reply.. thank u..
I need to generate pwn signals at port 0.0-0.7 and port 2.0-2.7.The pwm signals should change their Ton period according to digital value received from the adc by each sensor.every pin will hav a different pwn signal according to correspoding value of the sensor.the sensor will basically be a 5k ohm pot .the pwm signals will run a servo (...)
=================================================================== International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) ISSN: 1913-3715 (Print), 1913-3723 (Online) =================================================================== IJCNS is an international refereed journal dedi
Hi. we are making a project on wireless finger print attendence system. we are using 2 point optical sensor with digital output as the image proceesing kit for coding of finger print. please help for from where I will get the exact guidance for this sensor.m finding in google but not geting (...)
can anyone help me with my coding..i have create a c coding for my light intensity analysis. different intensity will light different LED.i used photodetector as sensor.but when i compile the code, there are errors.. :cry: can anyone tell me whats wrong with my coding. #include <16f877a.h> #device adc=8 (...)
hi guys. i am currently doing my final year project which is s.l.a.m robot. using ultrasonic sensor and i want to ask something on sensor unit. i am having some problems with sensor coding. the question is can i use looping to make the sensor move the robot, it is because when using if else the (...)
Hi Bruno, I dont know reflex light sensors with current output, but in the life are much things possible... I think it has a general digital output(more simple for the designer), but it can have only an Phototransistor too, also practically an analog output! But maybe you can read some coding/type Nr on it? K.
Hi, Sorry, I can not tell for you some over coding, but the circuit missed overall i.e. 100nF(0.1uF) capacitors! You should forseen at PIC/pins11/32_+ pin 1 too!(0.1pF is surly incorrect, but see datasheet pls for special values because I think only taht its a voltage for programming, also 100nF must be (...)
i am doing the project on the topic "improving the lifetime of sensor network by power aware routing" by ns2 simulator,please provide the coding for my project as soon as possible...............
Hello, I am using a pir sensor connected to a serial port through max232 and pic16f628A. I need a program assembly coding for pic16f628A that give me a certain output( "N" per example ) when the sensor is on, and another output ( "F" per example ) when the sensor is off. can anyone help me ? any help (...)
hello, currently we are doing a wireless sensor network using xbee. The Rx and Tx is already succeeded. Right now we're working on how to do a menu selection with lcd display. The execution happen only once and then it stop. We seem to not know what is the problem happen whether the hardware or the programming itself.Here i attach the coding..maybe
I thought it would be obvious, that both chips are using different hard coded I2C base addresses, so they can be easily operated at the same bus. I'm doing the same in a similar application, where I also connect an I2C temperature sensor and a high resolution ADC. coding for effective low power operation is a quite different topic in my (...)
how can i interface a temperature sensor to 8051 and read data from that. plz any one help me in coding part..plz...
Hi, To familiarize yourself with the NEC protocol, please check this useful link. You should have a thorough knowledge of the protocol before coding. SB-Projects: IR remote control: NEC protocol
Hi Friends I m doing a project with PIC18F452.and um not good at Micro C. i need to write the pressure sensor readings to a SD MMC. plzz help with the coding. pressure sensor is interfaced to the 3 rd pin and it gives output between 0v t0 4v.MMC is interfaced as the micro c libry shows. i tried the sample (...)
help me how to calibrate TGS5042,, or do i need to calibrate it,, please,, i am using 16f877,, i need calibration for coding the conditions when and what to send via gsm phone. thank you,, please...
how to interface tsop in pic16f877a i will need to code allso because i am design to tv remote controller us to on & off light .. i am in fresh of TSOP.. Please help
hi Dears, i need help, to implement network coding in NS 2 for wireless sensor networks. please share
I am just planning to do a project on this. Can we make use of ultrasonic sensors to to detect the obstacle coming in the way? Can we connect its output to one of the ports of a microcontroller? Can we able to get the ready board with all the slots required for my project? Which microcontroller to go with? Will the coding be difficult if we (...)
hi everybody....i am doing my final year project on robotics which can be used in military applicatioins for bomb detection ans disposal,,,,for demo purpose i choose metal detecting sensor....i face so many robo vehicle(consists of two dc motors) must move according to the keyboard up,down,left,right keys with serial communication
i'm currently upgrading my lecturer's project which is, Data Acquisition System for a portable electronic nose..which use the USB module of the PIC18f4550 i have get the firmwire for the usb interface for pic18f4550 but, i dunno how to modify the code/create my own mplab coding for 1) reading the (...)
Did you aspect someone will spend much time to explain the whole coding? You must ask more specific question.
Hi, I was not so much refering you to that posts project, but more the last entry advising how you can get started coding for yourself. You start off with the proverbial flashing led and build up your experience with the goal of making your thermometer and voltmeter work. You will find some ready made code for the ds18b20 (...)
I am Ankit Rayththa making a project of heart beat monitoring system. for that I purchased a SUNROM HEART BEAT sensor(MODEL #1157). In that code some error is having can you please you solve it. for that please help me to do proper code. If you have code then please send me on (
i tested and doesn't work..... Error listed from the quartus The problem isn't related to Verilog or VHDL coding. You need to check the pins assignments. The archived project compiles in Quartus V11 as is, so you apparently have applied changes to it. It's the DE0_NANO_Gsensor example from the DE0_Nano_v1.0.5_SystemCD, translat