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Hello All , i recently started working on MIMO ofdm underwater acoustic communication. i need some basic codes for any technique like channel estimation, equalization or coding.. if someone can send me some codes regarding the whole MIMO ofdm system or any specific technique in the system, i would be grateful. if the codes are (...)
I have a simulink model (using Comm. Toolbox / DSP blocks) I have built that will do QAM modulation just fine with pulse-shaping (using Root-Raised Cosine Filter). I'm trying to get a Baseband signal to RF for time-domain analysis for a RF PA. I need an LTE like signal with a high PAPR. So I am using an ofdm modulation on 16-QAM coding. 18MHz sy
1-I think If there are few carriers QAM is better in term of complexity,Recovery,coding, etc. but if there are many carriers and the bandwidth cannot handle them, ofdm is the single choice.This is my personal opinion, someone expert may say something more concrete. 2-There are many modulated signal sources in ADS.You have to do "Trans
Dear all I am doing a project on video streaming in Long Term Evolution(LTE). I have taken ultrasound sample as my input video is of size 36 mb i used H.264 coding standard compressed it to 355kb as a resultant bitstream, from this step i could not procced further my objective is to carry that 355kb bitstream.mat file in LTE ofdm . Please help m
Dear all, It is known that SC-FDE outperforms ofdm in uncoded systems over fading channels. However, with frequency interleaving and coding the latter is able to perform close to the former. My question is: what if the channel is relatively static, but there is an ICI in the system? How coding will affect the performance in this case? (...)
Hello all, Why when we use space-time block coding (STBC) with single-carrier frequency-domain equalization (SC-FDE) we use a permutation matrix, while we don't use it in case of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm)? Thanks
% No.of Carriers: 512 % coding used: Convolutional coding % Single frame size: 768 bits % Total no. of Frames: 800 % Modulation: 128-QAM % No. of Pilots: 32 % Cylic Extension: 25%(16) close all clear all clc %% % Generating and coding data t_data=randint(80000,1)'; x=1; si=1; %for BER rows %% for d=1:800; data=t_data(x:
Hello.. i am newto this coding am unable to write the code for expectng a help frm u plz help in taking further step .hoping for positive reply...
I m doing project on papr reduction by using reduced complexity pts scheme...I completed the coding for pts and reduced complexity I want to compare the ber of ofdm after using PTS and reduced complexity pts..can anyone help me with this..I m in a big problem..please help me.. thank you in advance..
Plz help me out in matlab coding of channel estimation in ofdm syster Speacially LS ESTIMATOR and MMSE ESTIMATOR. Also tell me how to insert pilot symbols in data sequence and how to tap the channel. Plz help me I need it urgently.
please send me mimo ofdm matlab coding my email id is
Hi, I am implementing an ofdm modulation scheme as part of an LTE project in C/C++ and then testing it on a DSP board. I am using turbo coding with soft decision decoding. On the receiver side of the LTE system, I need to perform a soft demodulation (16-QAM and 64-QAM) so I can feed real values to the turbo coder for decodin
Im doing a matlab code on ofdm using concatenated RS-CC. The coding is RS(255,239,8) act as inner coding and rate 1/2 constrain length 7 polynomial (171,133) convolutional code act as outer coding. I couldn't get after reed solomon encoding. can u plz help me to write this coding.
Can anyone help me with the MATLAB code for a multiuser MIMO-ofdm cellular systems?? plzzz
hi plz snd me complite ofdm model+ qpsk+rs coding+awgn channel for communication rather thn one availble in maths ofdm_gito cz this is not working properly plz help me my mail id is thanks & kind regards ashutosh
Hello, I am a Master student doing project in a physical layer of LTE. I need to use MIMO-ofdm matlab coding to simulation for LTE. Does anyone have it matlab coding then please help me. Thank you, Nishidh
you can start to make ur own block diagram e.g:input-->channel coding-->modulation--STBC ENCODER-->ofdm MODULATOR-->guard interval-->fading etc and you can make it easily
Have anyone done project in MIMO-ofdm using semi-blind in urgent need of codings....if anyone have just mail me to Plz help me..or if atleast know how to proceed,plz say...
I have done coding for turbo coded ofdm with a fading channel. Now what other parameter can be considered apart from PAPR as the BER curve of the code and the PAPR curve are similar in nature. Suggest some easy parameter as it has to be inserted in the code. Please suggest some base paper if any. Thanks
hi everybody.. am doing a project on MIMO ofdm. for that i need MATLAB coding for semi-blind method sparse channel estimation for calculating SNR vs MSE. PLZ help me :-)
pls send anybody for me the coding of an " ofdm implementation using fpga"..........
Legacy Short Training Field (L-STF) The legacy short training ofdm symbol is identical to the 802.11a short training ofdm symbol. The L-STF is BPSK modulated at 6 Mbps. It contains no channel coding, and is not scrambled. The L-STF has a period of 0.8 ?s. The entire short training field includes ten such periods, with a total duration of 8 (...)
hi i want a matlab code for turbo coding with mimo ofdm will you please help me thank you
Dear all, I am working with IEEE 802.16-2004 ofdm PHY link, Including Space-Time Block coding using MATLAB 7.8 R2009a. I have attached the simulation model. i can not find the source of prm80216ds.Peven and prm80216ds.odd Please open this model and double click on space time diversity combiner block. again double click on prm802.16ds.peven or
Hi. In ETSI EN 300 744 V1.6.1 (2009-01) "Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB);Framing structure, channel coding and modulation for digital terrestrial television" it is written: For the symbol of index l (ranging from 0 to 67), carriers for which index k belongs to the subset {k = Kmin + 3 × (l mod 4) + 12p ⎜ p integer, p ≥ 0, k &#
dear all, just a quick question... What exactly happens to the signal after going through the convolutional coding block? Many thanks in advance
I am from Bangladesh, a student of ICT. I am trying to make a thesis on ofdm PAPR reduction. I want to combine a PAPR reduction method with a coding technique to do something new. As a new student I am studying about ofdm, PAPR reduction etc briefly. I am trying daily to reach at the destination. But I am confused about my progress. So i need
so please send any links for coding. dont use or type same alphabet in a word so many times..
Hi all, I'm implementing STBC-MIMO and MIMO-ofdm system using SDRs. Before doing actual coding, I'm working on MATLAB simulation of CFO estimation and recovery and channel estimation. I'm reading some Dr. Giannakis' papers about joint CFO and channel estimation. Besides Dr. G, I know that many people have researched joint CFO and channel es
% No.of Carriers: 64 % Single frame size: 68 bits % Total no. of Frames: 100 % Modulation: 16-QAM % No. of Pilots: 4 % Cylic Extension: 25%(16) close all clear all clc %ofdm TRANSMISSION %% Block 1 (SERIAL DATA SOURCE GENERATOR) % Generating and coding data t_data=randint(9600,1)'; x=1; si=1; %for BER rows FS=4096; %IFFT/FFT
I work in channel coding so i used lte phy layer downlink for one ofdm symbole i have now module ofdmA CONTAINS OF 1-B.W = 20MHZ 2-SUBCARRIER = 1201 ( INCLUDE DC) THE IFFT IS 2048 OK THE PROBLEM IS HOW CAN I DISTRBUITE THE PILOTS IN THIS FRAME PLZ HELP ME AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE I WILL TELL YOU
i need the coding for 256 QAM in matlab to increase the data rate in ofdm(beyond doing project in please send the coding.....its urgent....
friends i need matlab coding on ofdm multipath channel Receiver . please help me . give me some examples.
Coded ofdm. It is ofdm with channel coding (i.e. Reed-Solomon,..etc). It has an ability to completely overcome multipath effects. It is used by TV Standards (like DVB).
hi i am doing my in the topic "adaptive subcarrier allocation algorithms for wireless ofdma systems". i did some of the coding part. i have to generate snr vs ber plot for ofdm-tdma...but i am not getting the ber values properly. i am using rayleigh fading channel...can any one send me the coding for this
i have designed an ofdm system using qam modulation and plotted snr vs ber it comes around project is to use multiuser mimo and plot snr vs ber in matlab can u help me by attatching or sending coding to my mail id plz
I need ofdm coding using two codes ie using convolutional code as inner code and some other code as outer code and the result ie The BER should as low as 10...pls help me..its very urgenttt...coding should in matlab...
Hi everyone.. Am Ramkumar working as a MATLAB & DSP Programmer .. I need ofdm-MIMO coding.. any one having the code pls send to me... my id is
did any body have this paper A new turbo coding approach to reduce the Peak-to-Average Power Ratio of a multi-antenna-ofdm system
plz help me.i have designed a ofdm me how to use mimo in ofdm
This is my project( ieee 2009 paper).i want the coding in matlab using any algorithm . i would be thankful if anybody can help me
Im MS communication student and im doing my project in "Orthogonal polynomial Transform for STBC in ofdm system" instead of Alamouti STBC i want to use OPT STBC for ofdm If i get matlab coding for this it will be very helpful.... for further details my mail id is
hi all! i am master student,i am doing some reserch on the space-frequency/space-time-frequency coding of ofdm. i need some matlab code of the space-frequency/space-time-frequency ,do anyone have it or reserch on it. i hope i can get help thanks!
Hi; I am working on "FPGA based ofdm Modulator" Project using SPARTAN 3E (Xilinx) FPGA card. Is there any one who worked on it (FPGA, ofdm)........? ...........i need help about using FPGA and its coding using VHDL...
anyone please send the following paper: AL-AKAIDI M., DAOUD O., LINFOOT S.: ‘A new turbo coding approach to reduce the peak-to-average power ratio of a multi-antenna-ofdm’, Int. J. Mobile Commun., 2007, 5,(3), pp. 357–369
You could read some documents first: 1. Cofdm: an overview of Zou, W.Y.; Yiyan Wu; 2. Description and features of the Cofdm systems of Pommier, D. 3. CD3-ofdm: A novel demodulation scheme for fixed and mobile receivers of V. Mignone and A. Morello 4. Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex of BERNARD LE FLOCH, MICHEL ALARD Good (...)
Hi friends, I have been investigating on the applicability of power line communications techniques. I want to simulate the plc system in MATLAB (m file).The simulation includes FSK and PSK and ofdm modulation and demodulation , error control coding , powerline channel and the noise over it. I have some problems with these simulations . I want to
can any one help me? I need matlab code for ofdm using reed solomon coding through awgn and rayleigh fading channel using qam modulation. Its very argent
DWT and FFT represent the same signal. So the question is which transform is more natural to channel properties or more efficient in terms of hardware. Channel equalization is similar. But more efficient channel coding requires that the data is unique within a specific frequency band. That favors FFT!