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Hello, Is there a recommended way of measuring the parasitic capaictance of an inductor coil or planar inductor? Any advice is appreciated :) Kind Regards Cat
Hi. I've a little practical question. I've measured in anechoic chamber the input impedance of a coil loaded monopole resonating near 487 MHz. I've calibrated the Network Analyzer up to the point where I've attached the antenna. My need was to determine the input impedance of the antenna so I take a measurement of the magnitude and of the phase o
When the contactor is in open state, the inductance of the contactor coil is low so that a higher current will pass through it (as there is an air gap in its magnetic path). When the contactor is closed, the inductance of the contactor coil increase so less current is passed through it (since there is a smaller (or no!?) air gap in its magnetic
It should be noted, that the suggested "transformer" doesn't behave like a ususal current transformer. In the frequency range of interest, the said "proportinate voltage" is actually proportional to the current differential di/dt. It must be integrated to achieve a frequency and waveform independet current measurement. Furthermore, the coil isn'
How can I measure the impedance of a small coil like the attached photo? coil is 2mm coper wire located inside a quartz tube (4 mm diameter for water cooling). coil diameter is 2.5 cm and lenght is 2.8 cm both like this and while plasma is ignited and coil is
hello everyone, anyone know what's important we need to calculate single layer air coil inductance and how to calculate air coil inductance? Thanks, kyg
I could be way off on this, but it seems that if you want to measure current, wrap a coil around the hot wire and measure the induced voltage. With a current from 0 to about 2.5 amps you should have no problem measuring a voltage.
how can i measure the inductance of a coil .
i actually did this once, for 600V bridge with 100A throughput. i used rogowski coil as FvM suggest (the green sense wire comes in all sizes). it only measures AC current, so keep that in mind, but it has huge bandwidth. the voltage measurement is tricky.. especially if you want accuracy. the voltage is dynamic and in a high noise environment
I'm under the impression, that the pulse CX2041NL may be better suited for 10 MHz range than mini-circuits TCM1-1 due to it's wider frequency range. But basically each of them should work, if you apply standard open/short/load calibration at the transformer secondary. A general problem with balanced network analysis is the unknown common mode to di
A coil placed near the motor might pick up a sinewave by induction. You might have to experiment with different types of coils (low vs. high inductance, containing iron vs. containing none, etc.). You might have to try it in different locations (near windings, near an opening in the housing, etc.).
Please see whether this paper from coilcraft is helpful.
I know the wattage of the coil is 200 watt and the resistance of the coil is 500 ohm and it works on 24 VAC The numbers don't go together at all. A "coil" (solenoid valve, relay or contactor coil) will expose an AC resistance larger than the DC value. In any case, the current for 24 VAC can't be larger than the (...)
As you should learn and then find a solution, I can recommend the easiest way (I also worked with shaking tables). Connect an analog sensor to an oscilloscope. Shake the table to see sensor response. As a sensor, you can use a piezo element coupled to the table and its base so it can be lightly bent by shaking. You can use a coil with a magnet cor
I need measure current on HV line, voltage on line maybe 0-10kV , current 0-25A, pulse lenght order of ten us. I thing about Rogowski coil, but I could find no guidance on the design Rogowski coil. Material core? Number of turn? any matematic about Rogowski coil?
I have a nice volt meter with AC current measuring installed on the boat. I have dual 30 amp shore power. I was thinking if you had a switch, you could toggle between sources. The current transformer looks like a ring and I think it has an iron core wrapped with some small copper wire. How would you make or can you buy or adapt some other c
CT1248 isn't a rogowski coil, it's a conventional current transformer. What are you asking about? In case you are asking about rogowski coils, there's no current ratio. Rogowski coils have an output voltage according to the primary dI/dt, the sensitivity depends on the number of turns, coil length and area. See
You are measuring the voltage without any current flowing. The wiring has bad resistance that causes the voltage to drop at the relay coil when current flows. Measure the voltage at the relay coil when it does not work and you will see the voltage is dropped by bad wiring. Maybe it is a rusted connection to the car frame.
Web based calculations. Car Audio: Passive Crossovers/Capacitor & coil Audio: Passive Crossovers Index of Calculators, Charts, and Diagrams
Single/multilayer coil designer
coil calculator
I need IEC 60244 (or IEC 244 or EN 60244) "Methods of measurement for radio transmitters" for review. I dont known which part I need exactly. Thank you
hi, im using micro-controller MSP430F1121 ,135 and 149 from TI. just now im doing current measurement for MSP430F149 with MSP-FEt430F140 evaluation kit LPM4 mode we found its consuming 5.6 to 6.3 uA current. I found that MSP430F135 consuming 5.6 to 6.3 uA current. But if Im using the same source code to test MSP430F1121 it consumes 0.1uA c
Does somebody have ideas where I can get the information about eye pattern? Thanks!
i want to measure the inductace value.currently im trying to feed to oscillator and then measure the feq. can anyone suggest me the ckt which ll b STABLE. Let me know. Regards nikhil
Contents are as below.. General Transactions - A Technical Reference Series brought to you by OMEGA. Glossary Intrinsic Safety Teflon Fluorocarbon Information Temperature Related Pressure, Strain and Force Related FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) National Pipe Taper and Strait Thread Dimensions Pressure
Hi all, I'm looking for information on coil winders for lvdt's. Thanks, dz
anyone have idea
How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I
Hi All, How can we measure the antenna gain in-house ? Assume we only have reference dipole, signal generator and spectrum available only measurement. Rgs Rayengine
Hi everyone: Recently , I begin a project for RF Impedance measurement, Specially for antenna impedance. I plan use a wisdon resistance bridge to measure gain&phase data. analog device inc's ic ad8302 look like a good choose for this design, who can give me some advice?
I need 1 chip for Energy measurement, to connect to one 51. Or 1 circuit. Best regards Iberia
Phase noise and AM noise measurement in the frequency domain
hi. the attached file discribed the various type of power measurement in rf and microwave circuits. if anyone has a new method please send for me. in soon we will present a new method for power measurement in RF circuits. thanks.
Hi ZeleC, The energy stored in the coil has to be distroyed in the protection circuit. If you use a diode (DC coil) the reverse voltage will be low (0.7 volts) and the time the current flows is relatively long. If you allow the voltage to go higher (e.g. with a varistor), the same energy can be distroyed in a much shorter time. A lossy RC-n
Hi all, Does anyone have any nfo on manufacturers of precision coil winders? thanks, dz
How to make a SHUNT for 5A current measurement. The application is a power meter whereby the current from a CT is 5amps and has to be fed to a SHUNT to convert to voltage for measurement by an AD77xx series IC. I have tried using Nichrome wire but it is not solderable. Using Iron or other metals with high R, there is a problem with high tempera
Anybody know .... just in
Hi, Does anybody knows a software for designing strip coil antenna and calculating its inductance? Thank you in advance
Hi guys, I wanna FM transmitter diagram with only strip coils (I hate ordinary coils). Can anybody help me? Can anybody give me a url for a freeware which designs a coil as a strip in a pcb? If you need some help let me know may be I can help you. Thanks a lot everybody.
Hello, I am looking for websites which have structured tutorial and/or reucational information on Instrumentation & measurement. Thanks, Bharundi
i would like to test whether a coil (inductor) is connected in wrong side .... how to do that? the coil is actually on a harddisk arm (the read head).... there are two tiny pins connecting the start and end of the coil. sometimes they are connected wrongly...
hi, in our measurement sustem course, we are required to build a measurement system. can anyone help me.
Hello everybody I am student of PHD physics and I want to make a Magnetic feild in 27Mhz frquancy in a coil with 5uF inductance for my project . it for plasma gas . but I dont know How can I make matching between coil and 50 Ohm transmission line !! because if I used a capacitor parallel with it for canceling reactance coil and (...)
Dear Friends, I am looking for a good example doc/pdf/.ppt for taking antenna measurement with HP network analyzer. i.e transmit/receive only with Network Analyzer Thanks for your kindly help in advance. Best regards,EDIN
Does anyone have any experience with RF emission measurement from PC's? I need measurement data to 10 GHz and would appreciate any input. Thanks in advance D.
Hi I have two questions on measurement of phased arrays. 1)How to measure the change of element's active reflected coefficient along with the scanning angles without the phased shifter? 2)How to confirm the array's phase centre? Please tell me the solved method or commend some papers and books about it.Especially e-book:) Thanks! CaoCao
Hi, In fact the coil is part of the PCB. Here is the pcb layout
Moulthrop, A.S.; Clark, C.J.; Muha, M.S.; Silva, C.P."Dynamic AM/AM and AM/PM measurement Technique"1997 MTT-S Intl. Microwave Symp. Digest, Vol. 3, 1455-1458 (Denver, CO, June 8-13, 1997). thanx in advance regards!