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How can P*otel? protel :) I advice u u read a bit this document. With protel only, it might be hard... :) And I heard that this "method" need several prototypes and component implementaton can cause difference as well. Like I've seen something on the inet : I
some links about it : and on this page there is a software (free) to calculate such coils
Hi guys, I wanna FM transmitter diagram with only strip coils (I hate ordinary coils). Can anybody help me? Can anybody give me a url for a freeware which designs a coil as a strip in a pcb? If you need some help let me know may be I can help you. Thanks a lot everybody.
Try Murata
Hi, In fact the coil is part of the pcb. Here is the pcb layout
Search for Class C amplifiers. Added after 15 minutes: Usually Class C amplifiers are connected to LC tank circuits because their conduction angle is only about 90 degree which is just quarter of a complete cycle. So they need something like Tank oscillator coil to restore back the original waveform.
I am looking for tag chip , not reader or writer chip. Well, there is a small project with transponder manageable via mcu . It was tested using normal tag via coil direct connection, but in production i would like to place chip, coil and remaining mcu stuff on same pcb, because using manufactored tags seems very poor solution . That is why (...)
hi all 1- how can i calc. the inductance of etched inductor on pcb ???? 2- does any one have a circuit for 30 MHz (sine wave) oscillator without coil?? thx all
dowload the following
Yes it is possible to make antenna on pcb. For help see posts about patch antenna. For coils see posts about microstrip inductors.
Can I make an on pcb antenna? coil? how? And can the antenna be horizontal as the pcb is, though it be omni-directive? Please help out, Thanks alot, Ahmad,
Hi I have a high frequency coil that has no RLC model but instead has just its 2 port S parameters. I want to include this coil in a pcb that i am modelling in HFSS, but there is no way to assign S parameters to a particular device and model the whole thing. I tried to do it in designer and then export to hfss but to no avail. The only (...)
Hi ; I want to put in my simulation environment the effect of pin loadings (equivalent resis., cap., and inductance) like Elmore model or RLC model. So my question is "What is the practical values of these equivalent components or in what range". For example, in this VCO circuit which is working lower than 1GHz, how to model the pins of transis
One option is to implement the Wheeler expression .. see .. Then, using normal tracks design/draw this coil .. Regards, IanP
Hello all, concerning the Rx here: Does anyone konws how did he model that coil on board? it's used together with a 100nF to tune the frequency of the Rx... How to make similar coils with different values? Thanks in advance, Ahmad,
hello i mus make a 3 coils for one RF chip with 1. 68nH 10% 2. 6.2nH 10% 3. 33nH 5% how to calculate the pcb design for this I have PDF but can't understand nothing. Can some help me please
Does anybody know how to build the coil inductor for small value such as 22nH? I want to use it for RF Transceiver in 315MHz frequency. what is the formula and material that i have to use to build it?
hello everyone! is here any alternate method to sense ac current without using coil thanks
Hi, I have problem with my pcb. I use several coils (ferrite choke) and I wonder how I must place that coils on the pcb. Best regards Lukee
Can anyone explain or point me towards any papers that have been published to describe coil behaviour beyond the self resonance of a spiral pcb coil. I have created two different length pcb coils, both with similar inductance and self resonant frequecies but viewing the impedance of the (...)
In order to replace the relays you will need relays that will meet: - The same voltage for the actuator coil as the current relays, in your case seems to be 12 volts. - The same or higher voltage/current ratings on the contacts, your current seems to be 14V 40 A. - The same type SPDT, DPDT, etc. - The same pin configuration.
Here is an FM transmitter circuit that does not use any coils. It uses a 10.7MHz crystal filter in an oscillator and is amplified by Cmos logic inverters so its output is many harmonics of 10.7MHz including its 9th harmonic at 96.3MHz in the middle of the FM broadcast band. If the FM receiver is extremely sensitive then the range might be as fa
Seriously, the question for best method can't be answered without a full specification. An AC only measurement generally suggests a current transformer or di/dt sensing (Rogowski) coil. Both provide high bandwidth, isolation and low interference susceptibility, the latter also insensitiveness to DC currents and effectively unlimited overload ca
Hi, wich software to calculate UHF and VHF pcb coil? (spiral, round, linear ect) Best regards Leemarrow
hello everyone, anyone know what's important we need to calculate single layer air coil inductance and how to calculate air coil inductance? Thanks, kyg
Understanding Ferrite Bead Inductors Ferrite beads are much more compact and can be easily mounted on a pcb.
Hi, where do I buy pcb wil coil, 100 microns Cu winding width, 35 microns winding height, 200 microns winding pitch, and a number of windings between 4 to 10? Thank you.
hi I recently use Tyco pcb Mount relays (3SBC1501A2) in my project. Data Sheet : I use ULQ2003AD for driving this relay. I connect X1 to +28V and X2 to output of ULQ2003AD (collector of Darlington). This suppose to be my relay coil excitation. I use a 1N4007 for fl
It's not particularly a coil, rather than a short straight pcb trace. You'll have higher parasitic inductances a many places in your circuit. Unless you're targetting to a mutiple GHz microwave circuit, the note sounds rather ignorant. Strictly spoken, the inductance of a pcb trace can't be calculated without knowing the substrate height an
Notice that the ferrit body is conductive so the voltage applied between the coil of the inductor and the track under the inductor will be applied on the insulation of the inductor wire and the solder mask. The solder mask thickness can vary but it's usually thinner on narrow tracks (due to cappiliar effects). The wire insulation is also quite thin
Hi all, Im new to rf electronics and want to design an on-pcb coil to use in a tda7000 receiver circuit. I calculated the desired inductance as 250nH. Altought im searching and reading about it for a while, couldnt make it. I tried asitic, agilent ads etc but ... no! How can i calculate it and draw on proteus or even ms-paint =) Could someone g
At 40GHz, you coil will probably be a single turn or similar.. So, you don't need to connect inner end..
I have a Proxxon mains drill VERY pleased with it, metal gearbox end , it came with a full set of collets which will hold down to .005(?) diam. Cost about ?90 20 years ago. As for your question, I would always go for the mains version unless you are going mobile. Collets are different between manufacturers. I had used a "Dremel" type at work and f
I am from a Printed Circuit Board shop, recently, we have a lot of order with integrated inductance design on board. The coil trace is etched on both outer layer and inner layer. I am looking for a effective tester to perform online inductance test. Can anyone introduce: - The manufacturer of pcb inductance tester? - How to calculate the ind
RFID coil is effectively a pure AC magnetic problem that don't need a full featured EM solver. Nevertheless should it give correct results. I read about a cellsize setting of 20 cells/wavelength, which refers to a cell size of about 1.1 m. Don't know if this is a problem.
i am trying to simulate a core-less pcb transformer with maxwell 14 3d . my problem is that i have assigned coil terminals to 2 faces of a copper spiral but when i validate the design i get this error for my terminal: Project3 (C:/Users/mine/Documents/Ansoft/) Maxwell3DDesign1 (Transient) Illegal external terminal 'Coi
I'm not using CST for 13.56 MHz RFID coils analysis, some general comments nevertheless. 13.56 RFID is essentially a near field problem. The radiation impedance part of the coil's real impedance can be usually neglected, the far field is mainly interesting as an unwanted EMI. The coil or "antenna" impedance can be derived by an AC (...)
According to tesla coil design, people favour NSTs because they have magnetic shunts that limit the current that can be drawn from them. So what if I was to power my flyback transformer driver from a main transformer rather than stuffing around with heavy car batteries. I would need a transformer that is limited to perhaps 15-20 amps to be safe a
you just need to use a 5/8 wave stub on pcb load it up and couple it to a tight coil pick up system from one sid on pcb to another {this is a good stsem for tuning also} use a gdo and tune it up you can add loading coils as for software i agree there is none to be had (...)
Hello: I have build a FM radio using STR TEA5757, according Philips Application note AN99041. I have a problem with FM VCO alignment. If you align VCO coil the tunning voltage should change between 0.8V(88MHz) and 1.9V(108MHz), but in my pcb this isn't happen. If I align my VCO coil the tunning voltage is constant in all the FM band. (...)
A different power supply, for auxiliary signaling is usually to be use in such cases. Don't forget, that even if you use optocouplers, you only break the possible ground loops, but still there is a path for high frequency noise trough this optocouplers. Design your inputs with this in mind. Use RC snubers, varistor protections etc after optocoupl
Everything said here is perfect, mainly the post from Flatulent. To avoid the mechanical effect I've been using epoxy to glue the big parts as tantalum caps, choque bypass, etc... to the pcb. Also any wire should be glued using some epoxy. If lumped coil is used as part of the oscillator's resonator, it should be enclosed in some (plastic) packa
Hi, I have bought a second hand Jap model CD7 portable component CD Player only :cry: works on 100V :x Now it went dead after emitting a harch karrrrrrr while playing my favouret song. Anyway it has four pots and one coil which controls everything. I have tried turning and tuning :cry: but it just remains dead. the laser is ok :D and is turned f
Do you mean the P802 degaussing coil? I've checked the line output circuit and seem to work well (+300 V DC on C805. All passive components in the supply part are OK. Considered your advice (that's the SMPS is OK) what remains is only STR-S5707. I've desoldered it. Any way to control if it works? Thaks a lot Mazz
At this frequency the physical range is very small and the coupling is inductive. Generally, the physical range is about the diameter of the smaller of the two coils (reader and responder) except for some exceptional cases. I have seen a one meter range reader that had a transmitter coil a half meter across and a receiving coil about 6 (...)
Yes, an air-coil wire antenna is better than a pcb antenna assuming that you are using an usual FR4 material. This due to higher loss. You can try to use a wire length of lambda/8. Theoretically the circularly coil give the best radiated resistance. You can flattened the coil and measure what gain you get, before and (...)
Hi, Inductor its a device that have a coil (conducting the current) and a "magnetizable" core; depending on the material of the core you can achive diferents magnetic permeability's producing diferents inductances. Ferrite its one of the manys diferent cores..... HH NeuralC
what are the advantages and disadvantages of these types of antennas. for a short range only between 1-10 meters. thanks in advance.
Depends WILDELY on the relay itself. Logic level relays can be triggered on as little as 5volts and 30ma's. These are very low level signal relays though, not really rated for much current. The stuff you can pull off of common pcb's are generally rated for 9-12 volts and 50ma's or current draw, though latching relays can save power. Also issolation
i need to find out the foundary and technology which supports upto 40V i/o, transistors. The requirement is following : 1. pcb to ASIC 2.Analog circuit 3.Input Pin Voltage ?30 V AC Max 4.Input Pin Current- 2A 5.Output is a pulse which triggers magnetic leverset and reset coil. Pls let me know which technology and foundary should