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Hmmm What I get that you want to explore the affect of UHF on transformer in some way. If it is the case it means you are simulating some sort of antenna as winding of transformer will act as radiating coil depending on the frequency you are working with. Well if this is right then you can simulate it as antenna I am not sure if it will serve your
Hi, I was design a maxwell3d transient project with 2 coil a transmitter and a receiver. Transmitter fix and transmit signal and receiver have a motion and receive signal. transmitter is a coil with winding with sin current excision and 2000turn receiver is a coil with winding without excision because I (...)
Hi, your voltage calculations seem to be correct. But for safety reasons you have to consider the wire isolation, the coil winding technique (isolation layers), the winding core, clearance and creepage distances and so on.. I´d say it´s about impossible for you to decide. But in my eyes the manufacturer should know you the answer. Maybe (...)
How to make 220-240VAC (50Hz) to 12VDC. Please tell me all the specifications i.e. no. of turns in primary and secondary, the dimensions of the core (if relevant!! current dimensions are given below), diameter of the winding coil etc.. it will be a center tapped transformer with 2 primary winding for switching purpose.. and 1 secondary (...)
How to make 220-240VAC (50Hz) to 12vdc transformer. Please tell me all the specifications i.e. no. of turns in primary and secondary, the dimensions of the core (if relevant!! current dimesions are given below), diameter of the winding coil etc.. it will be a center tapped transformer with 2 primary winding for switching purpose.. and 1 (...)
Your coil, 300mm length, 30 turns = 1 turn every 10mm. Area = width X length, you have 60 X 60 X 30, is this not a volume?. I can not make out what you are doing. Frank
Hello everyone. I intend to design a dipole coil having the specifications : 60 turns and 120 AT . I am specifying the no of conductors as 60 in the coil terminal excitation for Ansys Maxwell transient simulation. But while adding the winding, what is the magnitude of the current I should specify ? Will it be 2A or 120A. Any suggestion (...)
Hi expert! I recently built a coil with about 1500 winding of enameled wire copper, 0.2 mm of diameter. The coil was built using a DIY coil former and I use an ETD shaped core (N97 material). This is the coil (and a set of three magnets): 128477 I did some experiments by passing some magnets close to (...)
Headphones are basically small dynamic loudspeakers. I suppose you could make electrostatic ones but safety would be a serious issue. If you are planning to make the transducers yourself, start by finding a source of neodymium magnets, a good plastics molding company and a coil winding machine. Brian.
I presume you'll find the equation in your physics or electrical engineering text book. It's also derived here For 8 Hz sinusoidal flux density with Bpk = 0.5 T peak, you get Vpk = 2pi*8*0.5*n*A, n = number of turns, A = coil area
I heard people say ferrite bead is like an inductor (common mode choke) with inductance but it usually come is like discrete element(surface mount). I don't see any coil winding. No winding then how it could generate magnetic flux? Inductor is a coil winding that when electricity flow through it generate (...)
If you could find a video of how large scale multi unit coil winders work at high speed , you might understand why they don't want to reverse winding direction. Their request makes sense to me.
My motor rated current is 3a found in name plate it is rms current are peak current regards kalyan This is thermally rated for RMS, whereas Peak current will depend on load, acceleration and coil resistance, Rs. *Added 5x .. Depends on winding resistance Often this is 5x-8x steady rated current
111066 What I fail to understand is how to find if SHIELD is shorted to Point A or Point B Without Access to Secondary Transformer coil... We Have Access to Primary winding,Shield and are provided with Signal Generator An ideal shield with balanced flux inside conducts no current. A
I think you connected in parallel.. 8-O Vout =32 (No load) will be higher than Vout =29 (full load ) using linear load due to internal winding loss. 230Vin/50Hz will give 29Vrms between Red-Red out at 70VA linear load or 2.41 Ohms. Nonlinear Diode/cap load causes more I?R coil losses thus you must derate 70VA load. Using PFC chip and buck re
there are 2 coils, the primary (white wires ) and secondery winding (red wires)
hi every body i wanted to know how can calculate the length of wire of coil. the copper wire winding on cylinder core (air) in N turns. the coil is not compress and there is a distance between turns. thanks and regard
There's no thing like an "allowed percentage". But a large air gap will involve increased leakage inductance and possibly additional eddy current losses in the winding. In some designs, the coil former zone around the air gap is kept free of windings to reduce this effects. Beyond "allowance", when I see a core design with unusual large (...)
Hello all, I am trying to design rod coil antenna like winding a coil to a rod, I have created a coil and tried to insert a rod in it but could not get it. Can any one help me how it can be done. Thank you in advance.
Hi.. Asadkh21 MC3479 is less current stepper motor driver(350mA per coil winding).... So, you better go with L298.
Hello To all, I have one fundamental doubt - In case of AC winding used in machine like transformer coils used in primary or secondary winding ..... if there is a multi-turn coil need to be used ( most practical scenario) ..... What is the proper method of winding ?..... I had seen lot of videos on this (...)
As we automatic coil winding machines are generally use in various application in different application all over the india. coil wining machines are mainly use for wrapping for wires highly applicable in textile industries. These machines are programmed like a software,
Just a test : If is provided at your design greater voltages such as 12v, try use a Relay rated to that specification. The reason is that required force to move contact is directly proportional to amount of coil winding turns : It means that antenna coupling effect perhaps could be potentiated at smaller relays. www
Hello all! I have built the ignitor circuit for a short-arc xenon lamp (figure of the circuit attached). I have one question - when the high voltage (15 kV - 20 kV) is generated in the secondary winding of the transformer of the stage II how is the DC power supply protected? Any diode with high reverse voltage or coil with high inductance? Any he
Are there any tutorials or examples of winding a coil around a toroid in HFSS ? I have only used HFSS a little and it is not too user friendly (IMO). So if I wanted to create different inductor/coil configuration to simulate is there a quick way to accomplish this ? I did look up a Matlab to HFSS tool box, which seems useful and (...)
For $20 I would buy the correct one, you need a special machine or a LOT of time to wind toroid coils! Frank
If you are looking for exactly this part, it would be reasonable to check coilcraft Price + Stock site before posting. Technically, I don't see why you expect a similar part manufactured from a third party more easily than getting a coilcraft catalog part? These coil type comprised of carrierless winding(s) epoxy (...)
Here is the idea - I have a P core ferrite and I wind two coils on a bobbin sitting inside of it, one is the main coil that will pass the signal and the other is a bias coil that I'll feed with DC current from a high impedance source (to avoid transformer effect), the higher the current in the bias winding the stronger the (...)
" bifilar coil (two coils wounded one behinds the other)"... A bifilar winding is when two bits of wire are wound as one, i.e. the required lengths of wire are loosely twisted together and the resultant double wire is used to wind the coil. If you have wound the bifilar winding properly, there will be a (...)
Since you mention windings, it implies you are talking about coils. When you shut off current to a coil suddenly, it can generate a high V spike, or even a spark. This might damage other components, or send high V through you, depending on which is the easiest path for the high V.
Let's see: Imagine you have a transformer with nothing connected do the secondary winding. If there is no current flowing in that winding, you could just remove it and it would work the same. Now, what is the difference between a transformer without the secondary winding and a simple coil? Answer is: none. What limits the (...)
hello i want to wind a coil. i have calculated Magnetic flux Density B in WB/m^2 now i have input 250 volt Dc how can i calulate Number of turns and Amount of Current to which give me required magnetic Flux density. i am making electromagnet. thanks
Hello I need help for building magnet with winding that can stick on Iron and this circuit must be controlled by Microcontrollers:razz: All depends what strength of magnet do you need ? You didnt say what you intend to do with this. You can make coil with copper wires and put some iron into center of this c
I am programming a motor controller where I have to specify the run current (coil peak current) and hold current (coil hold current) of the motors. The motor I used is a bipolar stepper motor, with a whopping 1.86Kg/cm of stall torque at 1.5Amp current (0.75A per winding) at 1.8 degree stepping angle.However, the table in the specification (...)
I would suggest the way to maximize your range of this transponder is to use a Q> 100 with the largest inductance you can get with ferrite & flat coil winding methods so that the SRF is well above 150KH so that it may be tuned to 134kHz. Also minimize your ESR so you can maximize your Tx Power and Q. Unfortunately this may increase costs. Consider
EC40 core for 600W? No way.
It practically doesnt matter wether it is .5mm or 2mm. The transformer need to be wound to a specific value and thus value is adjusted with the gap settings of the cores. ultimately the goal is to get the particular micro henry value and to get it the gap may vary a lot. Or you need to adjust the coil winding a bit so that the gap can be altered.
Proximity sensors are often using pot core halves, e.g. Feroxcube PH series. coil configuration (two terminal or tapped) depends on your oscillator circuit.
way cool project. what are the coils under the primary coil table, seems there's 2?
i will simulate two kontaktlos coils, between is air. simulate with the CST MWS to calculate mutual inductance between the coils and the respective self-inductance, Primary coil: outer diameter 130mm, diameter 40mm, coil material: iron μr = 2300 winding material: copper μr = 1, and the (...)
The table fan is a single phase motor and it's coil consist three stage of winding, they are;Helping,Mains and the Regulators winding. the regulator winding is used to regulate the speed of the motor.
You have two basic options. Use a permanent metal magnet. Run DC current through a large coil. If you need this field over a volume, use Helmholtz coils.
I don't think it's a good idea to have a direct connection between mains power supply and your micro board. Could be a safety issue. Measuring the current with a current clamp would be one way to do as you have suggested. You could make a simple clamp by hand winding a coil around the current carrying cable.
Your request is a bit confusing. A typical choke coil for RF application should have a significantly higher reactance than the nominal line impedance, e.g. 50 Ohms. The best RF choke is made by winding a quarter-wavelength long wire on a cylindrical carrier. Wire thickness should be as small as possible- but now you have to compromise with the D
There are a few off the shelf transformers around, but unless you are lucky you are stuck with having one wound, or winding your own. Power Integrations offer a prototype coil winding service (at a cost), although I have never used it. Keith.
High of secondary winding is 45cm, diameter of the pipe is 9cm so you can easily calculate that frequency of that coil is about 100KHz Primary winding consist 12 windings of cupper wire with 4mm square Wire for secondary winding i
Hi, where do I buy PCB wil coil, 100 microns Cu winding width, 35 microns winding height, 200 microns winding pitch, and a number of windings between 4 to 10? Thank you.
hello i want to know how to build solid state Tesla coil? i don't know how to works. recently I've build a ne555 flyback driver: and i want transfer that energy in the Tesla coil. Please help. i know there is a primary winding and secondary one . normally how many windings is for pri
Single-winding, latching type: This type has one coil that serves as both the set and reset coil depending on the direction of current flow. When current flows through the coil in a forward direction it serves as a set coil; when the current flows in the reverse direction it functions as a reset (...)
hi all, i need some help about modeling a coil on maxwell 3D(transient problem is defining coil terminals.i have 6 coils(star connected) and 3 current source(star connected).i attached my work.coils are solenoid style winded.(ring style winding) and each coil has 130 turn.i design my (...)