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I am having a modeling problem in HFSS and would like to know if anyone with more CAD or modeling experience has any input. In the past, I have been able to successfully been able to simulate flat, printed coils on flexible substrates. These look similar to these pcb spiral coils, but printed on a flexible plastic. (...)
Also it matters how you did the pcb routing - long tracks with loops works as pick up coils for all noises. Pay more attention for the GND tracks - they should be thick and short. Always remember - one and the same schematic may work or may not work with the relays depend on the pcb routing. Luben
I have used it for simulation of RFID coupler coils and pcb trace self and mutual inductance as well as skin effect losses. Yes, you need some time to become familiar with the description language. You can also visualize your geometry file with the FastModel tool.
Hello everybody!! I am interested in building this design for MW and LW. 1tube & 2IC Super Hetrodyne Radio got the IC and the valve. I have all the coils on a pcb with FM-LW-MW from a radio.cass. The problem
Hi, I'm simulating the Quality factor for planar pcb coils. When I'm measuring the Q, it seems that it always lies in between simulation results for zero and finite thickness. -What is the cause of this ? Does it has to do with etch angle or is it due to etching irrugaliraties or something else ? -If it's the etch angle, which sim (...)
Do you actually mean 48MHz cuttoff and microstrip? If it is 48MHz you would be better off using fairly ordinary components such a ceramic capacitors due to physical size. Likewise although it is possible to use "spiral coils" etched onto the pcb you would probably still be better of using formed coils.
You'll find rules of thumb in RF handbooks and amateur radio literature. For complex geometries, e.g. pcb coils, I prefer a measurement or a numerical simulation. FastHenry from is a good free tool.
You'll find rules of thumb in RF handbooks and amateur radio literature. For complex geometries, e.g. pcb coils, I prefer a measurement or a numerical simulation. FastHenry from is a good free tool. You'll need a method to fine-tune the circuit after making it, so an oscilloscope and either a signal (...)
Hi All, I am using OrCAD for Schematic and pcb Designing. But Now I have to learn some Software for Analog Simulation as Below: 1) SCR, TRIAC, DIAC, Power MOSFET, IGBT ( Power Devices 220V to 1000V for both AC and DC) 2) Op-amp, Transistor and FET 3) R,L,C 4) coils and (...)
Can anyone explain or point me towards any papers that have been published to describe coil behaviour beyond the self resonance of a spiral pcb coil. I have created two different length pcb coils, both with similar inductance and self resonant frequecies but viewing the impedance of the coils past their (...)
Place the coils on a 90 degree angle from each other and your OK.
Hello, I would like to compute (simulate) the variation of the inductive coupling (or the mutual inductance) between two flat coils printed on a pcb versus the distance. The two coils have a 2.5?H value and the operating frequency is about 13MHz. Do you know if there is any software which may help me? I heard about sonnet, (...)
do want the coils embedded on a pcb?
A rough rule of thumb is 1nH per millimeter of straight track so 6.2nH is a very small inductor paticularly if you need some bends in it. Printed coils have high flux leakage and are affected by close metal objects such as other components or a metal box. You may need to fabricate several iterations of the pcb design or do a full (...)
Yes it is possible to make antenna on pcb. For help see posts about patch antenna. For coils see posts about microstrip inductors.
do u mean , spiral coils on pcb or the surface mount coils @DS can generate the layout os such coils , but u must give it the dimensions wish this help
"coils on pcb": Regards, IanP
Searching to increase the speed of an CPU cooler Fan, and don'n KNOW how it works. It has 4 coils on stator and magnetical band on rotor. The pcb has 2 transistors, 1 hall sensor and a diode. It is impossible to see the circuits on the pcb without dammage. At least if I (...)
I've disassembled a simply PC-PSU fan contains two coils in two NPN transistors collector, the "second" transistor base coming from the "first" collector, and the "first" base coming from a bipolar HALL-element.The rotor is a sector-magnet.(N...S...N...S) Maybe help for You....
Hi, search the forum for "coils and pcb", there was an internal application note from Philips about this issue. You will find it very usefull. regards, Al
you just need to use a 5/8 wave stub on pcb load it up and couple it to a tight coil pick up system from one sid on pcb to another {this is a good stsem for tuning also} use a gdo and tune it up you can add loading coils as for software i agree there is none (...)