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Projector consists of three laser modules: red (650nm), green (532nm) and violet (405nm). Light beam emitted by these lasers are combined by interference filters, also called dichroic mirrors or just ?dichro?. The principle of tho
The projector consists of three laser modules: red one (650nm), green one (532nm) and blue one (445nm). The beams were combined by mirrors/filters ?dichro?. The filter reflects certain narrow range of wavelengths, the rest is pass
Hello, I want to combine 2 digital filters (2.5 KHz bandwidth each) in some way so that combined response of both these filter can extract a 5 KHz bandwidth signal from a given input spectrum. If it is possible kindly guide me how can I do that. Thanks
Because you have relative big distance between bands, better than a BPF is to add a diplexer (not duplexer) where the antenna combines. A diplexer is a combined LPF and a HPF. They have wider rejection bandwidth and also have lower in-band insertion loss than a BPF (or a duplexer which is a combination of BP filters).
Hi We can decompose signal (x(t)) by transforming to frequency domain, as u know: x(t)= A+B*sin(wt)+C*sin(2wt)+D*sin(3wt)+... that, A,B,C,D are amplitude of single-frequency signal that combined and create the x(t). Good luck :D