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I want to design Design combline. I practised followed the A Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-Lumped and Microwave cavity filters (Dhanasekharan_Natarajan'book) with Hfss Software but i don't know how to turning length of skew to achieve results? Please help me. I found the document :
Hello everyone, I am trying to design combline cavity filters according to Puglia 1 Puglia 2. I can calculate lowpass g-goefficients and coupling factors for my
hi to all, any one tell me that the length calculations for the both interdigital and combline round rod cavity filters are same or not?(becas it only depends on frequency ) thank you
hi, how to calculate band width rejection in cavity filters(combline &interdigital case )? thank you
It depends on what kind of resonator you have. Normally, metal cavity, such as combline resonator or an air coil inductor, has a higher unloaded Q at higher frequency, while dielectrics has a higher loss at higher frequency thus lower Q0. Hello I have Qo on cavity rezonator at frequency f1. what is the Qo at frequency f2? f
Hi, does anyone know of an appropriate software to simulate cavity filter and cavity duplexer response. I am curious if the software can tell us the cavity diameter and spacing in case of interdigital and combline cavity filters
Not sure if you meant coaxial combline filters or empty cavity type. They are almost always used interchangebly. Either case, the example presented using HFSS should help.