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Hello Guys , I am a new comer for this site ,I need a BARUDAN 4530 MOTOR DRIVER BOARD SCHEMATIC I have other boards schematics of barudan BEMX model. Thanks Bandu Tried to get some info from the net but was unable to do it, but you said you have some schematics from this manufacturer for other bemx models so why don't
I am new comer to electronics the current thing which I have to understand and work upon is how does a lan card takes signals and transfer them vice versa and how does the OS (linux kernel in particular) interacts with lan card. I am also looking for PCB design if available some where like Open Source kind of thing.This is for education purposes, m
hello i am a new comer in micro controller user. i want to blinking led with atmel 89c55wd micro controller. will you please give me the source code in C. please i am waiting for your response. please give me in my mail (
Hi In Fixed Wimax if the 25% guard time and channel bandwidth is 3.5Mhz The delay spread can be up to 16?sec. How do we calculated this 16?sec? sorry for trivial question but I am a new comer to this field :cry: Salam Hossam Alzomor www(.)i-g(.)org Added after 6 minutes: OK I get it
Hi all! I'm a new comer and I need some help! I need to apply GA to optimize a configuration of vectors(each vector represent a sub-system parameters) to have the best performance of the whole system(composed of interconnected sub-systems). The algorithm has to choose each vector element(integer between "a" and "b") for the several vectors to ha
Dear All I want to learn assembly language. I am a new comer. Please suggest me some books for beginners. If possible also share their links. Also share all kind of helping material, tutorials, audio, video lectures. thanks
How to answer this?? If two application programs use TCP to send data but only send one character per segment (e.g., by using the PUSH operation), what is the maximum percent of the network bandwidth they will have for their data?
Dear All, I am a new comer in this forum. Currently I am doing a revision project which was done in allegro 15.7. My current tool is Allgero 16.0 version. My problem is ,the constraints which I was done on 15.7 are not saving on allegro 16.0. So I am forced to import constraints every time After created netlist in 16.0 as the constraints are no
I am a new comer to Sigma-Delta Modulator. Now I working on a two order SDM, ENOB=13bit Fist I do ideal simulation in Matlab, and find the output swing of integrator is -3v~+3v But 3.3v transistors are used in our design, does this means the design in Matlab is improper, I have to choose a another set of coefficients? Another question, in t
Hi evrybody, i am a new comer in the area of photonics. i want to analyse the band structure of Metal photonic crystal (2D) using FDTD. Have anyone Matlab code for it?Plz send me that code i shall be highly obliged to him. My email is: thanks
Hi all, i am a new comer in the area of photonics. i want to analyse the band structure of Metal photonic crystal (2D) using FDTD. Have anyone Matlab code for it?Plz send me that code i shall be highly obliged to him. My email is: thanks
Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and a relative new comer to microcontrollers. I have a school project where I want to make a PIC-controled GPS tracker that sends the GPS data over a GPRS link to a server, or stores the data on a SD card if there is no GSM signal. Being only fairly familiar with microcontrolers I have huge "?" about this
Dear all, I am am new comer to instrument engneer, I donot have much information neither pracical work in intrumentation. My background is from electronics design. Can any one suggest me a good forum relatin to instrumentation/ control systems engineering..... DCS, PLC, VFD, current loop, motors, SCADA, LAN/ WAN, sensors , flow measring cards e
so many, which is sufficient for a new comer of this field
i think u're new comer to DSPs as well as FPGA. if u have too much time to spend. go for fpga. DSPs are easy to program and flexible in terms of built in hardware accelators. first test the algorithm in matlab. then comes these 2
i am a new comer in the area of photonics. i want to analyse the band structure of Metal photonic crystal (2D) using FDTD. Have anyone Matlab code for it?Plz send me that code i shall be highly obliged to him. My email is:
Hi I am a new comer to Xilinx Chipscope and have some questions In chipscope user guide I found this phrase "The ICON core provides a communications path between the JTAG Boundary Scan port of the target FPGA and up to 15 ILA" *Dose that mean that I should put ICON with any other core? *so If I am using only one ILA , is it required to p
HI,guys, I am a new comer for help. I am working on designing a bandpass SC filter. The specification are as follows: center frequency is 120K; passband 10K-15K(the bandwidth), passband gain 0-3dB;stopband 70K-80K(the bandwidth), and stopband attenuation >-60dB; I designed this filter totally according to the chapter 9 of Allen's book
i am a new comer for cystal osicllator .a 35mhz pierce oscillator need to be designed and ac simulation result is shown the freqency on oscillation point is 3db. i think the ac simulation recovered that the circuit can oscillate ,but the tran leads to stablity .i don't know what's wrong with the circuit :schematic or simulation method of tr
hi i am late comer to this topic but i am wondering whether you were able to generate this type of graph with cst . i would be grateful if you or anyone else post any information on hoe to get this type of graph( sar vs distance) from cst mws thanks
Hi Everybody, I'm a new comer to digital audio signal processing. I'm now need to round-off a 32bit fixed point signal to 24bit. I think I have to add some dither in to reduce error. Can anyone help on the audio signal dithering or noise shaping arithmetic? Where to find the resource ? I need detail on arithmetic. Thank you
Hi all, I am a new comer,and i do not know how to design radio channel plan ?anybody can tell me? Thank you in advance,
There is no Windows version of Cadence Virtuoso. I am a new comer now i have learned something about Layout i want to get one software to draw some layout on my pc someone on the net said cadence virtuoso is very useful but where can i get it can it run on my pc with windows xp system? hey ,guys ,just give me a su
I am a new comer in isolator design, and I want to design the wide band isolator with 15% passband. anybody can give me more support on this field? how to start design work? about the center conductor,ferrites. thanks! allen
i am a new comer , i dont know what bcz means ,help me please.
Dear all, I am new comer and also new in Fortran Language. I need helps!!! I would like to request from you guys out there that would like to share their FDTD 3D code in FORTRAN based on Berenger's PML theory. Thanks in advance.
hi all, I need solutions of "Computer Networks and Internets with Internet Applications Douglas E. comer plz help, with regards
Hi, I am a new comer here. I am looking for some Sony-Ericsson GR47 modules in a hurry. I would appreciate if any of you could let me know which website or manufacturer can offer it. My email address is Welcome to contact with me! Thanks!
Hello my friends: I am a new comer in VHDL Programmer. I have to work with Fixed point number. Is there any library supports representing Fixed point number and operators with them. Thanks.
I am the new comer , so poor I am now, can't afford ur layout move. Can anyone send it to my box I am a greener in this fild but eger to be an experienced engnieer asap
I am new comer , I want to get some knowledge on mcu design . can someone give me some advise on chip select and tool surpport. thanks .
Hi all, I am a new comer.How to use the function--diff in ADS to caculate group delay? Tnank you,
I am writing veerilog code for DDR2 SDRAM controller using the micron memory module and I want to implement it on Virtex-4 FPGA.......but I am a new comer to verilog and due to time constraints I am afraid that i won't be able to write the complete code(complete all can any one provide me a synthesizable code......the one i cud get
Hi, > I am new comer to the field of microcontrollers,now i am practising > on how to use external interrupt. I am using an AT89C4051 > microcontroller. I have connected 2 leds. One Led is connected to P1_7 > and the other is connected to P3_2 (INT0 pin). The LED that is > connected to P1_7 is always on and the led connected to P3_2 ever
HI, I am trying to interface the MCP3208 A/D converter with AT89C4051 to do some analogue to digital conversion. I am a new comer to this field. If someone were to give me some heardstart on this (e.g on how to start, and the C-programming aspect od A/D conversion), it would be very helpful.I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
Hi, I am a new comer to the field of microcontrollers and doing some simple projects to get familiar with microcontrollers. Currently i am embarking on using the AT89C4051 as an ADC . I am actually trying to use the application notes provided by the following website: It would be
i ever saw some hyperlynx instruction stuff, but i think hyperlynx's tutorial is good enough for a new comer.
Hi all I'm a new comer to CNC machines i want to ask what is rt11 files and can i convert it to g code files or not Plz. Help
i want to model a gated voltage controlled oscillator. that is to say, there is two inputs, one is Vgate and the other is Vfreq. when Vgate is ONE, the VCO stops. when Vgate is ZERO, the VCO start to oscillate, and its initial phase is zero. i am a new comer to the verilog AMS language, and use Cadence IC design platform to run the simulati
Dear friends, I am working on ARM9 core with Montavista Linux and I am a new comer in Linux. I have a requirement to find out the arm load (MIPS,Mega cycle) that is taken for the network layer while running a specific application. This is basically a audio video application that sends RTP packets to UDP and it is further transfered through the PP
I am a new comer to SOCBIST, anyone has experience on this tools? I am so puzzle now, and eager to find a reference script. thanks for your help!!!
I am new-comer to Linux world. May someone help me out, please. Recently, i setup a RH7.3 Linux machine. My Graphics card is Nvidia GeForce4 MX440 AGP8X. I downloaded the latest nVidia driver_1.0-6629, and installed it. Everything is OK until i decide to change the screen resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x1024. I used Xconfigurator to do the
I am new comer of analog ic design
Hi, I'm new comer, I need your expertise for programing, specially programing for mathematic issue; did anyone have any website or document how to write laplace programming ? Thanks, Indra
I am a new comer, who can give your theory induce process about CMOS crystal osc and design notice or paper, thanks!
Hi, all, I got a project that require me to design RFID ISO14443 TYPEB PICC receiver circuit by TSMC 0.35um process. Since I am a new comer in this area, it will be great help if you, my friend can contribute any exsited CMOS circuit for this topic. My requirement is below. Thanks in advance!! Raymond
I am a new comer, Now I want to port ucosii 2.76 to MSP430, But I find it is a little difficult to do. Because I find 2.76 is different to version 2.00, will you give me some suggestions? Thanks to all!
I'm a new comer to fiber optic cables field I face some expressions that I don not now what is the technical behind it as return loss, insertion loss, single mode, multi mode, ...etc. can any one help me to know more about the specs of fiber optic patch cord. thanks
hello everyone,i'm a new comer. i have a question about LNA of ku-band LNB,usually the noise figure is very low,i want to consult anybody who is good at LNA,how can i decrease the NF in ku-band.
Look this books: 1)TCP/IP Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems (2nd Edition) by Jeremy Bentham, Michael Barr (Paperback - April 2002) 2) Internetworking with TCP/IP Vol.1: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture (4th Edition) by Douglas comer 3) The Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1) by W. Richard Stevens