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hello I find out that we can send data (RS485) on DC power line (+12 , GND). now I have 4 questions: 1- can I couple RS485 ICs (ADM485) to bus with Capacitors for block DC ? 2- what is value of termination resistor? (how calculate) 3- what length cable I can use? (RS485 + DC power(12v)) 4- I have one master uc and many client, now, (...)
Hi, Is it possible to communicate over dc power line of 12V as a master slave rs 485 communication. Is there any specific IC's available. If possible please tell me how to do that? Thanks, Murugesh
You already considered modulation. That's clearly the regular way for any kind of powerline communication. You have two options: - use one of the existing powerline modem chips respectively chip sets, available from various vendors - design a basic bidirectional modem on your own, e.g. using FSK
hi! does any of u know whether ST7538 can be used for dc power line communication?? thanks!!
Hi I need help to developing DC power communication using PLC I need documantation,shematic ingineer project,books, any think wich can help me best regards
i am doing my final year project and have to use a modem for DC power line. do u think ST7538 can be used for that purpose?thanks!
hai all, i want to build a DC power line low pass filter design using chokes/ferrite beeds/inductor coils for 3A load current for 5V, and 2A load current for 12V. can any one give me any tips or links or schematic how to choose the correct type and part no of inductor coil and capacitor. thanks in advance murugan Ad
anyone have success with power line communication over a DC bus? or know of any research papers on the subject? anyone selling such a product? Mr.Cool
Try SEARCH in this forum. There was similar topic some time ago: "RS-232 over power line" In any case you will need Low-pass-filter for DC and High-pass-filter for communication. This can be accomplished by simple L-C combination.. DC power choke of, say, 1mH as power filter, and (...)
Did anyone doing project using this PLC before?? I am currently plan using this PLC as communication medium for the power measurement it suitable?? I will use the PC interface to control home appliance and measure the power of home appliance with using PLC as communication. Hope can get some comment at here.
Hi, I'm having a project which need to send the Video signal at the rear side of the car using the power line communication over DC. 1) Can the Video be able send through the PLC over DC with high data rate? We are targeting on 640x480, 16bit, 30 Frame. 2) If the video signal can be send (...)
Hi, I want to have a half duplex communication using max 485 IC through the 12V DC line. Is it possible to use A,B line as the power line itself? If possible please tell me how to do this? Thanks, Murugesh
Thank for the replies. I have also seen another method which uses an magnetic ring to couple the signal to the power line (inductive couple?) How should I decide which method to apply? In addition, I have come across some IC for power line communication,e.g ST7537, will I be able to achieve the (...)
Hello Zia , If you are using 220V AC you can use any power line modem from Maxim , microchip ,TI , Ethran etc .But most of these are expensive and requires propitiatory transformers for coupling and needs propitiatory analog front ends . I have found a link that supplies power line modems for a few thousand INR you can (...)
I don't think that it works without modulation, similar to PLC (power line communication) techniques.
I am using pic to pic communication over DC power lines. Both pics are 18f4431's. The tx pin on my sender pic keeps on blowing. What could the reasons be? Could it be, that i am trying to draw too much current from my pic? Maybe i should insert a driver or an optocoupler. The tx pin stops working as soon as i switch on a (...)
This chip is intended for AC communication. I don't think it will work over DC lines since you need to couple a signal through a transformer. You'll need a different approach for DC communication -- perhaps 1-wire communications. Our company uses a technique of modulating the DC power (...)
Hi, has someone any kind of experience or information about implementing a communication over a dc power bus. In particular that dc bus is the output (700V) of various step-up machines that are in parallel elevating the voltage of independent photovoltaic strings in order to be the input of a three-phase inverter to be the (...)
Hi, Did anybody use the infrasys power line communication IC over dc line. I am using this IC and facing some issues. When i am using a single master and single slave,the working is good. But when i include another slave, communication is not good. Neither slave 1 and slave 2 not working (...)
just an easy idea: On your power supply side you need a resistor and a differential amp to measure the current through the supply lines. On the ?C side you connect a port pin to a transistor that will draw some current from the power lines. thats all for unidirectional communication. More (...)
Hello Gidimiz This chip maufecturerd by simens for EIB power communication protocol Search EIB or TPuart in google and you will find DS and source code how to connect All he best Bobi
There is no such a thing like protocol or standard for communication over power lines. People try to use power lines with or without success. What you need to connect 2 PC are power lines modems. Examples here: Or if you wish to cre
Hello all. I'm searching for a way to transfer both data AND power over a single twisted pair cable. The data itself is a differential RS485 signal from a PIC micro and DS75176 at either end, running at 19200bps. The power is DC 24v, with a maximum current in the area of a couple of Amps. I've never tried to do this before and searching (...)
I need to send and receive DTMF signals over a 24 Volt DC line. Can anybody suggest how DTMF can be modulated over DC line. I plan to decode it using MT8870 decoder. Any help/ guideline will be highly appreciated.
I am looking for a simulation software which should help me in power line communication and power electronics circuit simulation. I am working on a project of data transmission over power lines. I was using "protious" but it didn't worked. I can not find my required IC's in (...)
Hi Search MAXIM site for power line communication They have several IC who use CDMA for transferring data over power All the best Bobi
Hi all, I will use PLC ( power line communication ) for remote control . I must use power cable ( 220 Vac ). There are many PLC modules and IC's . But all pruduct support sending very big data ( 1-5 Mbps ). But i need to transfer only one bit data. Is there any simple methode for it. I will send only (...)
Thanx.. I'm newbie and I even don't know basics of power line communication. It will be grateful to you if you suggest some ideas where i should begin at. Thanx in advance
Hi all, I am a third year EE student who has to do a final year project. I am thinking of doing a project on the above topic. The idea is to use power line communication to control devices (home or factory appliances) and for data acquisition. The problem is I have no previous knowledge on this regard. Can someone help point me in the (...)
In my project I use ST7537 with a COP8 mcu at 2400 bauds. I use HDLC protocol with CRC16 checksum. See the application notes for ST7537. Be careful with switching power supply connected to main power. This produce noise that produce errors in communications.
You can use the ST solution for power line Modem. There are a more powerfull solution for high rates communication from nSine:
Please i must know how can i do to find the cross over of the power line using pic, what hardware i should use? And how can i make the software? Thanks a lot and sorry about the english Jundiaí
Hello everyone, Does anyone of you know is there a cheap powerline(over 220V, 50Hz lines) communication module which would be bidirectional(for sending and receiving data, not at the same time), the bps speed is not important, it can be very low like 1200 bps, even smaller 600 bps or 300bps, (...)
An internet search using "power line communication" and "power line voice communication" will give you a lot of information. Two companies with off-the-shelf products are: As Flatulent points out - the power lines are not public proper
1. network 2. communication media to relpace the coaxial cable of security video. 3. any kinds of contemporary communication media .......
The subject of your post and content are two different unrelated things. power line communication is possible thru devices such as made by the HomePlug company. Signals do traverse thru shielded cables such as RF Coax cable for cable modem.
Hi, all Is it possible do make the power line (220V,50Hz) as the medium for RS-232 full dupplex communication? Any one have implemented this? Please share your knowledge and opinion. Thx + Rgds, Tr2000
X10 possibly ? only 60 bps is a good point. I don't need a hight speed communication. But if I use a 24 V dc power source There is somenthing else ? Thanks
hi i need any information about power line communication for important
hi guys i had done a project in power line communications and had discussed it several times in the forum, plz search the fourm for power line communications. if u r interested in purchasing a power line modem PLM click here: if u want to see a (...)
hi i neeed help in choosing modem for transmit and recieving in power line communication..any help will save me plzzz i have nooo time iam tooo late on my shedule
this called power line communication (PLC) also the X10 is its protocol. you can search the web for x10 and you will find very things about protocol,hardware,software,... also see these sites sites 1 2 a site with some goods for sale. 3
Yes, I need this too for digital data communication, Speed above 9600 baud. Any one can help? Thx + rgds TR2000
hello we are group built project of home automation using power line communication using pic 16f877 , we get the project from microchip and the code also , but we didn't have any result on lcd can you help us!
power line data communication to connect two computers through electric lines. so that data can be transmitted and received through power lines via serial port. so tell me how it can be done? just tell me the detail.
give me the idea about isolation circuit i mean any means to isolate the main circuit while interfacing with power line normally for power line communication to transmit/receive data isolation circuit may be any form of transformer
hi, this people are doing some research... chk their website.. (SiConnect provides market leading in-home powerline communications technology)
HI, Can some body help me in modem selection. Actually the problem is making "data tranfer between two devices" serial communication over telephone line between two remote devices. As in simple scinareo i should have used RS485 for serial communication which dosnt work for more than 1.2Km. But the distance is still (...)
PLC or power line communication is definitely an established form of long distance delivery of broadband on the Trunk power line that spans across the country. This way power transmission companies are entring the business of Telecom Transmisson on their already in place infrastructure. You (...)
I want to build power line carrier communication using FSK with full duplex. But I am not sure how to do this? Help me.