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Hi, Have anybody succeed with the power line communication over a dc line of about 12 -36 V. If so, could you please tell me the IC which you have used. Also i have given my planned system here where master will query and receives the data from the addressed slaves (number of slaves around 10 to 15) (...)
Hi, Did anybody use the infrasys power line communication IC over dc line. I am using this IC and facing some issues. When i am using a single master and single slave,the working is good. But when i include another slave, communication is not good. Neither slave 1 and slave 2 not working (...)
I don't think that it works without modulation, similar to PLC (power line communication) techniques.
Hi, Is it possible to communicate over dc power line of 12V as a master slave rs 485 communication. Is there any specific IC's available. If possible please tell me how to do that? Thanks, Murugesh
Hi, I'm having a project which need to send the Video signal at the rear side of the car using the power line communication over DC. 1) Can the Video be able send through the PLC over DC with high data rate? We are targeting on 640x480, 16bit, 30 Frame. 2) If the video signal can be send (...)
This chip is intended for AC communication. I don't think it will work over DC lines since you need to couple a signal through a transformer. You'll need a different approach for DC communication -- perhaps 1-wire communications. Our company uses a technique of modulating the DC power (...)
Hi Punkaj, I think you are talking about power line communication (PLC) used in Building-Home Automation systems (BACnet). Search in EDAboard for DC-Bus or PLC. Regards. Pcup
anyone have success with power line communication over a DC bus? or know of any research papers on the subject? anyone selling such a product? Mr.Cool
Hi, has someone any kind of experience or information about implementing a communication over a dc power bus. In particular that dc bus is the output (700V) of various step-up machines that are in parallel elevating the voltage of independent photovoltaic strings in order to be the input of a three-phase inverter to be the (...)
just an easy idea: On your power supply side you need a resistor and a differential amp to measure the current through the supply lines. On the ?C side you connect a port pin to a transistor that will draw some current from the power lines. thats all for unidirectional communication. More (...)