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Hi, i have 6 adc, i will connect them to fpga (spartan 6 kit) and comunicate with seriell and with SPI. I have never made pin connections of fpga before, i dont know if it is like Microcontroller. i checked the pinout datasheet of the spartan 6 and, all the pins which is written MISO, CMPMISO are (...)
Hi I have a question about connect high frequency adc(same FMC160) to a fpga , Max clk frequency is 500MHz but adc frequency sapmling is 3.6GHz how manage DATA of adc in fpga, how read data in fpga?
The one major take away from dpaul's link should be you can't directly connect the Spartan 3E device to the adc 0808/0804 as the adc is a 5V part and the Spartan 3E I/O only have a maximum voltage of 3.3V. For the data coming from the adc you'll need to add either voltage translators or resistor dividers to interface to the (...)
Hi Experts, I am using Virtex 4 ML403 Evaluation Platform fpga kit, on this kit a product of TI is used for audio data converting named LM4550. This IC work on the AC 97 CODEC which take serial data as an input and output. This IC work on different 16 bit registers to route data either through the adc to DAC or connect input to the (...)
GUMY thanks for you reply I am not sure whether I can access to spectrum analyzer in our lab, but if I could found one how can I connect my 16-bit output to that? after that does it show me the power spectrum and SNR? have you work with it before?
hi; kindly I have a question; I want to implement Sigma Delta adc on Altera DE1, i wrote the code and run on QuartusII; now i want to know is it possible to connect the analog input directly to the board? as in my code the input is introduced as signed so my original analog input should be converted to the type signed before enter t
The fpga wont have a DAC or adc in it, but the board probably has one connected to the fpga. And yes, you would need to connect that 8 bit bus to the DAC (and maybe some other controller signals too, like I2C). If there isnt one on the board, then yes, you need and external one. And I dont know what code (...)
Just as a heads up - you wrote that you used a micro controller (see your first post) and two comparators. Why don't you take the same approach in the fpga implementation? Use two comparators (each @ 5$ - and you'll get much for that price), connect them to your fpga. With some easy counters and the comparators, you'll get pretty close...
If all you want is the position for your fpga then you don't need to amplify anything. connect the ends of the pot to ground and the positive supply and the wiper to the adc input. Keith
Hi All, Am working on my project based on sampling techniques. I would like to measure the frequency of an analog signal and then sample as per the measured frequency. Am using 484-pin Actel fpga and when I connect the signal to the analog pads, I do not know how to get the signal to the frequency meter in order to determine the frequency. May som
hi all, i need to take data from signal generator for Microblaze processor... i have to pass it via adc LTC1407A-1.. how to connect it to microblaze.... plz help out.. thanks
hi, i need adc core for Spartan 3E fpga kit..... and how to connect it with MICRO BLAZE Processor???/ plz help me out... thanks
I want to interact my fpga DE2 board with an adc. However, the max output voltage from DE2 board is only 3.3V while my adc is 5V peak. I tried to not connect anything in between and hoping again hope to obtain my expected result by just connect a jumper between DE2 board and adc but it is (...)
Hi, everybody. May i know how can i test a adc before i connect it to a circuit? I read some reference and it showed me that some binary/digital number from adc when an analog signal is supplied to it (Eg: 1--> 10 V). However, i cant figure out how i get that binary number. It seen like the result is calculated from an equation but i (...)
I need to synchronizes the clock of my DE2 board(altera) from 27MHz to my adc (ADS7861 - 500Khz). As i need to verify the adc, therefore i have been asked to constructed a VHDL code in DE2 board and connect to adc for testing. According the datasheet of adc, two inputs need to trigger for 1 clock cycle only, (...)
This is a straight forward adc. Just connect all the data lines to the fpga. Read the datasheet carefully. its an easy task only. All the best
use de2 board from altera or any board which is having adc for conversion or connect the external adc using ide cable . this is hw set-up ! for code you first read the syn oriented book . tell me do you have basic about vhdl , your qualification , project for what ? std
i have 8 bit serial output from the adc08831 how i connect it to my DE2 board. and first, how do i test the adc chip?
Hi Vacuum, (hehe that's funny) The Xilinx Virtex-4 and Virtex-5 can input 1 gigabit/sec per differential input, so you may be able to connect your adc directly to the fpga. Inside the fpga, you could split the data into several parallel paths, and process them at a comfortable clock rate. Why would you want to use (...)
use SPI interface of adc to connect with fpga for data read and write operation.
Hello hoangthanhtung, adcs and DACs can?t be implemented in fpgas or CPLDs. fpgas and CPLDs are only for digital logic. You have to choose your desired DAC and adc from companies like Analog Device, Maxim, TI, ? and connect this one to the fpga or CPLD. Bye, cube007