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What? First you ask about matlab, then all of a sudden, VHDL? Please clarify. Are you trying to generate VHDL code from matlab? I made a filter in matlab , trying to connect my ADC / DAC to it.
hello everyone, how to connect adc block in the matlab simulink ??? , i want to connect sine wave genrator to adc and then fft and scope, im a beginner at matlab simulink , kindly help me, btw connecting sine wave generator to adc is not happening ,how to do that??? - - - Updated - - - the thing is im using
Hi friends, How can I connect my Xilinx spartan3e 16000 FPGA to the PC using ethernet? I will use hardware co simulation with point-point ethernet. I think that I must do this first. I have tried some ways but have not managed yet. Please help.. By the way, do I need the install the files of the given FPGA from the matlab? Thanks. Hit
You can use USB serial ports, provided that you connect the device before you start matlab, and provided that you are okay with the latency being 40 milliseconds per USB packet (unless the packet is full, somewhere around 1022 bytes.)
i am doing the project on face detection.i want to know new version of matlab can support real time video i.e i connect camera directly to pc. is new version can process the contineous data that is coming from camera? guide about choosing of camera.
Hello Guys, I wanted to design a Multilevel inverter using development boards like Chipkit Uno 32 or Chipkit max 32 or Arduino mega 2560. Which will be a good board to obtain high frequency pulses in Khz to be given to the gates of MOSFETs' and IGBTs'. Can we connect Chipkit development boards to matlab? Can these boards be connected (...)
how can i create my own daq module for matlab using micro controllers? what is the idea behind this daq module? is it uart communication? you can certainly connect a microcontroller to matlab either using a UART to a COM port or USB http:
i want to connect video camera to PC and i used matlab for processing the images in that video.
Hello. I've bought a student license for matlab and the main thing to explore was interfacing a ?C with matlab/simulink to be used as a platform for ADC/DAC testing and a lot of other cool things. But after installing all support packages and trying to connect ta arduino(have tried Uno, Mega and Due) an error occurse in windows. when (...)
Hi i m working on processing a image in real time but i dont no how to connect the webcamera with matlab and how to get image in real time Please help
hi, Did you get the solution for this problem??? Is there any way to connect simelectronics components with other DSP tool components.??
you can connect the microcomputer to your laptop using serial communications, USB, WiFi, etc matlab then offers you various tools to interface to the device, e.g.
I designed the system such as a fingerprint reader, which sells in the markets, now that I own the software, which is the process of comparing fingerprints, but the problem was how to link the fingerprint scanner with this software i used Fd80 fingerprint scanner ( scanner captures the image man
hey guys... please help me out in how to use opc tool box in matlab.. i need to connect it with my PID controller
hi I have designed a unit cell EBG in CST MWS. Now, I want to EBG structure with the aid of genetic algorithm to build in the desired frequency do optimize. But I do not know how to connect between CST and matlab!! Can anyone help me? Thanks
I'm trying to design a half band filter for interpolation used in Sigma delta modulator. Current using matlab delsig toolbox by Richard Schreier.. There is a function designHBF. I try the example given and got the result as stated in the pdf which is the snap shot below. I cant understand how connect the value obtain with the diagram given. Anyo
I'm working on a project where i'm need to display the data through USB to matlab. For example, to use an oscilloscope. Or data acquisition toolbox. For example, to connect the ADC data received and transmitted via USB as an analog channel in simulink I read the documentation, but did not understand whether there is any documentation for driver d
Anyone knows this? Say I have find all the highest point in each column of a matrix, how do I connect all these points in matlab? Thanks in advance.
Currently I am working on my MS graduation project . its subject is "Wimax Qos Seeker for mobile and static users" . I am trying to measure the latency and the jitter using matlab but so far I couldn't. I am using a Wimax USB dongle to connect to internet and I want to measure these qos parameters when i am using Skype as VOIP application. I hope
matlab and ISE can be connected with SystemGenerator for DSP subprogram of Xilinx ISE. Google for more information "SystemGenerator for DSP". SystemGenerator is created Xilinx blockset inside Simulink to connect Xilinx IPCores to create design just like wiring block such as Simulink. Results are synthesizable and optimized because you use (...)
Hello, I recently bought an Arduino Uno R3 to control a stepper motor and to control it with matlab/Arduino IDE. However, it seems not to be syncing up with matlab correctly. It can connect to the serial port, but it cannot print out numbers I have written to the board. ARDUINO CODE: #include "Arduino.h" #define DIR_PIN 2 #define (...)
hello, I developed an model in matlab simulink and generated a cosimulation block using "HDL workflow advisor" (HDL coder). when i am simulating the cosimulation model i am getting an error block error error in s function. failed to connect to server. make sure the loaded HDL simulator library is using shared memory
webcam video processing matlab hi raychen i m doing the face recognition in real time means taken images by webcam or video so i want to connect a cam with matlab can u plz send me the code so that will be help in my work waiting for ur reply thank you my E-mail ID is
please help me to do User Authentication Interface and Analyzing Interface in matlab to analyze brain wave form. (USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6PIN Module Serial Converter CP2102 is use to connect to LAPTOP. From this I am going to collect wave form in matlab). (I attached a sample picture please refer that. ) Action field in the Interface: (...)
aliraza786, I think it's a better solution to send a command to your circuit using your web browser. Run a http server on your computer and connect to it using your web browser. Make a http form to capture the speed and send to a file, then that file will be able to be opened by matlab and send the value to your board. Another suggestion, use SSH
Hey all, I'm not the most tech savvy of people but somehow I got a code for a UART to actually program onto my FPGA. What I aim to do is to connect my board to my laptop so that I can send information through matlab via the serial port. When I program my code onto the board, I see the TXD light turn green but the RXD light turn red, I assume that
i used the canny edge operator on enhanced image.. but i am getting the face boundary which is broken on some points. Can you tell me how i will be able to connect the broken ridges mainly i want face boundary that is not
you may Refer matlab documentation connect to database - matlab
hi, I can connect a web cam with matlab, but I can't change my webcam zoom in matlab m-file. I need it. I used of : set(src_obj,'ZoomMode','manual'); src_obj.zoom = 145; and I recieved this error: ??? Error using ==> imaqchild.set at 74 Invalid property: 'ZoomMode'. Type 'imaqhelp' for information. Error in ==> (...)
I want to connect matlab with a plant in my Control System Lab. Anybody can tell me how I can setting in matlab and What kind of OPC which I can use to connect the matlab with the plant?
hii.. I am working on matlab.. Can any one suggest me.. 1) how to convert matlab code to hdl code? 2) how to connect FPGA to the CRO?? Thanking you in has good explanation about your Query 1 2
when leds are connected to serial port There is no easy way to connect leds directly to serial port. You need serial to parallel converter (latched) for controlling parallel loads. (leds) PC parallel port can control 12 bit ie 12 parallel loads individually but you must do the control with commanding PC`s parallel port driver
hello, I am working on Hand Tracking in matlab, I am supposed to use Kalman filter for the tracking, so far I am able to connect web cam with matlab. I have also code for ball tracking using kalman filter but it does not work for hand... problem is how can I extract feature of the hand so that the tracking for ball (...)
if you want write a rules for two input single output just Open the FIS Editor by typing fuzzy at the matlab prompt and add variable(input & output variables). after that open Edit menu and select Rules and create your rules. that's easy save file(.fis) and connect with this in M-file if you want.
Hi I want to build a VCO model using matlab or simulink. In simulink there is a Block of VCO, the output i connect to time scope,and i wanted to connect a DC source in input and its not connecting, what i should connect in input? In matlab maybe somebody can help me to build a behavioral (...)
hello everyone I am tring to simulate the full wave rectifier using diodes in simulink. I am unable to make the necessary connections between the diodes... when i try to connect the wires the wires actually turn red, instead of black. I am using matlab R2008b.
Hi, I've check the forum but can't see a problem like mine.. After Eltima Virtual Serial Port, I can create 2 virtual serial port: COM1 and COM2. And they works like COM1=>COM2. matlab sends data to COM1, proteus can see the data from COM2.. it works.. My problem is before i connect the "USB to Serial Device" i can see COM3 available for u
I need a matlab Program which read data from Serial port and draw it in figure which i connect a PIC micro controller with my serial port and i should receive the data sent from micro to PC and draw it
I am doing my fouth year project on Hand Gesture Recognition,and I am getting trouble to connect my webcam to matlab. Please help me....
i have written many small small subprograms in matlab for my project,but now i want to form a single main program from them, how to join these small small programs? is it same as C program in which we define different functions and then we call those functions in the main program??
i wanna connect OpenCv Library with matlab to use it in my project about image processing (real-time) Can anyone help me and tell me how to connect with them??? :idea::idea: thanks,
Hi all, I want connect my camera to matlab gui how do this ? my model ES60 and have USB cable. I read these information from matlab help file Getting Hardware Information To access an image acquisition device, the toolb
Hi all, I tried connect my laptop camera by matlab it was work but now if I try to run it matlab give me error this error ??? Error using ==> imaqdevice.preview at 181 Multiple VIDEOINPUT objects cannot access the same device simultaneously. Also if I use imaqtool same error Please any help
Hello there, I have just finished my VSI circuit on matlab and was asked to add some current and voltage controller don't really know how to do it. Can someone help me with a design and how to connect them?Or even a link where I can have some information. I have my file in matlab file I have just change the file extension so that I can (...)
my project is object editing in video file 1-object removal(removes user-selected objects from video and fills the background) 2- object adding 3-object replacement the best way to design this program is matlab because matlab contain simulink(blockset) I can use it BUT there is aproblem of how connect this blockset with (...)
Hi all, Basically, I've developed an interest in experimenting with the MEMS digital mics (ADMP421), nothing clever, just a very basic signal analysis type thing in matlab. I'm new to the hardware side of things, and would love for anyone to talk me through what's needed to connect it all up. I'd like to use USB power, and run things on OSX.
my project is DS-CDMA ,i finished matlab programe of transmitter,and receiver, i want to send data between two pc`s i divided the program the part of transmitter in first pc, the other part of receiver in second pc. connect between two pc`s with serial cable , but i have problem apear in transmiter the problem is the size of buffer, and I
Dear All, I need Simulation code of Weighted-Node Method in matlab urgently. It is urgent please. Weighted-Node Method: In wireless PMP network, the quantity of AP’s access nodes is one metric to evaluate AP’ load. But different with PMP networks, nodes in wireless Mesh networks could not only connect with Mesh BS directly,
Hi, How connect "NuDAQ 9112" to simulink? when I install its driver "MTLB", Simulink canot be detect analog output data acquisition for transmiting data, ver of matlab is 7.6, please help
hi, I wnat to design a block like EyeScope in matlab to calculate BER in simulink model ? How can i do it? I want to use it to connect into my sinple model ( attach) in simullink to compare eye diagram method with count error method ( BER) me, please...thanks so so much..