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i have prolem connecting PIC JDM to a UART ( USB to UART ) i used cp2101 chip for the usb to uart conversion. Hav any one done it ? plz let me kno .... regards
I have built the Stolz clone. Using the bootloader 'BootLoader16F877A.HEX' I connect to MPLAB IDE 7.20 and get: ICDWarn0034: Please ensure that your system's serial FIFO buffers are disabled. Auto-connect not enabled - Not connecting (Try enabling auto-connect on the ICD2 settings pages.) connecting to MPLAB ICD 2 ...Connected ICDWarn0054
Has anyone tried connecting a max232 and PL2302 together ? If yes, could you provide schematics.
Can i know whether parallel port DB25F is suitable for connect with mx232 and receiver a signal bits? i wan to transmit hex number from pic to pc, how to do it? regard Beng
hi i m doing my final year project that includes autoically sending sms from mobile phone. i m connecting 8051 with T630 using Tx, Rx and Gnd of 8051. i m using max232 IC in between microcontroller and mobile phone. i made assembly code to send the AT commands. but i havent got any response from the mobile. i want to know that whats wrong with th
connecting 5V max232device input to the 3,3 V output from the Spartan can be done directly with out any problem (for security you can add serial resistor about 100 Ohm) connecting 5V max232 output to the 3,3V input of the Spartan requires small level shifting (Sparatn is not 5V tolerant). Simple serial resistor at the input (...)
hi, i have a program for connecting atmega8 with usb, and send data from avr to PC. but when i debug the code with avr studio, these errors appear" undefined reference to `usbPoll, undefined reference to `usbMsgPtr', undefined reference to `usbInit'". and when i include "usbdrv.c" in main function this is the error "undefined reference to `usbC
Hi all, I have a problem. I need to accept USB input from a HID device like a USB keyboard into the VNC1L device and output the exact data that was sent by the HID device. I am using a VDIP1 module and VDAP firmware 3.64. The connection is like this: HID device -> VNC1L -> max232 -> USB-serial converter I have no problem comunicating w
guys i am working on gsm based security project.first i am planing to connect mobile phone to serial port of my pc and send at commands through hyper terminal. my first question is that can i connect mobile phone directly to serial port or use a serial bufffer like max232. and the second thing is i need a list of low cost mobile phone sets of
Are you removing a wire while data is flowing and connecting it again? You can´t do that because you´ll loose sinchronism (loose the start bit at the beginning of each byte).
Hi friends, I have a microcontroller evaluation board (STmicroelectronics). This board is connected to the PC through the USB. But I want to connect this board to PC through UART (serial communication RS232). I found a USB to UART converter (FT232RL made by FTD Inc.) . Can I connect this converter to the microcontroller evaluation board
hello sir, please help us... how to connect dtmf decoder and mobile phone & microcontroller
dear sir pls help me out in connecting my gsm module to the Arduino AT328.. this is my GSM modem and its details.. 70858 This is a plug and play GSM Modem with a simple to implement RS232, TTL Serial and USB interface. Use it to send SMS, make and receive calls, and do other GSM operations by simple AT commands through a
Hi, I m connecting SIM300 Module with Hyper terminal using max232 circuitry. But when i open the terminal, it shows random ASCII characters before pressing any key as well as after pressing any key. Can anyone please help me in this ?
The touchscreen manual shows connecting to PLC. I sure, it can connect to PIC using Modbus Protocol coding.
Hello Every Body: I am interfacing serially ATMEGA162 with hyperterminal. I am just sending a string to hyperterminal but string is not being received. I want to trouble shoot the problem. I tested my code on Proteus software, the code is working well on software. secondly i have tested the serial port by making connecting Tx n Rx together of D
hello alexx, thanks :-D.i did that loop test and its ok. i got my max232 connection are ok.but when i connecting xbee i can't my xbee bad?
I want to connect the RFID reader ID12 that I have with PC using the serial Port (max232 & DB9 connector). The ID12 that I have with me is the simple one and not the "RW" reader. Here's the pin diagram of I have tried to connect it with max232 with following connections:-
hello friend i want use atmega32, to control a stepper motor interfaced using uln2003 using sms from gsm modem interfaced using max232,i am designing a circuit diagram but my problem is the values capacitor,resistors, crystal oscillator i should use like in connecting max232 to atmega32,power supply to controller,uln2003 to stepper motor (...)
Sorry for such a newbie question but i can't figure it out myself. I use four RS232 lines, RX, TX, DTR and DSR. My PIC uC has 2 of them implemented in hardware - RX and TX but DTR and DSR i have to use with normal GPIO ports. I was alway connecting outputs from max232 (now HIN232 ) directly to uC without any current limiting resistors but now i'm h
No they are not protocols, they are functional devices, available as integrated peripherals or discrete devices. UART and USART are basiclly the same, they do the same job of converting serial data but the 'S' (synchronous) means it can also package and extract bits at a speed decided by an external cloock as well as an internal one. It's a confu
I have build ICD2 from diagrams by Lothar Stolz. Some of people wrote at his website it is working, but some of them stucked in same problem like me. MPLAB connects with ICD2 but cant communicate. I have build two version, have used A and nonA microcontroler with diffrent bootloaders from diffrent sources. I have changed few max232, uses 20MHz gen
hi... can any1 show me a sample circuit for connecting pic16f877a with max232 chip. The hardware i'm doing is only going to receive and transmit data between the PIC based hardware n PC. thanks...
Hello.. I'm a complete newbie to PCB design..first time i'm designing one using Eagle.. (so pls bear my silly/obvious questions)... I'm making a single layer PCB using a max232 and need to connect the pins to a DB9 Female connector which is going to be soldered onto the board (is that the one called direct mount ?? ) When i try Autoroute the
I used 89C51 send mesage to pc serial port with max232 but pc not recive char. why? first of all, maybe you need to check if the COM port is correct one, and also check if the RX and TX of COM port connecting to your max232 is correct. good luck!
Hi, I built an ICD2 based on Stolz , but somehow that is not working. Please tell me how will I check if my circuit setup is correct. I did the following- 1. I burnt bootloader BL010101.hex (2.98 KB) using another ICD2 in PIC16F877 2. When i try to connect ICD2 to MPLAB using serial port then in pin 37 of pic16f877 the voltage goes from 5v t
Hi Budhy, I am using the serial communication connecting Hiperterminal >> max232 >> cel, but profit answer of cel 9600-8-N-1 in addition I do not place to zener when coming out of 3,3 volts TX of max, if I prove it with the Cable of the cellular USB if I have answer. You know your configuration of the serial communication?
Just grab any circuit with max232-alike connecting the '51 to PC via UART (this is the nicest thing on th 'RD2s!) There is a deluxe version which would reset automagically from PC via some of the handshake signals, but you don't really need that unless you need it for mass production or you are too lazy to press a reset button. JW
In the down load software section there is an RS232 communication software use max232 as an interface with the 8051 core.For connecting the H/W u can refer the data sheet or u can go through mazid and mazid book or ayala book pls let me know if u have any problem
Hi, If you did not have RS232 cable, how did you connect it to PC? And do you have some other pins from the phone which you connected to the controller? If you are connecting the same points which you connected to PC, then you will need RS232 drivers as explained above. Regards, Laktronics
HI I'm using an atmega16 with a nokia 6310i cell phone. I have written some code for the micro to send to a cell phone via AT commands. unsigned char str1 = "AT+CMGF=1"; unsigned char str2 = "AT+CMGS="/5123333333/""; unsigned char str3 = "TEST!"; void main(void) { UCSRA=0x00; UCSRB=0x18; UCSRC=0x86; UBRRH=0x00;
Hi, First u have to connect a max 232 to ur microcontroller connecting up the tx/rx pins in order to convert singal from TTL to RS232 and vic versa. To get data from microcontroller onto hyperterminal, u need to ensure that in ur firmware the specific parameters for the data transmission are set accrodingly from datasheet. After which load a
Hi, I want to connect the three devices such that PC and D1; also D1 and D2 can communicate on RS232 level. I have a problem in connecting the 3 devices. It works fine between D1 and D2 but whenever there is transmission by PC the D2 loads the line.D2 has RS232 to TTL converter (MAX202). What can I do .
hi iam using max232 to connect a pic16f877a to a nokia 6610 dku5 serial cablecable ,to send and recieve sms using at+commands. i have connected the max232 rx,tx correctly since i have tested the pic by connecting it with the pc ,using hyper terminal and send, receive work fine. and i have tested the cell too with the hyperterminal and (...)
You can try connecting both the transmitter and receiver circuits to a PC via a max232 or similar IC. After that you can easily find out whether they work or not using hyperterminal. If you have an oscilloscope, it would be better to debug the rx/tx signals at signal level. Regards.
next time you flooded the board with same topic you will ban asking in one forum for same topic enough I'm trying to test gm862 gsm modem by connecting it to PC, but it simply isn't working/responding. I've connected TxD and RxD to max232N and I've used two zener diodes due to gm862's voltage levels. And after I've hooked up the
maybe it's a hardware issue, have you connected the microcontroller with the same cable you used to connecto to the PC? the PC COM port have a RS232 bit levels (0 +12v ; 1 -12v) but the microcontroller have TTL/cmos Levels (0 0v, 1 5v)... if you are connecting directtly, it will not work never! if you are using an extra max232, or conecting a diffe
thanks alot.I will try to interface using this max232 driver and let you know the result later.. But so far bu direclty connecting Rs232 to microcontroller have I damaged the microcontoller? Added after 2 hours 58 minutes: I also Found another website where they use max232..
Hello everybody, To connect the PC to PIC we use the max232 to convert RS232 signal to TTL. MAX485,however, makes TTL-level signals RS-485 compatible. So, logicaly, to connect a PIC to a 485 Network we use the MAX 485 and then the max232 as interface (see figure). I saw in internet some guys connecting PIC directly to the Max485 (...)
I hav problem in connecting LPC2148 via RS232. is it possible to flash using max232 or Should i use MAX 3232 .
Hi I am currently doing a school project involving underwater communications. We are assigned to 1 'DSPCOMM' acoustic modem but we have problem communicating between the 2 modem. I have tried connecting PC to acoustic modem via RS232 but it does not work. I have tried sending signals through max232 to acoustic modem it does not work. Do
I have same question with a dsPIC33 circuit (3.3V) i'm thinking of connecting a max232 which runs on 5V to connect to dsPIC33 pins. I suppose a resistor for max232 out to dsPIC of maybe 1k?, inputs should be able to directly connect, or need a level converter (transistor? ) don't want to risk the dsPIC chip so just checking with the (...)
Flip tx and rx lines while connecting PIC to modem Nandhu
Hi guys, Any of you guys familiar with the project called 144 LED Game Console? it was originally posted by Art and i'm really interested in making one but there's just one thing confusing me. According to his circuit, RE1 which is pin 9 of PIC 16F877a was used to connect on the serial port to input message via the pc going to the PIC? i'm kind
I had never problems operating RS232 with a fanout of two, connecting a second max232 or similar receiver to an operating RS232 link to acquire the data through a simple Y-cable. I don't love to make a simple thing complicated by adding superfluous hardware.
Hi everyone... I got some problems in connecting my ATMega16 to Siemens C35 by using CodeVision. I have tried connecting: 1. Siemens C35 to PC using HyperTerminal(from Windows) /Terminal (from CodeVision). The Result: OK 2. ATMega16 to PC by testing my USART(using max232) to computer. The result is OK 3. ATMega16 to Siemens C35. The (...)
Both are fine. Check tx and rx while connecting gsm and microcontroller. You have to swap tx and rx.(Null modem connection)
dear friends.. i have purchased sim300z from simcom. -- a GSM Module. do any one have the functional ckt diagram ..? tht can make me a great help bcs i have no time left for my exam. i just need a basic ckt diagram ( and not the pin outs) for connecting it to the pc. -------------------------------------- and secondly,i also want to k
its just connecting to serial port and configuring the bauud rate properly. You dont need any interfacing as the module and your 8051 board will have MAX 232 in it. The zigbee module should have a max232. check if it is there or not. If it is there then directly you can connect.
hi, guys i am connecting gsm module to pc hyper terminal that time it is working but when i am coonection it to microcontroller rx and tx pin it is not working.:wink::wink: why ? any special circuitory is envolved in it or handshaking signals are required. any one can help me to short out this problem?:lol::lol: