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hello friend i want use atmega32, to control a stepper motor interfaced using uln2003 using sms from gsm modem interfaced using max232,i am designing a circuit diagram but my problem is the values capacitor,resistors, crystal oscillator i should use like in connecting max232 to atmega32,power supply to controller,uln2003 to stepper motor (...)
Has anyone tried connecting a max232 and PL2302 together ? If yes, could you provide schematics.
i have prolem connecting PIC JDM to a UART ( USB to UART ) i used cp2101 chip for the usb to uart conversion. Hav any one done it ? plz let me kno .... regards
hi i m doing my final year project that includes autoically sending sms from mobile phone. i m connecting 8051 with T630 using Tx, Rx and Gnd of 8051. i m using max232 IC in between microcontroller and mobile phone. i made assembly code to send the AT commands. but i havent got any response from the mobile. i want to know that whats wrong with th
connecting 5V max232device input to the 3,3 V output from the Spartan can be done directly with out any problem (for security you can add serial resistor about 100 Ohm) connecting 5V max232 output to the 3,3V input of the Spartan requires small level shifting (Sparatn is not 5V tolerant). Simple serial resistor at the input (...)
Are you removing a wire while data is flowing and connecting it again? You can´t do that because you´ll loose sinchronism (loose the start bit at the beginning of each byte).
Hi, I m connecting SIM300 Module with Hyper terminal using max232 circuitry. But when i open the terminal, it shows random ASCII characters before pressing any key as well as after pressing any key. Can anyone please help me in this ?
The touchscreen manual shows connecting to PLC. I sure, it can connect to PIC using Modbus Protocol coding.
Hello Every Body: I am interfacing serially ATMEGA162 with hyperterminal. I am just sending a string to hyperterminal but string is not being received. I want to trouble shoot the problem. I tested my code on Proteus software, the code is working well on software. secondly i have tested the serial port by making connecting Tx n Rx together of D
hello alexx, thanks :-D.i did that loop test and its ok. i got my max232 connection are ok.but when i connecting xbee i can't my xbee bad?
Sorry for such a newbie question but i can't figure it out myself. I use four RS232 lines, RX, TX, DTR and DSR. My PIC uC has 2 of them implemented in hardware - RX and TX but DTR and DSR i have to use with normal GPIO ports. I was alway connecting outputs from max232 (now HIN232 ) directly to uC without any current limiting resistors but now i'm h
The most probable cause is that you are not cross connecting the Tx/Rx lines and you have two outputs connected together. Is it connected
You implementation is correct. You need max232 for connecting pic to pc. Google is your best friend. Search this forum first. You can find lot of information here.
Thank you for your reply! The schematic shows that the connecting the 4052 on the TTL side of the max232!!! TXD3 from 4052 goes to T1N!!!
Hello, Does anyone got experience in connecting 2 pieces of a 4x4 Matrix keyboard in parallel without any other interface? Is there a limitation in the distances of the cables? Any information concerning this matters is very welcome. I want to connect two of these to an alarm system. THX Rolec
Dear Sirs, I would like to build a project for my pc with a member of pic series.But i dont know how to protect its software? Is there a way to protect it from copying? For example a fuse? By the way i'd like to ask if i can change some datas in Pic16f84 while running? I'd like to use there a sample schematic, project or like this? Well
I have the flukeview demo and fluke187 tester. I don't succeed in connecting the PC with the tester. Can a whatever infrared port be used? Or does it serve the special cable?
Hello, is there someone who has a project in KEIL connecting a HARDDRIVE to an 8051. I'm not a pro and to programm on my own is an too hard job. Hope someone can help me. Send it to goofers at lycos dot nl. Thanx
hi. is it ok if i will use 10uF/6.3v and 1uF/6.3v 2125SMD capacitors instead of 1uF/16v and 10uF/16v electrolytic capacitors on a max232 ic for data cable use? thanks
Hi guys, its my first post here. i tried making a serial cable for my modem with a max232 chip and 4 1uf 63v caps. i used this dont coincidence i short circuit some solderings and got a positive reaction, seems like somethings missing on this plan?! it woul
I have an undergraduate project about connecting two computer wireless by using FSK transceiver full or half duplex, the data come from serial port with data rate 120kbps ,so I need your help please. If you have anything about this (complete design or IC?s ) send it to me quickly. Sorry for wasting your time Thanks Shadi soufan
Hi Fast GUI-based EDA tool for connecting HDL modules. Topweaver is a fast GUI-based EDA tool for connecting HDL modules, also called structural integration. You can use it in ASIC, FPGA or CPLD designs. 1. -> t tnx
I would really like to see the initialisation code :-) Did you double check that your connected display does not have contact with a trace of reset or oscillator because i can not imagine a situation where connecting a display to the pic makes the whole thing stop working at all. connecting CS to RA4 is not a good idea as RA4 is an open colle
Hi, I need a Schematic for PIC16C71 connected to max232 ! I mean i also need the full schematic of the PIC 16C71 itself and then the connection to the MAX 232 ! Can anyone help me ? Thx ! :wink:
DO we need to use max232 or equivalent on the 18F452 to use the RS232? Kindly explain. bimbla.
As above! I need to convert the FT232BM chip into RS232 so that I can get the exact RS232 signals from it using the max232 chip. May I know how should I connect these 2 chips? The datasheet for FT232BM uses a different chip! In fact, I have built a JDM programmer like this: But I want to connect it to th
Hi all, May I know if I need to invert the signals coming from the max232 chip? Does it convert -12V -> +5V, +12V -> 0V and vice versa? (ie. +5V -> -12V and 0V -> +12V) Thanks a lot! Regards, Eric
Hi people! I am trying to make a HC908GP32 to communicate with LABView through COM2. I use the max232 as an interface but although rs232 transmmits the go word for the uC to initiate the convertion and transmmition of my data, this does not happens. I noticed that the receiving pin of the uC ( that is RxD) is in HI status when idle ( this normal
I order a sample max232 chip from MAXIM for school project and i wrote some aplication for comunication with 16f84 via COM port.The problem is that i need to recive data from pic at least a one weak without a it posible for samples to work one weak without a break down.
Hi, Has anybody tried connecting Nokia 6610 or any other handset to PC using DKU-5 cable ? After installing drivers and plugging the cable to handset, windows 2000 SP4 detects new hardware as a 'USB device' with a yellow exclamation mark. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't help either. No phone is detected in the Nokia PC suite program. T
Hi I have designed a simple detector circuit as shown in the diagram attached, baiscally i would know what is the purpose of connecting an inductor L to ground prior to diode because initially i do away with the inductor and connect the antenna directly to the diode however the detector does not work with out the added inductor to ground. Thu
hi anybody could help me what is the different between rs232 max232 and max3232. i want to make a data cable DLR-3P to connect a nokia phone to the pc but the discription for the DLR-3p is using max3232, unfortunately i can't find a max3232 in my place. so can i replace it with a max 232 appreciate for suggestion
hello can anynody send me some linke or pdf file about connecting 8051 to Graphical LCD? in fact i want assembly program for do this. thank you
hi friends, i have a problem in connecting filler cell ports with pad cell seems they dont get connected.the asic tool i use is is it possible to stitch filler cell ports with pad cell ports similar to stitching pad cells with external outputs?
Hello Where can I find PIC18F2550 USB connecting Schematics? Or does it connect directly D+/D-/GND to USB PORT? BTW: I want to connect it to a PC with a Delphi program. How do I do to send/receive data from/to PC/Delphi/PIC18F2550, in a easy way? Thanks jS
any guidance on how to design the connecting pad between component. 1)for eg, if i have resistor in series with a microstrip opencircuit stub, do i still need a connecting pad in between? 2)For discrete component how to design the connecting pad.
Hi, If I want to measure the bandgap voltage is it necessary to build a buffer before connecting it to a pad? Seems like I don't need one since it is just a DC value. Thanks If it drive capacitive load, then no need. If drive resistive load, then it need a buffer.
max data data sheet and this garbage LCD from Matrix Orbital Matrix Orbital and their infinite wisdom don't even
Hi, I am interfacing a vending-machine control board with a GSM module (a Sony-Ericsson GT47/48). The serial interfaces are RS232 (for the control-board) and TTL (for the module) I have a max232 in the middle which works perfectly when tested between a PC and the module BUT it works intermittenly with the control-board, meannig that some time
I am trying to build universal flash cable for mobile phone through RS232 port, i found LG GD75323D in an old modem can i used it instead of max232 and also is it somewhat same as max232, please help me.
Hi, I need some help on my project. I need to programme the max232 chip to communicate with my PIC 18F452 (so i can send and receive data from PIC 18F452 to PC and vice versa through the serial Port, DB9) in C language by using CC compiler, Simulink and MPlab but i am novice to C language. I can not figure out how to write the codes in C language
Hi, I have quetions about serial communication on PIC16F84A microcontroller. Is the PIC16F84A not need the max232 level converter? And how the configuration of that connection? I want the example of the schematic.
Dear all, When i try to connect the power pad pin to the core power ring in SOC encounter, i found that there is no connection generated. The pin assignment of the power pad is as follow (grap from IO LEF file): pin A (for connecting to core power ring) pin vdd3o!, vdd3r1!, vdd3r2! (for connecting pad ring) pin gnd3o! gnd3r! (for (...)
Hello Where can I find a programmer for PIC using only max232 and serial port, instead of JDM silly circuit. Also software is needed. Thanks
I have build ICD2 from diagrams by Lothar Stolz. Some of people wrote at his website it is working, but some of them stucked in same problem like me. MPLAB connects with ICD2 but cant communicate. I have build two version, have used A and nonA microcontroler with diffrent bootloaders from diffrent sources. I have changed few max232, uses 20MHz gen
Hello What is the best way of connecting my Nokia 3310 LCD? It seems so small to fix with wires. I welcome to hear your suggestion Maverick Max
Hi All, Can I connect Coaxial cable to a DC output pin (for example, RSSI output pin of a Receiver which indicates the received power accepted in the receiver and measured in voltages) in a noisy enviroment to the central pin of the cable and without connecting the grounds? for example: 1. Receiver RSSI output pin is 1.2V 2. Connect the
Hi, I need to connecto to a TCP port on a remote server using the 89S8252 microcontroller and a SAGEM mod170 GSM module, since the module doesn't have a tcp/ip stack i'm stuck on implementing one by software. Do all uIP implementations already supportt PPP ? Can someone tell me where to find C51 code examples on connecting to a port and send
Hello Regulars here could have been watching my path in designing my very first RF link. It took quite a long time (a few months, but doing some other stuff meanwhile), and I guess this is the final doubt. So, the RF module is on the PCB. The external antenna connector is mounted on the chassis, and I want to connect the connector and the RF
hi... can any1 show me a sample circuit for connecting pic16f877a with max232 chip. The hardware i'm doing is only going to receive and transmit data between the PIC based hardware n PC. thanks...