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about the convergence message in hfss v9.0 :() 1. why the 6th and 8th pass gave Delta S in terems of N/A? what does N/A mean? 2. it seems Delta S becomes larger when pass Numbers increasing, I don't know if it's reasonable since I feel Delta S should get smaller with increasing pass Numbers solved. Thanks in advance! the next is a
You probably don't need deltaS that low. It defaults to .02, so unless you need some insane accuracy, you don't need .001. Try setting it at .01. convergence is just when the deltaS gets below that value. Try setting it to deltaS=.01 and then forcing it to do 2 or 3 consecutive converged passes or something rather than a really low deltaS for (I
Hello, I am simulating a 2-18 GHz cavity backed spiral antenna in hfss but I am getting these warnings (mentioned below) in fast sweep when I decrease the spiral arm width to anything below 0.25 mm. I have searched alot on google and hfss guides but there is nothing on these warnings. How can i remove this warning message and what do these war
Do someone have good skill to simulate in bad computer's hardware??? when i set the higher adative frequency in hfss, the error message show "lambda refinement will create large starting mesh". But i set lower adative frequency, my solution will not convergence. is it hardware's problem??someone kindly help me. Thks......
the simulation will terminate when either of these 2 criteria is met. if you set the maximum number of passes to 6 and the model does not converge within 6 passes the simulation will stop regardless. the maximum delta s defines the convergence criteria, if you use 0.02 it means that when the difference between two passes is less than 2% th
hi itaifrenkel posted a message below. it would help: hfss using convergence in order to get an accurate solution. After creating an initial mesh it starts doing adaptive passes until the desired error residual is achieved. In each stage it refines the mesh and resolves the problem. The resulting S-Matrix is compared to the previous one. The ma
Yes, the waveport in hfss can have lossy dielectric and/or good (non-perfect) conductor. my guess for your problem: 1. 2xTsub is hardly "large" enough, check convergence w.r.t. all the sizes that you set to be around 2xTsub. 2. make sure you understand the unit of the hfss answer correctly.
I'm trying to simulate a spiral small antenna in antenna should work at 434 MHz.Firstly i did a fast sweep simulation( between 400 MHz and 600 MHz) to determine the resonant frequency of my design.then i did a setup simulation in this frequency to have radiation parameters. My problem is that during the 2 simulations i have not the same res
Anyone knows the term of 'non-converged solutions' and 'meshing' in hfss? What does it mean by 'poor meshing'? How to measure how poor it is and then how to improve it? Thanks so much zahril You can read a book: Swanson D., Hoefer W., Microwave Circuit Modeling using Electromagnetic Field Simulation, 2003 There
hi everybofy; i have some problems about hfss. there is a variable, named "solution frequency" in hfss/Analysis setup/add solution setup. i dont know the meaning of this variable. when i changed this value, the S(21) caractersitics shift and change. what must i do or where am i making wron? and sometimes, when i move the sim
Just a question on eigenmodes. I have noticed the following: when I simulate a cavity with a material with out losses I get the frequencies of the modes very fast, with high accuracy and with convergence in 2 3 steps.On the other hand when I replace with a material with losses, I can hardly get the convergence after 30 iterations or more and if I i
Hello, I just need to know the exact definition of (solution frequency) in hfss? hfss will optimize the mesh to reach convergence criteria at the solution frequency and eventually solve the field at that particular frequency only. When you choose "interpolation sweep", the rest of the frequencies are interpolated b
Yes, convergence is not an issue. I believe that the way the phase is handled by the simulator might be the problem.
hi, in order to be sure that there is no error with the meshing, you should check the convergence curve. If it tends toward a constant value (~0.02 for instance), there should be no errors. Are you sure about this that if convergence curve is straight linei.e it has a constant value then there will be no errors or differ
for most applications ΔS=0.02 is quite adequate. Decreasing the ΔS will result in a more complex mesh and more simulation time. Maximum number of passes of about 6 to 15 is enough. You can see the convergence data of your design by right clicking on the setup in project manager and selecting "convergence" from the pop-up menu. If it has
Increase the number of passes to 15 and see if they converge. none convergence implies faulty results. Regards Elchiquito
Well, could you give the schematic of your antenna ? If your S11 is too high perhaps you have wrongly design your lumped port ? Show the convergence of hfss, if the process hasn't converged the post data are wrong. Have you got warning after checking your entire design (see the validate icon of hfss) ?
Hi everyone, I met a problem when I use hfss's Driven Terminal to simulate a structure. It is a warning, "Fast sweep setup, process hf3d: Poor convergence in seeding data." My simulation setup is following, Solution Frequency: 14.25GHz - Adaptive Solutions Maximum Number of: 20 Maximum Delta S: 0.02 - Adaptive Options Maximum Refin
In your design go to Results>Solution Data. A window with differece tabs pop up. One tab is convergence. There you can find convergence, in my opinion is easy to look for the plot. I have to say that in the Analysis Setup I always select : Options>Adaptative Options>Minimum Converged passes: 2. (Maybe it is by default)
hi,all 8O i have read the documentation,but in vain,i can't understand. anybody help me?thank you
HI Do you know "died abnormally" message in executing Ansoft hfss8.0.25 and ensemble 8.0 ? :cry:
Who can tell that I in hfss " Stitching " electric capacity is when building the pattern, and how to join 。
Hi, does anybody know how to simulate on a remote computer using hfss 9.0? There's a section in the program where you can specify the IP of a machine on which you want the simulation to run... However, after doing so, it doesn't really work, returning an error... Does the target machine need to have hfss installed? To have it running? Any
How to simulate a CPW without metal plan in the beneath of the substrate in hfss? How to add a excitation? Thanks.
how to go about the microstrip line filter design in hfss boundry conditions, defining material and all thanks in advance
design a taper-optimized antipodal vivaldi antenna. the tapers are determined by a function y=f(x). can not draw the taper by hfss directly. plan to import .dxf file from AutoCAD, but havenot found a way to plot a function (draw the taper) in AutoCAD. have better ideas? thanks in advanced, guys.
Dear Forum listers, Does anyone have experience in simulating projects with a high aspect ratio (difference between the smallest and the largest dimension in the design) in hfss 9? I have been having problems in efficiently simulating a patch (microstrip) antenna with a substrate of 0.7 mm with conductor and finite ground thicknesses of 0.00
how to build a PIN model in hfss ? I wanna get the s parameters of the switch in hfss, but I don't know how to add the PIN in it ? anyone can help me ?
How to define two across LumpRLC boundaries in hfss v9.0, supposing they are in the same layer
If i want to simulation Mstrip/CPW to slot line, how to set port in hfss? Thank you!!!
I just want to simulate a very simple RLC resonator. It is made of copper wire and a capacitor soldered at the both ends of the wire. How can I add the capacitor in hfss. I found there is only lumped RLC boundaries in hfss which can only be added o a surface, and I really don't know how to handle it. Thanks for your answer in advance.
How can I optimize the width of 50 Ω microstrip in hfss or CST?That is, How can I get the best width when the impedance of the microstrip equals to 50 by simulation in hfss or CST? Thanks in advance!
i want to plot the co and cross polarization in hfss ,how i do that regards
I want to model a co-axial feed to a microstrip antenna in hfss 9.Can anyone help me as to how to go about doing it ? Thanks a lot.
How can i give a current source excitation in hfss , its just a current source between two gnd planes Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks
Hi, has anyone any expirience in designing slotlines in hfss, I don't know how to define ports and what ports to use. And what other thing should I define to have correct results os simulation Shadow
i want to simulate a wilkinson power divider, but i don't know how to include a resister in it. what can i do?
HI I can not draw field results from PML setting .Where can get the custom surface in hfss 9.1,? Thanks ! CaoCao
Hi all, I want to model an incident wave excitation on a structure in hfss 9 . I want to model the incident field magnitude as a Gaussian variation in 'z' direction.Does hfss 9 allow this type of modeling ? If yes please do tell me how to go about it.
Hi everybody, I am trying to simulate a lamda/4 monopole at 10GHz in hfss(version 9.0).I use a lumped port excitation(small rectangle) between the monopole and the infinite ground plane.The main problem is that the radiation pattern is not omnidirectional for 0
How do you simulate a resistor in hfss ?
I have a 3-D vivadi antenna element in hfss, contained in cubic air box, waveport excitation. want to extend to 16X16 array simulation. From the help document, I understand I gotto set up some master/slave boundaries condition for the antenna cell. But I have no idea how to do that. could somebody please share your experience with me or show me
Hello, I want to simulate a horn antenna in hfss but i have a difficulty in the design also. Can anybody help me? Is there a tutorial that can help? Thank you in advance Regards, atsou
when I use fields calculator in hfss v9.0 to define a expression(a function depends upon magnetic field, complex vector H). I was confused to find that each operation(press any buttons) will subsequently take a extremely long time for the calculator to "updating reports", I doubt if this is normal since E-field-related caculation operates smoothl
Anyone have any example projects/setups for doing CPW in hfss or Momentum ? Thanks
How to draw a paraboloidal-type reflector in hfss? Thanks!
Does anybody know what a 'technology file' is in hfss? it's under save as.
Hello, I'm trying to simulate a passage of light via an optical fiber and I'm not sure which excitation to assign. I've tried a waveport but it says that the fiber cant be made of glass because it is dialectric. I though that maybe Incident wave would work, but it doesnt even ask fo a surfuce to excite, so I guess it means that it will sh
Hi everyone, does someone have an article about operation of PIFA antenna in hfss 9.0. I don't really understand the operation. Thanx in advance
It is easy to build a cone model in hfss, but I feel difficult to create a tetrahedra model? could anyone give guidance? Thanks!