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Hi The simple way is using charge-pump voltage converter, such as CAT660. The current is 100mA. ynhe
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a very simple and 'cheap' curcuit of a transducer to convert 0-5V to 0-20mA with good linearity. There is also no need to isolate in- and output. It should have a very low parts count. The fewer the parts count, the better it would fit. I'm not looking for any modules. Maybe someone knows an IC, which is well suited.
I am using PIC 16F877 and i want to convert the 5V output from one ot its pins to 3.3V using should i do it. i need to know the value of resistor and how to calculate it. regards...
Hi, I have TTL logic output level +5v and 0v I want to convert it to +5v and -5v. How to ? KSA
I have an inclinometer that outputs a range of -5 to +5v. The output of the inclinometer will be fed to my PIC that can only takes in positive voltage in the range of 0-5V. I have the following circuit as shown in the attachment. The gain of the op amp is --0.5 in this case. When I put Vin to Ground, Vout has a voltage of 3.75V. When I put
Any ideas? For the electrical power experts? We were thinking of hardwiring. Here is a little background information. It is for a basic speech recognition system: The 5V control bus will control in parallel a group of 240V devices on a power board of 4-8 mains sockets. The group’s final design for the power conversion section suggested it
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F46k80 (5V) with a radio module, and I've just realised the module uses 3.3V. I have a circuit built already, and software designed, so I want to know if I can just do a straight swap for a PIC18LF46k80, which runs at 3.3V, without having to change the circuit (except the power supply - and some base resistor v
Hi. Hierarchical bus system is used for improving system performance. Local bus is used in the hierarchical bus system for high speed communication between two components, e.g., processor and memory. Bus converter, such as conventionally known as north bridge in PC, is also connected to the local bus for lower speed busses.
Sorry, you cannot use an opamp for this since the only supply available is 5V. You definitely have to use some type of switching converter whether it is inductor or capacitor based.
Hi In my project i want to interface atmega16 with my PC COM so i need the ic that convert 25 volt from the PC COM to 5 volt input to the conttroller and vica versa. Thanks in advance
Hi I have external inputs of +15V , -15V and +5V regulated DC supply to my circuit and I need to have internal dc regulated voltages of +15 V , -15 V, +10V, -10V,+5V ,-5V,-13.5 V and +4.5V at different points of my circuit. Tell me technique to have the above mentioned regulated voltages from +15v , -15v and +5v. Thanx Electronica
How we can generate the 2.5v-0-2.5v pulse and 2.5v-5v-2.5v pulse using mc.
Hi All, I am new to designs. I need to use the ADS1252. The Bipolar input is +/-5V. Do I need to use +5V, -5V for the OP amp? In that case I cannot use OPA2350 since the maximum rating is 7V. Is there any other opamp for this application? I am using Vref as 2.5V, How I can give bipolor +/-5V using OPA350. Any one pls explain this circuit?
Use an MC34063A DC-DC converter circuit for #110 – Let’s Design a DC to DC Switchmode converter
It depends on how much current you need. For low current applications, there are many ways to invert the voltage with switched capacitors: If you need high current, you are going to
The priciple of this operation will be like this: your microcontroller will generate a voltage, say, in the 0-5V range, using a PWM or DAC, and this voltage will be used by an external circuit, based on an opamp, to convert 0-5v to 0(4)-20mA. Have a look at this current source:
Hi all, I want to build a simple rs232 <=> ttl (3.3V). What type of converter can I use? Thanks.
I dont know weather PC power supply can converted to variable power supply but you can use it for fixed voltage PS. Its output is +5V, -5V, +12V and -12V. These voltages are good for electronic experiment and testing.
Looks right to me. As a sidenote if you can convert the math to integer you won't need a floating point library.
I'm designing a level shifter to convert 0~5v digital voltage to -15~25v. I know a four mos circuit can accomplish it. 1.That circuit must convert 0~5v to 0~25v, then convert it to -15~25v. Does it a circuit convert the voltage directly? 2.I add two mos to decrease the current when the voltage converts. (...)
I need to send AT commands to my nokia 3120 via a pic16F877A. Since the Pic emits only 0 - 5V as outputs, do I have to convert my 5V output signals from the UART to 3.3V? If so can anyone suggest a proper circuit or an IC to implement this 5V <-> 3.3V conversion? Thank You! :D
Hi tushar, You can convert 1-5V to 0-4V. Refer attached schematic. If you want to convert 1-5V to 0-5V, you have to use DC-DC converter. Regards, Viswanath
u must use a level converter like max232 between ur module and microcontroller to make a communication.
Hi, I have the following situation and am uncertain how to proceed: * Input voltage 0V to 5V (single ended signal) * Output voltage: differential output, 2V p-p I have a fully differential op amp that I believe is set up correctly (Rf = 400, Rg = 1k, Vocm = 2.5V, +5V rail and ground rail). If I input +2.5V to -2.5V I get exactly the co
Someone tell me circuit diagram of a 1-bit Analog to Digital converter with chip no.'s mentioned. All the things resistors,capacitors with proper values mentioned. I want to create a device that reads 5V DC signal and convert it into binary signal. Then this binary signal is transferred to USB port of a PC and an application reads it.
Can someone suggest a circuit to convert 0-5V PWM voltage to DC current ranging from 0 to 500microamps. It is for biomedical application so has to be precise enough(little drift, leakage) Also the voltage developed should not be more than 40V. (The skin resistanse is assumed to be less than 100k )
I doing a project now,how i sending a digital signal(+5v) and convert to +12V without using voltage divider and transistor?any IC? And 1 more question,can i convert +12v,+5v,+3.3v those voltage convert back to digital signal? your reply is aapreciated XD
I need to do things like take 3.3V from FPGA and send to various gate drivers, GPIO, etc. Can anyone recommend some breakout boards available? I found a decent collection at sparkfun, but looking for other options I need to convert 3.3V to 5V 5V to 3.3V 3.3V to 15V and I might need some nois
Hi, The 433mhz modules have been covered many times in this forum - a search will soon show them. Your two main problems are that the standard 16F877A will only run at 5v, you need a 16LF877A to run everything on 3v3. There are many ways to convert the 5V signals to 3v3 such as a 74HC4050, for 3v3 to 5V you might be able to read the signal
But adc just reads the voltage.... - - - Updated - - - is there any formula to convert voltage into current?
A ferrite cored transformer works best at medium frequencies and certainly not DC so you need to convert your 5V DC to at least 5V AC at maybe 50KHz before the transformer will work. It can be a difficult topic and not easy to explain in a few words. Do some research on SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) for ideas on how it works. Brian.
Hi everyone, Could any one tell me that what are standard color of power wires for DC :+5V, - 5V, +12V, - 12V and also AC110V/220V. I 'm very please if you could give me both American Standard and International Standard. Thanks a lot, Khanh
Hi! I´m in need to design a voltage reference to be used with an A/D converter (10bit). I need the reference to be 2.048V I´m designing a 5V system. So, I was looking at the LM385 because the referensce design looked simple but I do not know how to convert it from 9V to 5V system (if possible). Later, because of the need of greater Temp.
Hi, Does anybody have the schematic for the Xilinx Parallel Cable IV??? There have been some changes because it now supports ALL Xilinx FPGA's. It can support 1,5-5V supply voltage. There have been some schematics for the Xilinx Parallel Cable III, but this doesn't work with the Spartan II.
Hi , I have a 16 bit DAQ connected to a PC using the USB port, NI LabVIEW driver for this DAQ is available, I want to connect a pressure transducer to this DAQ to measure some pressure value between the lips, what I want to ask is the following: What is the best method to measure the pressure value from the transducer ? , is it to get the maxim
I've seen a vew messages on the Net here and there, and I'm having problem with a Spartal-III eval board. I have an eval board with a Parallel-III interface. The JTAG chain goes like this: TDI ---> XCF02S ---> XC3S400FG456 --->TDO When I use the Xilinx iMPACT software (6.2.03i), while I have an design loaded on the FPGA, I can not get rel
I think use a diode to and a res can do this function. use diode to product the current direct to gnd,selecting res apropriately whitch the current thru could product +ve Thanks. i would like to convert -12V into +5V. I would be happy if u can still elaborate ur suggestion. Sorry, sir, I cons
who can give me some advice of designing high side power mosfet voltage buffer? just implemetation of vout = vin - 5v, 5v
Hi, I live in India. Where can I get the following parts or their replacement 1. LM1086CS-5V (5V regulator @ 1.5A) 2. LM1086CS-3.3V (3.3V regulator @ 1.5A) 3. LF25CDT (2.5V regulator @ ) 4. FAN1112 (1.2V regulator @ ) Thanks Gold_kiss
require: 8 channel input,12bit, input range:-5v --- +5v, >=200k/Channel for Eight Channels
hi........can anyone help me:cry:. im trying to fix my PC in my car, i need a 12VDC-DC ATX powersupply which can produce -12V,+12V,-5V,+5V,+3.3V,Gnd.
this is not a difficult system to build, but you'll need several dc-dc converters. probably a 3-output converter for +5, +12 and +3.3, and a 1-output converter for +5(standby). I think you could make -12v, 0.5A with just a flyback winding on the +12v inductor, and a cheap LDO. breaking down the 120v input wouldn't be too bad either, but (...)
Whats it called when a waveform starts BELOW the zero crossing point? example: triangle waveform starts from -6 goes up to +4 or starts -10 goes up to +2 Mostly DC offset Raises the Waveform up ABOVE the zero crossing point what makes the waveform go Below the zero crossing point? what would cause the cir
Hey u there :) umm i'm working on a design of a smart tracking system and i got that little problem in my circuitry design i need ur advice with :?: how can i convert a 5 V input to 12 V output? :?::?: thankiez alot u guyz..:D
Hello everyone, I am designing a 4-layer pcb with 2 power planes (Vcc and GND) . The GND plane is further split into Agnd-Dgnd and the Power plane is split into +5V,-5V,+3.3AV, and +3.3DV. what check list or Rules of thumb should I take into account for designing a multi-Layer pcb in general and this design in particular. A quick response wil
hi we need a power supply(smps) ,which should give o/p vlotages +3.3v,5v,-5v,12v,-12v.And the power supply should have remote sensing facility.suggest any power supply meeting all above reqiurements regards rama krishna
Your circuit wastes 5mA from the batteries. Its outputs will be +5V and -5V only when the batteries are brand new and there is no load current from the 5V outputs. As for the load, it will be supply to a Ultrasonic Sonar sensor and a AD654 Voltage to frequency converter, both load will be powered by 5 VDC This was wh
Both have no ground pin but only V+ and V- supply pin while The single supply opamp: v+ -> VDD,v- -> GND. Dual supply opamp: v+ -> VDD v- ->VSS. But how does the opamp know this difference in supply configuration? I think every opamp can be used as single or dual supply depend only on how you connect V+ and V- supply pin, So why we still diff singl
what type of op-amp i should use to convert 4-20ma to 0-5v lm324 or 741 or what? can i use 741ic thanks.
squarer then counter then DAC i mean by squarer a limiter that detect the edges and convert the signal to a square wave with the same frequency