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Hi, First of all use a precision 125 ohm resistor and convert the current to voltage in the range of 500mV to 2.5V. Connect this voltage to the noninverting input of a non inverting buffer opamp with a gain of 2, ie.,(1+Rf/R1 = 2 ) to produce an output voltage of 1V to 5V. Now to subtract 1V from this output, connect 1V input to the -ve in
Hi How to convert +5V DC to -5V DC ? anyone can help me on that thanks
Hi, I have TTL logic output level +5v and 0v I want to convert it to +5v and -5v. How to ? KSA
I've built a step down converter for using AMD K6-2 processor in an old fashioned HP Vectra PC some years ago. I was built it from scratch, the regulator was an SG3526 with some external parts and a power MOS FET as a switch. One thing to take care: for higher currents the voltage drop can be high on the drain-source resistance (Rds on) an
Hi The simple way is using charge-pump voltage converter, such as CAT660. The current is 100mA. ynhe
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a very simple and 'cheap' curcuit of a transducer to convert 0-5V to 0-20mA with good linearity. There is also no need to isolate in- and output. It should have a very low parts count. The fewer the parts count, the better it would fit. I'm not looking for any modules. Maybe someone knows an IC, which is well suited.
Hi, Im worse than a novice... im a novice who knows a little bit!, anyways.... As a little project I would like to convert my PC PSU into a variable power supply. Is it possible for me to just plonk a variable resistor into the circuit somewhere to adjust the output voltage. Ideally I would like to step it up to the max voltage I can get, wh
Hey u there :) umm i'm working on a design of a smart tracking system and i got that little problem in my circuitry design i need ur advice with :?: how can i convert a 5 V input to 12 V output? :?::?: thankiez alot u guyz..:D
I am using PIC 16F877 and i want to convert the 5V output from one ot its pins to 3.3V using should i do it. i need to know the value of resistor and how to calculate it. regards...
Hi, If I understand what you are trying to do correctly, then you are sampling a voltage, and you wish to have the number in milivolts? correct? Well, I guess it depends on the input voltage range. -5v to +5v? 0-2v? That ADC has two reference inputs, for - and + setting that range of the sampled voltage. It may seem easy to simply 'multipl
Hi In my project i want to interface atmega16 with my PC COM so i need the ic that convert 25 volt from the PC COM to 5 volt input to the conttroller and vica versa. Thanks in advance
Hi everyone; i am reading analog values from lm35(temprature IC) in pica6f877a. I wanna know that how i convert these values in centigrade. Range of lm35 is from 2 degrees centigrade to 150 degree centigrade and i want to read n display temprature from 2 degree to 50 degree centigrade and also i am using 10-bit A/D converter. plz tell me Th
hi all i am a student of electrical engineering. i have a phone which its adaptor labled 5v 0.9amp. i want to charge the battery from 12v. i mean i want you all to help me to convert 12v to 5v dc 0.9amp.
hi to all I make circuit for 5V and 3.3 v and i need to add another output equal 2.5 how i can continu my design
I have an inclinometer that outputs a range of -5 to +5v. The output of the inclinometer will be fed to my PIC that can only takes in positive voltage in the range of 0-5V. I have the following circuit as shown in the attachment. The gain of the op amp is --0.5 in this case. When I put Vin to Ground, Vout has a voltage of 3.75V. When I put
Any ideas? For the electrical power experts? We were thinking of hardwiring. Here is a little background information. It is for a basic speech recognition system: The 5V control bus will control in parallel a group of 240V devices on a power board of 4-8 mains sockets. The group’s final design for the power conversion section suggested it
hi friends, i have 5V in my circuit and i want to convert it to 15V to give it to opamp can any one please suggest me is there any IC which will convert 5V DC to 15V DC.
hi all my friends! i want to know ,how can i convert 5V ,500A (AC) to DC.please help me!!! thanks!
good day to all!! im a newbie here and i would like to seek for your help were having a project about the voltage of kamias fruit we found out that the voltage of kamias in our experiment is 7V, 2ma we would like to design a dc to dc converter that will make that 7v,2ma input to 5v, 360 ma output...probably for a cellphone charger.
Hi, I have the following situation and am uncertain how to proceed: * Input voltage 0V to 5V (single ended signal) * Output voltage: differential output, 2V p-p I have a fully differential op amp that I believe is set up correctly (Rf = 400, Rg = 1k, Vocm = 2.5V, +5V rail and ground rail). If I input +2.5V to -2.5V I get exactly the co
please explain the procedure to convert +5v to -5v.
You can also use simple resistor dividers to convert 5V to 3.3V. But this is (same for drivers above) only unidirectional. For bidirectional communication I'd really suggest to use a 3.3V 8051. Not hard to find. Maybe you want to read registers or memory from TFT, e.g. for modifying the picture? Internal memory in TFTs is very big and you can't k
Hello there, Do you guys know what chip for converting 5V TTL to 3.3V TTL ? Thanks
Hello every1. I am trying to convert from 5 volt to 3.3 volt. I have designed voltage devider circuit to convert from 5 volt to 3.3 volt. But when i connected to bits of micro controller port it gives voltage of 0.6 volt. I have connected R1= 1 k and R2=2 k resistors . and also i have checked with 100 ohm and 200 ohm. Help me out.
Hi, I'm trying to interface a PIC18F46k80 (5V) with a radio module, and I've just realised the module uses 3.3V. I have a circuit built already, and software designed, so I want to know if I can just do a straight swap for a PIC18LF46k80, which runs at 3.3V, without having to change the circuit (except the power supply - and some base resistor v
But adc just reads the voltage.... is there any formula to convert voltage into current? In both cases you measure voltage. If you use current shunt for measuring you should use OpAmp to amp voltage from mV range 50mV-100mV to 0V-4,5V (5V). In uC software you make calc that showing digit on display means ampera
Hello, Recently I'm designing a circuit where I need 4v and 2A to operate my input range is 5V - 12V. I need a smps which can convert 5v to 4v and remain 2A current for the circuit.I used lm2576 , but when the input voltage is bellow 6v , It cant provide 2A current .Please suggest me a smps or any thi
Is there a chip having the function? please inform me,thanks a lot.
Hi! I´m in need to design a voltage reference to be used with an A/D converter (10bit). I need the reference to be 2.048V I´m designing a 5V system. So, I was looking at the LM385 because the referensce design looked simple but I do not know how to convert it from 9V to 5V system (if possible). Later, because of the need of greater Temp.
Hi cssheu As the others already wrote you have different possibilities using a linear voltage regulator. Mostly you will have the problem of the dissipated power. If you have an Uin of 12V and a current of 200mA you will reach more than 2W, this is too much for a small regulator. A better idea is to convert 12V (or your input supply) with a
What is the point of D-D converter? what is the theory behind A/D converter?
using buffer IC between them for I/O voltage convert As I know, 3.3V interface support 5V I/O standard
for a low power converter use the 555 timer to generate a 50 - 100 KHz square wave to drive a two diode rectifier (diodes are reversed from a regular two diode rectifier to generate a negative voltage). You should have -10 V coming out of which you can use 7905 regulator to obtain -5 V.
Hi, You can use MaX232 but MAX213 has five TX and RX converter, then you can interface all RS232 signals like TX, RX,CTS, DTR... With MAX232 you can only interface TX and RX. CD:)
I have met a problem in my circuit: The input is a differential signal whose freq is 125MHz,common-mode voltage is 1.8v,single-end voltage swing is +- 0.5v,power supply is 1.8v. I need an output differential signal whose common-mode voltage is 1.2v, single-end voltage swing is +-0.35v. How can I design this circuit? BTW,who knows how to desi
Under this circumstance, I suggest that using a IVC ( internal voltage converter ) with a bandgap as a IVC reference. Design the IVC to convert VDD from 2.5 to 1.2 to feed internal blocks. So that the core could work correctly. At the port, you can use voltage level shift that shift the leve frome 1.2 to 2.5. By doing this, you can supply the chip
I have a machine that it has a sensor of accelerator 0 for 5 volts DC but I need to invert analog tension of 0 to 5 volts DC for 5 to 0. how ? help me. most
many RD want to include PWM / charge pump to analog chip, have anyone ever design this type chip ? I think , 0.18um inside charge_pump maybe not a problem , but how about switch noise ?? if we include charge pump CKT in 0.18um , I think if we want to convert 3.3v -> 5v with 1u Cap at least need > 500KHz ~ 1MHz switch clock , and switch large p
Hi ! The simplest way to do this is using a linear voltage regulator as 7805 (from National/Motorola/Fairchild etc) device. It will regulate the output voltage to 5V @1A. This device has only 3 terminals (Vin, GND and Vout) and needs only a bypass capacitor in output (100nF). Another option is the LM317 (adjustable regulator), also for 1A,
i want to convert TTL (or LVTTL) signals into bipolar signals of about ?5V or closer to it as much possible. and also decrease the slew rate of the wave so as to look like a trapezoidal waveorm ( typ. 200 ns rise/fall times). my limitation is +5V supply voltage, and i have to use voltage inverter ICs to get -5V. how could i do this using minimal c
It depends on how much current you need. For low current applications, there are many ways to invert the voltage with switched capacitors: If you need high current, you are going to
I think use a diode to and a res can do this function. use diode to product the current direct to gnd,selecting res apropriately whitch the current thru could product +ve Thanks. i would like to convert -12V into +5V. I would be happy if u can still elaborate ur suggestion. Sorry, sir, I cons
The priciple of this operation will be like this: your microcontroller will generate a voltage, say, in the 0-5V range, using a PWM or DAC, and this voltage will be used by an external circuit, based on an opamp, to convert 0-5v to 0(4)-20mA. Have a look at this current source:
Hi all, I want to build a simple rs232 <=> ttl (3.3V). What type of converter can I use? Thanks.
Hi all. Just recently I have purchased a current transformer for a project I'm working on where I require a low voltage circuit to sense current on a 240v supply. Before I carry on with this post, the specs of the transformer are outlined below: 40A:5A ratio VA 5 Ith = 60 I 1n Saturation Coefficient <6 I should po
That depends on currents you need of 24V and 5V. For example, if you need some mA only, you can use a shunt resistor and a zener diode .. If you are after efficiency and Amps then you may consider switch mode DC-DC converters .. Regards, IanP
I want to convert (+12) volt to (-12) volt from lead ased battery, If any one can help me, pls send the circuit to me> thanks for all Read you can change input clock from 5V to 12V SOKRAT
Hello and marry xmas :))) Can someone give me an idea how to interface a 3.3V microcontroller (ADuC702x) to a 5V MAX7219? The 7219 needs a minimum of 3.5V for the SPI clock, so i need something to convert the level (3.3 -> 5) in one direction at 1.6MHz minimum. :D
Hi all, I want to use this IC for convert 5v to 15v DC for 10mA current. I really have no idea about how to connect this circuit. Actually, I have the datasheet but I need some guides. Please help me. I also attached the shecmatics. Thanks