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Hello, is there a free software which convert dxf to gerber and vice versa...... thank you in advance, N
Hi all, Could you me the detailed procedure of how to convert the gerber files(cam 350)to pads datbase file by reverse engineering.
Hi all, Could you send me the detailed procedure of how to convert the gerber files(cam 350)to pads datbase file by reverse engineering
I have been chasing my tail a bit trying to convert a gerber file, *.grb to a *.dxf. There are plenty of free viewers and converters that go the other way. I am looking for a freeware solution that does not preclude commercial use. An old thread here was helpful. Skywalker started the discussion:
Hi all, Does it exist a freeware able to convert dxf files to gerber files? Thank you:D
Try also ExcelCAM, from Reliant. Is FREE gerber Viewer, and convert gerber files into dxf files. Work well, i have this notice from users. Skywalker.
hi i converted dxf file to gerber can you please tell me where am i going wrong with the conversion ???i have showed it to a fabrcater and they said its nt right ?? the units are mm and they opened the dxf file in ADS and said the dxf file has dimesnions in mils The dxf input file has (...)
Hi all, How to convert gerber file into .igs file? I am using mentor graphics board station and i want to import my reference design into my board. My reference design is in .pho and i am opening it using cam350. I have been searching the internet but couldnt really found one. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ena
use cam350 or gerbtool to convert board gerber file to mill file for rout machine to use other EX:GC-cam GC-powerstation also can do it
For PCB milling, you ned to start with the gerber format. Then you need a software to convert the gerber file into isolation toolpath. This software requires a few inputs from you like the thickness of the milling tool etc. The next step is to save this file as an HPGL or dxf file. This file is then picked up by the milling (...)
i have not seen that .. i have seen utility to convert bmp (bitmap) to protel file .. but it could be way fory you .. just save gerber as bmp (layer by layer) and convert .. maybe you can import protel file ;0))
Hi all, I have a schematic and i send this schematic to one of my friends to create its pcb design and he sent me its gerber file i use orcad 9's gerber tool and i cannot open that gerber file with orcad :cry: i think he create that gerber file wth mentor's tool how can i convert that (...)
Hi, you needn't convert this file. *.pho is only extension and it does not matter. In CAM 350 select File-Inport- Autoinport and that is all. JURS
Hi need help finding a couple of different pieces of software. Could anybody recommend or link to a free or demo version of - 1) A version of software that will easily convert dxf or DWG files to gerber format. and 2) A version of software that will allow me to stress test an ethernet link, i.e drop packets etc. Thanks.
Don't convert to jpeg unless you really need the space, jpeg is a lossy format and by using it you are losing data especialy details, if you wan't to compress your images you can use irfanview: or even acdsee
Zeland offers an Adix converter to convert IE3D geometry file into dxf, gerber and ACIS.
Hi, I've made some 3D designs in HFSS and now want to export them for PCB fabrication. What I had done in the past was to use HFSS -> SAT export -> AutoCad import of SAT -> dxf export -> ADS/Momentum dxf import -> gerber export However, this doesn't work very well with what designs I have (the dxfs don't have gaps in (...)
Dear friend, How do i convert Autocad(dxf) to Protel(PCB)? Best Regard
I am looking for a method of converting gerber files into postscript. Can anybody help me with this?
By the way - i had have no success when i tried to convert 3d SAT models which had been maked with Autodeck Inventor ( wire 3d coil ).
hi, is it possible to convert the gerber files to a pcb layout in protel99se.. please tell me how to do it.
hi All, kindly help me in finding out the process for converting geber file to Orcad layout. i have gerber file from Protel need to generate netlist and footprint also. Thanks in advance. Ricky
Is there any freware dxf, gerber-> PCB
Hi all, My protel 99 SE don't import dxf files! and tell not RECOGNIZE them! Please hellp me
Hi, As I was interested in Eagle3D and because I'm using Allegro, I looked for a way to get the same result. Soldiworks (CircuitWorks) can do the job but it's not free... I started to work on a gerber to povray converter. The idea is to convert each visible layer the assemble them in a board. Then we can add components from the existing (...)
Anybody have a 32-bit PCI card/edge connector drawing? Preferably in Allegro or common CAD format (IGES, DWG etc.) Thanks in advance,
you should be alright with that precision, although faster would be better. you can try , isopro software to convert gerber ready to mill. you can find this on Bone hub. regards
use which one to simulate high frequency circuit? hfss? Zeland Ie3d? cst? sonnet? ensemble? which one is the fastest?which one is most precise? thanks
Hi. actually, when you design a layout, after run post processor, those gerber files generates, which you couldn't see from OrCAD. these files can be open on GERB2Bitmap Software, whose function is to convert the gerber files into bitmap files. You can view the the layers (e.g top layer,bottom layer,SST,AST etc) seperately i.e. for e.g (...)
Hello, what you ask for is a matter of pcb postprocess rather than pcb layout to my opinion. I'm using Graphicode GC-PrevuePlus for this purpose. But unfortunately it isn't a free tool. There may me other tools available for free, also some layout editors (pcb cad tools) can read in dxf and gerber, I think. If you are able to convert (...)
Hi All, Im designing a circuit in Genesys. The main component of this circuit will be the Hittite HMC548LP3 LNA. The data sheet for the component is below: The problem i am facing now is getting the layout footprint for the LNA. It is a LP3 - 3 x 3 mm QUAD FLATPACK NO-LEAD
I need to convert dxf file to cadstar....little bit urget ... jayan
Hello, A simple question which I can't solve from years - how can I import polygones in Altium. Notice that when importing dxf or gerbers in Altium we always finish with tracks. Then we have to convert the tracks to polygones but in case we have very complex shapes converting the tracks to polygones becomes real (...)
Can anyone tell me of a way to convert an u0tCd file to a gerber file? Thanks for any advice
Well I have converted the design made from HFSS to dxf file and now I need to convert the dxf file to gerber on Agilent ADS. I set the different colors on layout to distinguish the parts on dxf file but I would like to know more in detail as to what i need exactly on gerber (...)
dear ALL, I just finished modelled an antenna using FR4 in CST MWS 2009. Now, I would like to design the PCB layout.... The way to do it is to convert the file to gerber format. However, my software is university license..thus I not sure how go about it? Can anyone out there advise me how to convert the to (...)
I need to convert a NC Drill file to a dxf file to help create a fabrication drawing. Basically what I need is a drawing showing all the drill locations with a different symbol for each hole size. Thanks, D2.
Hello, I want do convert new version of gerber file rs274X to the older one RS274D cause we have a glaser machine that does not accept the newer version. If we can't, is there a maneer to get RS274D gerber from dxf or other format? I really need RS274D gerber Thx a lot
Cam350 version 7.51 will convert small files to dxf, but you are limited by the shareware database size. Even so, it is possible to convert single files or portions of single files with it. Do a search on the 274-D and 274-X ascii format and find out how to split a larger gerber file into smaller versions that the (...)
The gerber format is text format and is quite simple for decoding so we can very easy create an image of the design in the computer memory. Once we have this image we can save it in other formats - like MAX or PCBDOC (Altium). For sure this will require good skills in PC programming. Personally I made some time ago software which is saving the gene
Hi, there is a dxf to gerber and gerber to dxf converter which is called GPI on the market. It supports all AutoCAD dxf Formats from 2.5 to 2004. Go to GOOGLE and search for AES GPI. If you need more information send mail cu Platinwafer
Hi I downloaded a tool to convert the jpeg to dxf from the forum .Please search .If not pm me .I will give regards Amjad
Does anyone know where can I find a low cost (or Free) dxf, DWG to gerber file converter? Thanks, Krytar
try CAM 350 it converts gerber into CAD data i am not sure for Protel link is there or not?
I don't know of any program that will convert a .DWG file directly to gerber. You would have to use one of the many software programs that convert .DWG to .dxf first. You would then have to read the .dxf file into a CAM program such as Gerbtool or CAM350, and output the gerber file. If (...)
I'm searching a tool witch can convert a text file (BOM-file) to a graphic viewer . Input : coordinates X/Y and link to a component (IPCxxx standard) OUTPUT : gerber Does that excist ?
Hi all, I need a tool that convert .dwg or .dxf file to any other file that I have to import in MapInfo. The file type I need as output could be: comma limited, xls, xml or mapinfo standard. Thanks in advance Ciao
well .dxf export is possible but pcb fabrication guys told me that need gerber file to fabricate pcb i am thinking of converting .dxf file to gerber by some means . any guidance in this regard would be welcome thanks
Pl. can somebody tell me any way or software for conversion of .hfss file to gerber format for Fabrication.............I need to know it early since this is a part of my Final year projecti.e. (Design, fabrication and characterization of multilayer microstrip patch antenna for gain enhancement) Added after 4 hours 42
Dear all, i need some infos/ documentations (practically step by step) to convert momentum layout into gerber file and drill hole. Could someone please help me? thanks zarrel