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Hello, is there a free software which convert dxf to gerber and vice versa...... thank you in advance, N
For PCB milling, you ned to start with the gerber format. Then you need a software to convert the gerber file into isolation toolpath. This software requires a few inputs from you like the thickness of the milling tool etc. The next step is to save this file as an HPGL or dxf file. This file is then picked up by the milling (...)
i have not seen that .. i have seen utility to convert bmp (bitmap) to protel file .. but it could be way fory you .. just save gerber as bmp (layer by layer) and convert .. maybe you can import protel file ;0))
Hi need help finding a couple of different pieces of software. Could anybody recommend or link to a free or demo version of - 1) A version of software that will easily convert dxf or DWG files to gerber format. and 2) A version of software that will allow me to stress test an ethernet link, i.e drop packets etc. Thanks.
Hi all, Does it exist a freeware able to convert dxf files to gerber files? Thank you:D
Zeland offers an Adix converter to convert IE3D geometry file into dxf, gerber and ACIS.
I need to know of a program that will convert a gerber to a dxf are there any out there? Thanks for all your help!
Hello, I am trying to convert dxf file (generated by Hfss ) into gerber file via gerbtool but it is not working. Can somebody help. It asks me about the input file and report. And then what should I do. My design is just a simple patch antenna. Thanks
Most full featured gerber tools (e.g. Graphicode GC2000) can convert gerber to dxf files. igs exchange format is mostly used for 3D graphic representation, but can display simple 2D structures as well, I presume. So you need convert dxf to igs in a mechanical CAD tool, and there you are. I (...)
I have been chasing my tail a bit trying to convert a gerber file, *.grb to a *.dxf. There are plenty of free viewers and converters that go the other way. I am looking for a freeware solution that does not preclude commercial use. An old thread here was helpful. Skywalker started the discussion:
Can anyone tell me of a way to convert an u0tCd file to a gerber file? Thanks for any advice
The gerber format is text format and is quite simple for decoding so we can very easy create an image of the design in the computer memory. Once we have this image we can save it in other formats - like MAX or PCBDOC (Altium). For sure this will require good skills in PC programming. Personally I made some time ago software which is saving the gene
By the way - i had have no success when i tried to convert 3d SAT models which had been maked with Autodeck Inventor ( wire 3d coil ).
I don't know of any program that will convert a .DWG file directly to gerber. You would have to use one of the many software programs that convert .DWG to .dxf first. You would then have to read the .dxf file into a CAM program such as Gerbtool or CAM350, and output the gerber file. If (...)
well .dxf export is possible but pcb fabrication guys told me that need gerber file to fabricate pcb i am thinking of converting .dxf file to gerber by some means . any guidance in this regard would be welcome thanks
Pl. can somebody tell me any way or software for conversion of .hfss file to gerber format for Fabrication.............I need to know it early since this is a part of my Final year projecti.e. (Design, fabrication and characterization of multilayer microstrip patch antenna for gain enhancement) Added after 4 hours 42
hai Anonymous_Ricky, In allegrow, At the dxf convertion window, one option is there. PADs and ETches in Black colur or not like that. If it is enabled means disable those things, and select the option which give different colors for different map layers. Thanks, R. Balasubramaniaraju
Hi, convert you'r gerber data to dxf and import it into Expedition.
Well I have converted the design made from HFSS to dxf file and now I need to convert the dxf file to gerber on Agilent ADS. I set the different colors on layout to distinguish the parts on dxf file but I would like to know more in detail as to what i need exactly on gerber (...)
Hfss can export a dxf file. Once you have that, you need a CAM editor, or other PCB software that can import the dxf and export the gerber files. Without knowing what sofware you have at your disposal, it's difficult to give detailed directions. If you can get the dxf file, and you can't find software at your location (...)
dear ALL, I just finished modelled an antenna using FR4 in CST MWS 2009. Now, I would like to design the PCB layout.... The way to do it is to convert the file to gerber format. However, my software is university license..thus I not sure how go about it? Can anyone out there advise me how to convert the to (...)
I need to convert a NC Drill file to a dxf file to help create a fabrication drawing. Basically what I need is a drawing showing all the drill locations with a different symbol for each hole size. Thanks, D2.
Do you know how can I convert .spl files into .pcb files? I've lost .pcb file...
Hey friends, I have a gerber file and wondering if I can import the same into OrCAD Layout ( .max file) with the contents of the gerber. Any hints or ideas? Thanks in advance!
Hello, I want do convert new version of gerber file rs274X to the older one RS274D cause we have a glaser machine that does not accept the newer version. If we can't, is there a maneer to get RS274D gerber from dxf or other format? I really need RS274D gerber Thx a lot
You will have to create a gerber (using CAM 360 or similar softwares) for the PCB guy to take into production. As Amihomo says, few guys may entertain dxf as well but atleast here in India, we usually give gerber formats to pcb manufacturers. What's CAM 360? A Google found me nothing on it. I also tr
powerpads can only make excellon files for drilling, but i have found a program which can convert gerberfiles for isolation milling on a cnc machine. Works wel KCam . But it only export dxf files, which i can not use. Other option is to use KCam direct to control your cnc machine for isolation milling. Greetings, Mart
little more detail.. all I really need to do is get their schematic's loaded into capture. problem is both micron, samsung (only ones i've checked thus far) include the schematic files as (postscript). now I can convert these to dxf files and import to layout.. I need to know if it's possible to convert these files to something
Yes it's possible... At the website of , there is a programs that convert gerber-to-EGS file called as Netex associated with GBRVU. By aid of these two program ,it's always possible to convert gerber data to EGS data that is accepted by Momentum. These two use flexlm security and it they can be downloaded from website (...)
Hi, I have made a PCB on Eagle version 4.16. The file is in .brd form. How can one convert or export this file into .dxf form or in gerber form. Any help??
Hi all, i have a 8 layered PCB to convert from one software to another. there is about 15% of changes to the cct . May i know what is the possible time line for this 8 layered PCB. Major Components are : 289BGA (MCU) , 100pin TQFP (controller chip), 2x54pins TSSOP (RAM), 56 pin TSSOP (FLASH). Plus connectors n smallers cct. Sch is
i need a freeware CAM to convert gerber-drill fileset or dxf-iges-stl into GCode or hpgl, simple to use...not mastercam-artcam or other but simple, that you put tools diameter and other charact and get tool-paths .
By PDF I assume you mean PDIF. You can't directly import PDIF files into Protel or AD. You need to open the PDIF file in another format and then import into AD. The easiest is PCAD. Open the PDIF file in PCAD, then save the PCAD file in ASC format. Now you can import the PCAD ASCII file directly into AD. If you have trouble, PM the file to
Hi madengr, There is no easier way to do this I guess. As you suggested, I exported the momentum layout first in gerber, import that into a third party software to convert it in PADs PCB format. Finally that format is imported in @ltium. However, not all components/txlines were correct. I need to redraw some of them in altium. Anyway, it wor
Hi tot Import to some file such as .dwg or .iges And make film/mask from it As suggested by llololl you can use Orcad if your pcb manufacturer/ Film maker dont accept dwg or .iges etc. then convert your file to .pcb.
I've designed a number of planar microwave filters (6 to 18GHz) in MWO and now need to get them into Altium so that I can lay them out as part of a larger circuit. Altium have a method for importing gerbers and converting them to *.PCB files (they refer to this as reverse engineering) but neither myself nor the Altium tech support guy could make
Maybe if you have exported your model to dxf in CST and then importe to Altium, it may not work because dxf (in CST 5.0 atleast) is 2D and all layers may not have been exported precisely. What I would suggest is to export the file in *.step or *.sat. Then may be you will have to again convert this to DWG using any CAD / CAM softwares and (...)
Hi, Please I am looking for help with the realization of a microstrip antenna. I need to convert my drawing in hfss to pcb to give to the manufacturer. does anyone have an idea of it. thank you in advance
logo is normaly printed in silkscreen(legend) or in copper. Normal procedure is * convert your logo into dxf ( most of the PCB design software supports dxf import) * import it in to PCB tool in the desired layer * generate gerber