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Hi, I need to convert a PCI layout in PDF format from positive to negative I mean background in black and traces in white or transparent keeping PDF format and dimentions. Regards, Fernando
Hi I am struggling to understand why negative 8 bit convert to 16 bit ? What about positive? What is the benefit? if (data&0x0080) data += 0xFF00; // convert to negative 16-bit else data = data; end
Do you need to convert 100V to -100V or do you want to generate as power supply capable of supplying both +100V and -100V?
Plotting polar patterns in Matlab could be proved very tricky ;) Matlab converts negative numbers to positive/180phase... 2D polar patterns need to be carefully converted before plotting... Moreover, 3D polar patterns are impossible with Matlab... You have to convert to XYZ data points and then plot with 'surf' or 'mesh' (...)
Any cam tool can do this. Cam350, Camtastic, GC-CAM..... You can also do it without CAM tool. Most packages will allow you to have multiple PCB on the same PCB document, but of course you cannot use any rule checking features as the netlists will be corrupt. But if you open a new PCB file, create your mechnaical details for your 'panel'
Hello, i need to build a DC-DC converter. input (+12V) --> output (-5V) min 1.5A i found some switching Regulators, ie. LM2576. but i cannot see a true regulated -5 V Voltage, there was some peaks -7V, also output current is low. can you please suggest me a solution with minimum parts thank you.
The negative format for the plane is the normal way a plane is represented in EDA software. In Protel, the planes are displayed in negative, and you edit them by placing lines and fills where you want copper removed. It is done this way in all PCB software to reduce the size of PCB and Gerber files. There is no need to convert the (...)
Hi all I am considering to design a DC converter which can convert the positive voltage to negative voltage. Does any one have ideas about the componets, schematics of it, ...vv.. Thank in advance Sunknu There are many and many as ICL7660, MC34063, . . . . .schematics and the another informations which there is
Theorotical: convert S parameter in to Z parameters. Add XL that is inductance to Z parameters Again convert to S parameters. If your S11 is >1 means you have obtained negative resistance. You find the details about the explanations in following books You can tally this using S11 equation. (zin-zo/zin+zo) 1) Microwave transistor (...)
I am working on butterworth IIR filter & I have to implement it in ARM assembly. This filter have some fractional coefficients. Can anybody explain me how to convert this fractional coefficients in hex so that I can use it in assembly without changing the response of filter?
Hi everybody I want to make a negative voltage to control the zoom & focuse of my security camera and control the negative voltage with MCU. I want one component that converts the positive to negative voltage with any need of other components. any one know that what component I must use ????????? I used from MAX232's VS+ (...)
Dear All, The normal regulator only converts the positive voltage and their substrate is ground. Now I want to design a regulator, whose negative input voltage may exceed its negative substrate voltage. For example, its input voltage is from -10V to +10V, I would like to convert it to constant voltage -5V to +5V. But (...)
i dont think for any direct method . first you can convert it to pdf and change to negative mode with some editing software.
Hello everybody, To connect the PC to PIC we use the max232 to convert RS232 signal to TTL. MAX485,however, makes TTL-level signals RS-485 compatible. So, logicaly, to connect a PIC to a 485 Network we use the MAX 485 and then the Max232 as interface (see figure). I saw in internet some guys connecting PIC directly to the Max485 without us
thx... .. whats a rectifier? A rectifier is a component that converts the alternating current (AC) out of the transformer to direct current (DC). The amplifier needs DC voltages to work. oh and how do i tell positive and negative?.. its labelled ac1 and ac2. Normally you use a multime
hi how to convert +dc volts to negative dc volts. in some transformers i saw they added capacitors and i dont know what tpe of capacitors any one can help me.
the float data type is a 32bit value, if you convert it to a variable that uses only one byte like an unsigned char then you will loose all the decimals and you can only represent integers from 0 to 255 (0b00000000 to 0b11111111). Assuming that the value can fit in 8bits and you don't mind truncating the decimals you can use (unsigned char)my_fl
Dear All, I need to convert signed/unsigned decimals to their equivalent signed binary values in Matlab.I had used 2 functions but they work for positive integers only i.e de2bi() and there any function that help me or I had to write my own routine for conversion. Regards,
Hi.... i need to convert a positive dc(+15v) to negative dc (-15v) at least at 2amps.. is it possible with any simple circuit or any ICs. please suggest me.....
hi I have a -15V 0 +15 supplies and i want to convert it to -5v 0 +5 please can u help 10x
Hi, i have find a tool Gerbtool v12 that make this convertion but not with the demo version !!! Totue.
I have signals 1Volts p-p roughly with very low frequencies 0.5-5Hz. Can I convert them to square wave signals with the same frequency as original signal is. example as: -If signal is sinusoid 1volts p-p 2hz to make at ouput a square wave also 2hz in frequency ---or -If signal is triangle 1.2volts p-p 1.5hz to make at ouput a square wave als
Hi can anyone pls share how to sweep the DC input for a differential circuit. I used a vcvs to convert a single input to a differntial signals. However, problem arise as the negative input will not turn on the other end of the amplifier. WHat's the correct way to do it ? I need to sweep this to get the differential output versus differential in
for a low power converter use the 555 timer to generate a 50 - 100 KHz square wave to drive a two diode rectifier (diodes are reversed from a regular two diode rectifier to generate a negative voltage). You should have -10 V coming out of which you can use 7905 regulator to obtain -5 V.
You please convert the PCB File into Gerber the Gerber Text File Please add the following two lines after second line of the gerber file %IPNEG*% %LPC*% These two are for converting the Gerber into negative.Now open this gerber file in a gerber viewer, probably your PCB Design software should be capable of importing gerber
flatulent,thank you. May be my expression above is not proper. In Quantum effect,photons convert to electron-hole paris.Due to negative reverse bias,electrons downwards & holes upwords. In the bottom image,electrons can march straight.I think this structure is correct. In the top image,current path is bended.I believe this would harm electron
I have a machine that it has a sensor of accelerator 0 for 5 volts DC but I need to invert analog tension of 0 to 5 volts DC for 5 to 0. how ? help me. most
That method works, however there is a significant amount of work that must be done to fix the padstacks, they will be missing, almost always, a soldermask and pastemask clearance, through hole pads must have a matching thermal flash file created and inserted in the padstack if you are going to use negative power planes, then the exported decals mus
Yes this circuit does output a negative voltage. I measure about -0.35V. Although the available current is small, only a fraction of a microamp, the transistor really does convert from positive to negative without using any capacitor, inductor, or charge pump. Semiconductor equations usually don't give negative values. (...)
It depends on how much current you need. For low current applications, there are many ways to invert the voltage with switched capacitors: If you need high current, you are going to
First, thank you for your recommendation. I decided to use DAC0808LCN as my Digital - to - Analog converter. This is the first time I use this one. But it seems to be difficult to implement! My PSU can supply only 0-24VDC. But DAC0808 requires negative supply (as indicated in datasheet). How can I use DAC0808 to convert 8-bit number into (...)
The ZN449E is an 8 bit a/d. Therefore, its resolution is equal to the Vfs/256, where Vfs is the maximum full scale input. The Vfs value can be adjusted to any value above 2.5 V by the use of external resistors. For example, if you set Vfs to 10V, then the resolution would be 10/256 = .0390625 V. The output values go like this: ~ Vin
hi guys: Now I am designing a laser driver's automatic power control circuit which is called APC in short .I have read some articles about laser driver circuit.But I don't understand is: Suppose the temperature doesn't change and I(bias)=30mA,I(mod_pp)=10mA, I(bias)=bias current for laser diode. I(mod_pp)=modulation peak-to
i need a -1.25V voltage reference which also tracks the my case vss is -2.5.actually i need to convert this voltage reference to current reference using v-i one terminal of resistor is vref(-1.25) and other terminal is vss(-2.5). thats why i need a vref that also tracks the vss so that voltage across the resistor do not change
how should I design the microphone circuit of the tuner? Is it a good idea to use a schmitt trigger inverter to convert the analog wave from the mic into pulses so that a uC can process the signal?
Is there any tools or anybody has a script or program that can quickly convert a fractional number to hardware representation? For example: (simple one that people can usually calculate it by inspection) 0.5 = 0.1 0.25 = 0.01 -0.5 = 1.1 -0.25 = 1.11 -0.0001234 = ????? And it gets more complicated if there is interger number combined, lik
how to convert negative integer to positive integer in C language without using any special functions
Take a look at the attached circuit .. It will convert AC sine-wave to 0-5V square-wave, just increase the input resistor (R17) to, say, 4.7kΩ and connect protection diode between the transistor's base and the emitter (Cathode to Base) .. Regards, IanP
I've got an equation that looks like: A+jB ------ -C+jD and I want it to look like E+jF Now I know that A+jB ------ C+jD can be changed to (A+jB)(C-jD) = ---------------- (C+jD)(C-jD) (AC+BD) + j(BC-AD) -------------------------- C^2 + D^2 which then splits into (AC+BD) ----------- C^2 + D^2 + j(BC-
Hi you must use a positive offset voltage to convert your input to positive voltage. regards
how can i convert impedance from the format of : a+bj to capicator/coil and resistor? the load is 50ohm and the freq is 3400MHz
hi I would like to make circuit that it can convert 5 v dc to -5 v dc. please suggest me about this circuit.:?:
Hi, You need to divide the whole range by the same scaling factor. If you want your values to be scaled to then you should divide all values by 2. Next you need to convert each value to the n bit binary value. So you need to determine the number representation (I think you'll use two's compliment) and the quantization method (trunca
Can anyone guide me how to using the matlab command fft to convert voice time domian to frequency domain? please teach me...:cry:
SA Ahmad, I must be missing something in your questions, since I find no problem in representing negative fractions in binary form and using 2's complements. Regarding their representation and the matter of accuracy, you may prefer using this library found at: Check the fixed_
sir, I am doing project in NDT. I am inneed of separting the image send me some valuable suggestions I will be very thankful to you. with thanks sudharsan.T
Hi: There are quite some tools can convert s-parameters into RLC or SPICE netlist in a wide frequency band. However, none of them can guarantee the RLC are always positive or the SPICE netlist to be of passive components only. It seems impossible to avoid negative RLC or active devices inside the SPICE net list. If possible, I do suggest people
Hello Rajkumar, Gerber data is a simple, generic means of transferring PCB information to a wide variety of devices that convert the electronic PCB data to artwork produced by a photoplotter. Virtually every PCB CAD system generates Gerber data because all photoplotters read it. It is a software structure consisting of X,Y coordinates sup
If I get a main power source using an AC-DC power adapter (12V@3A), is it possible to step down to few stable and regular supplies such as +3.3V, +5V, +9V and -9V? Can use voltage regulator such as 7805, 7809, 7909 to achieve? Thanks for any help in advance!
use an inverting amplifier of gain -1 and then convert the signal...