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Hi, I need to convert a PCI layout in PDF format from positive to negative I mean background in black and traces in white or transparent keeping PDF format and dimentions. Regards, Fernando
Do you need to convert 100V to -100V or do you want to generate as power supply capable of supplying both +100V and -100V?
Hi, If you have .sof file, you can convert to most of files you need. Fro ex : pof, hex,rbf,ttf,rpd But can not be converted to .vhd ,v files. Regards, plz help me.
How can I do the RGB(Video card) convert to YUV(Y-CB-CR)Components TV :?:
hello any one can explain to me briefly how to convert to bivariate Gaussian as in Proakis "Digital Communication" under the BER of PSK Regards
Hi, pleas, I need a routine for 10bit convert to BCD code in ASM thanks
hello everbody, Can cadence's OA database be convert to old "cdb" format? thank s
Assume that I have converted my voice into an electrical signal. Is it possible that signal may go down to negative values (amplitudes)? So why sound files (like WAV) has negative values?
Hi: One of my former colleague wrote the following cbs for HFSS10 to read dxf and then convert to solid object. But how do I extend this to handle the case when I have more than one slices? Thanks, Dim oAnsoftApp Dim oDesktop Dim oProject Dim oDesign Dim oEditor Dim oModule Set oAnsoftApp = CreateObject("AnsoftHfss.HfssScriptInter
Dear all, Is it possible to convert VB file into MATLAB ? If yes, is there any link i can refer to ? Pls post it, many thanks in advance ! :D
Hi I am struggling to understand why negative 8 bit convert to 16 bit ? What about positive? What is the benefit? if (data&0x0080) data += 0xFF00; // convert to negative 16-bit else data = data; end
can we convret {A51 ASM convert TO ASM}? it posibal? if yes pl help me.
The charge-pump converts the digital pulses into an analog current that is converted to a voltage via the passive loop filter network. The use of a charge pump adds a pole at the origin in the loop transfer function of the PLL, since the charge-pump current is driven into a capacitor to generate a voltage which drives the VCO.
hello friends, i need some help. Now I am a final year student at a university. I got a project, to me it is very difficult. how can I convert the physical signal to digital signal? for example, from flow of water, convert to voltage output.
hi All, I want to convert 32 bits hex to dec using 89c51 pls help me on this issue I don't know how to start. Math converter 32 bits data using 8-bit register ASM51 is very difficult for me.. :cry: here expl to convert: "21D9BAF5" hex ascii convert to "567917301" decimal pls help me :D
Help me I need to I/O SIM card at GSM module convert to RS232 ?? I want to circuit
hi, i need help for modify a .asm file , go to this page for the project AT89C2051 Clock this is a clock with alarm, The code that comes with this project will sound the alarm buzzer for 1 minute, then turn the alarm off., but i want change it for 1 second ,not 1 minute, but i have no knowledge for progr
I have a RAM code here in VHDL where I have to convert to Verilog. VHDL seems very complicated on its grammar and I am new to this field. LIBRARY IEEE; USE IEEE.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE IEEE.std_logic_unsigned.ALL; USE STD.TEXTIO.ALL; USE IEEE.std_logic_TEXTIO.ALL; ENTITY std_logic_ram IS PORT (address : IN std_logic_ve
I need for pic 16f877 controller? ccs compiler you can port it easily - - - Updated - - - do u want to display the value of ADC on seven segment? if so there is no need to convert to hex. please let me know if iam getting it right so that i can help you also let me know h0w many 7 seg
Dear all I want to convert gerber data to pcb file pls. suggest.i am using protel 2.7 Thanks JP
here's my though, i have 3.2v battery, then i convert it to 12vdc by using boost converter. Here's my question, is that possible that 12vdc(from boost converter) convert to AC by using inverter? is it has enough power? Your question has no sense until you specify the load. A boost converter has some 60-70 p
in my servo drive it is written 500 kpps command pulse, my doubt is that what is kpps how to convert to frequency, what is the frquency for 500 kpps kindly help.
Dear All, The normal regulator only converts the positive voltage and their substrate is ground. Now I want to design a regulator, whose negative input voltage may exceed its negative substrate voltage. For example, its input voltage is from -10V to +10V, I would like to convert it to constant voltage -5V to +5V. But (...)
Dear All, I need to convert signed/unsigned decimals to their equivalent signed binary values in Matlab.I had used 2 functions but they work for positive integers only i.e de2bi() and there any function that help me or I had to write my own routine for conversion. Regards,
To build a dc-dc converter that can generate stabile negative output voltages you will have to use a transformer .. Take a look at the attached circuit. Although it was designed to convert +V to +V, by changing the polarity of assorted components at the secondary site you will be able to generate required negative voltage (...)
Hi all I am considering to design a DC converter which can convert the positive voltage to negative voltage. Does any one have ideas about the componets, schematics of it, ...vv.. Thank in advance Sunknu There are many and many as ICL7660, MC34063, . . . . .schematics and the another informations which there is
I am working on butterworth IIR filter & I have to implement it in ARM assembly. This filter have some fractional coefficients. Can anybody explain me how to convert this fractional coefficients in hex so that I can use it in assembly without changing the response of filter?
Dear all please tell me how to convert the float data in byte in mickroc compiler... thanks
hi I have a -15V 0 +15 supplies and i want to convert it to -5v 0 +5 please can u help 10x
Hi, Can anyone suggest a way i can convert voltage from a +12 volt DC power supply into -12 volts, I dont want to switch polarities I just need a fixed circuit i can use. Need your help and expertise.. thanks a lot
Try Protel 99 SE for your schematic capture and pcb layout, it's quite good. It will also convert to acad's dxf or dwg file format. get it from this forum.
Hello there, Do anyone know how to convert a schematic drawn from max+plus to other schematic editor? Or convert to EDIF without any synthesis? Thanks a lot! tsehonkit
Hi.. I have a IP2022 based micro server, simmular to the ubicom phantom server, although not 100% but i would like to convert my server to act as an phantom server. i can make these changes by rewiring the flash chip and the 2 leds to the correct i/o pins (which is the only difference.) But this can also be done in software, if i had the so
annyone who can tell me how can i convert spice3 model to pspice9 model? i use pspice 9.21 in cadence PSD 14.0. Thanks a lot!!
Still few hours work for anybody to do for you. But you can do it yourself. Have you tried using some free, easy to use software to do this yourself? You can use output to HPGL and then use graphics package like Photshop to convert to jpeg Enjoy
NMOS process is not compatible to CMOS process. The logic cell design is different. Therefore, direct translation is not possible. In order to convert to FPGA, you need the verilog or logic function netlist. But not the gate level netlist. The translation is very easy. You can read it from the manual of your FPGA synthesis tool
How can I design a converter that will take 100mV p-p sine wave at 20 MHz and convert to TLL level square wave to drive digitial circuits. Thanks.
Is it possible to convert S19 file to Binary/Assemble file?Please give some suggestions.Thanks.
Plotting polar patterns in Matlab could be proved very tricky ;) Matlab converts negative numbers to positive/180phase... 2D polar patterns need to be carefully converted before plotting... Moreover, 3D polar patterns are impossible with Matlab... You have to convert to XYZ data points and then plot with 'surf' or 'mesh' (...)
Any cam tool can do this. Cam350, Camtastic, GC-CAM..... You can also do it without CAM tool. Most packages will allow you to have multiple PCB on the same PCB document, but of course you cannot use any rule checking features as the netlists will be corrupt. But if you open a new PCB file, create your mechnaical details for your 'panel'
This Logic cannot be implemented in VHDL. VHDL can be used to implement purely digital designs only. NRZ to Manchestor code converter requires to be implemented in ANalog..
for low power apps you can use MAX1044/ICL7660 (Switched-Capacitor Voltage converters) for more power you can use any switchin IC source like MC34063 in voltage inverting configuration (for this you need an inductor). hope this helps, //a
as i recall EGA was 640x350 to convert to VGA 640x480 need quite a lot of electronics. But what still puzzles me Why .? why ? What is so valuable in your OLD ega board that deserves to go through that pain . What can be achieved with such an ackward old standard with only 16 colors?
if you can convert bmp to dxf maybe import in power pcb I use pdfcreator and pdft0dxf converter program firstly convert bmp to pdf and then convert pdf to dxf very long process but succes if you cant work bmp2asc program you sould use this way
If you are using a C compiler, the function sprinf can convert a float to ASCII.
so i got the problem i have not idea how to convert without errors digital signal form like aiken biphasic to F2F if u like to digital square form , i wanna send that kind of signal via some digital transmitter like RXQ-1 or use some of programmable chip from NORDIC ,i need simple solutions but withou
Hi all, I have problem in converting 26 bit binary to BCD using PIC 16F782 using assembly language. I need to convert eg 2FAF080 hex to 50 000 000 dec using 4 registers casade together.. which mean 4 bytes. actually my application is to make use of timer0 as a counter to count the input freqency and store them in a 4 byte register.. then conv
Hi Could anybuddy do me a favour for this? I have already made a layout in Autocad 2004 and would like to convert it into Protel se99 PCB file so that I dun need to redraw the layout which is quite tough 4 me coz the layout dimension have too many angle rotation n holes. Is that possible to do it? Thanks.pls advise. Regards KP fresh Pr
Can anyone tell me if i can convert the scanned files with extention *.djvu to *.pdf ones .. how to do ?? Thank you very much ...
at first for measure the current i use shunt resistive wire and when i measure voltage i see 65mVac (with voltmeter) how can i amplifier this voltage AND how can i convert to line voltage(in turkey is line voltage 220V) DO YOU KNOW ANY CIRCUIT TO MEASURE AND convert FOR MICRO THAK YOU EVERYBODY....