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For simulation, you would need to convert the data into something that the simulation can use, or write a parser for this format, or find a parser for the format. For synthesis, you would need to decide how to get the data to the FPGA (pcie, ethernet, etc...), and then implement a synthesizable parser for the data.
I am using a composite video to usb converter. From usb i have D+ and D- differential signal coming out. I manually probed the white (D-) and green(D+) wires from my usb cable (I had to slice the wire) to visualize signal outputs using scope. Now I want to modulate LED light to transmit this digital usb signal (D+/D-) to the receiver. At Receiv
Hi everyone, I need your helps. I have the values in the form of dB uV / sqrt(Hz) for each frequency (Hz) and I have to convert these dB uV / sqrt(Hz) values to amplitude (V). How can I do this ? Thanks
Hi folks, Need some help to get me in right direction. I have simple camera with USB output and want to convert this USB into wifi signal. meaning is just make that camera wireless and access it from web. Does anyone of you know the project like this? Thank you for any help.
Lots of video convert solutions will be offered freely from CHiPAV of China CHiPAV(a company come from ShenZhen of China) is offering lots of video convert solutions freely, the basic list as follows: 1. AV TO VGA 2. AV TO HDMI 3. VGA TO AV 4. VGA TO HDMI 5. YPBPR TO HDMI 6. HDMI TO VGA 7. HDMI TO YPBPR 8. HDMI (...)
Hi, We are designing automotive camera with HDR features and output as video Composite signal as for current version. However, the Image Sensor output are in digital format either in HiSPI or 12bits parallel output. Do anyone have any idea of convert the digital output from Image Sensor to Composite video format?
Hello, I need a simple schematic (discrete components only) to convert a 640 resolution vga to color composite video. can this be done without ICs? I have found a suitable driver for convert the VGA timings here so hopefully a simple circuit would work. But I have not found any C
Hello All, Is it possible to convert the pspice netlist to schematic view, If possible how do I do it. Please help me Thanks,
in matlab you have rgb2gray can also convert to gray by multiplying RGB channels of the image with corresponding scalar values... in C and C++ you need to use OpenCV need to configure them first in your c compiler and include the library files and then call the function...check the link [URL="docs.opencv.
VGA is still an analogue format. If you're going analogue cable into a tuner and coming out VGA, you still have an analogue signal going into the cctv router. That is fine, just keep in mind at some point you will need to convert to a compressed digital video format of some type, as mentioned by udayan above. Have you tested the cctv router yo
Hi, I want to convert analog video signal output of an analog camera to digital signals and give it to ARM MCU and do some processes on it (because ARM MCU has OS and softwares needed). I founded that I must use the "ADV7180" SDTV video Decoder from "analog devices" (or similar IC) to do this or use OMAP35xx series ARM MCU that has internal (...)
can not understand what type of ( a Firewire device or a plug-in card. It converts the video and audio from the recording into a data stream, usually AVI ) device. what it could be ?
way you need video to usb converter? if you have composite video why you want to convert it to USB ? if you want to say convert USB Web cam to composite I think you need a controller with usb host and related programs for connecting to it . a easy way is change your camera and buy a simple composite camera (...)
Hi , I am working on a Hobby project , I need to convert the coaxial input of a Cable TV interface into digital signals and provide to a processor , Can anyone help me out with how to proceed with the project ?? Any links regarding the same will be of great help , Thank you .:-)
how can i convert realtime video stream to bit stream in matlab? thanks
HI I have an old gaming board working on CRT i need to convert the old CRT Monito (TV) to new LCD monitor, i tried many many LCD's but it only display no signal and no picture at all. Any one one can help me how to do this ? Babar
pls convert it to 2 or 4 ch analog datalogger.
If you can, convert your video data into digital one and add your data into this and send it as a stream package then decode it at the end. You can use it bidirectional..just an idea..
Hey ! You please refer MC34063 datasheet.the entire step by step procedure is given.For better understanding view video on DC-DC converter design using MC34063 by Dave Jones of EEV blog
It is an easy way to convert old 8mm videos to digital version. The whole process consists of three steps: make pictures of every piece of the video tape separately process the pictures creat
AC batteries are not actually batteries, but converters that create AC current out of DC battery supplies. Alternating current flows in two directions and is mostly used for power distribution such as the power to the electrical outlets in your home. AC can carry electricity several miles without a loss of power and can also be controlled to increa
This is not going to be a simple task for a complete beginner. You will need to learn several things: 1. How to manipulate video theoretically (using matlab) 2. How to write HDL for an FPGA 3. How to take your Matlab algorithm and convert it to HDL. Each of these steps can take a while to understand and actually get working. I suggest you start w
Hi, i am designed a OpAmp usig Tanner EDA 15 now i have to draw the layout for that.Please tell me how to convert my schematic to layout automatically in Tanner EDA15.
If you want to convert one video format to another, it will require specialized circuitry and the know-how to troubleshoot it. It is much simpler if the laptop outputs a video format which is compatible with the tv input. In other words, does the laptop video OUT jack look similar to one of the tv video IN (...)
Hello My name is Boris, Recently i start to learning about video processing. I wrote a simple code in Matlab that convert video file from "RGB" to "Grayscale", But when i trying to Play converted file by using "implay" function i get errors about last line of the code. I hope someone can guide me to solve the errors (...)
You have to use an LVDS differential I/O. Otherwise, you'll need to convert protocols.
hi how can i convert animation video to animation code for led cube via matlab? expecting your comments
Any body have ch7026 complete datasheet or any information about how to program this beast? Chrontel does not give any information. I'm trying to config it to take RGB input from MCU and convert it to VGA and CVBS format. Thanx for any help
I want to convert a video into frame sequences using MATLAB and want to store the frames into a folder.
Place (pour) a hatched polygon on an unused mid layer, then use Tools convert to free Primitives so the polygon is then free no-net tracks, the auto router will then not place vias in that area.
I think, you should primarly think about this project objective convert that image into digital format i.e. suitable for transmission The said image sensor is exposing a digital video standard signal. To transmit it with acceptable efficiency, you have to compress the image data. Choosing a microprocessor with sufficient memory cap
how to connect dvd video out to lcd display having usb reader or sd card reader. the lcd display have sd card reader and usb on the go reader so it can play all the files in memory stick . but same lcd does not have analogous video input connctivity so that i can play dvd disc directly from dvd player. any idea about any such convertor (...)
Hi everybody! I just want to share my little project I made... I converted wireless mouse to work on Li-Pol battery instead of AA-battery. With built-in charge controller (MAX1555) and DC-DC converter (MC34063). Here's all my project details, including video, schematics, and
Frames are stored as matrix datatype in MATLAB, which is something that is hard to convert in HDL as such. You have to serialize/buffer the data and stream it as input and well as output.
hello i have to convert the raw video of radar coming to the scope in the form of raw video (blips) to the synthetic video (give a proper shape or symbol and provide it a label). please any body guide me how can i start with my project. thanks..
hello helping members i need to convert usb data to audio/video. so please guide me about this technology.
Hi all, I am looking for a way to convert a ITU-R BT.656 digital video stream into digital 18bit RGB (RGB666), so I am able to connect my video processor with ITU-R BT.656 output to a digital LCD panel with a RBG666 input. One would think that there are capable ICs available, but I am not able to find such any. Does anyone have any (...)
Hi Camera interface can be analog (video signal - PAL ,NTSC etc) or digital depend on your camera module If you are using analog (mostly one analog line) you will need to convert it to digital signal using video decoder IC(see TI site for video decoders) If you are using digital module (most likely) you will need (...)
can any one help me in converting video file to YUV using Matlab its urgent plzzz help me out thanxs in advance
Is there any dedicated ICs are available to convert video from AV(Audio video, Yellow) into digital. Or anyone can suggest me any idea to convert this video into digital. Thanks..
Hello, Folks. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a video decoder that will convert the VGA port signal on a laptop to a digital video signal? The Analog Devices ADV7181C and 7401 look promising, but they don't appear to be easily available at the moment.
I have been given a .mp4 file and cannot play it on my computer or DVD video system. Can anyone suggest a free or low cost converter program that can convert this to some format that a home video DVD player can recognize?
HI everyone, I am trying to design a video (analog VGA video) wireless communication system for my UAV . I want to convert the analog video signal to digital and transmit it. But I cant find a suitable RF module and that can meet my spec. Requirements: Transmission data rate : >25Mbps or >4Mbps (if (...)
You can buy a converter from RGB/Hsync/Vsync to digital LCD, I guess also for other video standards. Any LCD display with an analog video input has the respective function built-in.
I am looking at an imager that has a stereo-mode output when coupled with an LVDS chip of 8-bit raw Bayer on an 18-bit frame output. I want to convert this to CVBS output and have been told that I should use CPLD of some kind, or perhaps FPGA. There are several chips with LVDS inputs, and it is possible to use the chips as a mod to interface with
Hi Booleano, Your problems are many if you want to implement an HDMI transmitter inside and FPGA. It is extremely complicated and you need an external PHY (serializer) to convert the data to the 2.4GHz serial data that the HDMI supports. I have done this in an FPGA but it was only supporting the low-end of the HDMI standard. You can look into t
Hi, I have some RAW AVI videos (huge sizes) in the range of 500 MB-3 GB for just a few minutes of video. I need to convert these to a compressed AVI format. Can some please point me to some converter for doing this? Thanks a lot in advance.
hi... can any body send matlab code for converting jpg image to yuv(video) file... thank you....
Hi, I have been working on something similar application but on an Altera board for sometime. I can brief about the video pipeline implemented on an altera board. May be you can find something similar for xilinx and can implement it. first of all, the decoder IC (ADV7183B) will take PAL as input and will give you output in ITU-R BT.656 YC
hello group, i am searching for a hardware that can convert RGB & synch signal or vga signal to digital signal and which can be interfaced to a processor or controller. thank you