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Hi all I need some help, when you need hi power, in aplications like Hi power-current dc-dc converter, it's necesary to parallel the mosfet transistors to get more current and power, I need to know how is the formula or calculations, to know how quantity of mosfet that I need to specific current and power ???? in the example, it's use 4 7
hi all, i want to control a shift rgister whish is CMOS(4015 or 4094).the circuit is supplied 12 volt. i want to give the data and clock by AT89C51 MCU. That works on 5 volts. how can i interface both circuits.i can not reduce the voltage of shift register circuit . i think i have to use voltage level converter which can convert 5volts logic
hello friends, I´ve already bought a FT232AM chip and made a serial-usb converter test board to test this IC. The hardware seems to be ok but I simply cant install it in win98. I´ve contacted FTDI and sent tehm my sch, they told me the hardware was ok but they told me also that win98 had problems with drivers and said I had to update the OS
Hi all.. i just had this crazy idea! i have this m3po mp3 player.. and i would reallt like to have it play mp3's from my server, insted of the internal harddrive.. so how about making a IDE emulator that plugs in, insted og the harddrive, this emulator then emulates harddrive for the m3po. and gets the data from network.. is this at
Hi,ti and maxim have some application about high speed d/a converter
hi check TI site and go to data converter section and find ADCs at your needs,there are many adcs with your spec ,they also send free samples. Regards
Hi, 74184 BCD to Binary converter 74185 Binary to BCD converter Salam, SphinX
Hi A am working on a 12 bit 2.4 GSample/sec. DAC using HBT 0.3u process. I have completed all stages except one. I need a c-mos to ECL converter which is driven by a c-mos encoder (composed of some nor gates) and will drive a Bipolar diffrential switch (possible input resistance 2-5 Mohms) The key word here is high speed. I think I have tri
hi, I'm an asic design engineer and never got involved in analog. Currently I'm embedding a microcontroller into my chip. This chip should have analog parts (specifically an A/D converter). I was wondering how to implement this structure with analog libraries and how to proceed the design flow which was started with VHDL? I mean, how should I integ
I don't think it would be difficult to build a speed converter based on, say, DS80C320, which is 8051-core micro with 2 independent full-duplex UARTs. One serial port will read data at 64kbps and the other will send data at 9.6kbps. On top of that this micro has: 256 bytes scratchpad RAM and Addresses and 64 kB RAM which can be used as a buffer .
20MSPS ADC usually comes in SMT package. You can design a SMT-> THT converter or adaptor.
Hi all, To compensate the PWM mode buck converter,which topology of the Error amplifier is better? weather Gm-based(folded cascode) or voltage amplifier(two stage opamp)? what difference do they make in compensation? what are the advantages and disadvantages using those topologies? Thanks.
What accounts for most of the heat generated by the power transistor operating in a tv flyback converter? What is it directly related to? Can a faulty snubber circuit destroy the power transistor??
I need a no clock high speed comparator that converter 1V peak-peak differetial data signal to rail to rail .
Hi, I have just started working on a project that is a Bus Low Voltage Differential signaling (BLVDS) to Universal serial bus (USB) converter. Currently I'm at a beginner level and wanted some advice if this particular conversion is feasible as BLVDS works almost at 800Mbps whereas USB works at 2Mbps. Does anyone know how exactly these 2 bu
Hello, somebody knows an 8 bit A/D converter with LVDS out sampling at 40MHz ? Regards!
Take a look at this USB-to-Parallel converter: Let's hope it's suitable for your project .. Regards, IanP
1) Try using a Stepper Motor to get direction (use a reference then count the steps taken to settle down) 2) Use a DC motor to get speed (A to d converter)
PWM also can be used to create a buck converter
Hi, all, Is there such a device (IC) that can converter my USB host 1.1 into 2.0 version? Please advise. Wanchope
guys, i have a project to make that will require serial to pic but will use usb converter coz laptops now have no serial com. my question is, will i have to do anyting else but buy the converter or i need to modify program. btw, i will be using PIC16f877a and VB6 for this. also it will involve controlling 50,000+ LED. i have the basic design alre
In RAR: 1.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 0.07um CMOS Flash Analog to Digital converter for High speed and Low Voltage Applications" 2.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 1-GSPS CMOS Flash A/D converter for System-on-Chip Applications" 3.Jincheol Yoo et al "A Power and Resolution Adaptive Flash Analog to Digital converter" 4.Jincheol Yoo et al (...)
Hi I made avr309 and worked well so this device after install the drivers created a usb device not a Virtual COM as ftdi make, how can I setup to creat a virtual COM1, COM2, COM3, COMx ?????? my serial terminal need to know the com to communication and I need to set baud rate speed too regards Aldevan
Hi everyone, I'm undertaking a project involving Analog to Digital converter (ADC). From what i know, one way to implement this ADC in Verilog is by using a DAC and comparator. Basically this method is based on the Successive Approximation. The problem with this design is that it is slow as it requires many comparisons. Is there any ADC with par
In the GIC below one can change the OpAmps polarities and also do some other modifications without changing the impedance Z=(Z1*Z3*Z5)/(Z2*Z4). So, why the conventional circuit is always as shown in the diagram and not a different one?
I need a IC convert from USB to SPI or I2C, please help me!
Hi It is a bit difficult task You need to convert it to digital data using video A/D converter like the TVP5150 sample the digital data streem and convert it to digital video using hi speed processor or DSP and then sending the digital data to LCD there are some chip's who do the entire job All the best Bobi
Hi Friends, I am using Stratix II for one of my video processing application. If you already have the module of DVI to PAL, DVI to RGB, RGB to PAL, RGB to DVI, PAL to DVI or PAL to RGB Kindly give me the VHDL module. Thanks in advance Regards, N.Muralidhara
Hello! Which is better to use in AD convertion, the full 10 bit resolution or the 8 bit? If 10 bit, why? If 8 bit why? By the way I'm using PIC16F877. Thank you.
hi,all just as the topic, i want to know in dc/dc converter, why not use high frequency switch frequency, as we know, use high frequency can get small passive component, but high frequency will causes more switch loss, but as the process goes down, i think the parasitic does not change so much, so why not use high switch frequency? this is my
Hi all, i have a question. Is it possible to use the PWM module of PIC16f877a as a D\A converter just by varying the duty cycle ? for eg. 2.5v = 127 duty cycle and the output is connected to a simple two pole RC filter. What are the values of R and C do i have to use ? How fast is the conversion speed? Your help is much appreciated.
Hi, All: I am looking for a high performance data acquisition board, it's better equipped with a powerful FPGA(Virtex-5) and 2 high speed A/D converter(2Gs/s). Anyone has any recommendations? I really appreciate it. Yu
Hi There, Can anyone help me with a circuit for a Async to Sync converter, using a AVR micro. As far as I understand Async data has no clock and Sync data does. Can I buffer the data received from the Async side and just clock it out the Sync side? or is it a lot more complicated than that?? Thanks
Hi, i need to build a step-up converter which has an input range about 12v to 13.8v. The input needs to be step-up to 18.5/19v. The problem lies with the output current as it must be able to generate a max of 3.5A to the load. This is for typically laptop purpose.thx. Any schematics or suggestions?..
Hi guys, I need design an IDE/SATA converter, desirable also to be capable to work with SATA3 standard. The first step I need, is to define electrical hardware pinouts, constraints and specifications of this blackbox ( I´m not yet woried concerning firmware ). Do anybody could send a picture or electrical circuit diagram that I coul
Simpo PDF to Text is a FREE yet professional PDF to Text converter, with which you could convert your PDF documents to Text, TXT format for totally free! It’s a standalone application, Adobe? Acrobat or Adobe? Reader software is NOT required. PDF to Text processes at high speed and you can convert PDF to text files in a batch. What you have
Hi. If i use an ac-dc converter (thyristors bridge) to feed a dc motor and then i use closed loop control to change the firing angle when there is speed changes my question is what is the practical limits of the ac to dc converter to do this operation? I mean what factors i must consider when using this type of control on a dc motor?? (...)
Hi all, I'm designing a PIC32 based USB oscilloscope. I need a dual supply for the opamps as it simplifies input impedance and level shifting. I selected a unregulated +5V to +/-5V DC to DC converter (needs to be isolated so this limits my choices here) and then I was either going to use +/-3V LDOs in front of this to provide the supply for the
Hi, You should search pls for bus levelshifter or level converter circuits. You will find some up to 24 bit widths... K.
I posted earlier about an A/D converter project i was working on, which was all going very smoothly untill I realised I had made a mistake. The project I am doing involves measuring a 15mV change on a 24V signal, which i was doing by using a potential divider to step down the voltage to about 2.4V and then searching for the 15mV change on that s
Hi guys, I need to convert a sine wave to square wave, sine wave is running at about 1.5 GHz, so I had an idea of using comparator, but im afraid that most of the conventional op-amps cant support my speed requirement. Any advice and reference circuits please.
you should be able to use a clock and a ttl ic to do this job 74HCT165 is a parallel to serial converter it runs from a clock to clock in each bit of data if you want an exact rate like .01 sec then multiply it by 4 for the clock freq you can also oversample the ttl to avoid any miss reads try that... but remember its 8bit so you
hi everyone ,how much max resolution that can achieve with pipelined adc in 0.18cmos?can it great than 15bit?:?:
i think u need dac(digital to analog converter) for this action. u can fed binary output in dac from microcontroler & dac out analog voltage according your binary. these analog votage applied in 3 IGBT,s gates for variable speed.
Hi to all .I try for two months to make ad work .I just use my spi controller . My vhdl script is exactly as timing diagrams chapter 9, ug334 . Is there anything that is not metioned in manual that creates problems such as desabling other spi is not mentioned . i change spi_sck frequency and have different results. why? i just tried to
Hi all. I have two design: 1/ RS232 to Rs485 converter I use Txd, Rxd from PC ==> max232 => opto => max3089. I use RTS(from PC) to control DE and /RE pin max3089 2/ USB to Rs485 convert. I use USB=>> FT232RL => opto => max3089. I use CBUS2(pin 13 of FT232RL) to control DE and /RE pin max3089. With 2 this design I can send/receive data to the
Sounds like you would want to use a boost, or buck-bust converter. The batterie's power delivery capabality must be sufficient for the motor, of course.
There is a fact to mention about the resolution of the A/D converter. Since the converter converts the signals, it takes a certain time. The conversion time of the low resolution A/D takes less time than the conversion time of the high resolution A/D. You have to consider carefully : if you select an analog to digital converter with high (...)
Hello everyone I was simulating a basic two switch forward converter and can't figure out why the output inductor current has this shape (in images.elektr
videos of my MPPT I designing a MPPT controller to use with a small wind turbine. If the micro is removed from the MPPT a buck converter remain. AC voltage from a permanent magnet alternator is converted to DC using a bridge rectifier. Some