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Hi all can any one tell me from where i can get hi speed USB driver to install on my computer. When I put my data traveler USB drive in the usb the computer says that you have slow usb drive if you want to use fast access install HI speed USB driver 2.0 on you computer,,, plz help.
Hi, Can anyone please tell me what is the maximum data transfer rate that can be achieved between PC and SoC using USB? Any proposals which USB Hi-speed IP block should be used to achieve highest data throughput between PC and SoC? Thank you.
Dear friends, I am using altium designer for my PCB design applications. I need to know the answer for following question. If you can Please help me... Q1.What are the relation between Hi-speed & Signal Integrity? (Or is there any relation?) Q2. Is it necessary to use both together? Regards Udhay
Hi all I need some help, when you need hi power, in aplications like Hi power-current dc-dc converter, it's necesary to parallel the mosfet transistors to get more current and power, I need to know how is the formula or calculations, to know how quantity of mosfet that I need to specific current and power ???? in the example, it's use 4 7
In some power IC design need detect power mos Vds volt and this volta is very small 20~30mv (Rds * current) and who to design small volt comp ? becuase < 30mv maybe OPA have large offset .. and if I use series Comp hi-resolution but will low speed ..
Hello everyone; Can anyone advise me a high speed D/A converter with speed more than 1 Gsample/sec?
hi all, i want to control a shift rgister whish is CMOS(4015 or 4094).the circuit is supplied 12 volt. i want to give the data and clock by AT89C51 MCU. That works on 5 volts. how can i interface both circuits.i can not reduce the voltage of shift register circuit . i think i have to use voltage level converter which can convert 5volts logic
Hi Guyz... I was recently trying to built a Remote Control High speed Toy Car... I have completed with Software Coding for the Joystick Control & PWM... Now Im Stuck with the motor part...Which motor should i use to get a good speed for the car near about 50-100kmph... I have seen videos on youtube about Electric toy cars running @ about 73mph
Hi all, I need info on how to drive a high speed spindle (like the one that used by Protomat pcb routing from LPKF) ? Rgds
hi, I'm an asic design engineer and never got involved in analog. Currently I'm embedding a microcontroller into my chip. This chip should have analog parts (specifically an A/D converter). I was wondering how to implement this structure with analog libraries and how to proceed the design flow which was started with VHDL? I mean, how should I integ
Hello! Need a high speed (and 2.0 compiliant) USB host chip for embedded aplications. High speed is 480 Mbit/s. There are many chips in market can operate at 12 Mbit/s (full speed) and 2.0 compiliant, but it's little hard to find chip with 480 Mbits/s. So, is anybody knows such a chip?
power management chip is a prospective ic now.i am a beginner,who tell me what difference between regulator and converter?
Hi there. How can I build one 10 bits A/D converter from two 5 bits Flash AD converter ?
Take a look at this USB-to-Parallel converter: Let's hope it's suitable for your project .. Regards, IanP
1) Try using a Stepper Motor to get direction (use a reference then count the steps taken to settle down) 2) Use a DC motor to get speed (A to d converter)
PWM also can be used to create a buck converter
In RAR: 1.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 0.07um CMOS Flash Analog to Digital converter for High speed and Low Voltage Applications" 2.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 1-GSPS CMOS Flash A/D converter for System-on-Chip Applications" 3.Jincheol Yoo et al "A Power and Resolution Adaptive Flash Analog to Digital converter" 4.Jincheol Yoo et al (...)
Hi It is a bit difficult task You need to convert it to digital data using video A/D converter like the TVP5150 sample the digital data streem and convert it to digital video using hi speed processor or DSP and then sending the digital data to LCD there are some chip's who do the entire job All the best Bobi
Can U provide your circuit diagram? I need the same DC DC converter
Hi all, I'm designing a PIC32 based USB oscilloscope. I need a dual supply for the opamps as it simplifies input impedance and level shifting. I selected a unregulated +5V to +/-5V DC to DC converter (needs to be isolated so this limits my choices here) and then I was either going to use +/-3V LDOs in front of this to provide the supply for the
Design for boost converter Hi Im designing a 10-18V SMPS boost converter switching at 35-70Khz and I am not entirely sure on how to select the inductor size. Do I use V = L x di/dt ? where t would be t-on of the power switch and Vo would be (20VDC/5Amp ? Would I plug in values for the inductor and choose for the best di? If so what i
Hi, How do I modify this circuit to work with maximun 38400 baud instead of 9600 baud? The idea is to interface an YAESU FT-897D with Ham Radio DeLuxe rig control software. 68240 Original idea and project by IK2BCP. Thanks, Fernando - PU2PLL
Hi I wanted to know if there is any relation between the Gain factor of coupled inductor boost converter, Coupling coefficient(K), Loading and Magnetising inductance values. ie The gain of coupled inductor boost converter is given as Gv=1+N*D/(1-D) . N being turns ratio.(Here coupling factor is missing) Now if assume N=4,D=0.5,and K=0.95
Feedback regulation is more complicated in a boost converter (as compared to a buck converter). The stepped-up voltage is less directly related to what happens in the first section of the converter. Say you want to step up 9V to 100 V. You do not have 100 V available for a feedback reference V. Therefore you must ensure the (...)
half bridge converter Hi forum Can you explain what is mean by boostrap supply? secondly Qgtot moefset given 45nC how to convert this to seconds? need your advice please.. Hi satya82 What you're asking for ? your question is something and name of this topic is something else ! what is relation between half bridge conve
Hi , I am looking for i2c master adapter which supports 1Mhz speed or above with no clock stretching and no delay between inter bytes or inter bits ? i checked with Total Phase and their adapter doesn't support more than 800kHz.
I am looking for a design and software for a PC Parallel Port driven Pulse Generator. Does anyone know of a design on the web? Mazellan79
Does anyone have any design resources for the ICD2, (schematics and so on...) I have used the old ICD with great success (which was easy to build yourself...), but the old ICD isn't supported in the new MPLAB environment. /Froggy
Hi, Can any body explain "turn-around delay" in RS485 Half duplex communication. How to take care of this delay. Thank you Itp
Hi - Is anyone using Puls0nix ? How is it ? How would you compare it to Pr0tel 99SE or DXP ? I would use DXP now, except that it is too slow, even on a blazing fast machine.
Sure, I think you only look at serial<->usb instant converter ic's.For High speed and complicated data transfer, they have easy-to-use ics'.If you are not satisfied, you can try to look at cypress psoc's. Analyzer.
Someone knows any other non-PCI USB host controllers than Philips, Cypress and TDI? Cypress SL811 is only 8-bit, Philips has driver problems with Linux and driver source for TDI´s TD242 is US$ 15000 (o;
Is there a simple way to get a 10M CLK signal, I need that to connect to the CLKIN pin of the chip. what is the circuit design like? can anyone help?
how do you use solder paste? I have to solder some sensitive small components so would it be a good to use the paste instead of reg. solder?
The quantization noise is spread across the frequency range from 0 to the sampling frequency. If you sample twice as much, the qunatization noise density is half. It is to your advantage to sample much higher than the Nyquist frequency. If you do not want to carry the high data rate further in the system, you can low pass filter using more bits
Hello buddy, How can I design a system w/ LVPECL I/O by CMOS 0.18um (TSMC) process, 1.8V rail? or I just can use 3.3V supply that is really a 0.35um process?
How to design an amplifier, working at 10K--10MHz, Vpp to 50Ohm is +/-30V? Anyone can give me some reference? Thanks!
If you travel on a platform with speed of 250 000 km/s and you throw a ball with the same speed (250 000km/s) what will be the speed of the ball now? C (light speed) is the highest speed known.
what is your source? maybe u can try with dc-dc converter
100 kW is not "extremely high" powr level. IRG4PH50U (in the TO247 case) can deliver up to 50 kW in a step-down DC-DC converter
Hi all, I would like to know about your TIP or Technic in ferrite bead selection Thank you
The typical ADc sample ratios are seldom higher then 1 megaSPS. What are the highest speeds available by now for the ADCs on-board (DSP & mPCs from different manufactures)? What type of data conversion these devices utilise? How those high speeds of data-sampling - up to 1-2 GigaSPS are realisid in Tektronix scopes for instance?
Hello, I want to use a GSM module with a mp3 reader hardware. I have no experience with GSM module. Most of GSM modules have an UART interface. I'd like to know if I can get the gsm compressed data voice to send it to the mp3 recorder in order to record it. It would be nice too if i can read mp3 file and send it by GSM. thank you for your he
I have a small, quick turn PCB design house. Been in business for approx 7 years. Specializing in hi-speed, multi layer design. I take on all types of tasks....from simple 2 layer artwork duplication, to 20 plus layer IC test/verification boards. My toolset is Mentor Graphics Boardstation, and I have been using it for over 10 years. I have experie
Hello Everybody, My department bought TEK 7404 TDS hi - speed scope 18 months ago and was due to be calibrated last Feb 2006. My manager has some daunting queries. a.) Is it really needed to calibrate the scope since it was bought less than two years ago? b.) How do we know that the scope needed some calibration? Thanks, neo
I have to construct a optical transmitter and receiver. Im given 300Mhz hi speed op amp(MAX 477), some transistor, resistors, multimode setp index fiber and have to constuct the transmitter design for it. Is there anyways for me to look for as reference. Help needed.. Thanx very much
yes...a dc-dc convertor will make a smarter choice. discharge curve of SLA is almost flat upto to 80% (of its it all depends how large current you drain through it, if its too small then your battery may last many days, before the voltage drops below 12.5v good luck SLA -batterys in unloaded state
Hi, everybody. I am doing a project about health care system. The project include get signal from sensor and process the signal in a micro-controller and send the signal through USB into computer and plot a graph.I have a few questions 1)Which micro-controller integerate USB controller?I want to write there any controller can be written
Can i have a working circuit!!! With 50% duty cycle.... Buck converter...
Hi all I need sites that like I can download books but I need Mathematical books. regard