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Depends on copper thickness, width, how hot you want it to get... Take a look here, a trace-width calculator... or here, for a simpler one... Cheers, FoxyRick.
Hi, Can anybody help me to find address of compaines suppling copper clad Boards, Photoresist and chemicals in India regards Raju
Hi,all We are the PCB manufactory in China, also we product the copper clad laminate,FR4 and FR1. we can produce the single,doulbe sides,and multilayer pcb. Welcome to enqures to me, Winters Li Export Department Tel: 86-571-88901758 Cellphone: 86-15824440244 Fax: 86-571-88805106 Msn: E-mail: win
hi,all we are the copper clad laminate in China, for develop our market,so we want to get agent in the worlwide, if you have any interests,please contact me. wait your skype:winters771 website:
We are a copper clad Laminate manufacturer in China, named Zhejiang huazheng electronic group cp.,Ltd. Main products are FR-4/CEM-3/Aluminum-copper clad lamiante! Ul:E136069 Now I am looking for some agents over the world to expland the business! Of COURSE, WELCOME BUY FROM US, I WILL OFFER BEST PRICE Clark (...)
Hi,all we are the pcb and copper laminate manufacturer in China, we have pcb rigid and flex. copper clad laminate fr1 fr4 ,unclad laminate and aluminum laminate, we can do samples for you in short time and production. best price for you if you have any interest? please contact
Hi, can anyone let me know the minimum width of trace for a presensitized copper clad board (Pcb that processed with a UV light)? I have trace of 0.4mm in width(this width is due to the leg of component ADS7861, i cant make it wider or it will overlap). Can i make my design in that UV Pcb? Will the trace be disconnected for when i fabricate / etch
Dear all, we are the copper clad laminate manufacturer in china, FR4,cem-1,cem-3 and aluminum CCL. also we are the pcb manufacturer ,supply single,double-sdie and multilayer board any one have interest,please contact
Hi, Is there any simplest way to copy the PCB layout printed on a paper to copper clad for pcb designing... please help...
Dear Buyer, Our main products are FR-4 copper clad laminate and prepregs. CHARACTERISTICS: Tg 140. Compatible with AOI equipment. Excellent UV-blocking performance. Good dimensional stability. Flammability UL94V-0. Meet the specification of IPC-4101/21 Normal size:34*49",41*49",43"*49. thickness:0.2~3.2mm copper from 1/3 OZ to 3 (...)
For mechanical stability I would like to use copper clad Steel wire instead of solid copper conductor. I already tried 0.6 mm copper coated MIG welding wire. However the copper coating thickness seems well below 5 um as at 150 MHz a got extremely high resistive loss compared to solid (...)
Seeds are what things grow from, flowers, trees, copper clad boards. If you give your board a seed then your copper can grow from out of it. Its like a starting point, from which the copper can grow all over the board. :)
I've used a angle grinder, but it's too rough.
i want to cut down the copper clad into box shape very precisely,so can u tell me any method or any tool used for that!
The copper is milled from the fibreglass material using small high-speed grinding tools. The isolation areas have no copper! I have this facility but still prefer chemical etching :).
Dear All: We are a professional manufacturer of FR4 CCL in China,with capacity of 200000 sheets per month, below is the the basic information for our production. Product: FR4-CCL Standard: IPC-4101C/21 Certificate: UL/ROHS/SGS,/ISO9000 copper foil: single side/double sides Thickness 0.2mm~3.2mm Thickness of copper Foil 18μm~
you have forgotten too add a choke stub to the power rail my pal you also need a choke stub on the audio rail vc control rail these are crytical componets dont rely on just capacitors or resistors to decouple the supply rail and i think this circuit will self oscillate unless you use ceramic pcb {copper clad c
Hi friends Did anyone knows how to use photoengraving glue for exposing copper clad. I think that has to mix with water and Ammonium bichromate. if anyone knows how to prepare the photosensitive solution please share. I hope the procedure for making blocks for printing press is same. regards Benoy
To reduce the noise for the mixed circuits some attentions should be paid.. - Very good seperated ground connections that are converged onto only one point which is power supply ground.. - Very clean noisless power supply - Seperate VCC lines which are passed "feedthru" capacitors into concerned circuits - On the VCC lines , some inductive lo
Mona, I have a different question: can you print on copper clad board ? I am thinking if this printer can be used for home made PCBs. JJ
I made the upgrade board according to the PicStart_upg.pdf and connected pin 19 of the 18F6720 to +5v which the schematic did not show. I programmed the board using the Picstart + and it worked fine. I tried the programmer with the upgrade board, updated the os throgh MPLAB update, erased, read and programmed 16F682A, 16F84, 17C44, a 16F871 and eve
i should reiterate and note that whether the material is foam or not is not as relevant as price and dK i have found an Arlon product Foamclad which is a copper clad foam with a dK of approx 1.35 at 40 mils (no plated thru holes in processing however) this material is around 50 US dollars for an order under 1000 square feet in sheet (...)
A PCB pen can be used for simple layouts, layouts you can draw directly on to the copper clad board at one sitting. Then you drop it into a tray of etchant (ferric chloride solution) and the copper not covered by the ink gets etched away. The board has to be extremely clean, otherwise the tracks get smudged and / or etched.
hi first of all translate ur design to ur copper clad board by using photo sensitive matarials .then etch it in a ferric cloride solution ,keep it shaking for a while so that copper get etched off , then finaly clean it with ethonal solution. nikhil
Hi I am newbie in the microwave stuffs and I want to improve my skill on this.I don't have many things in my homelab ,so that I need to know how can I design electronic circuits using Microstrip for microwave purposes .also, is the microstrip layout board like the ordinary copper clad double-layered or what .Which PCB I must buy to implement th
Hi, everyone. I have a question about the conventional PCB trace thickness. What is the relationship between the thickness and copper weight, since I saw many PCB manufacture give the specification of copper weight. Thanks.
No need for simulation. Just take a piece of copper clad PCB, drill a hole for an SMA, and solder the flange to the ground plane. Then solder wire to center conductor and trim until return loss is good. You can also use wire as a counterpoise instead of PCB.
I am assuming that you'll get your screen done elsewhere. You can do it yourself but its not easy to reach good yield. Anyways, after you get your circuit in a screen form, you basically paint a clean copper clad/laminate. After a while, you'll etch the board and then drill the holes. Later the paint can be removed with any off-the-shelft paint rem
hi all i need information or any kind of help in my country no exposure printed board only Printed Circuit Boards - Standard copper clad and i can get chemicals Potassium Dichromate my problem how to use chemicals Potassium Dichromate on the pcb to make it exposure printed board any information or link or book please thanks in advance
hi there i have made a pcb and i take it on on "A4 SIZE PAPER" so what is the way of transfeering these trace on copper clad board without ..peel n press paer...and without photo glossy paper.... please reply
ANSI/EIA 274-D is the standard for G codes used for numerical machine control. It is sometimes called RS-274D format. It translates a drawing into a series of ASCII G codes to move a machine for manufacturing. In electronics it is used to control photoplotters for manufacturing masks to be used for exposing photo sensitive copper clad boards to
Hi, FR1,phenolic cellulose paper copper-clad laminates(phenolic/paper CCL),this kind of board couldn't be plated, the surface finish couldn't be HASL, endure 105 degree. FR4,epoxide woven glass fabric copper-clad laminates. It's a common base board to double side & multi side.
Howto make a PCB in Home It is simple, Toner Transfer method Materials and equipments required 1. Ordinary Iron Box 2. hacksaw or hacksaw blade 3. low cost hand drill 4. copper clad sheet (Glass epoxy is best for this method, if possible don't use paper phenolic ) 5. Ferric Chloride (100 gm can be used for making 250 boards) 6. ART P
Hi,all We are the PCB manufactory in China, also we product the copper clad laminate,FR4 and FR1. we can produce the single,doulbe sides,and multilayer pcb. Welcome to enqures to me, Winters Li Export Department Tel: 86-571-88901758 Cellphone: 86-15824440244 Fax: 86-571-88805106 Msn: E-mail: [
Hello,Guys I am a copper clad Laminates manufacturer in China, named Zhejiang Huazheng Electronic Group Co.,Ltd. with Logo"HLD", established 1989.Main product is FR-4, the material of PCB. and Pass ISO9000.2002, UL NO E136069, also can supply you the SGS report! Any interesting,, let me know! Clark Zhejiang Huazheng Electronic Group Co.,L
What is your board layout like? It is best to build switching power supplies on a single sheet of copper clad board with the component leads as short as possible. If you have long wires, you will get noise from the switcher itself, get noise induced from your car, noise from Radio Moscow etc etc.... Is the circuit quiet when powered from a be
Hi, this is Rachit. I have designed a PCB, Printed the PCB on a copper clad with the help of toner transfer method, I also dipped it in Ferric Chloride to etch the PCB, I cleaned the PCB with Acetone and it was ready to be soldered as per as my knowledge. But the solder wasn't sticking properly on the PCB. My friend told me that the PCB shou
We are a copper clad Laminate manufacturer in China, named Zhejiang huazheng electronic group cp.,Ltd. Main products are FR-4/CEM-3/Aluminum-copper clad lamiante! Ul:E136069 Now I am looking for some agents over the world to expland the business! Of COURSE, WELCOME BUY FROM US, I WILL OFFER BEST PRICE Clark (...)
hi,all we are the pcb and pcb materials-copper clad laminate manufacturer in china we have pcb single-side ,double-side and multilayer (4-24) also pcb matereials copper clad laminate fr1 fr4 cem-1 cem-3 and aluminum laminate. if you have any interest? please contact me winters (...)
Hi, I had designed my own Home made PCB Layout and successfully got in the copper clad..But i dont have idea about how to apply solder Mask in that PCB.. Can any one Help?
wow karesz, you are a most generous and kind fellow. Has me thinking I could send you my next schematic and you produce PCB for me, I need do nothing:D Anyway, don't you think the OP is probably a 12year old kid ? in which case I wonder if he/she has learn't anything ? It would have been better to steer the OP at vero or matrix board to le
for single side pcb's screen printing is ok you can print directly to copper clad from printer ( search internet for altered printers), but i don't think it can be used for production you can remove photoresist in sodium hydroxide solution the tinning is done after the solder mask coating, the simple method is screen printing the solder-m
I am from India and i brought the tube from polymer stamp making dealer, you can get it in electrical shops, I tried first with 40w choke but I was not able to find the starter for that (not working) so now I am using it with 4 20w choke, what type of copper clad you are using ie photo resist or pre-coated one
Folks, I'm making a write-up for a workshop. The class is on PCB layout, but I want to give students an idea about PCB fabrication too. Is this a the correct step for fabrication with photolithography? 1. copper clad FR4 substrate – starting point 2. Drill 3. Plate 4. Apply photoresist 5. Expose photoresist 6. Wash off unexposed
i don't thin it will work, there is cd holder for printing cd's , if using copper clad you have to fix it the surface with some method, but the risk is touching the printer head...
i am confused with laser powers , i want to make a cnc pcb machine as a final project . any body having a work experience on LASER's ? what power is enough (no more no less) which can etch , drill , and cut a (copper clad) pcb board . i just want to use a single laser module . would i use 10w-20w CO2 or less power would be suf
Hi all, I have been making PCB's at home using Toner Tranfer Method using Hot iron technique...but this method can fail if the track width is very thin....Although i havent tried it with thin Track Widths... Now im trying to use Photoresist method...i dont have acces to Photoresist PCBs...can anyone tell me how can i manually make the copper cla
Can I use a 1 m long waveguide at 200 MHz, if it is filled with distilled water (then the wavelength will be about 18 cm), and made from copper-clad PCB laminate with the Cu layer on the outside? Won't I have problems with total internal reflection at the water/PCB dielectric interface?
I like the homebrew way and the flexibility of both techniques. Manhattan: copper clad,PCB,metal shear,metal nibbler,metal punch,soldering iron,super glue Dead bug: But the problem with Manhattan style is these little pads that separate
That is obvious, one has to strike upon a suitable compromise, else design or search for copper clad to suit your requirement using higher copper layer thickness.