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Dear all The trackpad on my Acer Es1-311 did not work so I bought a new one, when I replaced the old one, a copper band broke and now the new one does not work. 136057 136058 The new one does not need the copper band and will it work? Do you know what the copper band does? (in the pict
Another reason not to set the copper pour size to zero is that it produces gerbers that cause problems. The data size for zero size copper is immense due to the number of vertices created, I can recall working on a design that took 2 days to produce the gerber for 1 layer because some zero size copper had been used. Whatever your trying to (...)
The datasheet says 2 A rated current (40 K temperature rise). It's easy to estimate the temperature rise at 4A DC, it's at least 160 K, more likely 220 K due to positive copper TC. Definitely above any enameled wire ratings. Only open question is how low the saturated inductance at 4 A exactly is.
All the component calculations, at least up to very high frequencies are identical. When the frequency is very high, the calculation stays the same but the effects of wire leg inductance and package capacitance may have to be taken into consideration. Heat sinking with SMD devices is normally achieved by soldering the tab to a copper area large e
Hello, I have purchase 30 gauge wire for testing experiment how electromagnet are build and inductor behave in circuits. I have tested that i have taken Iron nail and covered d it with 10meter copper wire and test to build electromagnet it was not attracting small piece but when i have taken small dc motor core it was working well which (...)
The red wire is connected in a way that isn't clear. It looks as though it is soldered to a pin, and also to a copper trace? Furthermore the trace has scratch marks a short distance away, as though done deliberately to break contact. These areas are circled in the don't
Dear All, I need to simulate a transformer using CST EMS to eddy-current and thermal loss estimation, quite similar to the following application: I designed the transformer coil with copper wire and set simulation to run (I didn't use the coil definition fro
Hello, We are doing a 2.8kW offline LLC converter.. Vin = 390VDC Vout = 180VDC F(SW) = 91kHz We have done a section-wound LLC transformer, and the main reason for this was because when restricted to using round sectioned enamelled copper wire, ?sectioned? winding more easily facilitates achieving lower winding resistance. However, do y
My 2 cents worth. Np=E*10^8/(4*F*A*B)=3.26 This is correct as far as you went. But you have to cover the full voltage range from 39vdc to max charge rate 55vdc? To be safe use 4 primary turns. Your low voltage is 39vdc your secondary voltage is 330vdc, a rule of thumb is to add 5% for duty cycle loss. 330vdc x 5% = 347vdc 347vdc/39vdc = 8.9
hi, i need to measure resistance of a 1m(minimum) length 0.2mm(minimum) diameter copper cable resistance with 1 micro ohm resistance least count. is there any commercial product available for this task. I have a 4 wire Low Ohm meter using a 3 1/2 digit display, so it will only measure to .001 of an ohm. If a
I already have 100m of copper wire of 0.8mm, and I know the formula ( ) and I need the maximum current that I can get out of a sector of 220v, I'm okay with the fact that the wire might overheat, I just need to know what's the maximum amperage I can get if I try to use a transfor
Hello, We wish to do a high side pulse transformer gate drive for Full Bridge SMPS with 400VDC input. We would like to wind the pulse transformer torroid with Triple insulated wire, but our volumes are too small to be able to buy any. Therefore, will it be ok to just use two strands of enamelled copper wire twisted together (bifilar) to (...)
Hi, I went through some of these on searched none seem
copper foil winding might be an option.
The same current flows through each part of the circuit so the only cause of localized heating can be resistance at the terminal itself. Assuming the wire rating is adequate, check the copper wire(s) is clean, the terminal is clean and the terminal is securely connected to the meter itself. Obviously, ensure the wire (...)
What is the overall diameter of a litz wound wire, made of 5 strands of 0.5mm external diameter Enamelled copper wire? Is it 1.5mm?
This page (below) states that TEX-ELZ insulated copper wire is only rated to 1000Vrms. Offline power supplies require insulation to 3500Vrms. So how is it that TEX-ELZ gets used in offline power supply switch mode transformers? TEX-ELZ rating chart
The gap consistency is just almost as sensitive as the length. i would use semi-rigid 1/4 copper plumbing or 50 Ohm semi rigid coax if terminated. You want to conjugate match your load to source.
You should calculate the RMS inductor current based on the waveform. Having the RMS value, to get the copper area you can use the formula A = I / J, where A is the conductor's cross section area, I is the RMS current and J is the current density. As a rule thumb, J should not exceed 4,5 A/mm?. As lower J goes, fewer are copper losses and the induct
The simple answer is found using a 4 wire kelvin bridge and pump enough current thru the resistance to get a measurable voltage in mV. I did the same for a 100KA diffusion welder for Monel Steel tubes joined by a Zirconium shim. The giant copper electrodes rolled around the circumference inside and out with silver impregnated greased armatures
Hello, We are winding flyback transformers with 0.4mm enamelled copper wire. When one has finished winding a layer on the former, and wish to terminate the enamelled copper wire to a pin, how do you strip the wire of the insulative coating so that you can solder it to the pin? We are "stroking" the (...)
use a metal detector (copper in cable!!) Frank
Any RF signal in space around the cell phone or near a base station can be detected with a RF detector diode installed in a half-wave dipole (there are other sensors but this the simplest. You need a Germanium diode (1N34 or 1N60) or a Schottky detector diode (Agilent HSMS series_), and you can use a thicker copper wire (1 mm or 40 mil) diameter,
hello, iam trying to make a powerful electromagnet in ordwr to levitate a screw from a distance of 5cm. what specs wud be needed to construct such electromagnet using 23 swg wire. Thanknyou. Ymmen
Fine wire Tinned copper gauze is also used for shielding. Look at product design tear-downs for ideas. We used to use custom tinned brass folded shields soldered to PCB. You can buy custom in volume or use std sizes. But if not , protoypes can be made using photo tools to define etching with dotted lines on one side for 50% etch-thru for folds.
i have taken a round ferrate core in that i wounded a 20 turn insulated copper wire as secondary and connected the 2 terminals of the secondary to 100 ohms .5w resistor. now i have set the multi-meter in ac voltage mode and connected across the 2 terminals of the resistor. for primary i have taken a 1.5 sq mm wire and made 2 turns in the (...)
I always wondered why power connectors were not given specs for frequency. sd= k/√f k=65.4mm for copper, 133mm for brass - sd=65.4/ √225000=0.13mm or 0.26mm max AWG30 Cu wire - sd=133/ √225000=0.28mm for brass contact base or 0.56mm thick.
At this point see if you can locate a scrap microwave oven and extract the Microwave Oven Transformer a.k.a. MOT (1500VA) You can remove the secondary and rewind or use heavy magnet wire or copper foil and insulator to step up the current to whatever you need for many applications. Some have done this with a few turns to get very high spot welds
hi every body i wanted to know how can calculate the length of wire of coil. the copper wire winding on cylinder core (air) in N turns. the coil is not compress and there is a distance between turns. thanks and regard
Certainly it is well within 10%, but how can you guarantee that? For now it will work. But copper wire increases resistance +4% per deg C and diodes increase voltage drop with current, as well as RC decay time is faster, so both may increase in voltage drop with current. ( or lower output voltage) Some over voltage protection limiter can impr
If you are using punched strip Board, turn the transformer upside down, solder a spill of .5mm bare copper wire to each pad, push wires through holes and solder underneath to board. Make sure you cut the copper strips between each pair of pins. Frank
Who knows where to get small quantity (100...400 m) of 0.5....0.8 mm CCS wire with 19...40% IACS conductivity? Shipping location will be Europe, Netherlands.
For mechanical stability I would like to use copper Clad Steel wire instead of solid copper conductor. I already tried 0.6 mm copper coated MIG welding wire. However the copper coating thickness seems well below 5 um as at 150 MHz a got extremely high resistive loss compared to solid (...)
How to create coax probe feed to a 18 guage folded copper wire and how to excite it?( in Hfss)
What says IEC 317 51 for copper wire ?
There are small air core inductors dedicated for VHF/UHF, using thin Litz wire. Now depends by application. For a high power VHF/UHF power amplifier have to use relative thick copper wire, about 18 AWG (1mm), enamel or silver plated.
hello Yes , Shunt for Current measuremnt use manganin, un alliage spécial de mangan?se, cuivre et nickel.. If you use copper will have to correct the value f(Temperature)... depend of what accuracy you need.. example: length= 88 mm copper wire 1,5mm? => 1.009 mOhm at 20°C (1,088 at 40°C) You can use also "Laiton"
The header pins that are recommended look to be too big. They will probably damage the contacts on a breadboard. Use 20 or 22 guage solid tinned copper wire instead.
I search many sites and got variable values. We have to ask under which conditions, e.g. single wire or in a multi-conductor cable. the maximum current should be 1.4A and 700mA (safe values) for copper wires. Seems rather low, I see numbers of 3 to 9 A for 0.5 sq mm.
Not the ratio,the size of you copper wire to be used,current,power,flux density etc ...
you can just wind copper wire around a core, you'll need to do some trials but its pretty easy to accomplish.
I have a pretty simple question, as I'm still pretty new to CST. I want to look at the E-field surrounding a straight insulated wire (just copper with a Teflon insulating coating) within a dielectric material (sea water, for example). The trouble I'm having is how to excite the wire. I want to use a discrete port so I can control the (...)
"Busses" plural of busbar. This is an arrangement within a power distribution cubicle or frame, where the three phase runs in via its own protection kit, then each phase wire (cable) is connected to a piece of copper or aluminium strip, typicaly 75mm wide and 8mm thick and as long as required. Along these bus bars wires come off to sub- (...)
how to make 4.7 micro henry coil in home with a copper wire , please specify all the requirments including protections etc if possible . . thanks
Anybody tell me difference between aluminium and copper wire copper-VERSUS-ALUMINUM CONDUCTORS :wink: IanP
What if they wound with aluminium wire, instead of copper enamel wire. The capacitor may be weak again.
I have been trying to figure out how I can coat my tesla coil toroid with metal. I made it out of 4 x 90mm PVC elbows and short sections of the pipe to hold them together. The toroid will be a rounded square shape. I was toying with the idea of painting it with conductive paints and copper electroplating it. But the conductive paints are rather ex
Hi..... all..... I Need Datasheet for old (CRT TV) TDK Ferrite Transformer(EC40) ...... I want to remove copper wire and useing for a CDI BY UC3845 system;-) (
hi all, how to insert stranded copper wire in the breadboard? thanq
The resistance of 16 AWG copper wire is 133.9 ohm/1000m