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Can anyone tell me the steps to design a conical corrugated horn antenna using hfss software???
Hi, I created a corrugated horn antenna model and I was trying to validate it but there is an error message "non manifold edges found for corrugated". I have tried to fix this issue using the solutions available in previous threads but its not working. Please help me! Thank you very much! Model file is attached.
I recently heard of a group having success with electroplating designs constructed with conductive ABS plastic on a 3D printer. I'm dying to try it and see if it finally makes it possible to prototype corrugated horns!
hey i am wrking with corrugated horn with circular waveguide as a feed..i wanted to excite the waveguide linearly....pls help me out...
hiii Plese help me out in finding the cross and copalr level of the attached corrugated horn antenna design as i m not sure that the excitement at the port is given correctly or not.......
I am also working on corrugated horn antenna and I am getting co-pol(gainx) +20 dB and cross pol(gainy) -18 dB. But, problem is that I am getting peak in cross pol at boresight. Can you help me in finding reason for the same?
Pls help me out to plot the crosspolar radition pattern of the corrugated horn using HFSS v 13 .Pls mention the post processing steps
I am designing a corrugated wave guide horn antenna.
can anybody give me a corrugated horn antenna design example in hfss...
can anyone help me for optimizing the performance of my corrugated horn design in hfss , If yes then i will send you my design. Actually now my design gives me 35 dB Cross polarisation over 9 to 10 GHz band with low sidelobe levels (better than 25 dB). i would like to optimize cross polarization level better than 40 dB so please help me.
Its broadband conical design if you see. You have to design corrugated horn to achieve broadband response. Search for the same in forum for any search engine. In case of rectagle horn there will be ridges but for conical hors I believe you have to use corrugations. There are also books available on the same topics.
Our supplied 8GHz corrugated horn has a round exit hole, and is bolted directly onto the square aperture of a septum-type polarizer. This separates the RHCP and LHCP into two normal rectangular waveguides The diameter of the hole is somewhat larger than the size of the square sides, and also somewhat smaller than the diagonal. Looking down the h
Hi, I want to make a corrugated horn with CST. When i define a new material, i have the possibility to have "corrugated wall" for the type of my material. I fill the different parameters of the corrugation but I don't how i can apply this material on my conic horn. For example if i want to do this (...)
Hi everyone - my first post :) I am just getting to grips with CST and have to date only used the FDTD Transient Solver to solve the S-parameters for some corrugated horns. One of the projects I'm working on is determining the cavity or eigenmodes of horn to horn coupled systems. The purpose is to determine the round trip (...)
In addition to this suggestion, the Iterative solver in HFSS, when combined with the Mixed Order elements should be able to solve a corrugated horn very easily. In addition, you can add expressions, such as Gain, to control the convergence of the mesh in addition to the standard DeltaS criterion.
Ticra has a corrugated horn package, CHAMP, that you might want to examine.
Hello every body I have to desing a corrugated horn antenna using the HFSS10.I do know how can I make the corrugations. can anybpdy help me? thx
try this reference: corrugated horns for Microwave Antennas (Ieee Electromagnetic Waves Series) by P. J. B. Clarricotes If you are thinking of a pyramidal horn you would have a hard time finding an antenna book that does not discuss how to build them. IEEE TAP will have 100's of references.
Dear all, I'm trying to find design formulas for hard horn antennas (corrugated, dielectric covered walls, etc.). I need it to reproduce a quite flat phase front at horn aperture. Thanks in advance. Ivan
Hi I am trying to simulate corrugated horn antenna in HFSS. When I run the simulation, a run time error occurs in the form of the the initial mesh procedure being unsuccesful. The exact error reported is "Initial mesh, process mesh3d : Error in building initial triangulation. Detected an error in the ACIS faceting" [/colo
P.J.B. Clarricoats - A.D. Olver corrugated horn for microwave antennas Peter Peregrinus Ltd The book is organized into two main sections, the 1st is theoretical, the 2nd is oriented to the design, manufacturing, and measuring.
A very good and exaustive book is: P.J.B. Clarricoats, A.D.Olver - "corrugated horns for microwave antennas" - IEE Electromagnetic Waves Series 18 - 1984 Peter Peregrinus Ltd London. Also, papers wrote by G. James and by P.J.B. Clarricoats from '70 and '80 years are important milestones. Last, I would point your attention to the question y
noise figure of the antenna???? Is it a small beam corrugated horn ? In this case a calibrated radiometer and 2 temperature standard loads are required and the measurement is very difficult. "Difficult" means that the uncertainty is larger tha the observed value. Otherwise, in general and for all type of antenna, you may consider the antenna
Salam All I have to desing a corrugated horn antenna using the HFSS.I do not understand how can I make the corrugations. Help me in this regard
Hi, I'd like to start design of antennas using CST. Anyone can tell me how to start draw what I like? like corrugated horn antenna? From other side, is there any link(s) for some good ready examples? especially for antennas? Thanks for all in advance.
I am designing a corrugated horn antenna. I read many papers. I don't konw what is EH and HE mode in corrugate horn. Who can tell me in detail? Who can tell me how to get a book : Microwave horns and feeds. A.D.Olver etc. 1994 Thank you
Hi, an electrical large structure is a structure which is several wavelength big. Example: corrugated horn antenna, Reflector Antenna, Large RCS problems (Fighter plane at 2.4 GHZ....). Hope this helps, F.