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Hai friends, In my project i interface an IR module with PIC 16f877a,This system is used for counting motro rotation. PIC in counter mode using timer1.Now the problem is that when i connect manually to an IR then PIC count properly.But when it connected to the motor it reads wrong count.OR it does not work properly. Here i post my code.
Can some body plz help me to modify the following codes for counting the frequency up to 2Mhz of a square wave and sine wave: #include <16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20M) #include #include #fuses hs,nowdt,nocpd,nolvp,noprotect #byte portc=0x07 #bit led=portc.4 void LCD_D(); unsigned int16 value; void main()
hi.. i am using ccs compiler to program pic 16f877a. Now my fequirement is to count the digital pulse from proximity sensor which is connected at the 17th pin. can i use capture command to measure pulse width and there by i can i calculate frequency and speed? or should i have to use counter??? can anyone send basic codings regarding thiz?
i need example code counter 2 digit switch up-down 0-99 by 16f877a file.pbp
Thanks for your helping, I start to write the PWM code and generate 10 pulse from RC2 thats is working, but 1.I want to generate another High signal it will be start when pulse start and stop at same time this one for detected signal?.. 2. when I write the code to start counter? can you help me??? :sad: :cry: LIST P=16f877a
As per the picture, the program counter support 13 bit. But Instruction register support 14bit. Let me know the reason. What is the bit escape by program counter Please advic 60024
Does anyone have a simple project with pic 16f876a for a counter frequency? google don`t help me.
Hi all, I am trying to make a frequency counter and wrote some code. I wanted to use a frequency averaging part to make things more accurate. But when I run the code with the averaging part it acts funny (at frequencies close to 10kHz). Also please give me some pointers to the variable declaration (eg int, float etc) as I am pretty sure me u
and during your debugging, did u happen to check if your program counter is getting into all the functions and register values are getting updates?? I dont think proteus is a good idea for debugging internal working of controller.
1) what is meant by vector address in program memory?? 2)explain about reset vector,interrupt vector ,paged memory,program counter,stack?? 3) explain the sequential operation of an instruction to be executed??
Read section 2.3 & 2.4 page 30 of the datasheet. K is not big enough to address the whole memory space so the upper bits come from PCLATH. The program counter is 13 bits but K is only 11 bits. Keith
Hi everybody, any body help me to develop the 6 digit seven segment display preset counter, hardware & 'C' code for pic 16f877a By Kvs
guys i really need help my project is to make a frequency counter (frequency meter) can cout frequency up to 5Mhz using TMR1 or TMR0 i am lookig since 2 weeks in every where but still cant understand cause every body explain it different way than the other ,,,, i just need to know the maximum frequency i can count using both timers and whatt is the
i recomend a bit scope as a kit it is able to count to 1 ghz uses a pic877 has some other features and you can export data to a pc from it it has four channels of 100mhz bandwidth scope a mv meter and a 1 ghz counter all in one cost about 280 euro to get the full kit assembled in about a
Hello world has anybody a circuit of an revolution counter (0-1000 RPM) with microcontroller (incl software) Thanx Shorty
klag this is a nice circuit i like it i like it but i for many years used a nixie tube counter my internal refresh rate is set to the same flicker as the refrsh i find nixie more responsive and the thing all lcd weened guys seem to lack when they use one they love it i used one made by R
Can give me some articles or vhdl souce code about the Interpolation Time counter.I need it very urgently.THX.
Hi all I need to make (micropocesor whit eprom) custom timers whit printout for using as a lap counter any help?
Hi, unfortunately the good old 74F525 (Fairchild) programmable counter is gone (obsolete). Do anyone knows a relacement? Thanks Max.
I need to implement a 200Mhz counter, 20bit wide. I'm using an Altera APEX20KE -1x and I have timing problem using LPM_counter; I think the problem is due to the classic propagation delay between FF's. How can I implement a fast counter? Thanks in advance.
i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb file.. SeTRoX (...)
Friends: Iam looking fora tacometer rev counter for car with PIc ,with led display or LCD,can anyone upload the project or link in the web.......Thaks a million......
Hi, can someone indicate me the link where to find the project of a simple frequency counter without MCU? A simple project with at least 6 leds display it is also all right a 10-50 Mhz Thank.
Hi there, I just upgrade my mcu's from 16F628 to 16f877a and i have lots of problems now.I even don't have an idea how to use it.Let me describe my is so simple but i cant do it.I have a 16F877, max232, 2 leds, 4 caps (1uf), 2 ceramic caps (22 pf), an xtall (4mhz), 3 resistor (10Kohm, 2 * 220 ohm).I want to measure 0-5V voltages via p
Hi, I'm in trouble with adc function of 16f877a.I am using port A0,A1,A5,E0,E1,E2.When i measure voltage between ports and GND they are usually at 1 milivolt or 2 milivolts.But when i log them adc function returns 100-120 values equals to 2.0V - 2.5V.When i measure E2 it gives 50 milivolt when i dont apply voltage on it(when idle i mean)!! My devi
Hello nice guys, I am looking for VHDL source of the 24-bit counter for MAX3000A. I am a newbie in VHDL and MAX3000A, I just downloaded MAXplus II Basic from Altera web site. I will appreciate any help. visioneer
UPSC4 An high-end universal counter, built using an ATMEL FPSLIC chip (FPGA/microcontroller combo in one chip)
I'm trying to implement (in VHDL) a simple 3-bit counter that is loaded asynchronously. The CPU writes to an 8-bit register, in which 3 of those bits are the ones that are loaded into the counter. These 3-bits determine the duty cycle for the PWM output that is gated on the TC of the counter. Has anyone had any experience designing (...)
Why don't you migrate to the 4000 family ? with 4017 you have counter + decoder, otherwise with 4028 you have only the decoder. Then a uln 2003 will drive just everithing. With 4000 family you don't have problems with power supply voltage ( from 3 to 18 V ) and fan-in ( input impedance > 1 MOhm ) It is a little slow, but if you have to drive so
Hi, how can i reset a set register? The counter starts at the rising edge of clk1, then the counter counts up to FFFFh and stops. module counter Title '16bit counter' Declarations clk pin 5; clk1 pin 6; count_en node istype 'reg'; d0 pin 24 istype 'reg'; d1 pin 25 istype 'reg'; (...)
Can anyone help me out on this, i need to design a frequency counter for the range 1Hz to 2Mhz using 82C54 and 89C55wd. I have designed a circuit but it gives an error of 1Hz @ 1000-3000, which keeps on increasing as the measurement frequency is increased. Currently i have mazimum range of 132Khz and the circuit is designed on a breadboard. Is t
Hi Any bright ideas on designing an accurate energy counter? The maxim coulomb counter chip is too slow to register fast current transients. I have some ideas, but it is always good to hear about others. Thanks E
Hi hilbren, I can imagine that professional RF lap counter systems have a unique transmitting frequency for each car. In IR you would need different wavelength transmitters or receivers. Unfortunately this is not cheap and their passband has slow roll offs, so separation between differen wavelength will not work very nice. Another method c
HI ALL FRIENDS I need help regarding prescaler for the frequency counter i required a prescaler that can be divided the in put frequency with 10 mean divide by ten. further more i also required a pre amp with sensitvity of 10mv if some one help in this then i will upload a classic frequency counter with soucre code based on pic16f84 mian
i think your mean is use short vector to test whole counter. synchronous or asynchronous counter? for asynchronous counter, maybe you need a 'select' pin for gated clock. for synchronous counter, perhaps you would separate it to 2 or 4 part, & gated 'enable' pin.
this is project frequency counter to all
does anyone have any good 16f877a programmer ? I can´t program this device with willem programmer
How can i reset the page counter of a HP LaserJet 4+. i've got one who has over 400.000 pages and works fine but i don't like big numbers :lol:
Hi, Any idea about a 2ghz oscillator design to feed an binary counter? The output should have at least 500mv peak to peak to drive the input. Thanks,
Other source: library ieee; use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; entity divide1_5 is port ( gsr : in std_logic; clk : in std_logic; divided_clk : out std_logic ); end entity divide1_5; architecture rtl of divide1_5 is signal Q : std_logic_vector(1 downto 0); signal Q_f : std_lo
Need a kind diferent pulse counter. It may have a PIC or an AVR or even discrete CMOS/TTL ics. It must have two lines with 4 digits each line, one for total counting and other with sub total. Each line must have a separe reset or the reset for subtotal desn't clear the total counting line but when you reset total both lines are cleared. When it sta
I want to make a counter with modulo 56 using MCU AT89C51 First, 1Hz pulse is applied to P1.0 Everytime when it rises from 0 to 1, the AT89C51 will "let" the port P2 know that, it must increase by 1 so through 74LS47 (BCD to 7-segment IC) LED displays the upper number (i.e. first, LED displays 08, after ths 0-to-1 edge is applied, LED displays
It is possible in a small CPLD. I have implemented a dual channel quadrature counter in a Lattice (1032 - I don't remember exactly). You have to build a small state machine.
Hi, Can anyone help me out :?: I am designing a Digital-PLL with a center freq. of 2.048Mhz with 100 Hz spacing. I have a 66Mhz crystal and to achieve this step-size, the count value for the fractional-N counter is too high. How do i overcome this difficulty :roll:
1. simply use a 2 bit synchronous johnson counter with truth table as 00/01/11....( initial as 11 / Q1, Q0 / Q0 as LSB ) 2. a independent T-FF whose clock come from CK*Q1*Q0 + /CK*/Q1*Q0, the output of T-FF is required 3. If full synchronous is required, more complex one similar as about
Use the detector output as a clock, then connect to counter's clock input to count the no. of zero crossing.
Hi, I have no expriment with HC11 . But.... If you don't know how to display number like 3244. Search for Multiplex Display technique or use shift registers and send your data like 3 then 2 then 4 then 4 . If you don't know how to count a number greater than 256, search if this microcontroller have a prescaler assign to the counter (if
Hello World, I search Schematic and Software Programming for Pic16f877a :( stop cross-posting in wrong forums!!!! next time warning!! post moved here by davorin
I want to use the TC (or maybe another) output of a counter in order to have a pulse of about 10 nsec duration.The clock should be a 50 MHz signal.The problem is that in most counters the TC output is subject to decoding spikes. Does anybody have any idea of a suitable counter?
You can use LFSR as a counter if order of count sequence does not matter for you - when there is only one rule that every state should be in count sequence. But if you need to go strictly in ascending/descending order through all states e.g. 000,001,010, ..., 110, 111, then LFSR is not a choice for you. Ace-X.