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I need Pulse counter schematic, which count data from LED / LDR pulse.If you have please help.
klag this is a nice circuit i like it i like it but i for many years used a nixie tube counter my internal refresh rate is set to the same flicker as the refrsh i find nixie more responsive and the thing all lcd weened guys seem to lack when they use one they love it i used one made by R
Hi all, I need pls a service manual/or schematic for my newer Philips counter, PM6614. Best thanks in advance. Karesz
i recomend a bit scope as a kit it is able to count to 1 ghz uses a pic877 has some other features and you can export data to a pc from it it has four channels of 100mhz bandwidth scope a mv meter and a 1 ghz counter all in one cost about 280 euro to get the full kit assembled in about a
please everybody help me, i had build counter up/down using IC HCC40110B, and the circuit is running well, but if i push the stop button, the counter digit on 7-segment not stop fully, so that please help me to find this problem.... thanks... regards, Gie
hello every one can u help me out with preset counter circuitry plzz i need a preset counter schematic plzzz help
The basic idea for any frequency counter is to set a timer, wait till the input on a pin change, calculate the time taken and find the inverse. There are lots of schematics on the net, use google. A very crude design can be found here : Try searching for PIC frequency cou
we design a pulse counter circuit in pic16f877a.sensor is npn or pnp.also this sensor operating voltage i need perfect isolation circuit using opto coupler and driving circuit for pulse to the input of pic.anybody give me the circuit?
Hello, I need to make a frequency counter accurate to the Hz. I have made a quite accurate OCXO on 10.7mhz, but the frequency counter schematic I have found on the net uses a 4MHz crystal. So I need a divider to divide down the 10.7mhz to 4mhz, since I do not know how to alter the code.
Have you heard of google? (o; Returns lots of information when you search for "freqency counter schematic" like: I assume you want to do it on a discrete basis? Or you intend to use microcontroller/CPLD/FPGA? Frequency range? And do not forget to also search in here!!!
Hi, I have downloaded a time trial version of Multisim simulation software as advised by forum members but it's blowing me over a bit. I can't seem to progress because the software 'Footprints' of many devices are unfamiliar to me. To save you downloading a large JPG picture image I've put a link to my Homepage showing part of my basic circuit c
I am looking for a schematic to build a prototype circuit. The circuit is a twelve channel sequential pulse counter. Each channel should have: A. Positive and Negative screw output connector B. Variable output (Miliwatts) between 1mw and as high as possible. C. LED to show what channel is active D. On and off switch to disable that step if re
x band frequency counter schematic, using some kind of prescaler possibly Have you found any such schematic from the internet? I cannot find any
i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb (...)
Hi, can someone indicate me the link where to find the project of a simple frequency counter without MCU? A simple project with at least 6 leds display it is also all right a 10-50 Mhz Thank.
Could this counter can be implemented? This counter has three input, reset (clear),set(stop the counter),clock, I want all these inputs can triggered the counter by rising edge. How to implement this logic? Could someone kindly provide the VHDL code? Thanks a lot DDF with Synchronous Preset library IEE
Thanks of all. I want to find such a book: with some common using logic circuit,such as counter,shift register. Although they are simple, but when I use the schematic entry method ,I had to infer it from true table and then enter it.. So I want to find a refenrence book ... Thanks Added after 6 minutes:
Some interesting links for PIC based frequency counters up to 2.5GHz.
I need Microcontroller base schematic miles counter for bike on LED 7 Segment Display. Sheeraz Khan
Hello everyone. I'm trying to build a beats-per-minute counter. I've got the microcontroller part all ready and done, however, I'm having trouble with the circuit which is supposed to generate a nice digital wave form (with a change from down to up on a beat). Here is what I did, and it works fine as long as there's a steady and simple beat :/
What is the difference between shift counter and binary counter ??? How will it make difference in the HDL code ? See GOOGLE for "Johnson counter"
I hvae design very simple 2 bit up counter by using Xilinx schematic. I am using Xilinx 7.1i and test bench o/p show correctly(0-1-2-3-0). But when I download to XC9572 cpld it show on 7-seg display as down counter (0-3-2-1). I attached my sch file for your ref. What's wrong with my sch or any other setting for cpld. Thanks
I tried to simulate MOD-16 asynchronous counter (see attached figure) using Pspice schematic (Orcad v10.0). Pls find the schematic and simulation files in the RAR file. When I run the simulation, I got the error as shown in the attached figure. Would anyone pls advise what's wrong with my schematic or settings? Thanks.
hello , i plan to build a simple man machine counter using microcontroller, if someone who passes that machine, counter increases to one and soon, any idea how i must do first? or any related website?
Hello, I am working with a XC9572-pc44 CPLD using the free Webpack ISE7.1.1 For some unconown reason the simply implemented 8 bit binary counter ("hello world") won't do it's thing. Instead of having each bit deviding clock's frequency by 2, the frequency of each bit is clock/2. In addition the bits are jiggling in phase like:: 101010100101
This circuit is 0-99 up-down-reset counter. Circuit is perfect running.
U can use a presettable counter that counts for N number of times. Tharts the LSB of the counter providing the N pulses.
Dear folks, is there a simple way, or an EDA tool to convert the HDL, either verilog or VHDL to a gate level schematic? e.g, we wrote a 6bit up-down-counter with preset function, what can we do to quickly map the HDL to a real schematic.
i will give this answer tomorrow go to wikipedia and learn some thing about up/down counter. hint: try to sync. using AND gates at the input of clk of T-flip flops. Wait and try till tomorrow.
budhy, that looks like an up-only counter. He's looking for up-down. A microcontroller would be a nice solution.
I want to make a project on trafic light through microcontroller. The controller must work for four directions. There must be a counter and lcd which shows the remaining time for all other directions. If someone have a schematic diagram I'll modify according to my requirment. your help will be appriciated. thank u
Simply said. You cannot make a frequency counter to UHF if you have not rather large experinces in radio technic. It is not just a question of schematic.
similar to up counter (using -ve trigerred flipflops);but connect Q to clk of following f.f
Well its quiet easy firstly convert a JK FF CD4047 to toggle mode by shorting J K inputs to Vcc, D FF can be in toggle mode by shorting Q Bar output to D input. For a decade counter you will need 4 toggle FF JK or D. LSB FF will be given direct clock. Second most LSB FF will have clock i,e AND of original clock & LSB clock. Next bit FF has
hi everyone i biult a single character 5x7 LED display with a single CD4017 counter and it worked perfectly, but when i expanded the display to an 8 character 5x7 display(having 40 columns) and cascaced 5 counters there was a problem.the counters didnot count to the end they always stoped at a certain point.i made use of the cascadin
just use the motorola frequency divider(prescalar).....mc12028 or similar...... it divides the frequency by 64 ....then it is easy to measure....i do have a home built frequency counter.using pic microcontroller.if you need it msg me.
Dear All, i got this freq counter from internet and i want to developed my own software. The schematic is attach and the url is This f counter used pll ic from national (lmx2346) and capable to measure freq up to 2.5 Ghz. This ic used to divided freq input by 64 and programmed by spi interfa
how to make divide 60 counter
Back around ISE 5, Xilinx removed the TTL library for a good reason. Using TTL logic equivalents in FPGA or CPLD leads to poor performance and excessive area. I recommend abandoning your search, abandoning schematic entry, and use HDL instead. Once upon a time, I tried copying a 1970's era video arcade game into an FPGA. It used about a hundred
hi frz, yes i have stop the counter after one cycle of count that s it should not repeat the u hve idea?
Hello, i am trying to code the behavioral VHDL model of the VGA Horizontal counter, from the Enochs book. (as some people have adviced me to make simple things in behavioral model. And i will connect all elements in structural code in the Top source file). Please take a look at the picture of the schematic of Horizontal counter from the (...)
hi i want to build a counter for my ecg(ekg) final project. i want do it whit " AVR ". please help me ! i have a analog output in my schematic. how can i do this? can i do this whit " oc1a & oc1b " pins ? tnx ( sorry about my bad english )
if the input frequency is not high enough and if if the signal is at TTL level, then only optos could perhaps be useful other wise also, signal conditioning is a part of counter. and after individual signal conditioners, and you can have two bits of opto reserved for addressing one out of 4 signals and use a decoder. if more wires of port are f
on good way to solve this is to use some digital device --- when you power is down where from you are getting the power for the counter circuit. is there any battery i can tell you a circuit which will give you a pulse when mains is out counting the duration of the pulse you can track the record of MAINSOUT Time
counter hours with cd4026, 999.59 hours Added after 15 minutes: sorry, forgot to put the scheme and is also a display of messages
Whne DIP34 is in up pos, with each INT1 the counter should increment and with DIP34 in down pos with each INT1 press it should decrement. I'm completely new to asm code. What is UP? What is down? Without a schematic it's really hard to see what you are trying to do. When the switch is down, is it connected to GND? Wh
for those who are interested to realize frequency counters i submit here the schematic and firmware for the one i made 2 months ago The frequency counter is based on PIC 16F628A and the 7-segment display is realized with MAX 7219
can u help me? I have a problem with digital design as following: "build a 8 bit up/down counter with I/O: clk, set, reset, data_in, data_out. use VHDL language, build the testbench to emulate and verify this counter." thanks alot!
Hello everyone, I made a counter with 3 sectional of the schematic in attachments.On schematic is another pic, and I use the 16f76, 4MHz oscilator.Display with common cathode. In the Basic, I got the written code and tried to adjust it to end,but i do not now how and i ask for help! The counter is conceived to work like (...)
u'll require a microcontroller for that.. check this Up-down counter.