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you could use the aperture coupled feed method and the multilayer method, and the bandwidth could reach 20%.
I need to design and simulate a tlt 4:1 (made for instance in microstrip technology) with ferrite sleeve around the microstrip inn 40MHz-250MHz bandwidth. Anyone can help me? If i use ADS i could use the model XFERTL2 and i'd just need to know the inductance without the sleeve and effective (...)
Hi everyone I have designed a coupled-line filter at X-band using Ro-4003 with 8mil of thickness. Rogers Software (MWI-2016) suggests dielectric constant of 3.81 for this substrate, this thickness, and at X band. this number has significant difference with popular dielectric constant for RF design using RO4003 (I mean 3.5
coupled lines, with various opens or shorts at the ends, can be used. Usually less than a quarter wave at midband. look around page 220 in mathei young and jones for approximate model ideas (these are TEM models, but are similar to the microstrip ones)
Hi! Everyone. I am a student from Taiwan. Please forgive me for my poor English. I have some question as title. I have already read some paper for DR these days. There are some questions bother me. Some paper says the equivalent circuit can be modelled by a transformer and a parallel RLC,but some says it can be modelled by a inve
I have to verify the results of a differential microstrip patch antenna of a research journal for my college project. The antenna consists of dual patches which are electromagnetically coupled (Antenna design attached). The simulated VSWR and gain plot are attached along with the simulated results of the paper. As you can see I am not (...)
Hello, I am following the design example of an interdigital filter with symmetric coupled lines as given in microstrip Filters for RF-Microwave Applications (Lancaster), page 141. I managed to calculate the characteristic impedances in even and odd-mode and, consequently, the coupling coefficients. My struggle is to (...)
Hello, I am going through "microstrip Filters for RF Microwave Applications 2nd Edition" by Hong, and am not entirely satisfied by the explanation of coupled resonator circuits (chapter 7). When analyzing these circuits, they quickly dive into forming an impedance matrix, which makes sense. But the next step is to normalize the nxn impedance (...)
coupling? well the balun is driving the spiral, so they are pretty "coupled" already! Why not add a disk of metal to the back of the spiral. it will prevent rearward radiation (where the balun is). In some antennas there are chokes to keep rf currents from going backward down the balun (which would make the balun part of the antenna radiation p
Hi, I am designing a RF energy harvesting circuit using ansys designer. i want to know how to design a rectifier circuit for Bluetooth and WIFI frequency range. can i get some tutorials related to designer components usage(regarding the microstrip bends, coupled bends etc.) Regards, Dinesh
Do u know how I could estimate the working frequency? Since I don't have any idea about dielectric material of the PCB, I cannot say anything.But coupled TLs have 7.40mm (?? ) and they should have a length of lamda/4. If we assume Er=4.5 ( FR4) the operating frequency may be 4.8GHz ??? It's hard to say something..
Hi, I am trying to do simulation of two coupled differential microstrip line pairs in ADS. I used model ML4CTL for variable width coupled microstrip lines. However, I am getting really strange results. For example having S21 of -6000dB. Schematic and results are attached. Can any body
Hi, I'm trying to design an edge-coupled bandpass filter. I've found Zoe, Zoo, W, and L. The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding the spacing. Is there a tool in ADS that will calculate this or is there a formula I have to use?
hello I want to simulate the aperture coupled micro-strip antenna, and i have the parameters of this antenna, just i want to know how to design waveguide port, i tried to use 3*wf X mt+5*hp:wf is width of feed line,and hp: high of substrate of patch, but for microstrip antenna,you know in this antenna, the feed line (...)
Your calculations is not exactly correct.Odd and Even mode impedances are valid only and only if there are 2 coupled lines.But if there are more than 2 coupled lines like in your filter structure , it's hard to say that formulae will still be valid in any case.You forget other interactions between-for instance- first element (...)
Is there any tool that synthesizes the design of directional couplers such as (rat-race, quadrature hybrid, ... etc) ? You know, find the width, length, ... of each tx segment. I already know a bunch of tools which do the work for microstrip and coupled lines but not couplers such as wcalc, appcad, txline awr, .. My problem is that I need (...)
Most small RF microstrip uses 1/2oz copper, meaning that weight of copper spread out over 1 sq ft. area. The 1 oz. option and thicker is always available, and more. You can have it very thick if you like. The microstrip impedance model has the thickness as a factor, but it is a very small effect unless you are using (...)
Hi everyone, I've been trying to simulate and analyze a coupled microstrip in HFSS. I got to the point where I might need some help because I'm having too many questions now and I can't really figure out my problem. The structure (please see attached HFSS file) comprises a ground plane, a dielectric, two copper (...)
Hi there I need even- and odd-mode characteristic impedance design data for symmetric coupled microstrip lines on a substrate with various Er. I found a design graph in Pozar's Microwave Engineering book, but it's for Er=10, I need design data for instance Er=4.6. Where can I find sth like this, can anybody help me? thx
Hi all, I am designing a coupled line microstrip BPF with center frequency of 1.67 GHz. The ideal simulation (with even and odd impedances) is great but when I shift to use microstrip lines, the response is worse. The point is that the filter response is such that it passes the frequencies in the range of double of its p
Hi all members, I have been asked by my Professor to design the following antenna and try to optimize it by increasing its BW to 4 GHz..I am getting a BW of only 2GHz. 87464 87465 I have experimented by varying the stub length and slot length as per reading some papers but still got nothing..
Hi U need to calculate the even and odd mode impedance of each coupled line. You can then use the ADS LineCalc tool for getting the gap, length and width. Regards Twisha
Does these two conductors need to have the same shape? Will it work if i made the first L-shape and the second L-shape with 45 bend?if so,what are the things i need to take it under account? What couples are the straight lines segments. You could think of the L-shaped coupled lines as two coupled segments, with
Hi Divya.S Bandwidth can be increased creating more than one resonance. Aperture-coupled patch is a suitable feeding method that allows this. How are you feeding the patch? Other methods are stacked patches and coplanar parasitic elements, among others. Look for chapter 9 of "microstrip Antenna Design (...)
increase height of patch above ground plane. Doubling the height will double the useful bandwidth. Use of an additional resonator so you get a pass band that looks like an over-critically coupled 2 resonator band pass filter. By using two resonators (that is the antenna element itself and an additional (...)
I tried to design an edge coupled microstrip Chebyshev BPF at 5.81 GHz. Specifications: Ripple: 0.01 dB I doubt that is very realistic. Why do you need such a small ripple? I might be tempted to relax that to 0.5 dB and see if Ansoft Designer SV gives you very different parameters. In which case I'd sim
Hello all, Does one pair of odd and even impedance correspond to an unique set of w, s, l of the coupled microstrip line ? With the ADS line calculator, the s and w sometimes is smaller than 0.1 mm it's too small for hand making PCB! Thank you for helping!!
Hi, i have designed a parallel coupled bandpass filter with center frequency of 1.7Ghz in ADS, i have tuned it by connecting capacitors at the open ends of stubs. Can any one tell me how can i connect and bias a high frequency varactor diode instead of these capacitors in ADS as i cant find a varactor diode in lumped components. If one can (...)
Hello, I have question about coupling in multilayer microstrip. I've read some books about coupling that include extraction of capacitance for even-mode and odd-mode (The basic theory with mutual and self capacitance!!). Also i've read about ''broadside-cupled lines'' (from ''RF and Microwave coupled (...)
Hi i am working on a unit cell of a reflectarray patch antenna with slot coupled to a microstrip. I tested the antenna with a micro strip excitation. Now i need to test it by exciting the antenna using floquet port. So i put master and slave conditions floquet port and then what ? how to proceed after what are the (...)
Hello, studying symmetric coupled microstrip lines, we identifiy to modes of propagation (common mode and differential mode). Whereas the even and odd mode impedances, commonly used for microwave design purposes, are defined for half of the structure. Zeven = V/I, if a perfect magnetic wall is placed between the (...)
What is the criteria to decide on the position and size of waveport in aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna and linefed microstrip patch antenna???
On the net you can find a lot of equations for coupled lines or gap capacitors. Have to know that, usually the range value of a gap capacitor is somewhere between 0.05pF and 0.5pF
Hey, I need some help with simulating a coupled microstrip transmission line on Sonnet. The two transmission lines however have different dimensions. One of them has a dimension of 22.5 microns x 90 microns and the other has a dimension of 3 microns x 40 microns. This design is to be (...)
Hello Everybody I have designed a band stop filter with shunt capacitivley coupled L/C resonators, I have then converted those resonators to open circuit stubs and finally converted the whole circuit to microstrip lines. I am now stuck for weeks trying to convert the coupling capacitors to microstrip gaps (...)
I have built a coupled microstrip circuit which is measured with the 4-ports single ended technique. I am trying to obtain 3 parameters: insertion losses for common and differential modes, and reflection loss for differential mode. So far, I have good results with insertion losses, but reflection loss is quite wrong. I (...)
I have problem in obtaining width and spacings of coupled lines from even and odd mode characteristic impedances. What problem? Do you have a basic idea how to proceed? Have you looked at transmission line calculators which calculate Z0e/Z0o from the physical dimensions?
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for rectangular microstrip patch antenna.
hi, I want to know the matrix of the inductance/capacitance of the couple lines but i don't know how to set up the parameters I only assume the lines are signal net; add the source and sick at both each side then I use the data to calculate the V of cross talk But the result doesn't match with the simulation in ADS I think i might set up
i've been trying to build an odd, even graph for microstrip coupled filter with 2.2 dielectric to obtain its design width and spacing. but failed. did anyone can help me regarding this matter? by providing any info or references? is there any other way for me to obtain its design width and spacing? i've already obtain it's (...)
I don't think there is a calculator just for coupled wires. But there are EM simulators as HFSS, CST, Sonnet, etc, that can do this project. On the other hand, to build and tune a filter like this, would be a challenge without using trim-caps.
Hi everyone! I have coupled microstrip filter, designed in Genesys. PCB i'm designing it for will be covered with EM shielding, and I have to simulate filter with shielding, to be sure it will work. So the question is - can someone tell, what is the best way to import design from Genesys to CST, while saving each trace individuality, (...)
hello sir, i m designing an aperture coupled microstrip antenna. i have designed it to operate on 2.2 GHz. however, now i want to make it operate on 2.45 Ghz. what are the changes to be made?
Depends on what you mean by "ideal". The only difference between a microstrip coupled line and something like slabline, is that the two modes have slightly different effective dielectric constants. Is that what you mean? I have seen people overlay a small rectangle of dielectric over the gap, or make the gap region have a sawtooth-like (...)
Hi, Based on my understanding after reading these two IEEE papers, i have came up with what i think a differentially driven aperture coupled microstrip structure would look like. Can someone pls help to review my design and tell me what is wrong with it? I am not unable to achieve the return loss response at the correct (...)
Hello everyone, I need to design and fabricate a simple coupled-line microstrip balun, but don't know where to start. The best reference I've found is here: Baluns - Microwave Encyclopedia - Are there good references for how to do this? I have HFSS but not ADS, but I
Hi all i want to design a circular polarized aperture coupled micro strip patch antena ? i am confuse how to use feed lines to to excite circular polarization mode through cross slots ?means how many feed lines we have to use one or two ?if somebody have any totorial for circular polarized ACMP antenna in HFSS kindly provide it.........
hi...can anybody tell me which type of filter design recently used for bluetooth?i've been searching this thing but still dont get me plz... and if i decided to fabricate parallel coupled line what is the advantage of it compared to hairpin filter?
hello.... we want 2 design n implement microstrip coupled line filters with d help of ie3d software.... but we have no idea about dis software.... plz tel us how 2 find out required parameters n what r those parameters?? first tell us about in case of designing low pass coupled line filters.... plzzzz rpy if any1 knows abt (...)
Dear friend there are many ways of achieving your bandwidth but first to answer your feed question.i am assuming that you are talking about simulation here and not physical model of the aperture coupled microstrip. so i am sure you have a little knowledge about drawing the waveport at the edge of the structure for a the (...)