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you could use the aperture coupled feed method and the multilayer method, and the bandwidth could reach 20%.
I have to verify the results of a differential microstrip patch antenna of a research journal for my college project. The antenna consists of dual patches which are electromagnetically coupled (Antenna design attached). The simulated VSWR and gain plot are attached along with the simulated results of the paper. As you can see I am not (...)
hi,i have designed a stacked microstrip patch antenna using ads,but i dont know how to provide the apperture coupled feeding for that.could you please help me with it?
Hello everybody, I'm trying to simulate an aperture coupled patch antenna(rectangular)at the millimeter band with HFSS, i made my 50 ohm feed_line into 30um substrate, and my ground with the aperture above it. First of all, i triyed to simulate with a wave port (sized as hport=6 times substrate height and Wport=5 times feedline width), this give
plz help me out in proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna using HFSS. if u guys have some tutorial on this plz forward me
Hi.. I am designing an aperture coupled metamaterial patch antenna. So through which method i should implement metamaterial i.e. srr or csrr and where to implement it on substrate or patch or ground using cst.
What frequency? What array spacing? (lambda/2?) What sort of feed arrangement did you have in mind for the patches? (probe/aperture coupled/edge fed?) Any phase shifts between the driven elements for beam steering? While all of the above are essential to know from an implementation viewpoint, fundamentally the design of a 1x2 phased array is p
Dear friends, I am trying to design a u-slot aperture coupled patch antenna in millimeter-wave band (about 30 GHz) using CST and according to the picture attached. I have a few problems in the procedure: 1- I can not find "foam" in CST material library so I think I should make a new material myself. But the problem is that only the εr of
hello I want to simulate the aperture coupled micro-strip antenna, and i have the parameters of this antenna, just i want to know how to design waveguide port, i tried to use 3*wf X mt+5*hp:wf is width of feed line,and hp: high of substrate of patch, but for microstrip antenna,you know in this antenna, the feed line and patch are on the (...)
Hi Divya.S Bandwidth can be increased creating more than one resonance. Aperture-coupled patch is a suitable feeding method that allows this. How are you feeding the patch? Other methods are stacked patches and coplanar parasitic elements, among others. Look for chapter 9 of "Microstrip Antenna Design Handbook" by (...)
increase height of patch above ground plane. Doubling the height will double the useful bandwidth. Use of an additional resonator so you get a pass band that looks like an over-critically coupled 2 resonator band pass filter. By using two resonators (that is the antenna element itself and an additional resonator), you can double the useful ban
i have optimise a frequency recofigurable aperture coupled patch antenna with antenna substrate as FR4(K-4.4) having thickness of 0.7mm but i m getting very less bandwidth so how can i increase the resonance bandwidth with these specifications?
Hi i am working on a unit cell of a reflectarray patch antenna with slot coupled to a microstrip. I tested the antenna with a micro strip excitation. Now i need to test it by exciting the antenna using floquet port. So i put master and slave conditions floquet port and then what ? how to proceed after what are the parameters to look at ? sho
What is the criteria to decide on the position and size of waveport in aperture coupled Microstrip patch antenna and linefed microstrip patch antenna???
Hi, I am trying to simulate a aperture coupled patch antenna, i have many problems in design of waveguide port with CST and when the simulation begins, it always been aborted automatelly with the error: The current settings will probably lead to a very long simulation time. You may improve the simulation speed by: 1. check the freq. range a
Hi, I am trying to simulate a aperture coupled patch antenna, i have many problems in design of waveguide port with CST and when the simulation begins, it always been aborted automatelly with the error: The current settings will probably lead to a very long simulation time. You may improve the simulation speed by: 1. check the freq. range a
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for rectangular microstrip patch antenna.
can some1 help me to know how to obtain the length and width of the feed line in proximity coupled feeding for patch antenna
hello sir, i m designing an aperture coupled microstrip antenna. i have designed it to operate on 2.2 GHz. however, now i want to make it operate on 2.45 Ghz. what are the changes to be made?
how i can design the microstrip feed line using CST microwave for aperture coupled patch antenna
Hi, I am working on developing a stretchable antenna. Currently i tried simluating a 2.5 GHz inset fed patch antenna on the elastomeric substrate but i see that the reflections increase when it is stretched more than 10%. This maybe because we disturb the inset position while stretching. I thought like a aperture -coupled (Slot feed) would be bett
Hi all i want to design a circular polarized aperture coupled micro strip patch antena ? i am confuse how to use feed lines to to excite circular polarization mode through cross slots ?means how many feed lines we have to use one or two ?if somebody have any totorial for circular polarized ACMP antenna in HFSS kindly provide it.........
Hi, i need to design a aperture-coupled microstrip antenna. How do i create a gnd layer with slot in between two substrates (i.e. patch substrate and Feed Substrate) using Sonnet. An example would be good. Thanks. hengchuan
Hi, I want to design a slot-coupled patch antenna on HTCC (ε=9.1) @ 60 GHz. Where can I find some design consideration about this type of antenna ? I face some difficulties in getting coupling and proper patch excitation resulting in poor impedance matching, and abnormal radiation pattern with a deep in the broad direction. - Slot (...)
We need your help. We are trying to understand the equipment needs of the EMCP designer. A customer of ours wants to sell a Agilent EMCP system which consists of E8074A EMCP Probe Control Module (x3) E8075A EMCP Processor Interposer (x3) E8078A EMCP Probe Power Supply (x3) E8077A EMCP Test Assembly E8076A EMCP Midbus Probe N4832A Scalable M
Hi folks I am working in Aperture coupled Micro strip Antenna design in ADS. I am using ADS Momentum for stimulation purpose. There will be three layers in the design patch SUBSTRATE GROUND(APERTURE) FEED LINE SUBSTRATE I don't know how to use the create modify/substrate for implementing the same in ADS. I have previously used create /m
Hi everyone I am designing a proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna in HFSS. what should be place (I mean what material should be assigned) between the two patch? should it be air, vaccum or something else... i have tried both air and vaccum and the result are different
hi everybody. Can anyone help me for proximity coupled microstrip patch antenna? I use 2.45GHz frequency for WLAN, Length and width of patch are L=40.9mm, W=48.4mm. The width of microstrip line is Wo=2.48mm. What should be the exact position of microstrip line and also the dimensions of waveport for modelling in HFSS?
IE3D from Zeland has a feature that allows to simulate efficiently slot structures in infinite ground planes: Magnetic current modeling of slot structures. For slotted structures such as coplanar waveguides (CPWs), CPW antennas and slot-coupled patch antennas, IE3D can model the electric field distribution on the slots. It saves simulation t
Can someone tell me why, does a capacitive coupled fed antenna has more bandwidth than a straight fed (inductive fed) antenna.
Hello Friends I have simulated an aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna orginal from an IEEE paper & then I have made certain geometrical changes in coupling slot & i have got some different results. Can any one give his/her comments about results of my simulation. In next step I will upload my results analysis regarding 1. Axial Ratio 2.
u can change the bandwidth of the antenna by increasing the size of substrate height.or u can use aperture coupled feed which will actually help reduce the coupling loss and increase your bandwidth. if u have anymore questions do let me know regards sajid mohammed. Added after 1 minutes: and somethi
Hi all. I have a question about the equivalent circuit of the slot coupled microstrip antenna. First why is the slot equivalent to an inductor. Second why is the patch is equivalent to inductor and capacitor and resistor, and why in parallel not series?
Hi, a.mal: Please open the file in: c:\zeland\ie3d\samples\aperpat.geo. It is an example of aperture coupled antenna. Best regards,
Hi All, I have problem in simulation of microstrip patch antenna with aperture-coupled feed. I dont know how I should define a excitation. Is there any body whom can help me.
hello i want to simulate an aperture couled micrstrip patch antenna with feko . is there any one help me and show me the steps of this simulation.
hello yes i will coupling with two line . me i want to realised an aperture couled microstrip patch antenna . but can i do under momentum i dont the steps with momentum . thanks
hello we have a simulation with feko me i want to realised an aperture couled microstrip patch antenna . but can i do under feko i dont the steps with feko . thanks
Hi, I want to design an electromagnetically coupled microstrip-T junction feed for my single-layer patch antenna with momentum ADS. How can i find mathematically the dimensions of the junction to achieve a 50Ω match? thanks.
Hi there ! I am experiencing some problems with a gap-coupled simulation that I setup... S11 params are good (resonant freq ~ 865MHz) but radiation efficiency is very low (~1% !!)... I'm using a probe to feed the patch (modeled as a discrete port). I'm attaching the geometry if someone has time to check it out :) Any help would be much
does anyone have recomendations for papers or have papers concerning: broadbanded patch/microstrip dipole - bw is 20% slot coupled microstrip patch - maybe my best chance at achieving said bw? application will require dual polarization, so some applications may not be applicable, such as slot loading the radiating element from Kin-Lu (...)
I am assuming you have some MIMO circuit. Whether it's a section of coupled lines or a patch antenna, it does not matter. Start with the basic definition of power: P + jQ = (1/2) V I^*, where Q is the stored energy. Assuming you know the network parameters, then replace I with Y*V. If you actually have a waveguide, i.e., a non-
Hi eg4889 here you have good examp. also for dual pol.
Hi all In the design of aperture coupled patch antennas, it is required that the coupling between the feedline and the patch be maximum. How can this coupling be quantified and what is it in the first place? How can it be measured? What is its relationship viz a viz current and impedance?
hi i design apertur coupled antenna for c band. ground plane height 0.762mm, feed line lenght 11.5mm, width 2.32mm, random lenght/width 17mm with er=2.2. i get high vswr at 5.6 hz. i want to reduce that.ε
Hey all, I'm trying for some time now to design a patch that will have resonance at the GSM band (900MHz) as well as the DCS band (1800MHz). I used a slotted bent lines, a shorting pin, a parasitic patch, aperture coupled and just couldn't do it. The problem is that a good VSWR is not enough, I also need that the pattern in both (...)
Hi! For my final exam I have to designe array (2x2) with coupled patch antenna. Antenna: between two substrates (down-epsilon=2.55, up-air) is feed line, and on top is feed patch. I have some trouble finding materials about this issue so I would appreciate if you send me anything about this subject. Especially if you have some formula
i want to design three layers electromagnetically coupled patch antenna Using the coaxial feed line as feed line can anybody help me
Hi, SagSag: I am not sure whether there are serious guidelines for it. I would like to make a few comments. 1. Aperture coupled antennas are too complicated for a good analytical solution. It is not easy to give some simple guidelines based upon analytical formulas. I think you do need EM simulators for them. 2. The guideline should depend
Hi, I got a problem recently as below: How to simulate a proximity-coupled microstrip patch antenna with a slot in the ground? I have compared the results simulated by IE3D, Designer and CST , but only the result (VSWR) of Designer is a little similar to the measured result. The paper and the CST model are attached, and I hope someone