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From simulation point of view you can try following tricks may be you have tried few or all of them 1. If you know your design frequency just simulate round the design frequency 2. Relax the mesh conditions as goal at hand is not accurate simulation but to identify problem in simulation 3. Monitor your cpu and ram usage during the simulation though
Let's say i have a parallel static ram that is running at one frequency (8 MHz), and a cpu (in the FPGA) tthat is running at a higher frequency (16MHz). The cpu asserts a read or write signal, the ram gets accessed, sets a done flag for one clock, the cpu sees the flag and deassert the request signal. It (...)
I once tried removing one of two ram chips in my computer. Operation bogged down severely. I believe it was doing a lot of memory bank swapping, to compensate for the smaller ram size. Try a utility called SysInternals Process Explorer. It shows more data than Task Manager. Both of the above tell you what processes are running, how much (...)
I have done histogramming before, but because the 2nd port was connected to a cpu, your method was not an option. The only option for the full pel rate histograms was to use 2x pixel clock on port A and do a read-modify-write operation. But this meant the cpu had easy access to the histograms. For anything (...)
Hello All, My system config is ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII RANGER, Core i7 4970K, 16GB ram, nvidia gtx 770 2GB, 100W Corsair PSU. Im running win 10 (ver 10.0.10240) and having some blue screen errors. I have uploaded the dump file. The cpu is overheating to 100C, to see the main issue, when i see in cpu-ID it shows the cpu is (...)
I would have wanted to avoid different ships (ram/cpu/dac/adc) to do that You could check for "single-chip-audio-codecs". There are options embedding within a single chip a microcontroller and some peripherals. Anyway, an external storage device ( ram / SDcard / etc... ) is mandatory.
Hello All, May be silly to ask, the latest smartphones uses ARM cortex - A (Application series) SoC's which has cpu, GPU, ram and DSP's on single die like tegra and snapdragon. Are these SoC's Von nummen or Harward architecture? or Some hybrid of them? Thanks Ashutosh
im trying to accelerate the simulation. im using i7-5820k cpu @ 3.3GHz 6 core, 128 ram, Tesla K40c and Quadro K620 (graphics cards). im using time domain solver in CST. i set cpu and Hardware acceleration. i thick/select for multithreading (cpu) up to 48 threads (the max) and i thick/select hardware acceleration to 8 (...)
I want interface ram with pic18f87k22 for store data, more specifically i want declare variable in the address of external ram. After reading bunch of forum i conclude that i have to interface ram parallel, which is supported by this cpu and use extended mode. (See attachment for clarification) I am not able find specific (...)
If you answer the question from the ram chip perspective, there will be e.g. 4 byte-wide ram chips that hold the 32 bit data and get the same row and column address. In so far the data is stored in one address. But the cpu data model usually represents the data as four bytes with consecutive addresses. Consider that the two less signi
Where register variables are stored in microcontroller memory? As i Know that the register variables are stored in cpu register memory, coming to microcontroller, in which memory these variables are going to store?
Hi, What did you choose? I'm looking for a SBC myself, but I want 2+ Gbe (it doesn't matter the interface - PCIe, USB3.0/etc), 1+ GB ram and dual/quad/etc core at 1+ GHz... Preferably to have an open cpu (such as Freescale) where you can find all the datasheets. Thanks,
hi every one i want to use VMWare Workstation 7 for running Linux Suse on it in order to run Cadence. i worked by it correctly in different laptop, but now in sony vaio laptop (model:SVF152A29W), cpu:core i5, ram:8G i can't run it and this error is shown: obrazki.elektroda.
I tried posting this message in the Professional Hardware and Electronics Design section. Got no comments.Though I would try here. I am one of a small group of people that like to build new boards for the 1980?s era S-100 bus. I have a web site ( ) which gives the details. We just finished doing a new 80386 Master/Slave S
Dear Fania, Survey there is no smd component broken when you decided to clean your laptop board. however this event is maybe related to supply circuit controlled by south bridge. Did you disconnect cpu or ram ? if yes then please check them for properly installation. Regards. Davoud.
Intel dg31pr starting normal but when resetting it shows no display error and on debug card it stops at 1130 error code I have already checked ram cpu smps bios update I have also changed the super I/o ic and crystal but no success pls help me. I once again clarify the problem is when I start it display comes but after restarting it goes display of
I have checked that the cpu heats normal but motherboard not give display I have checked by changing Adp chip but no help.
Hi, i'm new here and still new in FPGA design. i hope this is the right place to post. i had tried an example to design a simple cpu from actually i has no problem with the codes, it's compile successfully but i dont know how to implement this code into altera board DE2. i hope someone can help
Code in assembly is converted to machine code and then programmed in memory, from where it is executed. It is same as computers using cpu, ram, ROM, Data Bus, system clock, i/o ports etc.
I'm new in mc68000. This is a very good cpu. I desing one board and build it. But not work. The cpu steps eight clock cycle and stop with active _HALT signal. Generating rom select and ram select and other selects from a21-a22-a23 and _AS with 74hc138. Generating _DTACK from 74hc138 Yn with 74hc07. Generating _BERR from _E divided by eight (...)
you should buy a laptop with this minimum requirements: cpu: i5-ram: 4gb- vga:1gb
Hi I have designed a new PCI card and I can transfer my data to ram using DMA burst transfer but I have a bigger problem I need to write my data directly to HDD without using cpu time. On the other hand I need to send packets with the destination address of SATA to wirte to SATA interface. I want to know if North bridge on motherboard have a deco
Hi all, I was a project that work with LCD touch, using ADC0804 for conversion A/D. Works fine. Now, I am change to a new process, using all in one, in others words, using PIC16F877A, that I am using as LCD controler, with I2C (EEPROM), SPI (ram), cpu peripherical and A/D for touch screen. All work, excepet, A/D. I need to convert to infor
i m trying simulating a circuit but the proteus shows that simulation isn't running due to excess cpu load and isn't showing any output although the circuit is correct. I've i5 1st gen processor and 4GB ram and the task manager shows 20% cpu load when proteus shows 98% why is it so? And how to get rid of this problem.
Hi all I have the mobo GA-8N-SLI-royal and i would like a help. The problem: I connect the 24 power supply connector, the ATX 12V 4 pins connector, and the 12V/5V 4 pins connector. I took off the cpu and all the ram's, I/O cables etc. The cpu FAN blower in connected. Then i push the power button and the Q23 (MOSFET K3918) starts (...)
Hi all i recently bought a used and broken acer aspire 5942g mobo (LP5511-P) from an e-shop and i noticed the following things: 1) With mobo only (no cpu, no ram, no interfaces, no lcd screen etc) i put the power jack and the mobo lights the 3 leds. Then i push the power btn and it lights the rest 4 leds too. 2) I noticed that after a couple
And which part I have to notice? Motherboard cpu ram Hard drive CD ROM / DVD ROM Power supply Case
hello everybody, i want model a hardware platform and execute an application on this platform, and i do not know which tools to use or wich language ? because i will need cpu, ram, rom, bus....and i have to use a template component in order to obtain many candidat architecture of my platform and evaluate performance of each one. can yo
what red light is blinking, i doesnt understand what you talk about ? red light is on post card or on cpu case ? and what is the problem with red light blinking.
if you using atmega8 to decode MP3, its impossible...the cpu clock and ram cannot handle the realtime should change to AVR32 or PIC32 with HELIX decoder..
Do you see the post text, a company logo or the system cpu/ram etc or you get a permanent blank screen? Are you able to enter the bios settings? Maybe you are missing an operating system or there is no hard drive installed at all. You can try with a boot CD or USB with a liveOS like
Fast : Linux is faster than Windows (for the same cpu speed, ram size and HD space) Virus free : Linux is not immune to virusses. I want to try Linux : not realy a user requirement most use OS : possibly not ; their are many Win users
Hi, We are using MPC8309 Power PC processor of freescale with Integrity RTOS build on it. We have connected a External DDram to cpu and want to write POST(Power On Self Test) routine for DDR ram where we will be testing large section of DDR ram. Since code consists of RTOS and many background tasks running into it, i (...)
Kernel is a part of an operating system that acts as an intermediary between applications and the hardware of the computer. e.g cpu and memory.
R0...R7 are in internal Dataram(lower 128 bytes). A register is in cpu(but mapped to SFR space)
What are the cpu, ram and HDD specs you are considering? Those are the key performance drivers for computing. If you want to play video games, then the graphics card and display type also come into play.
Hi there, I am using protus 7 in which I have designed a circuit that requires usb port. After installing the drivers of usb for protus, when i start the simulation the sixth message that comes from protus is that " Simulation is not running in real time due to excessive cpu load". I am using P4 2.00GHz processor with 1GB ram. and the task manag
Hi all! I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo to repair, but i don't know what is wrong with it. It just keeps reseting, even when i pull out the ram, wlan, modem and the cpu. It has an external vga so i tried to pull her out too, now the laptop is also in a reset loop, but now with the white
Registers in x86 PCs are limited to 32 bits, which means the biggest number that can be stored in that register is 2^32, or 4,294,967,296; which means that the cpu can access up to "ADDRESS 4,294,967,296" which is the 4th GB of data. The problem is that the cpu also access I/O devices (printer, USB, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.) by assi
why don't u try QEMU for basic simulation of your kernel image. Also since u are using MMU less cpu the memory map needs some modification to protect some sections of ram without which the system might crash.
I have a question regarding how memory is addressed and interfaced to cpu. Considering I have a 32 bit data bus, and if i have to access (a byte) address on location 0x3, what will i send on my address bus ? Will it be 0x3 or will it be 0x0 and then, pick from the lines 16-23 ? if it is not 0x0 and is 0x3 then what all will be there on rest of th
DMA or shift clock. by the way, what is your cpu?
HI Anybody know what is the sign of northbridge or southbridge fault? I have giga ga-8i865gme-775 mainborad .I checked all capacitor and mosfet on the board all of them are healthy and I repalced my ram and cpu but with this motherboard my computer wont boot up.what is your opinion ?
Is close the same as the Commodore64 Computer ? This Computer build with 74HCxxx circuits. No higher integrated parts are use (except the EPROMs, rams and UARTs). ? The system runs with up to 8 MHz ? available hardware: 8 Bit cpu at 8 MHz (the "Mycpu"), 1.03 MB ram / 128 KB ROM, Interrupt Controller, Multi-I/O with 2 (...)
This is school homework and you should do work alone. Someone "helping" you will ruin chance for you to learn something. Open your textbooks and read, you will find answer there. This homework is to gauge how well you understand data transfer between cpu and memory.
Hello everybody, I have this PC: cpu : 3 GHz ram 3.25 GB L2 cache : 6 M and i am using HFSS. The problem is that HFSS running slowly? any ideas?
Hi PCBwire, You just have to set the address mapping (page?) for memory and led by using some address decoder, then the cpu read from memory(ram or rom) then output it to led or may be you could refer your design with old CGA card.
You can run linux on an ARM7 cpu with uclinux but is not recommended any more. Linux requires at least 2MB ram only for the kernel, so 4MB min is a more realistic. You need also at least 2MB of Flash memory for filesystem. With the current prices of ARM9 cpus (like AT91SAM9260) is not worth it to use ARM7. Note also, that almost all ARM7s (...)
hi I want to provide a desktop computer optimized to run CST Microwave studio. May anyone help me for the best specification of parts including cpu, Motherboard,... . I want it to support the maximum value of ram and perform at the max speed. I also dont Know which of the intel or AMD matches to this application. Sincerely
Hi, I've been running a simulation on HFSS and its been going for over a day now, still doing adaptive passes. I checked the Task Manager, and it says the cpu usage is under 10%. I have set the options in HFSS to use all 4 processors and all the ram + pagefile available (60gb). Is there some settings I should change?