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Hello, I would want to create a symbol in Cadence with Part developper but I can't access to the symbol editor. I use the Part developper Tutorial (chapter 9). Does nyone could help me ?
You can create a symbol by yourself. The symbol can be in any shape as long as it contains the same pins as the extracted view does -- both pin names and directions ( input, output, ...). You can also simulation the extracted view directly. The stimuli can be added with a spice stimulus file (ascii file). Add the stimulus file in the (...)
extract the circuit from the layout, the make a symbol link to it. Dear sunking, How do I create a symbol? Which tool do I have?Thanks.
Hi, I have a simple question about the creation of new parts (symbol and footprint) in OrCAD. Say I create a symbol with 14 pins numbered 1..14. Further suppose I create a footprint DIP14 also pins 1..14. If I assign the DIP14 footprint to my symbol, does OrCAD map pin1 of my symbol to pin1 (...)
create empty symbol. Then put there label (choice instance label): "ilInst~>cellView~>instancesLastChanged" Save this symbol. Then put this symbol into layout. Use magnification factor more than 100. Otherwise it will be very small and you may not see that.
Hi, you have to create the symbol in the schematic lib.
You need to create a symbol for your OTA schematic before creating layout. Then create layout for that OTA cell and extract the layout. To run post layout sims, I would create a config for the testbench. In the config view, point your (...)
Hi there, I need to incorporate a few custom designed transmission lines and inductors in to a TSMC 65nm tapeout. I found a document from another TSMC pdk about using Assura ?blackboxcell option to do LVS and RCX. The basic procedure is that you copy n2port element into the PDK lib and name it as a new cell (for example n2port_d1). Then copy sy
Hello, I had a .brd file and need to modify it to insert a connector. I change all the layout and insert a connector symbol in the board, but I can't set a ref designator to this conn and I need it to change my netlist. Could you please tell me how can I create a new ref des in Allegro and associate it with my connector (...)
It looks like the VDD and GND in the layout dose not connected the DC source and ground in the testbench. I agree with you. So, how do you add the stimuli for the post-layout simulation? I found diva has some problem with global netname (names ends with an exclamation) in extracted view. You may set the netlist mode as
If I name the symbol pins and also keep them numbered, and create a footprint that is numbered will the symbol match to to the footprint? Yes. You make a schematic symbol and number the pins. The pins in all of the standard footprints are automatically numbered. When you assign a footptint to the symbol, (...)
Im not sure about the sadence platform, but usually you need to have a symbol for the top level to have it as a subckt in your netlist. So create a symbol for the top level and then try to netlist it out. The Mentor platform provides an option to netlist it out as a subckt if you have a symbol. Check for such an option in (...)
Hi, 1) Open the schematic with DX-designer 2) View -> Other Windows -> Attributes 3) Select the PCB tab on the attributes window 4) Click on the traces symbol, (create refdes), a popup will open 5) On the popup window, at the "format information" part, you can select the desired netlist format. 6) Click the "run" button" Have fun
Hello, i have a problem, i have to change my extracted view in symbol view, how can i do??? In other words i have to create a cell view form my extracted view...???
Hi Can anybody tell if we can create symbol out of the correct layout figure and if it is possible, can anybody tell how it can be ?
You need to work on layout. Once the antenna is ready then create look alike and then simulate in schematic.
Extract the layout (with any available extraction tool), create the netlist, then simulate the extracted netlist.
yes it is possible. in the schematic and layout you remove all instances of the transformer and replace them with pins (i.e. P1 P2 S1 S2 for primary and secondary coils). Then create a symbol of your circuit and connect the transformer symbol to the pins you added. The only downside is that in postlayout you (...)
Hi Peter, can't you create a symbol from your extracted view, like creating a symbol from a schematic view? (Currently, I have no layout license, so I can't check myself). May be this is even possible from a schematic window (Design -> create Cellview -> From Cellview... -> Cellview From Cellview; in the (...)
hi everybody, i still have a probleme with calibre calview.cellmap file i need to wrote one to create a calibreview view and post simulate my layout , but i don't understand its usefullness. if somebody can explain me what's the deal with this file ?? i am surprised that lvs doesnt need it and can map layout and schematic plz enlighten (...)
Hello You should use calibreview while doing extraction. Then create config file in your testbench circuit, open it and select to use calibreview instead of schematic of your circuit.
hello, i need some help for the generation netlist from Dxdesigner to pads layout. i m working with hierarchical flow using different blocks with internal schematic. i have some problem with the net name in schematic : for example, in the block "POWER" i have a net "3V_Enable", when i create the netlist to the PADS layout i got the net (...)
Simplest is to create a symbol (with no schematic) - Why not copy the us_8ths and then strip it? Then add what ever features/logos you like. For this symbol you can also add all those nice text labels that you want. To add your own logo it is sometimes easier to first draw the logo with the layout editor and then copy it (...)
Hi, i want to know how to create a pspice model for a fully differential opamp,in addition,i want to change parameters of the opamp to meet some requirements whenever i want~~~ Always post to the appropriate category. Thread moved to PCB Routing & Schematic layout software & Simulation
To be simple, just create a symbol for it with composer, and attach model for it. It can be used for simulation. However, it is not PDK method.
LIBedit7 ?*Component Plaza ? is a new way in CAD Library Creation. How to build easily and quickly symbol by simple copy/paste from data included in the electronic (pdf) manufacturer document. symbol and Land pattern can be exported with PADS Logic, DxDesigner and PADS layout 9.x from Mentor Graphics ?.
Unless you can find someone who has already created this part, you're going to have to create it yourself. It's just a fact of life that not EVERY component in the world is going to be supplied by the vendor, and you have to create your own schematic and pcb layout symbols. Your phototransistor might be in (...)
Welcome to the confusing world of Mentor Graphics!. In layout, create your decal. When you save it, it will ask if you want to create a Part Type; say yes, and give it a name. In DxDesigner in the Part Properties, assign the name of the decal to the attribute PKG_TYPE. (If your part doesn't have the PKG_TYPE attribute, just add it). Why (...)
After you add the pins you will need to make a symbol. Then you will run the simulation in another file, where you will add your circuits symbol, the necessary sources and the balun. ---------- Post added at 17:42 ---------- Previous post was at 17:38 ---------- Als the property of part by double clicking on it.. 2. set filter by> oracd layout. 3. write footprint name in PCB_FOOTPRINT box. 3.1 you have to write name according to either preloaded footprints or by user created footprints 3.2 library footprints are found in C:\Program Files\Orcad\layout\Library (for orcad v9) or in (...)
Hi All, I am using expedition PCB 2007.9.2 with DX designer . I have layout only and I wanna create a new library . I got part and cell hkp from layout. But i need to part symbol also. Is there any possible to get part symbol from layout database.If yes Please share me the detail (...)
I may have misunderstood your initial request, you want to simply export the ADS layout as a functional component, not an actual schematic, correct? That is fairly straight forward. In the layout editor (ADS 2011), go EM -> Component -> create EM Model and symbol. Then go to your schematic editor, and type in the name of (...)
when you create library you may be forget to give ref des,here i mention,it is not available delete library and create ones again
hi seniors, i have doubt create the foot prints in orcad , i created one project and in which one 15 pin connector there. for that i just wanna create foot print ,but everytime i am getting error like pin 1 is missing pin 2 is missing likewise all pins . i had used that orcad pcb designer software in which used package (...)
Connections can me made between parts ur case strip top and bottom are like a part in PCB...u can do following things.. 1.create a symbol in sch ,place it and short it to resistor or 2.Add connection to strip from resistor in ECO mode. - - - Updated - - - one more option is to make connection in layout with solid
You have to create a EM-model and a symbol. Which version of ADS you use? Thanks.. i am using ADS 2008, please can u guide me that how to create EM-model and symbol.
You an draw your T-shaped pad as a shape symbol and use it in the pad stack. create a shape symbol in your required shape and save in the directory of your board file. In the pad stack you create,browse for the SHAPE symbol you created and use the pad stack in your DRA.(Refer attached image (...)
Dear friends, I'm trying to create layout using SoC Encounter. these are the steps i follow: 1.loading my vhdl code into synopsys design vision 2.compiling the design using "lsi10k" library as link, target and symbol library. 3.creating verilog gate level netlist and sdc file. 4.loading verilog gate level netlist, timing libraries and (...)
hi friends, can any one tell me how to create a component for both pcb & simulation process .ie. i want a component with two properties 1.layout 2.pspice i have designed my own circuit,now i want to see its analysis .but am not able to do. come on edaboard geni
GDSII is not always convinient. It converts some abstracts to layout. If you want to archive in Cadence Data Base format you must be sure that yours archive has no external reference (to another libraries). Usually I create a new library for archive and copy hierachically the top cell into this library with instances update. After that you can ch
Hi, I am trying to use the planar EM simulator in Designer v2.2. I am trying to use a blackbox (N-port) in my planar EM layout. However, when I create a blackbox, it places a schematic symbol onto the layout window. How do I connect it to my structure? Thank you.
Hello! If I want to create pcb decal which has two different components pin pattern and there is only one component in schematic, how can I do that? I mean that pcb decal has double number of pads than component actually have. Do I create a component in part editor with all extra pins NC-type and when routing component I add a connection to t
create the mounting hole as mechanical symbol in Alegro. Use the place >manually and in the placement list tab pull down menu select mechanical symbol and place it on the board. THis doesn't require any ref des. Good Luck! Nagaraj.
If you want package only in Schematic Capture and not in PSpice, you can use Edit Part to edit the terminals. Add Terminals and assign the name. create proper foot print and associate with the package to avoid layout designer's error. ...
When you create symbol, you must declare attribute DEVICE and in PBD it must be the same as in the symbol Editor Best regards!
This is virtuoso design flow starts from:------- specs, schematic capture, create symbol, simulation, layout, DRC, extraction, LVS, post layout simulation.... I want to know whetehr Design Specs== is nothing but the synthesized netlist form frontend team...from that netlist circuit designer can capture the (...)
It depends exactly what you're trying to do, but I suspect you're trying to edit a footprint (package) that is already assigned to a device. If you look in library editor, every library has a number of packages and symbols (which are the schematic stuff), to create a device you attach it to a symbol and assign the pin numbers. Once a package (...)
hi, BGA symbol can be created as a hetrogeneous part. ie you can split it into different banks.For eg:if there are 4 banks in BGa it can be split into 4 parts. Apart from the in built library we can create our own library for the parts. In the schematic desin select file>new>library. A file with extn .olb will be formed,right click (...)
Hi all, Can I know how to create a flash LED footprint in Orcad cadence. I have tried to created a footprint for this, but it said( LED for comp D1 has at least one pin(CATHODE) which has no corresponding pin on footprint LED). Can I know how to add Aathode and Anode into the footprint. Can i anybody send me a example? Thanks
Dear all, I have drawn two circuits in the following library structure 1) Circuit-1 -- layout-1 (with pin name) + symbol-1 + Sch-1 2) Circuit-2 -- layout-2 (with pin name) + symbol-2 + Sch-2 I create another cell in the icfb library. In the cell, there are one (...)