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Hello, I would want to create a symbol in Cadence with Part developper but I can't access to the symbol editor. I use the Part developper Tutorial (chapter 9). Does nyone could help me ?
hi friends i need sprint layout complete tutorials to create layout using sprint layout ,if any have please post . thank you...
how to create your symbol in ADS ?
Plssssssssssss help!!!!!! I need to create finfet symbol ... can anybody pls guide me ??? How do u decide how many no. of fins??? ... If anyone has an image pls attach it...Thanks in advance!!!!!
You can create a symbol by yourself. The symbol can be in any shape as long as it contains the same pins as the extracted view does -- both pin names and directions ( input, output, ...). You can also simulation the extracted view directly. The stimuli can be added with a spice stimulus file (ascii file). Add the stimulus file in the (...)
Hi, you have to create the symbol in the schematic lib.
I want to create a symbol which has some pin with the same name. But I can't do it in Library manager for dc. how can I do it.
Is there any way to import some data file to create the symbols? like what we can do in Concept HDL. Binu G
extract the circuit from the layout, the make a symbol link to it. Dear sunking, How do I create a symbol? Which tool do I have?Thanks.
hello, I tried to create a symbol from netlist. but it always gives me this warning mgs: cannot create recusive symbol. what does it mean. How do I resolve it? I tried searching cadence site, but no luck.
create empty symbol. Then put there label (choice instance label): "ilInst~>cellView~>instancesLastChanged" Save this symbol. Then put this symbol into layout. Use magnification factor more than 100. Otherwise it will be very small and you may not see that.
You need to create a symbol for your OTA schematic before creating layout. Then create layout for that OTA cell and extract the layout. To run post layout sims, I would create a config for the testbench. In the config view, point your (...)
Hi there, I need to incorporate a few custom designed transmission lines and inductors in to a TSMC 65nm tapeout. I found a document from another TSMC pdk about using Assura ?blackboxcell option to do LVS and RCX. The basic procedure is that you copy n2port element into the PDK lib and name it as a new cell (for example n2port_d1). Then copy sy
Sir, Earlier I generated the layout for ATF54143 transistor with four pins connected MLIN's using ADS2009.layout was generated nicely without any strange appearance, but when I used ADS2011.10 and generated layout, it is giving so much trouble, I don't know why,same software with upgraded version I used. Someon
Hi, I think the best way to create the symbol is : 1) use the "file/create default symbol" function of M@x+ (when counter.v windows is active). This will generate a basic symbol with inputs on left and output on right. 2) edit this symbol (just double click on the counter.sym on the (...)
you can create the artwork in the layout editor.
u have to add a pin in the schematic and then u can add a pin in the already created synbol.if u dont want to do this,then delete the previous symbol and then create a new symbol with the pin added to the schematic. regards amarnath
Refer to pPar() and iPar() of skill. You should edit the CDL to create these parameters.
Hi, I have a simple question about the creation of new parts (symbol and footprint) in OrCAD. Say I create a symbol with 14 pins numbered 1..14. Further suppose I create a footprint DIP14 also pins 1..14. If I assign the DIP14 footprint to my symbol, does OrCAD map pin1 of my symbol to pin1 (...)
In OrCAD you can create layout Netlist file for different layout Tool. First create a small schematic with resistor or diode. If you are using OrCAD layout itself, then create the OrCAD Netlist. There are few ways to create MNL file. From OrCAD layout or (...)
I have produced .db and .sdb file from synopsys .lib file. If take write_sge flow, How to fastest create cell symbol to Cohesion(ECS) use? eg. How to create .sym of ECS from synopsys .lib file??
Im not sure about the sadence platform, but usually you need to have a symbol for the top level to have it as a subckt in your netlist. So create a symbol for the top level and then try to netlist it out. The Mentor platform provides an option to netlist it out as a subckt if you have a symbol. Check for such an option in (...)
hi.... i am doing the project on flash adc in cadence virtuoso schematic... i want to create the symbol from the schematic of comparator and i want to change the properties of the that circuit through the symbol.. how can i create the symbol which can be editable ...... please help me..... thank you... (...)
hi.... i am doing the project on flash adc in cadence virtuoso schematic... i want to create the symbol from the schematic of comparator and i want to change the properties of the that circuit through the symbol.. how can i create the symbol which can be editable ...... please help me..... thank (...)
Hi, I have a doubt about mnl file in Orcad layout. I have to modify a pcb layout, but I have some squematics for this design and mnl files generated, and I am not sure about what mnl file is my pcb layout using. Can I know it? When you create layout pcb (max file) using a netlist generated by (...)
Hello, everybody I'm using IC5141 with ams_v3 design kits for simulation, when I start cadenece by ams_cds -t c35b4 command, I have the error message: Loadinr generic HIT-Kit context. *Error*eva: undefined variable - menuIdPull Loading the environment file. Error eval: undefined function - darfidg And in the Virtuoso Schematic, I don't hav
Hi I'm Trying to create a connector 3x6 (18 pins), i want to put 18 parts in one symbol to use the symbol like a port in the schematic, but i'm having problems to do it. How can i create a symbol with these properties? I'm using the DxDesigner 2007.4 Thanks, CID
their is option of layout in schematic that option.u see create or generate layout on it. in this way u can create layout of any schematic.
hello, i have a problem with virtuso layout XL. when i try to generate all from source, there are some warnings and only the i/o pins are generated. *WARNING* (LX-2002): Cannot create layout instance for schematic instance 'N0' because there is no layout master defined. *WARNING* (LX-2002): Cannot (...)
yes it is possible. in the schematic and layout you remove all instances of the transformer and replace them with pins (i.e. P1 P2 S1 S2 for primary and secondary coils). Then create a symbol of your circuit and connect the transformer symbol to the pins you added. The only downside is that in postlayout you (...)
i have a circuit which has frequency from 3.5GHz to 10 GHz (uwb). But i can't create layout i have not experiences,help me ?
Hi Peter, can't you create a symbol from your extracted view, like creating a symbol from a schematic view? (Currently, I have no layout license, so I can't check myself). May be this is even possible from a schematic window (Design -> create Cellview -> From Cellview... -> Cellview From Cellview; in the (...)
hi everybody, i still have a probleme with calibre calview.cellmap file i need to wrote one to create a calibreview view and post simulate my layout , but i don't understand its usefullness. if somebody can explain me what's the deal with this file ?? i am surprised that lvs doesnt need it and can map layout and schematic plz enlighten (...)
Hai every one,I have created a schematic for MIXER now i want to create a symbol for that schematic.Can any body tell me how to crate that symbol in Agilent ADS. Thanks.
Simplest is to create a symbol (with no schematic) - Why not copy the us_8ths and then strip it? Then add what ever features/logos you like. For this symbol you can also add all those nice text labels that you want. To add your own logo it is sometimes easier to first draw the logo with the layout editor and then copy it (...)
To be simple, just create a symbol for it with composer, and attach model for it. It can be used for simulation. However, it is not PDK method.
`Greetings Sir, i have designed a dual band LNA in ADS schematic and got the output. for fabricating i must design the LNA in layout. I am not able to design the layout. please help me with the steps to create layout in ADS..... the property of part by double clicking on it.. 2. set filter by> oracd layout. 3. write footprint name in PCB_FOOTPRINT box. 3.1 you have to write name according to either preloaded footprints or by user created footprints 3.2 library footprints are found in C:\Program Files\Orcad\layout\Library (for orcad v9) or in (...)
finfet has double gates right then howcome its possible to edit mosfet symbol ... you can then edit it up to your taste. Just add another gate input! If you already have a model file, you can create a symbol directly from this file.
Hello all. After creating a schematic in CDN virtuoso, I may want to create a symbol. The fastest way is by create cellview from cellview. a rectangle is generated, with borders, pins with lines, and all. How does one steup the length of the pin lines. I.e. instead of ---* I want it to be -*, what "*" is the pin (...)
Connections can me made between parts ur case strip top and bottom are like a part in PCB...u can do following things.. 1.create a symbol in sch ,place it and short it to resistor or 2.Add connection to strip from resistor in ECO mode. - - - Updated - - - one more option is to make connection in layout with solid
Hi, I am trying to create a symbol for memristor and link it to the subcircuit file of the following type. I am using cadence virtuoso schematic editor and hspice as the simulator. It will be of immense help if anybody can help me out with the steps to follow. I will be grateful. * MEMRISTOR * Ron, Roff - Resistance in ON / OFF States * R
Hi,everyone, There is a warning "gate used as conductor" after DRC when I use cadence to create layout. The layout is shown in the figure. What's the meaning of the warning? Does that mean I can't connect two transistor's gate using poly? Thanks.87828
Dear friends, I'm trying to create layout using SoC Encounter. these are the steps i follow: 1.loading my vhdl code into synopsys design vision 2.compiling the design using "lsi10k" library as link, target and symbol library. 3.creating verilog gate level netlist and sdc file. 4.loading verilog gate level netlist, timing libraries and (...)
Does anyone know how to create the symbol for a Gate that doesn't start at pin 1? I am looking in the "PCAD Lib Exec User Guide, page 86, and it shows the 4 symbols used in a SN54HC7404. These symbols do not have sequential pin numbers that start at 1. The tutorial claims that these were created using (...)
Make them yourself.... How to make, I don't know, I am beginner, can you help me to create myself desired AC Voltage Source and Ground using KiKAD. Which option I have to use and Where I have to go and get for Circle and lines and tidle symbols. Please help me.
Hi, can somebody help ? does anyone know how to create a newq library with a manufacturer component model or a model provded by magnetic designer? does a tutorial exist ? i've tried the model editor but it look very difficult to use, when i use the file menu option : generate part or something else ... and if i use the resulting olb file unde
you can also use gvim. Thanks for the editor environment tip. What I found out was that you have to edit the program within cadence to have it parse and check your verilog-a syntax. You manually edit your file in the path such as library/cellview/yourthing but it wouldn't able to parse it of course. cadence has to fork your editor, then waits until
Sorry, I made a mistake and posted in the wrong forum :/ I think here is the right place :) Hello everyone. I have to draw the electrical schematic and the PCB for a project but I need to insert 2 specific components: one is an IC GP1F32T (fiber optic connector) and the other is a RCA socket but I don't find the patterns for those elements i
For any pattern in digital design you can create another verilog (or VHDL) module that can generate this pattern. If you prefer graphical view you can create any symbol by yourself. If you use standard cell library the library specification includes information about power. It should be specified in unit like "uW/MHz", because any digital (...)