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I would like to create a PCELL for layout and symbol. My question is how to add the terminal/pad name to the layout using SKILL (e.g. drain/gate/source/bulk) so that I can pass LVS?
Hi to all! I have been designing an amplifier + Test Buffer (50 Ohm) for a company and now I have to send my first results. This design has been developed in cadence. My question is: Is there any way to create a symbol that reproduces the circuit behavior but hides the netlist? Greetings and thanks in advance!
Hey ppl, I have started learning SKILL by my self and I have three questions regarding my project. I converted symbol in to schematic (layout XL: connectivity->Generate->copy all from source). The layout has instance of pcell which is nfet without nwell. I wanted to place nwell somwhere near this instance, create pin (...)
foot prints are pcb components . which are associated with electronic hardware u can create your own foot print or can be obtained from company software package
You an draw your T-shaped pad as a shape symbol and use it in the pad stack. create a shape symbol in your required shape and save in the directory of your board file. In the pad stack you create,browse for the SHAPE symbol you created and use the pad stack in your DRA.(Refer attached image (...)
This is very easy using the Graphical Cell Compiler. This enables you to create a parameterized version of your layout with Stretch macro functions and others to scale the values of W, L1, L2, d and any other parameters as required. Then you can create the look-a-like symbol with these configured parameters. Then Momentum (...)
Connections can me made between parts ur case strip top and bottom are like a part in PCB...u can do following things.. 1.create a symbol in sch ,place it and short it to resistor or 2.Add connection to strip from resistor in ECO mode. - - - Updated - - - one more option is to make connection in layout with solid
Hi All, I am using expedition PCB 2007.9.2 with DX designer . I have layout only and I wanna create a new library . I got part and cell hkp from layout. But i need to part symbol also. Is there any possible to get part symbol from layout database.If yes Please share me the detail (...)
After you add the pins you will need to make a symbol. Then you will run the simulation in another file, where you will add your circuits symbol, the necessary sources and the balun. ---------- Post added at 17:42 ---------- Previous post was at 17:38 ---------- Als
You need to create a symbol for your OTA schematic before creating layout. Then create layout for that OTA cell and extract the layout. To run post layout sims, I would create a config for the testbench. In the config view, point your (...)
Hi, you have to create the symbol in the schematic lib.
To be simple, just create a symbol for it with composer, and attach model for it. It can be used for simulation. However, it is not PDK method.
hi, open the pads layout go to tools-PCB decal editor then click drafting tool bar in that we have wizard symbol to create footprints.
Ref-packages.lbr contains PCB footprints only. So, if you create a schematic symbol in a library for a new part you can copy the footprint from ref-packages.lbr. Keith
When you create a PCB footprint, you assign a number to the pad you have created. So the pin number in your schematic symbol has to match with the pad number in the footprint.
You can create alternative footprints for parts that use the same symbol - would that achieve what you want? If you do it correctly then you can change packages in the layout without changing the schematic. You need the footprints and symbols to be in the same library. If you are starting with a part in a standard library (...)
You need to work on layout. Once the antenna is ready then create look alike and then simulate in schematic.
Dear all, I have drawn two circuits in the following library structure 1) Circuit-1 -- layout-1 (with pin name) + symbol-1 + Sch-1 2) Circuit-2 -- layout-2 (with pin name) + symbol-2 + Sch-2 I create another cell in the icfb library. In the cell, there are one (...)
Hi all, Can I know how to create a flash LED footprint in Orcad cadence. I have tried to created a footprint for this, but it said( LED for comp D1 has at least one pin(CATHODE) which has no corresponding pin on footprint LED). Can I know how to add Aathode and Anode into the footprint. Can i anybody send me a example? Thanks
Im not sure about the sadence platform, but usually you need to have a symbol for the top level to have it as a subckt in your netlist. So create a symbol for the top level and then try to netlist it out. The Mentor platform provides an option to netlist it out as a subckt if you have a symbol. Check for such an option in (...)
This is virtuoso design flow starts from:------- specs, schematic capture, create symbol, simulation, layout, DRC, extraction, LVS, post layout simulation.... I want to know whetehr Design Specs== is nothing but the synthesized netlist form frontend team...from that netlist circuit designer can capture the (...)
When you create symbol, you must declare attribute DEVICE and in PBD it must be the same as in the symbol Editor Best regards!
If you want package only in Schematic Capture and not in PSpice, you can use Edit Part to edit the terminals. Add Terminals and assign the name. create proper foot print and associate with the package to avoid layout designer's error. ...
If I name the symbol pins and also keep them numbered, and create a footprint that is numbered will the symbol match to to the footprint? Yes. You make a schematic symbol and number the pins. The pins in all of the standard footprints are automatically numbered. When you assign a footptint to the symbol, (...)
Hi, I have a simple question about the creation of new parts (symbol and footprint) in OrCAD. Say I create a symbol with 14 pins numbered 1..14. Further suppose I create a footprint DIP14 also pins 1..14. If I assign the DIP14 footprint to my symbol, does OrCAD map pin1 of my symbol to pin1 (...)
Hi, I am trying to use the planar EM simulator in Designer v2.2. I am trying to use a blackbox (N-port) in my planar EM layout. However, when I create a blackbox, it places a schematic symbol onto the layout window. How do I connect it to my structure? Thank you.
Hello, I had a .brd file and need to modify it to insert a connector. I change all the layout and insert a connector symbol in the board, but I can't set a ref designator to this conn and I need it to change my netlist. Could you please tell me how can I create a new ref des in Allegro and associate it with my connector (...)