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Vivado has a built in simulator which will be ok for VHDL/Verilog simulation only - it is fairly capable. If you want UVM or systemverilog, you will need modelsim or Cadence Simulator. Cadence is really terrible when it comes to cross language support (making VHDL talk to SV is really really bad - they insist on only std_logic/std_logic_vector only
What is the difference between: crosstalk & Coupling ?
cross-talk affects both Setup and Hold, just that depends on both the signals switching direction. Hold may get affected if both switches in the same direction & Setup gets affected if both switches in the opposite direction.
A simple google search will get you the following link. This page explains it very nicely.
I get low cross talk on balanced microstrip using interleaved grounds between pairs. -140dB on 12 port T1 distribution layout @1.544Mhz
Extra spare memory cells are included in the design of the memory. These rows and columns of cells are accessible only by the testing programs in a special test mode at the factory for cross talk and access time. Then blank idle current and contents may be tested by the user. Designs proposed to inject a dynamic charge and sense the charge in an
There are 2 reasons for having sharper transition on clock path. 1. To avoid min pulse width issues. 2. To avoid cross-talk issues ( crosstalk impact will be more if the transition is too bad ).
The problem with RS-485 in full duplex is cross-talk from CM coupling of signals. To get good performance a ground wire helps absorb stray CM noise and a good CM choke helps even more. Data wires should be balanced such as CAT5 or twisted pair with proper impedance terminator matched to cable impedance.
The ground should have a big area to stop series inductance in it down the length of the board. If the ground is big and close to conductors which are carrying high frequencies, the adjacent capacitance to ground will reduce the cross talk to other lines. The downside would be the rise/fall times will be slower. Frank
I'm trying to sample from 8 channels using my dspic33fj128gp802 chip. I've had four channels working fine up until now, but trying to use the alternative MUX switch isn't going to plan. I've tried to change the settings so that the DMA interrupt is polled after each second sample/conversion, in a hope that I can fill an eight word DMA buffer fo
I do understand that cross talk analysis will be different for Asynchronous and logically exclusive clocks groups in Primetime SI. But unable to exactly understand what is timing window and how the PT calculates the timing window for async and exclusive clock group. Among Async and exclusive clock groups which one result in more pessimistic (...)
If you are using magnetic sensors, you would need to separate them by a sufficient distance to prevent cross talk of the sensors. Depending on the routing, you could do twisted pairs to try and minimize the noise as well.
When two wire segment are in close proximity, they interact with each other electrically, this is an account of coupling capacitor between these two nets. This phenomenon is called crosstalk. or you can say, victim net gets affected by aggressor net. To avoid cross talk, you can insert buffer in victim net to increase (...)
Hi friends, when the report is generated by ETS for crosstalk analysis... There are three kinds of violations 1) Double clock 2)Glitch 3)Incremental Delays I know 2) and 3) can any one explain clearly what is 1) double clock violation and methods to fix this violation Help me with this........
did you run your simulations without pex data, to have only the functionnality and no cross-talk? adding power-up time and delay to have design stabilize and check the result "later".
Hi everyone, i need some document for Analog components (Op-amp,transformer and MOSFET) Placement guideline and Routing Guideline.if anybody have please share this post.what are factor i have to follow to reduce the EMI and EMC as well as cross talk ??
Hi Im practicing SI on Reflection and cross talk for SDCK net between "AT91SAM ARM-based Embbedded MPU" & Micron SDRAM. I have assigned the stackup in cross section and IBIS model also for these two ICs. As per the guideline given, i have done simulation, im getting overshoot of about 4.7V and cross talk (...)
When we face cross-talk violation, we can shield the net to avoid the cross-talk effects. While shielding, we always shield the net with VSS, why not with VDD? What are the pros and cons of connecting it to VDD?
Non- Default routing rules like double spacing, double width, shielding etc are used to make the clock routes less sensitive to cross talk or EM effects. Hence to avoid such effects at the later stage we should give the NDrules atthe CTS stage itself.
You will find many sources of noise when you test the design with various signals. First ensure you eliminate sources of noise you can control then worry about dithering LSB noise, unless you are dealing with repetitive waveforms. 1. Consider the cross-talk of conducted ground noise between digital and analog grounds. Any shift of the reference v
Start reading up about EMI, cross-talk and induction (Faraday's law & Lenz's law) in general. Then download one of the capabilities manuals from one of the PCB manufacturers, read through it, and ask them what the specs mean if you are not sure.
Hi all, I have read this statement in the manual of an Input module card. " cross talk of input circuits by walk zero test." Can anyone please explain me the meaning of this. What is walk zero test?
crosstalk is an acronym definition of undesirable interference which causes inducion of signal from a channel to another. Due to energy propagation dacays inverselly to distance, you can avoid effect routing tracks faraway. +++
Hello All, As for the 90nm process, are the Signal Integrity and cross-talk timing checks necessary? When should I decide that SI is necessary for my design? Thank you!
Hmm... I was confused to see this in 'hobby circuits' section. I would consider 100MHz to be high speed. With the number of connections and their proximity and length, you will have issues with signal degradation, cross talk, interference, EMI... Sorry I can't offer advice on what part to use, but you need to think about what will happen to y
I'm using SP720 for analog circuit protection in a number of instruments since about 10 years. I must confess, that I didn't yet measure the devices crosstalk capacitance (input pin to input capacitance), but I won't expect a value above 0.1 pF or so. In other words, the external circuit crosstalk capacitance will be most (...)
What is Antenna effect , cross talk, IR drop, Multicut via, multicut metal.mincut via & mincut metal mean?
Also, I didn't understand why the 120+400 signal lock the other VCO to its own frequency.. Is that some kind of cross-talk between oscillators?It's called injection locking. When you have two oscillators running at very close frequency, like in your case 120000000 and 120000400, they will eventually run at the same f
3Deye, According documment bellow, this tool includes cross-talk simulation, wich is very important at this spectrum frequency : +++
Hi All Can any one please give me a link or a good document on crosstalk noise, timing windows and calculation part. searched most places to no avail.
hi, I want to know the matrix of the inductance/capacitance of the couple lines but i don't know how to set up the parameters I only assume the lines are signal net; add the source and sick at both each side then I use the data to calculate the V of cross talk But the result doesn't match with the simulation in ADS I think i might set up
Reducing cross-talk between the pairs in the cable are obtained with the double helix configuration produced by twisting the wires together. This configuration produces symmetrical (identical) noise signals in each wire. Yes, CAT5 cable usually contains four pairs of copper wire, but for Fast Ethernet communications only utilize two pairs. A ne
but less cross-talk & efficient with basic component like bjt ,fet,diode - less than what? - you didn't tell a specification
Hi all I want to find a topic for my thesis in PhD. I have studied some literature till now. There are some challenges, such as bandwidth limitation, co-existence, cross talk, side lob, ... My focus is on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) systems. Can anyone help me to find the best option?
We know that breaking the victim net by adding a buffer will remove the cross-talk violations. What is the basic concept behind this?
assume you are new to PCB design 1 . constraint manager - depends on your PCB reqiurement. It may be physical clearance to SI constarints like lenghth matching, cross talk,impedance etc 2. Mounting holes -- location and drill size - depends on enclosure/casing/cabinet whre PCB is spoosed to rest
If you'll define a "fast clock" net class with specific routing rules also depends on the susceptibility of the other nets to cross talk. I did it at times for 50 MHz and faster clocks.
Hi Can anyone tell me what are the various methods used to reduce cross-talk between different metal layers in cmos layouts ? Thanks Deepa
timing back annotation,cross talk issues Antenna,IR drop,drc's need to be evaluated early in the flow..
Hi all Can any body describe the method of Signal Integrity in the PCB, ? How one can measure Ground Bounce, crosstalk , Ringing and how to eradicate the problem Regards Anatarveena
i need an example for cross talk simulation in ADS (for both s-paramter model, and lumped element model)
Hi, What is the difference in PT analyis compared with PTSI analysis ? As per my understanding PTSI is pessimistic compared with PT (for the same margins) due to cross talk factor has been taken into account for SI analysis. If so, Why shouldn't we signoff the design using PTSI instead of PT ? Can you please help.. Thanks, edago
Dear All, As shown in the fig here, condition is:- cross-talk noise is there at net A, which is propagated to net B. But at net C it is not there. Net C is getting the same logic as it was getting before the occurence of cross-talk at net A. Mean to say C is not get affected by (...)
Yes. The above approach is ok. Just take care that Sig1 and 2 are separated greater extent such that there is no or minimal cross talk.
hi, i have developed an fpga pci board and it's not working properly, when i write certain data into it, i get a 0xfffffffh on readback. what does the 0xfffffffh mean? i know it's what you get when you read a free port but could it also mean that one or more of the data lines is corrupted? (due do cross-talk) can it be a driver problem?
please sugggest any new mwthod for cross talk analysis
Hi, Only cross talk delay afftects frequency. crosstalk noise may cause functional failure.
1) Possible causes of metastability: i. Slow transition times (rise and fall times) at the input of devices, which could in turn possibly be due to a low VDD, high parasitic capacitance and cross-talk. Also do check the formula for rise and fall times, it could be a pointer to other factors. ii. cross-talk - an (...)
please suggest any new techniques to analyse cross talk
Hi All, Can any body explain how Double Width Routes for clock nets help in avoiding cross talk?