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HI I have problem converting .cst file to .dxf file ,it didn't work :bang:. I think my .dxf is not right. Can anyone help me please?
I have used cst Microwave Studio. You can also use FEKO and HFSS but, personally, I don't have an idea about the latter two as I have not used them.
Hello, I wondered if anyone has tried using subgridding in cst MWS 2008. It seems to work if you have a high permittivity material inside a low permittivity one (e.g. vacuum) but cant get it to work the other way round. Any suggestions appreciated. {I am trying to simulate blocks of SiO2(permittivity 3.90) inside a silico
Hallo Everyone. I installed cst 2008 version in Windows 7 and when i try to begin simulation aee 'matrixcalc.exe ' error appears . Can anyone help ? Thank you
Hallo Everyone. I installed cst 2008 version in Windows 7 and when i try to begin simulation aee 'matrixcalc.exe ' error appears . Can anyone help ? Thank you
Hi, I installed cst 2010 about a week ago, and I tried running a simulation of a model, which I ran in cst 2008 in cst 2010. The frequency range is a bit wide, 0.1MHz to 9GHz(and it worked fine in cst2008.) But it showed this error message and I couldn't get any far field patterns. The (...)
i wanted to know if there are any linux versions of cst MWS or Xfdtd. I need them for linux based PC's. If yes, where can i get a copy or download link.. any sort of help will be appreciated highly.
Ok, but I've tried to install both cst 2008 studio suite and cst 2010; after finishing installation no program directory were created nor application, only "cst solver server administration" and/or "cst Main solver server" applications were created, launching them is not the program. I have the Linux (...)
It could be possible. In cst MWS you can simulate the antenna together with the environment and acquire E/H/Power density. You can then compare what you simulated with ICNIRP limits. You can use macro to acquire fields in desire regions. However, computing resource may limit the problem size .
I have an cst MICROWAVE 2008. Can it be placed two or more farfields sources? When I put one farfield source, it does not allow me to put another one. I am modeling GSM antena with farfield source, and watching distribution of the field in the zone.
H! I use cst 2008 and i have a microstrip antenna, simulated with the transient solver and Integration after mushroom EBG to see if they improve the performance of the antenna. but don´t got improvement, which is very strange because I have band gap at the resonance frequency. when EBG i simulate microstrip antenna + EBG have to set something
Dear Colleagues, I need cst Guide but not "Getting started" and "Tutorials". It could be much better if anyone has 2008, but again it's ok if you have other versions. Thanks in advance
Hello friends, I am working in Phase Shifters for Broadband Applications and need to find Structure phase Shifters for the same. I am using cst Studio Suite 2008 (MWS) for my simulations. I am using it . to built do Compact Linear Lead/Lag
Hello Friends I am using the cracked version of cst 2008 now i am facing a problem in opening the files which were made in january all the shapes are showing the imported shape. so anyone please help me to sort out my problem as i cannt get the parameters of my own files thanks and Regards Sanjeev Yadav 8955242542 if any one can
Hi all, I'm new in using cst 2008 MWS. I'm trying to simulate a frequency selective surface by using the boundary condition. What does it means by TE mode and TM mode? How can I set the modes to TM mode? Thanks
I simulate the structure of gold nano aperture at specific frequency (frequency of 474THz, wavelength of 633nm) When I simulate this structure, I use epsilon value of -9.514 and tangent delta electric of 0.128. (In other words, epsilon = -9.514-i*1.218) There is no problem when I simulate the structure with Frequency domain solver. B
Hello, did anyone experience sudden crashes with system reboot while running an optimization on cst MWS 2008? Despite I have tried a clean system install, while I try to optimize some parameters of a normal biquad antenna, just to achieve experience with this suite, I could never successfully end the task. My system is as follows: XP SP3 on a 50 GB
Hi all what your reflectarray types?ring,slot,tl,patch? habib,what is your problem exactly i already run many reflectarray under cst 2008 i may help if you specify your problem accurately so we here try help us regards abdoeng78
Hi, I've problem to export the antenna layout using DXF file fron cst to ADS software. After I import the layout in ADS, the software also need to import "layer file names-layout.lay". What mean and how can I create and find that files.. thanks...
I simulate the structure of bow-tie nano-aperture with cst Microwave studio 2008. (there is a metal slit and we excite the plane wave foward to the metal slit and measure the power transmission at the opposite side of metal slit) In frequency domain solver, there is a adaptive mesh refinement option and I heard that it is recommended to use th
I use cst MICROWAVE STUDIO 2008.... (sorry .. my english is poor) There is a aperture of nano-size on the surface of the metal(gold) and we emission the plane wave foward to the aperture and observe the Power flow distribution. (frequency : 309Thz , wavelength : 970nm ) This is what I simulate now... Not error is occured but the re
Hi freinds I have designed simple band pass filter using cst MWS 2008. I used cst Microwave studio from cst design environment. after design the band pass filter in cst microwave studio, there is another block (default) MWSSCHEM1. How can i remove this. because when i click update button, it says (...)
Hi friends I want to design spiral using AutoCAD 2009. Any one know how can i design spiral in command window. later it will be exported to cst MWS. please give an idea to do Thank you
matrixcalc.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience . i receive this mesage wheni tried to simulate a structure in cst microwave 2008 can anybody please help to solve the problem with regards , lkminz
Hi, the vba macro is for older versions of cst MWS. e.g. versions that has cst file as *.mod and not *.cst. I think some changes will have to be made to the vba file so it knows where where the probes information are stored in cst 2008 onwards. However, in same topic forum topic, someone described using (...)
What softwares are suggested to simulate electrically small resonator? I saw a paper published in Optics express in 2008 using cst. Can FDTD handle it well??? You are from Zeland? I am using IE3D to test my structure. Zhao
I can`t updat my cst even with auto update of cst!! I search more and more to find service pack file (.sup) for cst but I`m disappointed. when i run cst simulation in SAR field, it occur a strange problem : "matrixcalc.exe (or matrixcalc_AMD64.exe for 64-bit windows) has ecountered a problem and need to close... please (...)
Any one knows how to use cst farfield sources? I want to create a spherical wave source but I don't know how to make it? Any help? Thank you!
Hi, everybody I want to obtain the following diagram for dipole on EBG in cst MWS 2008, Can anyone help want information about what solver to use and how set the mesh properties to obtain fastest results. Thanks in advance ...
search here about ebg using cst u will get it
Hi, or you can use showroom: or for antenna try attachment
Hello I have a problem with simulation slotline in cst MW 2008. Actually, I want to evaluate impedance of a slotline stub (radial and circular) but face a problem which is that line impedance doesn't depend on frequency how it should be. This obstacle leads wrong results in calculation Z parameters. I tried to drive the line with waveguide port u
An error occurs during simulation of cst 2008 on INTEL Core i7 CPU. My OS is WinXP 64bit. When I start simulation, there is error code of "AMD64.exe". Anyone knows the solution of this error??
i am busy testing windows 7 rc. its the new one after vista, for those who dont know... and so far i quite like it; much prettier and faster than xp... anyway, the im having a problem installing cst studio 2008, and for that matter, hfss 10 aswell. with cst, it goes throught the entire installer and at the end tells me something like "are (...)
Dear All, I need to simulate a multi-feed offset refelctor antenna. How can i introduce several farfield sources for IE solver, simultaneously?! is it possible? Yours.
Hi guys I recently started using cst microwave 2008. I used it first for SE of a box wit a plane wave and installed a waveguide 1 cm. I am facing problem in getting some correct results i used a probe inside. creating a seam shows no difference, idont know where is something wrong. how can i use some port instead a plane wave someone plz help m
hi there well i know that this topic has been discussed many times on this forum but no one has ever posted any correct simulated dispersion diagram. from your previous post i thought u have successfully simulated the dispersion diagram using cst MWS so thats why i asked you to post ur simulated model regards
Hi all, I design circular array tapered slot antennas with cst. My antennas are fed by stripline.How can I set feed when the stripline feed is askew plane. Thank a lot for your advice. ^^
hi there well as far as i know u can't open model created in cst mws 2008 to open in cst mws 2006. however you can open cst mws 2006 model in cst mws 2008 may be someone knows how to do it> regards
Does anybody have idea on the calculation transmission under the plane-wave incidence and periodic boundary conditions in cst? I am trying to repeat Fig. 3(b) in a paper published in Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 047401 (2008) entitled "plasmon-induced transparency in metamaterials". But what I got isn't the exactly same as this figure.
Hi, guys Does anyone here have the cst manual of advance topics for newer version like 2006 or 2008. If possible , provide a link or unpload it upright to here. Really appreciate it. I need it badly. Thanks in advance Best regards JC
I think this version(2006) may not work in Vista. HFSS 10 also have same problem. According to my information all latest versions (HFSS 12 & cst 2008) supports Vista. You may have to check with cst help desk. Added after 1 minutes: Also one more thing. There is one facility in Vista using which you
Anybody using PIC solver of cst Particle Studio? PIC solver is a Transient Solver of this Studio. Is it same solver as the transient solver of MWS? Does Transient Solver of MWS use only one core of CPU? or it's my hardware- software problem? How can accelerate this solver except using GPUs ? I have a system equipped with 2*quad-core processors
Dear all How can I see antenna pattern and antenna structure simultaneously in cst(Microwave Studio)?
i have the same problem............but atlast i have used cst mws 2008
Does anyone know if cst SS 2008 is supposed to work on Windows Vista? Thanks.
hi, i've design a circular patch microstrip antenna with narrow slot for 2.4GHz circularly polarization..the antenna that i design is right hand circular polarization and using coaxial feeding.. the Q is how do i know that my design is the correct one by using cst? what i need to determine is the radiation pattern, the s11 parameter < -10dB, the b
hi prafuldeo,i already compare my results i get from cst 2008,with paper of DRA phase figure using WGA method,it give very good compatability between them regards
hi, I have cst 2008 and HFSS v11. cst 2008 supports transfer for HFSS files directly. but as earlier versions, it doesn't allow changes in the structure. I had memory shortage problems in HFSS so I tried running it on cst as cst handles memory problems in a better way. now when i export the (...)
Hi, I would like to calculate the absoprtion diagram of a ground plane in first for next use the method for another structure. I'm working with cst Microwave Studio 2008. I have a plane wave at z=13mm and a probe a z=12mm. ------------ plane wave o probe -------------- |-------------| ground pl