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Hi I am working on wakefield analysis in a Multi-Bunch Normal conducting FEL Structures. For this I used HFSS for modeling as I wanted to plot Dispersion Curves for all cells so I used master slave boundary condition. Since there is no specific tool in HFSS for wakefiled analysis so I imported the model in cst Wakefield solver. I have (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate a ship model (Teleost) as given in this journal (attachment) using cst micro wave studio. I am confused about the boundary condition that is to be used to get the same result. Moreover there is this statement mentioned in the journal as follows "To calculate the RCS of the model,the grid is reflected in the (...)
Dear All, i need to simulate a pcb in cst ,but i dont know whats appropriate boundary condition ! can anyone help me ?
Hi, I want to get the PBG of a triangular lattice using cst eigenmode solver. I put the boundary condition as follows +/- x: Periodic +/- Y: Periodic +/- z: Et=0 I know that the phase x and phase y parameters are to be swiped over some angle (As we do for rectangular lattice 1 from Γ to X point of Brillion zone (0,0) to (...)
Dear all, I have attached a cst files. I want to set up 2 webguid port with boundary condition. I have already done it. But i am thinking that it is not working properly. Any one check that files and amend it pls. It would be great help for me. THanks
Hi every one I have a problem with periodic boundary condition in cst software. I have a cylinder with two layer coating which is infinite along z axis I used periodic boundary condition for z This warning occured: Inhomogeneous material at periodic boundary detected. Farfield (...)
Hi there, I'm assuming you are using cst MWS. You need to go to "open boundaries" settings and check that it is set to center frequency and monitors.
Hi, I have designed a single unit cell csrr metamaterial and microstrip patch antenna using cst. I don't know how to combine these two structures together and what port (waveguide/discrete) should I used to run the simulation when they are combined. The boundary condition for metamaterial is magnetic for z axis, electric for x axis and open (...)
I'm simulating a grounded CPW in cst, I want to apply a proper boundary condition to it? who know what is the suitable boundary condition? what envirement i shoud use in cst? note that i'm simulating a GCPW fed Horn antenna if this effect the boundary (...)
Hi All, I'm simulating a magnetostatic problem involving two magnets separated by a thin copper spacer. The total magnetic assembly is on the order of 10 mm cubed. The magnetization is in the same direction and I use open boundary conditions on all sides. The problem is that I find that the height of the magnetic field zero point moves aroun
Hi sorry,i didn't have cst simulation experience. In the HFSS, it is need to set the boundary condition of free space (air box) for simulation and according to the HFSS full book suggest as below The Radiation boundary needs to be placed at least lumpda/4 from radiating devices. the bigger is better for air box, because it
I'm simulating One of the IEEE paper , but i've got some problem , i used two ports( X dimension) for feeding through Waveguide port , but when i want to assign boundary condition to another Dimension , i have to assign to feeding port. please chech my file : original shape : i.tinyuploads.
Hi all, I want to simulate asymmetric SRR structures using transient solver. Because of the asymmetry I cant use PEC and PMC boundary conditions and while using Periodic boundary condition I get the following error "Waveguide port touches periodic boundary condition". Is there anyway to (...)
I want to simulate a monopole antenna, provided with a ground plane. Can someone please explain what settings to be put in 'boundary conditions' and 'background material' in cst Microwave Studio.... considering I want it to simulate anechoic chamber surrounding.
i am simulating a structure with cst , my boundary conditions are all open add space . when i simulate my structure in frequancy range btw 2 to 6 gh i get totally different result than when i simulate the same structure in frequancy range 2-10 gh . so , what is wrong :?: :?: :-?
Dear all, I have simulated some published papers' unit cell structure for getting "s" shaped phase curve using cst mws 2010. I draw the unit cell on x-y plane. Then in boundary condition I use x-min and x-max as perfect magnetic wall, y-min and y-max as perfect electric wall, z-min as perfect electric wall for shorting and keep z-max open (...)
hi Do you know what is the optimum distance from air box in cst? what is the best answer for adding space to open boundary condition? when I use lambda/4 and lambda/2 in central frequency the answers are different. thanks
Hi everybody ... I have simulated an FSS structure with no unit cell boundary condition, to make a real simulation ... and used a waveguide port to make a plane wave ... there was no problem for my structure until I made the FSS structure total size bigger than the area of waveguide .... I mean you can feel some thing blunged out of waveguide
Hello, I designed the 38 GHz dielectric resonator filter using cst microwave studio. Now I have problem to set the boundary condition of dielectric resonator filter during simulation. How to the set boundary condition? is it to set Et=0 or Open? As attached is the designed of 38 GHz dielectric (...)
Hi I designed a nanoantenna structure in cst and defined a plane wave for excitation and boundary condition is set to open add space. when I try to run FD solver for it, program gives an error about fd solver not working with open boundaries . is it common or I missed some settings somewhere ? cause I've read that fd solver is the (...)
i having some problem with my cst simulation of PIFA antenna. A simple two layer board simulation (Frequency Domain Solver) requires me to use FPBA instead of automatic. when i use FPBA, its refining the mesh again and again untill the end but doesnt solve the problem. The weird thing i observed is the boundary condition (box) is too (...)
i am interested in finding the reflection phase of ebg using cst.
I am trying to re do the SRR described in Electromagnetic parameter retrieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials in cst.I am new to cst.I feel that i could not able to apply proper boundary condition for the SRR structure.I have attached my cst file.I used cst 2009.S parameter result is not (...)
hellooooooo can any one help me how to determine the boundary condition of metamaterials on cst . when i simulate with et=0 and ht=0 for the sides of the unit cell with waveguide port as input source,the results isn't correct,so any one can help me for this problem best regards here my attached cst file
Dear friends I embedded an implant antenna in an skin tissue model of the body using cst program and then, I used Electric (Et=0)on the all faces of the Tissue model. I want to calculate SAR,S parameter and radiation pattern of this implant antenna. Is this type of boundary condition right or not? what's the correct (...)
cst MWS is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of FEKO Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with Ansoft HFSS, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
hi, im trying to design a 900Mhz feed line rectangular patch antenna with partial ground plane using cst MWS,, i need help regarding how to model the boundary condition. What should i put as the Zmin?? is it 'Electric (Et=0)' ?? or 'open'? or 'open (add space)'? ps- currently im using Zmin= open (add space) because it doesn't show any (...)
Dear all, I use cst to simulate the capacitance of touch panel. I find that the capacitance value will change whenever I change the following parameters: Surrounding space, boundary condition, lower mesh limit, mesh line ratio limit. I'm wondering that what rule I should follow to set these parameters?? Please refer the attachment (...)
Hi, I have a problem. I am simulating a structure w/ a waveguide port. S11 parameter is linearly higher than 1 when I use open (add) space boundary condition. Physically not meaningful due to energy conservation. But, when I use open boundary conditions, this time I obtain an error as: " Inhomogeneous material at (...)
Hi everyone, I have a problem. I am simulating a structure w/ a waveguide port. S11 parameter is linearly higher than 1 when I use open (add) space boundary condition. Physically not meaningful, energy conservation. But, when I use open BC, this time I obtain error as: " Inhomogeneous material at open boundary detected. (The (...)
Hii Anyopne tell me what is the basic difference between Open and Open add space boundary conditions in cst Microwave Studio??? When i use open boundary condition then i m getting different result in comaprison to Open add space boundary condition. i don't (...)
Is there a bloch boundary condition that you can use? Also, did you ever solve this problem? Please post your finished cst file here. Thanks. Added after 49 seconds: Is there a bloch boundary condition that you can use? Also, did you ever solve this problem? Please post your finished (...)
Hi all, I'm new in using cst 2008 MWS. I'm trying to simulate a frequency selective surface by using the boundary condition. What does it means by TE mode and TM mode? How can I set the modes to TM mode? Thanks
Hi, I'm new to cst. So forgive me if my question is elementary. I'm simulating a split ring resonator and trying to look at its transmission and reflection spectra. The boundary condition I'm using is the unit cell. However, I would only like to excite my split ring resonator with a particular polarization. I have no idea how (...)
Hi, I am a new user for the cst MWS 2008. I am trying to simulate the reflection magnitude on a semi-infinite glass or metal material illuminated by the EM wave from the free space. Which template should I use and how to define the semi-infinite boundary condition? For the material library in MWS, which model is used to model the (...)
search here about ebg using cst u will get it
Hi, everybody, I encount a problem in cst when I try to excite the grounded CPW. When I set the boundary condition of the port side to be PEC, the port field of CPW looks right. But when I set the boundary condition of port side to be open, then the port field distributuion of the CPW becomes wrong. I (...)
Hello, I'm testing CPW these days. I heard there would be a way to calculate TL attenuation coefficient(alpha) by cst eigenmode solver with periodic boundary condition. The TL is CPW and I'd like to see the attenuation change according to the frequency sweeping. With other solvers I couldn't get an exact alpha due to the port impedance (...)
Hello, I'm a little confused here. So i know that setting your boundary to Electric is basically like putting a ground plane. What is a magnetic boundary analogous to? Also, i don't really understand why you would pick one boundary over the other in a particular simulation. Can someone help me out here?
Is it possible to simulate the parallel-plate waveguide, with PEC on the top and bottom, waveport at the right and left? I'm wondering what boundary condition whould I specify for the faces on the front and back, since actually they are infinitly long. Did I clarified my problem? Thanks!
I use cst for my simulations. I want to know is any way to have different angle to illuminae an array structure for TEM wave. (I know it is possible with unit cell boundary condition in frequency domain solver but it return results for TE and TM) Thanks!
when i i want to simulate near field in MWS cst,i run the transient solver, it said ''The monitor 'e-field(f=10;z=10)'is outside simulation bounds and will be ignored.'' how can i change the simulation bounds?
hi the example of circular patch antenna in cst help is different in the sense that it has rectangular ground plane. while the person who posted this question has circular ground plane . so he cant use open boundary condition without introducing some additional space or using open (add) boundary (...)
hi i want to know on what conditon we can use the periodic boundary condition in cst? can anyone help me? thank you
hi i am interested in having a look at the cst mws simulation of any structure which is using unit cell boundary condition. any comments, links or pdf file are welcome regards
in cst MWS we have unit cell boundary condition as well as periodic boundary condition i am just wondering whats the difference between the two ? and which one we should use for EBGs and which one for array simulation and also whether these 2 boundary conditions work (...)
Actually cst requires symmetical boundary in all palne for calculating stable radiation pattern.
I tried to use cst to simulation a simple SRR structure in GHz. The scale followes the data from fig1 in ref.. But when the simulation begins, it always been aborted automatelly with the error: the current settings will probably lead to a very long simulation time you may improve the simulatio
Can anyone provide me a model of the metamaterial structure for cst - MWS . I have some difficults on port and boundary condition. The help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks a lot.
I would also like to know the user feedback about Particle studio of cst 2008 version. Thanks