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hi all, im simulating an antenna in cst microwave studio. i have added matching component in cst design studio and the S11 is good. i want to simulate antenna efficiency and gain with this matching components. how do i do that? thanks
Hi, Can anyone help me design a 4 port rectangular waveguide switch in cst microwave studio?There is no example given in the tutorial.I tried designing it,but the s-parameters are showing erroneous results.
I have simulated a 3D EM model in cst (HFSS). Then in the design studio, I have developed a tuning circuit which is fed to EM model. cst then calculates the fields in EM model according to this excitation from the design studio. A similar operation can be done with HFSS and Nexxim (by using (...)
Hi everyone, I am currently developing software in MATLAB to calculate the S21 parameter based on the E-farfield pattern simulated in cst. However, MATLAB doesn't calculate the correct S21 values from these farfield patterns. I read something about Antenna Calculation in the cst design studio handbook (p.93). When (...)
Hi everyone, I am new to cst studio Suite and I am trying to design a triangular Bow Tie Antenna. The triangles are made of copper and they are placed on FR-4 material. My problem is that I don't know how to design the differential feeding for the antenna. Can I use two discrete ports or do I have to design (...)
I'm new to cst studio and I'm trying two simulate two antennas together. What I want to know is when I add excitation to one antenna, how strong would the signal be when it is received by another signal. The two antennas are both dipole antennas and are designed to be at frequency 2.4GHz and 2.5GHz. I put one discrete port in one of (...)
I am running the following line "C:\Program Files (x86)\cst studio SUITE 2016\cst design ENVIRONMENT.exe" -m C:\Temp\macro.bas where macro.bas is Sub Main OpenFile("C:\Temp\Downloads.cst") StoreParameter "offset", 1 Rebuild() Solver.Start End Sub cst opens (...)
Hi, The shape of a horizontal V antenna is this: 130290 I have to design a horizontal V antenna to compute impedance (R + jX ) of V antenna above ground. Which will result in the following figure after the simulation: 130291 This figure is in book "Antenna Theory Analysis and design 3r
Any one designed and simulated SMA connector. If any one designed please send their model i will be thankful to them.
Dear sir, I want to find out the group delay of my uwb antenna i am getting error while assigning the second wave port in cst MW studio 2015. Please give me the required solution to my problem to find the group delay. I am attaching my design here. If possible can you send your model to me. 129270 Thanking you.
Dear all I am design an antenna which is work in UWB frequency range.I want use this antenna for body.can any one tell me how Installing new material with frequency dependent properties.i use cst studio 2014.for example when i want to create phantom model which frequency considered? I need more help thanks
Hi everyone. I am new person in antenna design sector. I need to optimize axial ration of an antenna with cst studio. can anyone let me know the process. that will be so much hlepful for me.
Hello. I have this problem. I have thesis Log-periodic antenna. Now a must design this antenna in cst studio. But i dont have idea how. :cry: I have all calculations for construction of this antenna (Log-periodic). For all calculations i use book Antenna Theory by Balanis. My teacher recommend me this perfect book. This antenna will be (...)
what are the different solvers used in cst MWS(microwave studio). if i want to design antenna(1-5 ghz) using these then which solvers will be needed. any specifications in these solvers.
Hi all, I am new in cst studio SUITE. I created a model of our PCB in cst and done the simulation,but result is strange,showing a straight line. If any of the cst experts see this post,please reply. My doubt is regarding discrete port setting, for antenna excitation I used ground layer. Is it ok? Should use power layer? (...)
Hello, I am currently trying to simulate a full wave bridge rectifier in the design studio portion in cst to use with an antenna. First my professor wants me to simulate the rectifier in cst using the signal voltage source and I want to set the frequency of the source to 2.45 GHz, but I cannot figure out how to change (...)
Colleagues, I met with the problem while trying to calculate amplitude distribution on planar surface at a certain distance (200-400 wavelength) from the collimator aperture. The problem is that the calculation process reach?s RAM limit (16 GB) and terminates with error when I use time domain solver. Obviously, it happens because of large d
Hey, i would like to know how i can make a DC-voltage-sweep in cst design studio with Current. I have a simple circuit consist of a diode and i want to see what is the current across the diode with different values of dc voltage. Does anyone knows, how can i do that ? Many thanks !!!
Hi All, I try to design SRR antenna with additional capacitance in between gap so that it will match my 50 ohm input impedance.But it doesn't show any effect of S11 when i change the value of capacitance. Can anyone help me on this matter.Here I'm attaching the cst 2014 file. Thank you in advance.
Hello, I'm quite new to cst Microwave studio and I'm not sure if my model of biconical antenna is correct because I got strange simulation results (VSWR). I noticed on internet that there is a model of EMC wire biconical antenna in Antenna Magus design software (which I dont' own). I would be very grateful if u guys could send me (...)
i also want to export and run file in feko kindly help. Missing tabs of feko and cst in export mode of magus. It says no models available to export122383
Hi, first post here and in need of some help with cst Microwave studio if possible.... I've been using cst MWS for around a year now, mostly to design RF networks and patch antennas. I've been doing lots of parameter sweeps as a result of the antenna modelling side of things although I've been tempted to use the optimiser (...)
Hi I am working on destining a 2:1 three stage UWB Wilkinson equal power divider for the frequency range (2-7)GHz using cst microwave studio with 50 ohm input and output impedance. The design is attached and the S parameter also.
Hello everyone I design rf and high speed multilayer PCBs up to 12 layer....I want to simulate pcb with awr microwave office(axiem maybe) and cst PCB studio. I need high performance computer called workstation but I dont know how to define right processor(intel xeon or ???) right graphical card(quadro or tesla or something else) or should (...)
Good Day Dear Members, I have designed the following rectenna in cst design studio that works in parallel with the antenna designed at 900 MHz using cst MWS.(Fig1) I have placed all the relevant Voltage sources and probes in the circuit as shown, but Im unable to generate correct DC (...)
Hey , i need some help. im simulating two antennas in a cavity box, i first do it with the transcient solver and after with the frequency becuz i wanted to see if the results will be the same .. but they are some difference at some frequencies .. i will like to ask which solver should i use ? what is the right for my application ? which results
Its informative. Thnx @thylacine1975. But I want to ask something as well.. How can i add schottky diode HSMS 2850 with its parameters in 3D antenna design cst MWS??
can help me? i'm designing microstrip pacth antenna with cst studio suite 2014... i got this message when i do "parametric sweep" anyone know how to solve it? the message is* "The structure update failed for at least one parameter combination. Additional inform
I am implementing a simple rectangular wave guide on cst Microwave studio to operate on the X-band . Does anyone have idea which type of port I have to use as I am using wave guide port and it doesn't work ? and how can I choose the mode? Thanks in advance
Hello All, In cst MWS, I'm using a square pulse, current signal as an excitation signal sent from design studio to Microwave studio using the co-simulation feature. I am interested in the transient behavior of a wide-band antenna after receiving such a square pulse. I was hoping to see a damped sinusoidal response with (...)
I have used cst Microwave studio. You can also use FEKO and HFSS but, personally, I don't have an idea about the latter two as I have not used them.
Hi , I'm new to cst. and i would like to design a simple rectangular antenna fed by microstrip like in cst studio software , but i have a lot of questions to ask : 1.How can i calculate dimensions of my waveguide port ? 2.How can i simulate Gain in my bandwidth and also radiation pattern in different planes ( x-z ; (...)
Hi Everyone, Could someone please help me with plotting the near field patterns in cst MWS, I know that farfield patterns can be achieved by using the field monitors but I am not sure if there is such a procedure for near field patterns. Bests
I am using cst Microwave studio for Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) design. In the unit cell simulation setup i can change only the incidence angle. The solver generates output only for TE and TM polarization. But how could i simulate for polarization angles other than 0 or 90 Degree. (Ex: I want the Tx,Rx response for polarization angle of
I want to simulate (and design) an antenna for 2.4GHz Active RFID in cst microwave studio. There is a button cell near the antenna. Most area of the outer case is anode, that is, the power, not the ground. So I wonder how to model it in simulation software. Is it OK to simply create a metal cylinder? Or the battery is something mysterious (...)
I would like to design the following rectifier circuit, which is a part of rectenna design, in cst MWS. I found out that cst design studio could be used for it but my version doesn't have the required libraries for lumped components (i.e. diodes, resistors and inductors). So could someone (...)
I am doing a project on filters design... i have recently installed cst studio suite 2009, for filter simulation, but i cant create a DGS in the ground please help me
Hello all I am trying to design a Bias T using CPW transmission lines in cst microwave studio. I am confused with the DC blocking. Please have a look at the attachment. I am using quarter wavelength coupled lines for blocking DC but on simulation the RF DC isolation gets worse on adding this DC block. If I do not use any DC Block (...)
any one know what is a differance btw e plane and h plane pattern in cst and how i can plot these two pattern with cst
please ,,,, How to define ports when integrating cst design studio with cst Microwave studio? or, can any one help me to design the circuit as below :
No problem in cst design studio.
hai I need to design linearly tapered slot antenna in cst microwave studio 2012...Please tell me the steps for designing the antenna...suggest me whether it is possible to design this antenna in cst?
try the .stp or step format. looks like it's on the export list for altium and on the import list for cst.
hi, i would like to construct a multilayer air-core coil(as shown in the picture) in cst EM studio. However i cant find a suitable coil design from Macro>Construct>Coil. Hoping for help urgently. Thank you very much
watch cst youtube videos
Hi all, I need a help to combine two projects from cst studio 2011 and AWR design Environment. I have no idea how to combine together. Is possible to export antenna to AWR and change instead of 50ohm resistor in my AWR simulation and also use the uwb RF generator in cst to see how works antenna with generator? I (...)
Hi, you can see the example of designing a folded dipole in Example. It is in the driver that you install cst program. Program Files ==>cst studio SUITE ==>Examples ==>MWS==>Transient ==>Antennas :-P
Hello everyone! I want to design an 8x1 and then 8x8 rectangular patch array in cst. I am having problems with designing the feed network. Can anyone please help me with it. Refer me some good sources to read. I am not sure about the impedance of the feed lines. Thanks.
Hi.... anyone who can help me how to design a dual band microstrp patch antenna. what are the necesarry steps which i should do. what formulas should be considered and the dimensions calculation.
Hi, I am working on a tunable/reconfigurable PIFA at 2GHz and 2.45GHz using cst Microwave studio software. Is there anybody here that can help me with files or thesis related to this antenna design? As for now, I am having some difficulties in making the reflection coefficient falls below -10dB at the desired frequencies.