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Hi all, I'm trying to save data (ascii export) in order to use them in a Matlab Script. The problem is that cst has a limitation of 30 data that I can save, but i need 100 of them. Thanks for the attention. Best regards, Marco
Please explain a bit your problem. With cst you can export your data in form of text file which you are already doing. number of data points to be stored and scale is default for cst Do you want to store a particular number of data points?
Hi Everyone, I have to import a 48 graphs of data from cst Tables in the form of .txt file. I just try to export 1st graph using following code. ' export_Tables Sub Main () SelectTreeItem "Tables\E_WV3_8X" exportPlotdata "E_WV3_8X.txt" End Sub 133286 But i not getting any (...)
I have following questions to understand your problem better 1. Which solver of cst you are using? 2.What S parameters data will be left when you say exclude port mode as per my understanding S parameters are calculated at ports. So when you exclude ports nothing is left to be exported so it is the error in post processing
in your cst simulation, your data for second coil will be in S(2,2). Z(2,2) also will be available so you can insert equation to get your L(2,2).
Hi, I have a problem with cst ascii export using VBA script. I have used cst Eigenmode solver to simulate a periodic structure for 20 number of modes. A parameter phaseY is used in parameter sweep with 80 number of iterations. The results are OK but the problem arises with exporting the whole data set. I (...)
hi, Is it possible to plot the results of two different projects in order to compare them (like in this example).119600 tnx in advance.
i suggest you also contact the cst technical support through their website, for better help.
Hello You can use file>export>ASCII plot in cst to export the data from cst and then use import data option in MATLAB for importing the data in MATLAM. good luck
Hi, i am doing a simulation in cst and I have s11, s21,s12 and s22 data plots. when I export data as text format it only gives frequency and one s-parameter data column. how can I export all s-parameter data to one text file. Thank you
R u trying to apply any computational techniques to ur waveguide structure for analysis ? I dont know how to get this data thru cst but if its a simple waveguide structure, then I think u can define them in Matlab directly..!!
i am simulating multiband antenna in cst using 3 varactor diode now i want to plot s11 curve in same window for multiple values of capacitor (.1 pF to1 pF) kindly tell me how can I do it in cst for reference i am uploading a sample figure
You can easily export the data simulated by cst such as antenna patterns in the ASCII format to use in MATLAB. however cst can be used for the antenna array analysis perfectly and you do not need MATLAB.
hi everybody i have a problem with cst output file when i run my script code with FDsolver(i use floquetprot & unit cell) i got some result like " %SZmax(1),Zmax(1)% versus Passes in". i want link cst & MATLAB then it should be txt file. cst'output should be .sig file to have ASCII outpot then i got error and i cant get outpot in (...)
hi I want to export file .hfss to file of cst (from hfss to cst), but i don't know to do it plz tell me how to export it tnx You can also ask help from Ansoft and cst technical support. ^^,
Hi every body i write a code of macro and i want to export the 1d results to .bmp and ASCII but 1.with .bmp files it export a file.bmp I want to export a S(2)(1) but no images inside 2.with ASCII it error :"no plot data available to export" Can you help me.tks a lot This is my code With (...)
I have defined field monitors in many different surfaces, then I want to export this results. If using file->export->plot data(ASCII), it will take too much time,how to use macro to export all results ? I need Ez,Hx and Hy values both real and imaginery parts.
Hi I am new to cst. I have simulated a microstrip using cst. after simulating it for freq range 6 to 17 Ghz. I have got S11 and S21 plot. What I want is S11 and S21 in tabular form for the given frequency range and import in matlab for analysis . How can I get S parameters in tabular form in cst. Can anybody help. Thanks
Hi, i would import a structure with all data from HFSS to cst. I have already tried exporting this antenna in the format .sat but when I import this file, I obtain only the structure without all parameters (materials and so on). In which way I can fix it. Is there a way to export in HSFF all project and then import (...)
hello i am new in using cst studio. can anyone say how i can use the figures in cst results and also the sturucture of my design be imported in a document for repoting. and how can i access the data files for calculation in MATLAB?
hello can you help me solve this problem in cst I seek to determine the matrix of the normal electric field Ez (specifying the interval in both directions x and y with the spacing between points) in a plane parallel to my structure but I can not do it in cst
hi for paper better u extract the result from cst and in Matlab combine them
Hello!!! I would like to export some data from my antenna simulation. I choosed to plot the Efield in linear mode and the txt includes: Theta Phi Abs(E ) Abs(Theta) Phase(Theta) Abs(Phi ) Phase(Phi ) Ax.Ratio Can please somebody help me if there is a way to get
My Friends, any one knows how to save the plots in cst? I'd like to save the following radiation pattern photo alone without the information.
please can any one help me to export the plots in the result of cst microwave studio to file.doc? Try: file——>export——>plot data
hi, I have a problem of representation of polar curve with cst. Indeed, I can save a 1D curve cst in text file (eg S11, "file-export-plot data"), to import the same file in cst, I am: "macro-file-import-1D signals" how to do the same with a curve in 2 dimensions? such a radiation pattern in polar (...)
Hi i think best way is to export the S parameter data from cst and HSs and then plot them in one graph using any data plotting tool e.g Excel i hope this is helpful regards
I have question here. how to export the data OF the relation about field and time, after simulation with thansient solver in cst? Only I can get is the relation about fields and position.
Hi all friend, Due to i have the dielectric fill in the rectangular WG simulation and have query to prove that the simulation is true by export data and manual plot.I have many query as below? 1. How to know E-field incident of the waveguide ? 2. I have run on Transient solve Is it have the time involve in the wave equeation ?? Thank
this depends on cst version you are using. If you are using cst version 2006. Then you will find ADS export amd you can export your model directly to cst. if you are using the older version, you can export the s-parameters data as touchstone file and export (...)
Hello Tyassin, you already have mag and angle in your export. E.g. your phi/Theta is you varying angle and theta/Phi_dB arey our magnitude. Open it in excel and delete the col that you don't need. If you do not want in in dB, you can go to plot properties and change the scale to linear. Hope this is want you require. Element7k [quote=
Hi, Is there a way in cst MWS to record a menu action? I want to automate the export of a list of 2D field monitors to get a text file output just like the one in the File > export menu. There is some 2D/3D export macro in the Macro menu, but somehow I can't get it to work on my 2D data. Any ideas? (...)
hi i would have some information about resultsexporting in cst microwave studio to excel or matlab files specially about S parameters exporting Hi, vegeta! It's very simple. -In MWS click on navigation pannel to show S-parameters -File-->export-->Plot data (ASCII) That's all 8)