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Hello, I need to import SPICE models into cst to do simulation. I need models for a frequency doubler (input 3.5GHz-5GHz) and a wideband amplifier (30 dB gain, 7-10 GHz). Does anyone know where I can find the SPICE models directly or which literature I can refer to have the circuit design? I can use TINA-TI to export the SPICE model once I have th
Hello, I need to import SPICE models into to cst for simulation. I need the models for a frequency doubler (input 3.5GHz-5GHz) and an amplifier (7-10 GHz). Can anyone have some idea where I can find the SPICE models directly? Or what literature I can refer to design such circuits? I have TINA-TI to be able to export the SPICE model once I have tes
export the designed file in gerber file format from ADS....U can import the same and edit it in cst.... Thanks,
Hi all, I'm trying to save data (ascii export) in order to use them in a Matlab Script. The problem is that cst has a limitation of 30 data that I can save, but i need 100 of them. Thanks for the attention. Best regards, Marco
Hello, i am trying to build a tandem 3d coupler ,but there are many file element both vissualyy and impedance varying,i shown in the attached photo,is there a to for designing such couplers so i could export them to cst? Thanks 136355
A basic question why you need to import the measured results of your antenna to cst? I mean I need to know the reason as there could be other ways to do the same thing
Please explain a bit your problem. With cst you can export your data in form of text file which you are already doing. number of data points to be stored and scale is default for cst Do you want to store a particular number of data points?
Hi Everyone, I have to import a 48 graphs of data from cst Tables in the form of .txt file. I just try to export 1st graph using following code. ' export_Tables Sub Main () SelectTreeItem "Tables\E_WV3_8X" exportPlotData "E_WV3_8X.txt" End Sub 133286 But i not getting any output file in any project folder.
I want to export a cst design to work in Microsoft Visio. I want to export a Yagi antenna design,which cst is detecting as mulilayer design. While I select to export in as a DXF file it only selects the element which is in xy plane. In my Yagi design as the driven element is in xy plane it is only selection (...)
Dear all, I have linked cst and matlab, but i want to export my results into matlab automatedly like s11 at frequency of interest?? anybody help??
Use export Tool of cst to export the file as SAT file Then use HFSS>Modeler>Import command to import it
Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how to create macro in order to store ASCII files of farfield results for all frequencies in cst MWS to read it in matlab so I can create database for all different frequencies and their respective Theta, phi values and realized gain. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I have following questions to understand your problem better 1. Which solver of cst you are using? 2.What S parameters data will be left when you say exclude port mode as per my understanding S parameters are calculated at ports. So when you exclude ports nothing is left to be exported so it is the error in post processing
I want export harness file from Inventor or Catia to cst Cable Studio. Inventor and Catia export .xml file format, but when import this file to cst Cable Studio (Import Cable Harness), cst said "Importing kbl terminated". and I can't import my file.:cry: anybody can help me?:sad: 129739
you can generate gerber in cst. modeling --> import/export -->export 2D files --> gerber (single layer).
in your cst simulation, your data for second coil will be in S(2,2). Z(2,2) also will be available so you can insert equation to get your L(2,2).
Hi everyone, I designed a coil of traces (meant to simulate wire) to span between top and bottom layer of PCB in cst MW studio. It looks perfect in cst and now I would like to export it to Gerber for fabrication. I align my 'local WCS' to the top layer and exported it (repeated for bottom layer) Unfortunately both (...)
Dear kovibb for the first and simple way, you can export both result in ACSII format and do an operation on them in MATLAB! but I am afraid if cst can do it!!!
Hi, I have a problem with cst ascii export using VBA script. I have used cst Eigenmode solver to simulate a periodic structure for 20 number of modes. A parameter phaseY is used in parameter sweep with 80 number of iterations. The results are OK but the problem arises with exporting the whole data set. I used both of the (...)
Hi everyone myself rahul, i am new to HFSS. i wanted to export the MIMO antenna model from cst to hfss , so i used SAT files and then when i imported the SAT files onto the hfss, i had to assign the materials again. But,in HFSS i am facing a problem with respect to validation of 3D model and also with respect to solution frequency. My MIMO antenna
Hi, I think that you should find your diode model (SPI file) on internet. After that you can import in cst, and you have a diode for your simulation.
Hi everyone, I'm simulating an antenna in cst and I want to export the results of a planar near field scan to a text file in order to read it with Matlab. To do so, I've set up a field monitor( e-field (f=2;z=10) ) on the desired plane and I don't have any problem exporting the results manually once the simulation has finished (Post (...)
Hello, this is my first post. I have a simulation of an antenna with several farfield at different frequencies. I have to export all this farfilelds clicking on each one and wait to finish the calculation to be able to export. The problem is that each calculation takes a lot time and I have to check when the calculation is finish in order to cl
Hello Guys! I want to export my Pcb design from cst to Altium designer. Anyone could suggest me a way how to do that details. I tried .Dwf file in my case nothing appears on board layer. same for .stp file. Your urgent responce is highly appreciated. Regards, Rizwan
i also want to export and run file in feko kindly help. Missing tabs of feko and cst in export mode of magus. It says no models available to export122383
hi, Is it possible to plot the results of two different projects in order to compare them (like in this example).119600 tnx in advance.
Hi all. I'm doing a Ph.D in MMIC design for uW frequencies and I'm new to ADS and EMPro, though I have experience with MWOffice and cst, so I'm familiar with EM simulations. I'm trying to export an ADS PA MMIC design (with a proprietary PDK) to EMPRo, and simulate it with the FEM and FDTD engines. For that purpose, first and rather than expor
Hello I want to learn how can i export my hfss design to cst. I am using HFSS 11 and cst 2010 & cst 2012. The procedure I am following is this:- In HFSS Modeler---> export, then save the file in 3d Modeler File (*.sm3) then ---> select version ACIS SM3 Version 16.0. But by this version my file is not (...)
I need to measure the E-Field and Voltage of Lumped Elements at some points. Therefore, I have used Probe for measuring the aforementioned quantities at the respective points. However, I don?t know how to write a VBA or MATLAB code for exporting the Probe Measurements (E-Field) from cst environment. I was wondering if anyone could help me?
Hello, I have designed a SRR in cst microwave studio. Now I need to import the file to be printed on a PCB. Can anyone help me or tell me how I can export the file to cst PCB studio. Thank you
Please any1 tell me how to add graphene as a new material in cst studio suite? . I wanted to simulate graphene based antenna but i got struck due to this. pLease help me please
Hi all, It might be a silly thing, but I would like to do it in the proper way and don't know if it is even possible: Once your 3D model in cst is drawn, is it possible to export some views of the model? I want to have the outline of my waveguide as if it was drawn as a technical sketch. Is it possible? Thank you all!
Please any1 help me in exporting a structure fron cst to HFSS. Since it has different layer settings i am in confusion. Help me
cst can export any design in IGES or any popular 3D format to my knowledge.. HFSS will accept these popular formats..
how to export results from cst to mathcad
i suggest you also contact the cst technical support through their website, for better help.
Hello You can use file>export>ASCII plot in cst to export the data from cst and then use import data option in MATLAB for importing the data in MATLAM. good luck
Hello , i can't to import layout file cst at ADS 2009 :cry: thank
try the .stp or step format. looks like it's on the export list for altium and on the import list for cst.
Hi, i am doing a simulation in cst and I have s11, s21,s12 and s22 data plots. when I export data as text format it only gives frequency and one s-parameter data column. how can I export all s-parameter data to one text file. Thank you
R u trying to apply any computational techniques to ur waveguide structure for analysis ? I dont know how to get this data thru cst but if its a simple waveguide structure, then I think u can define them in Matlab directly..!!
Hi, I am simulating a disk pach antenna at cst. I wrote a VBA script, I would like to export the input impedance vs frequency (Z11 Real Part and Z11 imaginary Part) to a file *.txt or *.sig. I have used the next code: SelectTreeItem("Tables\1D Results\Z11 Real Part") exportPlotData "C:\Z11.sig" The above code does not work. Is (...)
Download the free evaluation of Antenna Magus. The horn antenna is included. Just input your frequency range and click "design". You can then export the model to cst if you want and import there for further playing around.
Hi all, I need a help to combine two projects from cst Studio 2011 and AWR Design Environment. I have no idea how to combine together. Is possible to export antenna to AWR and change instead of 50ohm resistor in my AWR simulation and also use the uwb RF generator in cst to see how works antenna with generator? I included my files (...)
hello i have designed an antenna in cst mws and now i want to fabricate them,im wondering how to convert them to gerber file.. any guidance in this regard would be welcome.
hi everyone, i am very one to cst MWS .. i already design the rectangular waveguide .But the problem is that i dont really know how to export the Amplitude and phase of the rectangular waveguide. I need to design a folded reflectarray antenna . Other problem is that, how can i load ASCII file of cst MWS ( value of amplitude and
hello when I export cst to dxf, it is totally fine. But the technician who made PCB board change dxf to eps, there gose a problem. Any ideas how to export dxf to eps? Do you recommend any software?
You can also export your ads layout as gdsii and import in cst.
There is sometimes a problem with inches and mm in DXF. I don't know if DXF has an information if the Dimension is mm or inch, but I don't think so. Thus if a software works in mm it export the DXF in mm, and if an other think it is inch it inport it as inch. Can you select on your tools the dimension when you inport the DXF, eg. a scale factor? Or
Hello, Is there an automated or easy way to port archived cst designs over to HFSS? I know this can be done individually - one design at a time - from cst export ->HFSS Import thank you