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Hi , I need help with cst Microwave studio. I want to know how we can plot a frequency Vs output power graph. Say by measuring coupling S21 with a test antenna and in post process template converting this to power and plotting . Is this possible , or by writing Macros. thanks GV
Hi all, I have two simulations in cst-MWS and I want to compare the S11 on the same graph but they reside in different project directories. How can I import the other soultion to the current project and view the results on the same scale ? PS : I have done with Matlab but MWS display is cleaner and I want to use that. Thanks fo
Hi, I have a simple question about cst. Are there any build-in macros to output the 1D result such as S matrix, Z matrix and Y matrix into txt file?? If no, are there any examples in the help or other resource online talking about how to write VBA macros to output? Thanks. Any information will be appreciated.
i am simulating periodic structures with the cst. I am using the eigen solver to get one graph with phase vs frequency. it is suppose that there is one relation between the phase 0-360 degrees with the parameters Γ, M, X. can somebody explain me how i can related these parameters with the phase and what this parameters mean??? thanks for you
Hi, I would like to know how I can plot the diagram above using cst. well I have runed cst example which called Four Tissue Phantom Head. but I can't succed to plot the same picture.
Hi, I have an interesting problem to solve. I have coaxial resonator and I want find out its resonant freauency depending on temperaure. The influence of temperature ais modelled as alllenghts enlarementd depnding on one variable. The problem is that cst produces some jumps in the graph. Could anyone advise how to get rid of? I mean has anyone expe
Hey there, In cst i read that the frequency domain solver is better used with structure having dimensions less than the wavelength. So i had my sturcture and got good results using Frequency domain solver. I tried to simulate the same structure with Transient solver but results were so bad... Does anyone know why is that? and is there a solution
Hello. I am working on some modifications of horn antennas in cst MWS 2006. I have 3 parameters or let's say 2. I can use Par.sweep for one parameter and than change another manually, than combine results in MATLAB. It is annoying and take a lot of time:( I run parameter sweep and set for example: sequence1 x1=(50 100) (5) x2=(50 100)
hi, everyone. I have a question about the cst MWS. Are there any ways to plot the axial ratio of the antenna at a specified angle as a function of frequency? If so, do I need to setup the far field monitors for the frequencies before the simulation? Thanks.
hello shameemkabir well thanks for your reply but i think you havent read my question carefully. i know how to define frequency monitor for surface current/H field or any other farfield parameter in cst to make it simple my question was how can i plot a graph in which frequency is along x axis as in S paramter plots but surface current in mA
hello when we terminated any antenna in direct contact with the lossy slab then how can we see the field distribution in the all three direction in the slab due to that antenna in cst microwave studio and also tell me how can a plot the graph between the electric field distribution in all three directions with thickness of slab in cst (...)
Hi freinds I am new to cst MWS. I have designed planar patch antenna using cst MWS. but when i check with original S parameter graph and smith chart, it is totally different. I have attached original image and my image here. Any help/advice will be appreciated my file S parameter [
Hi zeeshanqam If you installed cst MWS software in your machine, then 1. go to Help menu 2. select Help contents 3. Select Tutorials Overview 4. Click cst MICROWAVE STUDIO? Tutorial Overview 5. Click Antenna link go through those tutorials, you will get idea, how to design patch antenna I hope u got
Hi i think best way is to export the S parameter data from cst and HSs and then plot them in one graph using any data plotting tool e.g Excel i hope this is helpful regards
One of the methods in optimization of an antenna in cst is writing a program in VBA and implementing an optimization method. Good Luck
hi all iam new in using cst i want any one tell me the steps to draw this file in cst thanks for all
in our company, after the antenna design is finish in cst, we counter check the antenna using our network analyzer. in most cases our cst result for S11 is much better compare to the real measured data by the analyzer. in cases of the transmission pattern we go out and test outside to see where we transmit and recieve well...
have u noticed that the 3D results (graph) for the far field in the single dipole example of cst MWS dont make sense? the E field appears to be dependent on phi ...... i constructed a new single dipole myself, and the results are again dependent on phi!!!! i am using the transient solver, of course. help anyone..... tnx
Greeting. I am using cst studio 2010. Currently I am designing a planar antenna for dual band GSM and single band WiFi. I am modifying a triband antenna from an example, whose S parameter value are very prefect, just the frequency values are not accurate. I wish to shift the frequency graph to my desired frequency domain which are 0.9, 1.8 a
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a frequency selective surfaces in cst MWS. I am using Frequency solver with floquet mode boundaries, meaning I choose unit cell for X,Y and open (add space) for Z. Right now I'm only interested in transmission coeff. for zero incident angle, so I select only the first 2 floquet modes TE(0,0) and TM(0,0) for excitatio
hello all, do anyone know how to combine the results obtained in cst . for example iam getting S11 for two cases 1.with EBG and 2.Without EBG how to combine these graphs in a single graph with annotations as appearing in ieee papers. pls reply soon if anyone knew..I've to prepare a paper for conference this month.
Hi kristal, to see the axial ratio in cst, you should look at "Farfields" section in the simulated results... there should be a drop down list after simulating the design. if you click on that drop down list you should be able to see the axial ratio plot... The default plot is in 3D format, if you want to plot it on
hello i am new in using cst studio. can anyone say how i can use the figures in cst results and also the sturucture of my design be imported in a document for repoting. and how can i access the data files for calculation in MATLAB?
hello, I have done the simulation of small dipole using cst microwave studio. The photo of E-field plot is attached. 1. can anyone help check if it is correct? I know that small dipoe only has E field in theta direction; it should be zero in the phi and r direction of a spherical coordinates. Does my graph show that? I am confused because I see
Hi all, I was trying to verify that my simulation environment is correct by reproducing the plot shown in the link below:
Hello Friends How i get Axial Ratio VS Frequency in cst MW in graph. Please help me in that. Thanks in advance Regards Junaid Iqbal
I am simulating the reflection phase (angle of S11) of a FSS under different incident angle. I set the variable 'theta' and made a par sweep for it. However, the graph cst provided me is something like this. 75869 How can I make a plot of refection phase vs. incident angle (or other variable)? Thank you.
Hello I want to design a helical antenna in cst MWS with minimum back lobe radiation pattern. The antenna size should be small and input impedance of 50 Ohms. Please Help. I am a beginner.
I am working on mode converter..i have two issues as follows:- to give a TM01 mode to a circular bent waveguide in cst microwave studio..? to check on the output different modes coming out of circular waveguide in cst. The dominant mode of circular waveguide is TE11. i want to plot a graph with fractional power of (...)
How to normalize antenna polar gain plot in cst ?
Hi Guys, I have been given a project to simulate a receiving array of patch antennas. At the moment i am using a single circular patch that is matched using a quarter wavelength transformer. The design is super simple but as i have never used cst until now i am finding a few things a little difficult and would appreciate some help. I have m
If its filters den its preferable to simulate in ADS or IE3d. These methods use MOM method which is considered good for planar structures. As per your error, i havent used cst in long time so i cannot comment, but since ur error is clear to do something with meshing, try meshing your structure first, see how the meshing is coming and den simulate..
I'm designing a meander line to deflect a beam of protons. The line is configured so the electrical signal (and field) match the beams propagation; so if you imagine an unwanted proton shooting along above the line a field will be alongside it pushing it as it travels, whereas a wanted proton will pass through unaffected as the deflecting fields wi
Hi, tell me is it possible to calculate the RCS in the plane of the Phi=90 theta=0..180, not counting 3D RCS. 3D graph is not needed, needed only a polar graph. How to do this in order to facilitate the calculation? Used Frequency Domain Solver. Sorry for my English.
Greetings, I am trying to model for the first time, so I tried to simulate the standard model form the paper Robinson et al, Analytical formulation for shielding with apertures. To test the Electric fields with probes inside the shielding box I ran the frequency domain solver in cst MWS. How do I get finer results that match the standard outpu
How can I simulate coupling coefficient between 2 resonators using C*ST m*crowave s*udio, which one that can monitor (farfield, probes, discrete port or something) And which tools using (transient, frequency domain or eigenmode) I need your help Best regard, You must use only eigenmode's method. The attachment's article wi
I have question for members experienced with cst MWS. Structure is attached - it crashes during "Normal matrix..." initialization. It's strange because SPK3 - similar structure made by the same generator is analysed without any problems. PLEASE HELP..... Thanks in advance, Eirp
Well, let me throw my 20 cents inhere. To my opinion both SW are complementing each other. I still prefer the HFSS for they implement many physics and microwave features and not only the GUY. Quite frankly, cst GUY is not even theirs - they have this licensed to them by Dassault spin-off that every one can get today. Interested folk can pm me if t
I've installed cst Design Studio 2 but when to startup, it display a error message "Invalid password. (Code 106)" What it mean? But it still can use.
In my opinion, the Negative step (step 2) is really not necessary. If the solids you draw are all PEC, just import them into cst, set the background material to be free space, set the objects imported to be PEC. Then cst is "smart" enough to know that the fields needs to be solved are in your "Negative" region. Similar thing happens when using HFSS
You can also try to use eigenmode solver (see modal analysis in documentation) in cst-MWS. This solver must be more useful for filters and other resonant structures. Best regards, Kit-the-great
If you can successfully use cst DESIGN STUDIO2,pm me.plz.THX
Hi, Can anyone give me tutorial/manual file of Microwave Studio of cst?
Hi, could someone upload the whole examples of cst MWO 4? Thanks a lot!
Does anybody ever try to use the lumped element in the cst simulation? I added a capacitor between two ports, and I got a total different result as if I export the Touchstone file at first and add it in a circuit simulator. I really don't know why. Could someone help me? Thanks! :(
Hi Eirp, 1.5G? It must be quite a big structure! 8O What were your mesh settings? I noticed that cst uses a lot more mesh cells if you haven´t got a planar structure (such as a curved body of an aircraft) I had to use staircase mesh for the imported sheet body. Till now, I still haven´t got the hang of disabling automatic mesh
i had seen some paper in which they had used elliptical torrides for some cavity design. i am not able to do that in cst MW studio 4. do i need a seperate license feature or is it some add on tool? please help hock
hello,everyone, I simulated a quarter wavelength monopole vertically placed on a infinit ground plane using cst MWS,opting the discrete port,template was antenna(with ground plane) ,other parameters such as mesh properties as same as the dipole that is given in cst examples,but I were surprised to find the directivity of monopole was 5.3dB on the
draws the graph of any equation
hi! everybody, I have cst and hfss.I want to design a microwave cavity filter,but I don't know which is better,cst or hfss?who can give me some suggest