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hi all, im simulating an antenna in cst microwave studio. i have added matching component in cst design studio and the S11 is good. i want to simulate antenna efficiency and gain with this matching components. how do i do that? thanks
Hi, Can anyone help me design a 4 port rectangular waveguide switch in cst microwave studio?There is no example given in the tutorial.I tried designing it,but the s-parameters are showing erroneous results.
Hi, The shape of a horizontal V antenna is this: 130290 I have to design a horizontal V antenna to compute impedance (R + jX ) of V antenna above ground. Which will result in the following figure after the simulation: 130291 This figure is in book "Antenna Theory Analysis and design 3r
what are the different solvers used in cst MWS(microwave studio). if i want to design antenna(1-5 ghz) using these then which solvers will be needed. any specifications in these solvers.
Colleagues, I met with the problem while trying to calculate amplitude distribution on planar surface at a certain distance (200-400 wavelength) from the collimator aperture. The problem is that the calculation process reach?s RAM limit (16 GB) and terminates with error when I use time domain solver. Obviously, it happens because of large d
Hi All, I try to design SRR antenna with additional capacitance in between gap so that it will match my 50 ohm input impedance.But it doesn't show any effect of S11 when i change the value of capacitance. Can anyone help me on this matter.Here I'm attaching the cst 2014 file. Thank you in advance.
Hello, I'm quite new to cst microwave studio and I'm not sure if my model of biconical antenna is correct because I got strange simulation results (VSWR). I noticed on internet that there is a model of EMC wire biconical antenna in Antenna Magus design software (which I dont' own). I would be very grateful if u guys (...)
i also want to export and run file in feko kindly help. Missing tabs of feko and cst in export mode of magus. It says no models available to export122383
Hi, first post here and in need of some help with cst microwave studio if possible.... I've been using cst MWS for around a year now, mostly to design RF networks and patch antennas. I've been doing lots of parameter sweeps as a result of the antenna modelling side of things although I've been tempted to (...)
Hi I am working on destining a 2:1 three stage UWB Wilkinson equal power divider for the frequency range (2-7)GHz using cst microwave studio with 50 ohm input and output impedance. The design is attached and the S parameter also.
Hello everyone I design rf and high speed multilayer PCBs up to 12 layer....I want to simulate pcb with awr microwave office(axiem maybe) and cst PCB studio. I need high performance computer called workstation but I dont know how to define right processor(intel xeon or ???) right graphical card(quadro or tesla or (...)
I am implementing a simple rectangular wave guide on cst microwave studio to operate on the X-band . Does anyone have idea which type of port I have to use as I am using wave guide port and it doesn't work ? and how can I choose the mode? Thanks in advance
Hello All, In cst MWS, I'm using a square pulse, current signal as an excitation signal sent from design studio to microwave studio using the co-simulation feature. I am interested in the transient behavior of a wide-band antenna after receiving such a square pulse. I was hoping to see a damped (...)
I have used cst microwave studio. You can also use FEKO and HFSS but, personally, I don't have an idea about the latter two as I have not used them.
Hi Everyone, Could someone please help me with plotting the near field patterns in cst MWS, I know that farfield patterns can be achieved by using the field monitors but I am not sure if there is such a procedure for near field patterns. Bests
I am using cst microwave studio for Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) design. In the unit cell simulation setup i can change only the incidence angle. The solver generates output only for TE and TM polarization. But how could i simulate for polarization angles other than 0 or 90 Degree. (Ex: I want the Tx,Rx response for (...)
I want to simulate (and design) an antenna for 2.4GHz Active RFID in cst microwave studio. There is a button cell near the antenna. Most area of the outer case is anode, that is, the power, not the ground. So I wonder how to model it in simulation software. Is it OK to simply create a metal cylinder? Or the battery is (...)
Hello all I am trying to design a Bias T using CPW transmission lines in cst microwave studio. I am confused with the DC blocking. Please have a look at the attachment. I am using quarter wavelength coupled lines for blocking DC but on simulation the RF DC isolation gets worse on adding this DC block. If I do not (...)
any one know what is a differance btw e plane and h plane pattern in cst and how i can plot these two pattern with cst
please ,,,, How to define ports when integrating cst design studio with cst microwave studio? or, can any one help me to design the circuit as below :
hai I need to design linearly tapered slot antenna in cst microwave studio 2012...Please tell me the steps for designing the antenna...suggest me whether it is possible to design this antenna in cst?
try the .stp or step format. looks like it's on the export list for altium and on the import list for cst.
watch cst youtube videos
Hello everyone! I want to design an 8x1 and then 8x8 rectangular patch array in cst. I am having problems with designing the feed network. Can anyone please help me with it. Refer me some good sources to read. I am not sure about the impedance of the feed lines. Thanks.
Hi.... anyone who can help me how to design a dual band microstrp patch antenna. what are the necesarry steps which i should do. what formulas should be considered and the dimensions calculation.
Hi, I am working on a tunable/reconfigurable PIFA at 2GHz and 2.45GHz using cst microwave studio software. Is there anybody here that can help me with files or thesis related to this antenna design? As for now, I am having some difficulties in making the reflection coefficient falls below -10dB at the desired frequencies.
Hi, I have build a circular waveguide with tapered extruded sections at each ends of the waveguide. I have also successfully simulated the design with 1 or 2 warnings and got results as well, but not quite sure of un
I tried to design a DRA antenna in cst MWS whose file is attached along with.But I am not getting desired S parameters which may be because of ambiguity in applying ports to the antenna.I am applying a waveguide port at the feed line which is feeding the slot. I am supposed to generate TE mode in that waveguide port.Discrete port is applied at the
is this possible to design a BPF in cst microwave studio itself? Like all EM simulators, it is an analysis tool to calculate the response of an existing layout. Like all EM simulators, it does not help you to create (synthesize) the layout. If you need help with filter design/synthesis, t
Dear all, I have design patch antenna array in cst microwave studio. I need to obtain accurate acceptable results and my questions are: 1- Do I have to combine the resuts from the transient solver? 2- Do I have to make simultaneous excitation for all the ports? 3- Do you have other ideas or opinions to share with me? (...)
Hi every body. I am beginner. I have a project: design PIFA antenna using cst (attach file)73220. I'm trying simulate this. But I can't make it work because i don't know How to feed this antenna. Plz help me. Thank you for read topic.
hi panda, how are you? hopefully your problem is solved now. For your information, now is my turn to ask you the same thing. I am new in metamaterial and cst. would u mind to share with me your knowledge. TQVM
can anyone help me or guide me or give me steps on how i'm going to design TSA vivaldi antenna using cst microwave studio? i've settled certain part of the vivaldi design for txline part n top vivaldi antenna. but, i don't know how to proceed because i didn't found info for the design using (...)
Hi friends, I want to convert my design geometry file in cst microwave studio to gerber file or to any other CAD file format. I tried in cst by "export" option but it doesnt shows the design in the gerber file. I would be grateful, if (...)
hi all i want to learn basic concepts for hfss design and is meant by each step in designing this tutorial so that i can design a microstrip patch antenna can u give me a good tutorial of cst microwave studio with lot of examples of design of patch antenna regards (...)
Hello, Anymone could say me how can i connect the lumped port and discret port (in a same time) on my RFID UHF antenne using cst microwave? Thank you so much
Hi, the UWB antenna design has many free available references over the internet check this MSc thesis which is using the cst microwave studio for simulation and here a PhD t
hi can anyone help me by giving some tutorial video on metamaterial design on cst MWS? there are some option of using unit cell boudary, peridic boundary or PEC and PMC boundary . ican not decide which one i should use. also the transient solver do not support the peridic boundary. it will also be help ful if someone post some design (...)
HI. I think you can use cst microwave studio to simulate. it's very useful for you. you can use HFSS :). I'm using cst 2009
Hello everyone! I am new with cst and I have to use it to design an RFID tag for my project. The problem is that I have not been able to see a specific example for rfid tag design so it is really giving me a problem trying to understand the concept of RFID tag design using cst. can anyone provide me with a (...)
Good Evening Everyone .. I would like to get a TM mode as I am simulating a leaky wave antenna .. every time I run the design I get the propagating mode is hybrid .. so what are the factors affecting the type of the mode ! I Appreciate your help :) Thank You !
Hi everyone, I designed an atenna in cst and i tried in 940 MHz and it gave me what i need. Then i scaled to get the resonant frequency at 433 Mhz but the absoulte farfield for radiation pattern has been changed. i thought when we scale the antenna the result must be the same. anyone knows what i have to do to get the same result?. Please i n
in cst microwave studio for a microstrip patch antenna CPW fed is to provided, how to go for the design , since in tutorials no proper method is suggested, please help
Hello everybody, anyone know how to simulate the antenna with matching network included in cst simulation.Currently i am doing multiple helical antenna but want to used matching to drift the resonance back to the correct resonance because of limitation size. rgds, kyg
Pleeeeease Help! I am new with cst nd I have to use it for my project to design an RFID tag. Can anyone tell me how to even start??? please
hi..... i am with my project work and would like to design multiband antenna ...i am working with cst microwavestudiov5 ....when optimizing the antenna we need to give multiple frequency ranges..can u tell me how to give multiple ranges for s11 to be better than -10dB..
how i can design the microstrip feed line using cst microwave for aperture coupled patch antenna
I need to design a fractal rectangular dielectric resonator antenna, and even though i got all the "theory" in place, i can't handle the simulation. I tried cst microwave studio, but i find it rather hard. Any other program i can use ? I hear people talking about HFSS, but i haven't worked in that either. (...)
I had designed a single rectangular patch antenna of 5.8GHz by using cst microwave studio. My proceeding step is to design, simulate and fabricate 4x4elements 5.8GHz microstrip patch antenna. My problems are how am i suppose to draw it (modelling) and what kind of feeding technique suitable? Thanks n (...)
hi there..i'm just starting my final year project regarding dipole antenna using microstrip..i'm required to design this antenna using cst microwave there anyone can help me to start this project because i'm not so good in cst..thanks