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Hello, I am bigginer at designing array antenna.:sad: I designed a vivaldi array antenna 1*4 in cst. I have some problems: 1) How can I see the radiation pattern of array antenna ,not each element? 2)I design a antenna with waveport then copy the antenna and waveport 3 times that gave me a array 1*4, what did i do is correct? the waveports have
hi everyone, i simulated an antenna using cst mws, which gave a good radiation pattern. now i'm trying to feed my radiation pattern for some other software to transmit and receive a data., pls anyone suggest me, which software i need to use and how to import the antenna pattern. help me pls., :thinker:
hi all. i want to simulate this paper in cst. i create the model in solid works and import it in cst,but i did not know any about appropriate boundaries for this structure,and also i want to know which setting i must use to get the H-plane sum pattern ans E-plane sum pattern? thank you all
I have measure electric field at a point in cst MWS software using TLM and transient solvers. 112005112006 I got ripple in the pattern rather than smooth pattern. But the pattern is correct atleast. Please help me to get smooth pattern. i have to change in the mesh settings or any thing else?
Hi to everyone I have a question that troubles me a lot and would be grateful if I could get a little help. I've designed a simple square patch antenna at 60GHz in cst (attached), frequency domain. The problem that I face is that I can't get the maximum gain at broadside. maximum is tilted by 30 degrees. I changed dimensions of the patch,
Hi, I want to calculate and draw SE(Shielding Effectiveness) in middle of the rectangular enclosure with cst. How can i do that? Please help me. Thank you.
Please read the getting started manual available with cst. You can find the steps to obtain radiation pattern in the documentation. Before you start the simulation you must right click on field monitors and then create new field monitors and select farfield monitors. If you read Antenna Theory by Balanis, you should know what parameters to look in
Dear all, I am designing a simple slot antenna (just a rectangular cut in the ground plane) at 75GHz on a thick Si substrate . The slot has a length of 740um and a width of 22um as shown in next figure 107466 for a small ground plane (1500 x 1500 um), the radiation pattern is perfect. It resembles that of a dipole but
hello, i dont know what we can understand from e plane and h plane patterns of antenna for example i attach both e-plane (left picture) and h-plane(right picture) patterns of two different antennas (solid line is e-plane pattern of one of them and dash line is e-plane pattern of the other) . can we make a comparison btw (...)
Hi , I'm new to cst. and i would like to design a simple rectangular antenna fed by microstrip like in cst studio software , but i have a lot of questions to ask : 1.How can i calculate dimensions of my waveguide port ? 2.How can i simulate Gain in my bandwidth and also radiation pattern in different planes ( x-z ; y-z ;x-y) (...)
HI all URGENT// I want to plot /NORMALISED RADIATION pattern IN cst AND HFSS
hi i have the same problem is it possible to shre your matlab code? i want to plot farfield result wich i get from cst (i have numbers in db for each theta ) i just use polar (theta,farfield) comment but my 0 position and 90 ,.. arent same as a farfield plot .what should i do?
Hi all, I have a structure in cst with two discrete ports. I have already defined 5 field monitors for a frequency range to see field patterns in T solver. But the results are for each port, I mean in 2D/3D results, there are 10 patterns for both port. Is there a way that I have the sum up of electric field pattern for (...)
hi all i am tring to plot the radiation pattern of a monopole printed antenna with cst (in gain ieee and polar plot with phi=0 and 90 degress and theta variable ) i got results where it shows that the results iaccurate and directivity less than one ie the radiation pattern is moving out of 0 db what mistake i commited in simulations the (...)
Hi all, how to plot radiation pattern in single polar plot from cst MWS txt files these are data fron the radiation pattern obtained in cst MWS HERE in one phi=0 and in other phi =90 while theta is varying reply soon regards kartik
Hi all how can i draw plot like this reply soon kartik
any one know what is a differance btw e plane and h plane pattern in cst and how i can plot these two pattern with cst
Can you post a pic of your farfield monitor settings? Which cst version you are using?
Hello, I am simulating a small satellite body (60x60x50) cm, with two CP square patch antenna's. I am interested in the combined pattern of the antenna's with the satellite body. Earlier i was using Transient Solver to simulate the body and the results were okish (Combined Gain = 7 dB). A friend of mine told me that for better results I shoul
how i can plot e plane and h plane patterns such az attached picture in cst?
I think, in cst, and similar in HFSS, you get to see the radiation patterns using a field monitor. You can select the types of field you want to monitor You can then make the resulting plot options display it as Cartesian or Polar instead of 3D
QHA is designed for 137 mhz frequency in cst.simulation result shown the s11 paremeter at 480mhz.but the radiation pattern comes good at to get return loss at 137mhz give me suggestions on how to feed an qha antenna?reply me my design feed port is defined at the centre of the structure.
I have designed two arm archimedean spiral antenna in cst i got acceptable results but i want to get analytical results such as gain, axial ratio, radiation pattern, return loss and surface currents by using matlab so can any one help me to give me or guide me how to get the matlab code of this antenna.. your help is highly appreciated. thanks
hi all how to plot the copolar and cross polar components of radiation in cst How to plot co- and cross polar radiation pattern at E and H planes in cst ? thanks kartik
Hello everyone! I want to design an 8x1 and then 8x8 rectangular patch array in cst. I am having problems with designing the feed network. Can anyone please help me with it. Refer me some good sources to read. I am not sure about the impedance of the feed lines. Thanks.
Hello everyone. I'm designing planar slot antenna. Freq - 2.6 GHz using cst. The bandwidth is 220 Mhz. When i create addtional metal plane under system for radiation pattern of antenna to be unidirectional the BW becomes much smaller. Can anyone suggest something to solve this problem?
Hello, I made a helical 4-elements array design..I got a very good value of gain. But, unfortunately when I made a Hexagonal 6-elements array a null presented in the radiation pattern, beside bad gain and very wide beam width... can any one help me in finding a solution for this problem please???? I'm using waveguid ports. I would really apprec
Hi Everyone, I am new to cst MWS. I simulated a standard gain horn antenna. But in the 'Field Monitor' option, I forgot give the 'far-field parameter' for a particular frequency. Without running the simulation again, Is there any option to get the radiation pattern ??? (To see the far-field pattern of the added (...)
Dear Please help me to get E-plane and H-plane pattern in cst MWS. where to change the parameters according to get the E-plane and H-plane. i am very grateful to u....kindly solve my problem..
Hello I want to design a helical antenna in cst MWS with minimum back lobe radiation pattern. The antenna size should be small and input impedance of 50 Ohms. Please Help. I am a beginner.
hello all i'm newbie in this forum.... I'm working on final project on microstrip antennas. I ask for help to design microstrip line antenna with a frequency of 144,28 MHz with the dimention 20cm or less than that.vswr 1,5 polarization linear radiation pattern unidirectional. I simulate this task using HFSS 11 or cst. is there anything that can h
i dnt know how to design switches in cst
Hey, I have simulated a unit cell using infinite boundary conditions. I want to know, how i can generate the 2D radiation pattern of the designed cell?
Hello, How can i simulate the near field radiation pattern of an antenna in cst? I had try to search through the available field monitors that allow us to define, but seem like no near field monitor is provided. Thank you.
I want to calculate E-field monitor on the surface of a structure (PEC) from the far field gain pattern of an antenna(2 GHz) imported as farfield source on cst MWS. For this I use the I-solver and i want to know: what's the iterative MoM implemented on cst? how the results from MLFMM are linked to the MoM ones, and what parameter (...)
Dear friends I embedded an implant antenna in an skin tissue model of the body using cst program and then, I used Electric (Et=0)on the all faces of the Tissue model. I want to calculate SAR,S parameter and radiation pattern of this implant antenna. Is this type of boundary condition right or not? what's the correct boundary condition in
I'm working on optimization of six patch antennas placement on a larger structure. The goal is achieve best gain in all directions without "blind" areas. I'm using cst 2011 at school with uni license ( no A- solver and other limitations). I read papers from cst site about antenna placement optimalization, but due the limitations of uni license
Anyone can help me for the above? Thanks
Hi I have the pattern of a well known antenna but the shape is so complicated threrefor I want to insert a point having the same pattern as that complicated antenna (I know the closed formula of the pattern). Can anyone help me to do this in HFSS or cst?? HFSS is in 1st priority
now i'm designing a dipole antenna with apply the discrete port in between the gap.But the problem is I don't know how to implement it to the hardware part, so is it anybody know when i fabricated it on the PCB,what kind of connector i should use to do the measurement on return loss and radiation pattern. Very need you all help,thanks you.
Hi all, I got some question on the polarization of antenna. I know my question is quite long but i really need some help for determine my simulation result. 1. How to identify E plane and H-Plane? E plane =(sweep theta while phi=90), H plane= ( sweep theta while phi=0) 2. How to plot E field in X direction and Y direction? I need to identify
Hello Is there a method to plot the radiation efficeincy vs frequency using the transient solver of cst microwave studio ? it exists in the radiation pattern but only vs theta or phi for a single frequency thanks
Hi everybody, I'm trying to define an E-field monitor in cst simulation to look at the E-field pattern animation. After finished the simulation and when i want to animate the E-field pattern, i saw that we have to choose between several E-field component options like X, Y, Z, Abs and etc, so what are the differences between these (...)
Dear All i have a project on a IEEE article " Integrated bluetooth and UWB Antenna " and i have several questions 1. I don't know how to plot the co and cross polar radiation pattern at E and H planes in cst at given frequencies (fig.4) 2. how to plot the gain & directivity vs frequency (fig. 5) I appreciate your quick rep
Hi All, I am simulating Reflectarray antenna in cst MWS with boundary conditions and using a waveguide port for excitation. The S parameter results are according to requirements. I am having trouble to generate radiation pattern for normalized gain. Please help an example, the design file is attached. Regards
My Friends, any one knows how to save the plots in cst? I'd like to save the following radiation pattern photo alone without the information.
Hi guys, I am trying to model an array system and considering the active element pattern approch to include the mutual coupling effect. For this I tried two different approches. 1) I ran a small array simulation with all ports setting and then determined the Z matrix using the cst. I took a stand alone element pattern and multiply it (...)
Hello, I am having a major issue with the far field excitation source file formatting. I cannot seem to generate a simple cos^q(theta) pattern file and need to get support from cst for this to see if they can supply someone with a cos^q(theta) pattern file. So, does anyone have maintainance contract that can submit a support ticket for (...)
Hi, I never used this feature in cst, so sorry could not directly help you. But I am using another Method of Moments solver (EMCoS TriD), where it is also possible to specify Radiation pattern Source. Attached is User's Manual - please take a look on chapter 3.5.11 pattern source block. You can see also general format description in (...)
hi, I have a problem of representation of polar curve with cst. Indeed, I can save a 1D curve cst in text file (eg S11, "file-export-plot data"), to import the same file in cst, I am: "macro-file-import-1D signals" how to do the same with a curve in 2 dimensions? such a radiation pattern in polar coordinates! (first (...)