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Hello ,the structure is a sinuos curve that i managed to do by input of x,y table . The problem in that method that is i cant do a sweep of the structure parameters. The only way that i see is by this option of the photo presented bellow ,where formula input,but it accepts only Cartesian formula, where as my formula is polar. tau=1.35 r
Hi, Guys I have a problem when designing a vivaldi antenna that operates from 1 GHz to 28 GHz in cst. I have red many posts about the vivaldi on edaboard. I don't know how to draw expontial curve of vivaldi antenna in cst. If anyone have a solution please don't hesitate to give me, or if anyone could send to me the design from (...)
hello, I have to draw a vivaldi curve. the equation is given as 0.125*exp(0.24*Lv). could you please help me to draw it in cst. Thank you:|:|:|
Dear all, I have notice that when I represent the radiation pattern sometimes I get a green curve which is not mentioned in the legend of the plot. Can anyone tell me what does it really stand for? I have attached an example which clarifies more the question thanks! 126751
Can any one help with the cst model to simulate the unit cell using waveguide to come up with the phase curve (S - curve (Phase Vs Patch length)). Kindly send me the cst 2014 model for the same with the procedure.
Dear Members; Can someone please suggest me ideas on how to draw an ellipse in cst MWS. Using Geometric shapes or curve lines with formulas?? Awaiting replies, Regards
Hi, You can define a curve in your model prior to running the simulation. Then, click on your E-field folder and under the 2D/3D Plot tab you can choose an option "Evaluate Fields on curve". See if that is what you are after :)
for creating triangle, use curve/polygon. then go to "curve tools/extrude curve" to make it a 3D object. after that, by a common subtract option you are able to cut a triangle out of square.
To create a spiral in cst try the analytical curve function. Set x: R*cos(t)+t*cos(t) y: R*sin(t)+t*sin(t) z: 0 or t (if you want it to be a helix) Then set t to go from 0 to x*2*pi, where x is the number of times it will spiral around. Hope this helps!
I excite a fiber by circular waveguide with vertical S11 is vary good and I can monitor E-field along the fiber in arbitrary face in time interval.but this field in curve line per time is null. I need your help sincerely.
Referencing previous thread: if u knw how to plot axial ratio vs frequency curve in cst plzz tell me. i am working on circularly polarized antenna bt unable to find the graph between axial ratio and frequency in cst 2010. can u plz help me???????
What do you mean with energy curves? I posted already about the energy curves: The energy view express the field energy in the system.
Hi all, I have a big issue here with a curve I measured field phases along a line and I think you could give me a hand with this. I used a parabolical curve to measure the phases of an incoming electromagnetic wave along it, because I want to study how it arrives in a parabolic lens. But here it comes that the postprocessing plots the desired ph
More precisely, what I am intending to do is: Given a parabolic curve, create a parabolical-cilinder-thing, kind of a cube with a parabolical hollow in one face, but not 3D so you can see the parabolic curve from above and below. I am afraid I didn't explain myself properly, but anyway, some help please? I am dealing with extrude properties but
Hello all, I have one problem with designing log-spriral antenna. I used cst MWS 2012. I created analytical curve with these parameter: ' body Sub Main () '@ define curve analytical: curve1:rameno With Analyticalcurve .Reset "rameno" .curve (...)
Vary the distance using sweep. Beyond a distance the curve will not vary and you can decide from it. Experts suggest to have min distance of lamda/4.
You could use scripting and "plot" your own curve. Just create some points and then combine then to a curve.
Hello everybody; I want to design a zigzag-shaped Archimedean spiral antenna with cst (2011), I know how to design the normal one by the mean of "analytical curve or face", but I don't know how to change the shape of its arms to zigzag, rectangular or even triangular shape... I want also to taper the outermost arms in order to reduce current r
You can generate the curve's (x,y) points in MATLAB/Octave/Excel/... using the equation for a spiral antenna. Then import this curve into cst and then proceed from there.
Hi,i need help with cst microwave studio. I want to know how we can plot a resonant curve of a nanoantenna (for examplenanoraod) in cst?
Help !!!! Hi, I simulated a narrow band cavity filter around 20 GHz. Geometry is very simple ; no curve, no imported object, all faces straight, no exotic material....I've optimized my Bandpass filter's response with HFSS version 11. Convergence is very fast with a simple setup (Delta S =0.02 , min passe = 15 --> 10.000 tetraedra last adaptive
Hi all, I am trying to create a multi layer spiral using the analytical curve function but the curve comes out as many line segments. In order to properly simulate my model I need the the precision of the curve to be much higher so that the different layers do not overlap. Is there a way to increase the precision of the analytical (...)
There could be several ways to do this, but most simulators allow extrusion from a planar curve, using another line as a path to get the thickness. In your case, the outline profile of your patch antenna is not actually on a flat surface, but a sphere. The edges of the patch could be "great circle" lines (shortest route between corners), or interse
Not sure if cst 2006 has this feature, but I recently created a helix in cst 2013 using the analytical curve function. Use x: R*cos(t) y: R*sin(t) z: t R is your radius and set t go from 0 to the length of your helix. If you want the helix you have a solid form, create a circle at the base of the helix curve. Then (...)
Can someone tell me how can i simulate the quantum tunneling effect in metal oxide metal (MOM or MIM) diodes? I am thinking about using a microwave based software like cst microwave or ADS to get the electrical fields and subsequently importing them into Matlab to calculate the current density and plot the IV- curve. Don't know if it will work.
Dear all, I have simulated some published papers' unit cell structure for getting "s" shaped phase curve using cst mws 2010. I draw the unit cell on x-y plane. Then in boundary condition I use x-min and x-max as perfect magnetic wall, y-min and y-max as perfect electric wall, z-min as perfect electric wall for shorting and keep z-max open for pu
Hi all I want cst help Iwant to make the curves in s11 made of differnt size dot and dash) so that the curve can be diffrentiated without colors thanks kartik
92739 i want to plot dispersion curve such az attached picture in cst.:?: :?: :?:
i am simulating multiband antenna in cst using 3 varactor diode now i want to plot s11 curve in same window for multiple values of capacitor (.1 pF to1 pF) kindly tell me how can I do it in cst for reference i am uploading a sample figure
you can select the curve that you want to export in MATLAB and then you click on file and select export and save with arbitrary name everywhere you want. in export you should select "plot data (ASCII)". it is very easy. HR Karami
Hi guys, I hope you all bare with me, i am still a student and just started learning cst. Haha. i got some questions here. 1. How do i get to use the "sweep curve..." i cant seem to get it to work. What am i doing wrong? (please assume i know nothing) obrazki.elektrod
Thank you very much for your answer. I am not sure that it is very clear to me, so I attach a picture of the input of the TEM cell (including the input port) The boundary conditions are set to electrical in all directions. If one of the ports were accidentaly short/open, I suppose I wouldn't get a
No, Paint isn't very versatile - it lacks the bezier curve control which I used in PaintShop Pro to make the single turn curve. I do use Paint for drawing circuit diagrams though, and have a library of basic parts.
Hello guys, i want to use the function dist2d(id, x, y) or only xp(id), yp(id) to calculate the Coordinates of 2 points and than with that information drawing a line curve. So i used that function in the input fields for draw that line but it doesnt work. The reason is, that the functions always give back "0". I checked that with the Param-Li
Assume I draw 3D curve based on few discrete points. Now I want to save the coordinates of this point to a file. How can I do it? There is an option of "import" points when drawing 3D curve, but where is the export option ??
Hi guys, I am trying to simulate one unit cell of the reflectarray element in HFSS, to get the phase-size curve. My question is: when I put a waveguide port or floquet port above the patch, what kind of deemed distance should I use? Should be deemed at the patch surface or at the ground surface? I think it should be deemed at the patch surf
Thanks abdoeng, the following are the boundary conditions i am using in cst and also the waveguide port configuration. 5800958010 Are they right? The results are also attached. I want phase-size curve, but i dont know how to get this in cst. The W is the width of rect patch.
is there any formula for ground plane that could help me with my design"koch dipole antenna" I looked everywhere.. through books and articles and i can't find it. it is my first design which relates to antenna. AND how can i design a koch curve in cst.!!! :oops:
In earlier versions you can use a macro to draw an equation based curve. For example (untested) With Spline .Reset "name" .curve "curve_name" .Point 0,0 For x = 0 To END y = x^2 .LineTo x,y Next .Create End With
hi, I have a problem of representation of polar curve with cst. Indeed, I can save a 1D curve cst in text file (eg S11, "file-export-plot data"), to import the same file in cst, I am: "macro-file-import-1D signals" how to do the same with a curve in 2 dimensions? such a radiation (...)
Hi everybody, I'm now trying to simulate the phase of the single element for reflectarray. My problem is with the same model i getting two different phase curve, one phase curve is generated from direct solving of transient time solver (just click "start" to simulate), and the second phase curve is generated by using the parameter (...)
Hi You need to select all parts of the curve then add them together. then in the curves tool bar choose make face from selected curve or select face and extrude it. pl
How would I create multiple curves on one frequency graph with each curve representing a different diameter for the antenna. I would like to have a plot of impedance vs. frequency with several curves representing various antenna diameters. Added after 5 minutes: This question involves using cst microwave s
in cst, i successfully constructed my model and got resonable results. the E field vector plot in "2D results" also gives a desired figure. now i want a 2-D curve showing the E magnitude along a specifical line(e.g x axis). however, the results given by the Template Based Postprocessing is quite strange. i'm wondering if i was using the correc
The easier way is to do like this In Manu Bar Macors->curve->Creat 2D curve analytically (xy-UV)
hi there i think you can draw a line or curve along which u want the SAR values and then in post processing ask it to calculate SAR value along this curve or line i hope this helps regards
For radial symmetry, the substrate is just a PEC cylinder with another cylinder of dielectric wrapped around it. Draw the cross section of the patch with a curve (two arcs and two lines) then extrude the curve and translate as needed. Do the same for the feed line. All the dimensions should be parameterized. Make sure the cylinders and arcs h
I have to design an antenna, I need to paint a 2dcurve for y=10*log10x, but log10 is not a correct function. Does someone know the name for this function in cst MWO? neperian logarithm is: log... thank you.
Hello! I often get the errormessage: "The specified curve item does not exist" For example: I selected edges and blended them (radius=2mm) now i wan´t to change the radius to 1mm(hystory tree). But it doesn´t work :( I got the error message. Can somebody explane? nice greetings
Do you want to draw that ellipse just as curve? If so, cst allows drawing of any shape, that can be desribed by equation. I can't remember exact way, but it is described in tutorial PDF in install dir. I have constructed a parabola once this way.