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Hello We are trying to develop a humidity sensor with cybersen chr01 data sheet of this sensor is here Can anybody give some inputs about how to use the sensor. is it a capacitive sens
hello, please, im needing a sugest of relative humidity sensor with 0-5V output or another kind like this...must be small thanks, Daniel
I was looking for a humidity sensor to make a circuit to monitor the humidity level in my computer case. Im sure there are some Im just having trouble finding one. I would really like one that had a analog output. Thanks
Could anyone tell me how to interfacing humidity sensor RHK1AN, so the output is a dc voltage from 0 - 5VDC. the spec is: - resistive sensor - 1Vpp AC source and anybody got the datasheet???mine is partial, not complete..... :(
I am going to use humidity sensor HS1101 from Humeril. I studied the dtasheet but its very confusing and i am unable to understand it properly Have any body ever used this sensor? I want to know how to use it mean i want the circuit diagram. A circuit is given in datasheet which converts the capacitance change due to (...)
I want RoHS humidity sensor. plz help me
hello! can anyone send me HIH 3610 relative humidity sensor?
:cry: we are students of the last year of electronic engineering faculity and make incubator progect , so we use humidity sensor , but we use hs15p humidity sensor and this sensor un branded ,so plz help us for obtaining the drive and power circuit of this sensor which interfaced with pic (...)
i've to do my final project and i need a humadity sensor. Can u tell me how connect RHK1AN if the sensor is connected to omron PLC with 24V DC or 220 V AC and 40 I/O ??? thanks before...:D
I have a project where I will build a set of temperature and humidity probes. Probes will then be connected to a Basic Stamp controller. For temperature I intend to use the SMT160-30 sensor from Smartec. This seems like an ideal sensor, no A/D needed, no worries about long cables etc. I have a problem though finding a similar (...)
Hi, Anyone know humidity sensor which is use in indoor/room application? What's you good advice? Please can you show me the economic sensor for this? Thank You.
any body can help me, suggest me appropriate circuit to integrate with humidity sensor
I am looking for a temperature+humidity sensor, integrated in the same IC for my project. The sensor should be operated with 3.3v. where can i get datasheet for these sensors.
Hi All, Is there a seperate formula I should use to get the pic to read my humidity sensor? There is a Vout formula in the datasheet... But is that the one I need to use? Thanks for any help. Amal
i want to learn to do testing and analysis for temperature and humidity sensor, anyone can tell me wat kind of analysis can i do?and how to start? thanks...really need your help
Hello all, I need your help regarding this topic. I have recently bought this sensor and I need to interface it. Did anyone manage to attach the SHT11 humidity sensor to his circuit? I want to interface the SHT11 with a PIC and and an LCD. If someone can, is it possible to attach the schematics and the source code for me? I (...)
Hello! everyone, is there a circuit that has humidity sensor attached or interface to a microcontroller? can anyone here send me some information and circuit diagrams about the project. thanks! regards, randell_xtian
Hi to all, I am designing signal conditioning ciruit for LM35 temp sensor and cybersen humidity sensor. I am using ADC0808 to interface all these sensor with my MCU. Pls can anyone just tell me how to design or any one post the Signal conditioning circuit for these two sensors (...)
Hi to all, I am designing a humidity sensor circuit using a humidity sensor from china. Datasheet of that sensor is also in their language:|. But without those knowledge i am designing sensor circuit that I've placed my resistance dependent humidity sensor (...)
Hi for all, I buy humidity sensor HHT02D (with integrated themperature sensor), I use pic18f series, can somebody share with me some experiences (codes) in using HHT02D humidity sensor, regards
I am presently working on moisture measurement and will need the SHT7x humidity sensor to design an electrical circuit. What PIC has been proven good for the use of this sensor. I will also need program code for a display in an LED. Kingsley
Hi, I am using a 8051 based controller,and i would like to know about humidity sensor and i want to interface with LCD and display the humidity value, so can anyone give me idea or suggestions how to interface with this, awaiting ur kind reply. Thanks & Regards dayal
Hi, Need a help to interface Honeywell HC 1000 capacitive humidity sensor with PIC18F4550. :cry: If anyone knows how to interface, Please reply... Thanks.
Hi friends I'm going to use humirel HS1101 capacitive humidity sensor in my incubator project and to attain highest accuracy it can give. I decided to use 555 circuitry recommended in the datasheet . The problem is that this circuit is sensitive to 555's manufactur
I'm trying to build a project green house controller using a HCZ-J3A humidity sensor, i've been searching through lots of code for this but i'm having problems finding c code that works. Admittedly i will probably have to do some tweaking, but the only code i seem to come across is the SHT11 for an 80c51 chip which doesn;t really help. Can anyone p
Hi, can anybody say to me that what is the type (resistance change,capacitance change,digital out or ...) of humidity sensor that I attached it's pic?? and how can I use it?? I searched the web for ACROSENS humidity sensor but not found this model. sorry for bad quality pic. Best Regards.
I have a humidity sensor .. how to simulate the temperature humidity as a substitute for the actual temperature of moisture
Hi, this is my first posting.. i want to ask you, can we simulate humidity sensor in proteus? maybe, my problem is about the library. do you have a link to download the library about humidity sensor (HIH-4000, HMZ-435C, SHT1x, etc)? *for more information, i use Proteus v7.1 SP4. thanks before. :smile:
hey~someone noe hw to testing the humidity sensor HONEYWELL HCH 1000 001?Especially connect to the 555 timer~and~used PIC 16f877a to detect the frequency suing pic basic pro~ the frequency level is represented to %RH
hi all!! from where i can get a humidity sensor? i need it for project urgently and its not available in my city..pls help
Hello, I'm using a capacitive humidity sensor SY HS 230. I need help regarding the circuit connection of the same with ADC and then microcontroller. Initially i used HH10D sensor which gave frequency as output. But now i have changed the sensor and i am not able to figure out the connection as well as the C programming
Hi all, I purchased "Sure Electronics DC-SS500 Temperature and Relative humidity sensor Module " recently. can somebody help me to read and display the value in LCD. using "mikrobasic" or "mikroc" languages I have attached the datasheet also . Thank you very much
how can i interface HS1101(humidity sensor) in PIC18f4620? what kind of interfacing should i use?
Hi guys, I'm using SY-HS-220 humidity sensor for room humidity measurement. I'm getting output as mentioned in datasheet for 25deg C. But when temperature changes sensor output starts varying. Is this sensor requires any temperature compensation? How to achieve that?
Hi all, I'm very new in Programming. I would like to realize a project using an Lm032 LCD, A SHT11 humidity sensor, PIC18f2620 (mplab, Proteus). I went through the device datasheet and I wrote the following code. But the result is terrible. I need assistance please. Tnx in advance.:oops::oops: //#include //#include
Hi guys, I'm currently working on a humidity project. I'd bought the "SN HMD MOD" (HR202) sensor , The sensor is basically consists of 4 pins (Vcc, GND, AO & DO). May I know what is the formula or equations to calculate humidity ? Full PIC coding & explanation will be much appreciated :)
I want to interface DHT11(temp and humidity sensor). Anyone have interfaced it with 8051
I need to connect the sensor to an atmega16 and output its readings using hyperterminal but I have never delt with i2c so need help with its coding and is there anywhere specific to connect the sensor. And a, using avr studio for the coding part of it
Hi, I need humidity sensor which can operate at very low temperature -90° C. If any body know about the sensor or vendors or link, please let me know. Thanks -Piyush
Hi to all, I am designing sensors signal conditioning ciruit for LM35 temp sensor and cybersen humidity sensor. I am using ADC0808 to interface all these sensor with my MCU. Pls can anyone just tell me how to design or any one post the Signal conditioning circuit for these two (...)
Does someone have an application scheme for the sensor of humidity of the philips?
Hi all, i am going now to make an interface between my mega32 and SHT15 sensor i am programming in assembly, but i found that is some how difficult to write a code for SHT15!!! any one can help me, a code in asm if it is possible any other notes, hints may be usefull this is so impor for me please help as u can thanks much eehero
hi friends, i am working on humidity and temperature sensor(HSM- 20G). i want to calculate relative humidity in % using temperature and ADC output because at different temperature the RH(%) will vary. i am unable to figure it out the formula of RH(%). so please help me out with it.
Hello everyone, Im doing a project in which im using sht21 sensor module to measure humidity and temperature which i bought from rhydolabz part no:ARD-1485.. Im using pic 16f877a to communicate with the module through i2c communication. How to connect sht21 with pic?..
Need C/assembly based source code for a temperature and humidity based sensor using PIC 16F877... and display the temperature and humidity to a 16X2 lcd display....
Hi, i am Tom. i am design the program to receiver the data from DHT11(port 3, RA1) and display in LCD LM032(port 19 - 30, RD0 - RD7). How to write program? Thanking you in advance.
i get the value from adc but i don't kown how to convert that value into humidity %rh ... i need the calculation and formula . i hope u will reply .. i attach the data sheet of my humidity sensor 83275
Hi all I have a sensor of pressure MPX 2010 DP and a PIC 16F87X, which measures a pressure and a depression. In the atmospheric pressure ~1013 mb the ADC = 126 with a depression of 2200 mb the ADC=149 I defined one équation:pressure = (-131) X (value ADC) + 17519 Everything is good in pressure value increases, but in depression under 0 my
Hello Brothers! I need the NTC and humidity sensor for professional application (home system) in high shiped volumes...anyone have the devices for suggest-me? Very thanks Gorkin
hi, i need to interface capacitive humidity sensor /220 pF/ to PIC. which is the best way to do that with minimal component count? thanks