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Hi, everybody I've a ML605 board with usb host and usb Peripheral controller.cypress CY7C67300 EZ-host is used for usb host and peripheral controller in ML605 board. I want to attach a usb flash memory to usb host port (...)
Hi, I am trying to interface a cypress sl811hst-axc usb host / slave controller with an Altera Cyclone I FPGA, the cyperss chip isn't responding to my signals, I've tried to write an 8bit data to a random address of the chip by driving the controls lines, corresponding to the timing diagram provided with the chip datasheet, and then read at (...)
Have you downloaded the latest development software for the cypress CY7C67300 CY3663 CD-ROM Image v1.0 And checkout the dev kit based on the cypress CY7C67300, it has plenty of docs and examples: CY3663 - EZ-OTG / EZ-host Development Kit Here's a fairl
If your host PC is windows then windows does expose ways of communicating with HID devices connected to usbhid.sys. I remember the native dll being usbhid.dll. You might also want to take a look at the dll (Cyusb.dll) available through Suiteusb 3.4 - usb Development tools for Visual Studio - (...)
The host would expect the device to respond 100ms from the time it connects the pull-up on the line. I've seen bus-powered designs (cypress FX2 used to run into this issue if the reset circuitry timing was high) run into issue if the device is not ready to respond by this time. This would lead to device enumerating with VID and PID 0000 and windows
Hi, I want to implement usb core which need UTMI compatible usb transceiver chip.which board of xilinx having usb transceiver chip.? As such I am having ML402 Virtex4 Board having usb host and peripheral with cypress 67300 controller IC. So My point is that will this IC work as (...)
Check out cypress semiconductor EZ-OTG... it has 2 ports.... they can be configured as one host and one device as well...
I think cypress Cy7C68013 itself has a builtin usb port so I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with FPGA. Are you making some device in FPGA with a usb interface and will then interface that with CY68013, where CY68013 will act as host. If that is the case then I don't think CY68013 is powerful enough to support (...)
You need a usb master or host .take a look at cypress .they make usb hosts.
Hi. If you want to connect usb device to MCU( not to PC), MCU must contain usb host peripheral. I don't known slall MCU with usb host integrated. You can look in FTDI and cypress for usb host controllers. Best Regards
Hi Try to go on have SL811HS usb host controller.which is interfaced in parallel.All the details are available online
I have a SL811HS chip(cypress Corp.). I want to use it as is usb-host and I want to interface one with usb Flash disk.(here I use FPGA to process data ) so, Can I interface SL811HS with usb Flash disk ? Could anyone let me know some thing ? Thank you so much.
hi ,i m working on usb device driver programming in c++. i m getting problem to transfer data from host to device. means a text file from host to ram of usb kit(cypress). if u can help ,then reply.
i want to interface cypress's sl811sh to a xsa-50 fpga board so that the combination can act as a usb host. sl811sh can be used as a low/full speed host controller with one usb port, with 8 bit i/o which can interface to a microcontroller. i need just need basic enumaration and handle bulk transfers. (...)
Hi, I need to write a program that detects EZ-host attached to the PC and write data into EZ-host memory. Some advice on this or link to sample programs would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
You have to implement usb host (I recommend you SL811HS from cypress). Read application notes from cypress. Anyway the other solution is an OTG IC (it's used to link 2 usb slave). Do a google search on usb OTG, Hope this helps, //a
Hi, Can anyone suggest an usb controller which can support 2 Peripherals and 1 host (or) 2 peripherals and 2 host . cypress cy7c67300 does not support the above mentioned combination Regards, Subrahmanyam
I have Interfaced cypress SL811hs with 89c51rc2 and configured it as usb host device as per the instruction given in data sheet and application notes. I Used "", "Minhost" code first and then "Emb_host" next as my reference Initially the host is able to (...)
Hi, If you have bluetooth stack for example like Iar's or one of the free one, with usb host chip like cypress SH811 and microcontroller (for example ATMEGA128) is it possible to use usb bluetooth dongle. Thank you for advice.
thanks to your help i could set up the HUB i'm using. I'm using usb host cypress sl811hs connected to atmel's hub at43301; now i have a problem to communicate to a slow speed device (mouse) connected to the hub this is what i do : get device descriptor of the hub get configuration descriptor set configuration (led goes green) power (...)
Hello; I have problems with doing the enumeration process via a hub : i am using cypress embeded host controller SL811HS to which usb port i have connected atmel AT43301 hub as a root hub. When i plug any device to the host, an interrupt enable me to scan the new device speed and get all the descriptors. This i can do; (...)
I wish to build a usb programmer using cypress cy7c64613,here I have several questions about it: 1) is it function as a HID device? 2) can it download firmware driver under PC host without using EEPROM ( driver stored in system32\driver\.... ? 3) some circuit diagrams relating this IC ?
Hi If your transfer rate is low you can use FTDI chip for transfering data use the FT245 easy and simple For high speed transfer you will need to design your product using more complex methode cypress,Ti,philips and other have chips who can handle high speed data transfer using the usb port All the best Bobi
I want to read or write data from usb Mass Storage to process like play MP3 or Video . If you know please show me the way . Now I have usb host Controller SL811HS ( cypress ) . Thanks
Hi. You can use PIC witrh usb built-in:PIC18F4550(2455, 2550, 4455), or You can use external usb like from SL811H cypress( ) it is host or client usb 12Mbps(master or slave configurable). If you use PIC with usb microship
Hi everybody, I've learnt that the development board of the Altera Stratix which is sold by MJL contains the usb host SL811 chip from cypress. Since I am working with another FPGA, Xilinx Spartan III from XESS, I was wondering if anyone has the first mentioned board and would be so kind to send me the VHDL files (or Verilog) which (...)
Your questions is so generic that it is almost impossible to answer to without knowing what you are doing, your clock frequency, your timing diagram or any type of information about the interface between the FPGA and the usb chip. If you look at the datasheet for your cypress device, on page 24, you have the minimum requirments for the few crit
SL811HS ( Device driver is ported in LINUX) Embedded usb host/Slave Controller The SL811HS is a single-chip, dual-speed usb Embedded host controller that can operate as either a usb host, or usb peripheral device. The SL811HS can interface to devices such as (...)
More info... The host driver, flexistack, from philips is $ 40.000, on the philips site you get the idea that its cheaper but its not... The cypress usb solution folows the usb 2.0 standard but does not suport 480 Mbit Hi-Speed. Also searching for a host controller with host stack (...)
As far as i know only Philips & cypress have usb host chip's You also need to write the driver for the microcontroller your self best bobi
Hello I'm going to design a universal PCI card based on a Acex FPGA. This card should work inside PC in PCI slot or outside PC connected through usb cable. I decided to use cypress CY7C68013 uC as a card host. This host should serially programm FPGA from DataFlash connected to uC or with bitstream downloaded thru (...)
Hi, everybody I have a project. It use a cypress enCoRe CY7C63723, implement HID Device use refrence code from cypress WebSite(i.e. Optic Mouse) but it cann't pass usbCV check, (usbCheck is OK under Win2K and usb 1.1) only use usb 1.1(plug host and Hub is OK) or (...)
first of all you must see what usb have PDA (host or slave) only PIC16C745 or PIC16C765 are with usb,i don't know if there are host or slave another way is to SL811HC ( ) -host/slave usb

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